An update on Richard’s condition in his own words.


Richard recorded the following message to update everyone on his condition.

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  1. It can’t just be me can it?
    I can’t see any sign of any message at all!
    In any case my personal best wishes to Richard and until I looked on line it never occurred to me that I should even think about people praying for him 🙂

  2. Dear Richard, please get better. I love you. At the age of 45 of course i know that we all lose everyone someday. But I am not just a fan of your life and work. I’m ALIVE because of you, and some others along the way. As a frightened, 12 year old run-away, raising themselves on the streets of Los Angeles, circa 1982, the time I spent hiding in libraries or giving myself to intellectual adults so I could be safe in their homes for a night, and even more important to me, so I could get access to their books, those were the times that shaped, and saved my life. YOU, Sir, and the Selfish Gene (at that time), reached out to me in my tragic state, and validated what I so desperately believed and held on to: That religion was a lie. That we really were animals. That every horrible aspect of human life traced back to actual things that were in our power as a species to change. That we were also, special. Despite things I saw and went through then, you gave me hope, and CLARITY at a time when the only attempt at such a thing in normal society was a priest or a ‘therapist’. Thank You Richard. Honestly, thank you so much. My kids know well of you. Please get better. I’ll be selfish and say, I’m simply not ready yet. -JH

  3. I wish you a speedy recovery, Richard. My husband and I have heard you many times at lectures and missed your tweets over the last week. Chin up!

  4. I’m shocked to hear this news, I’ve been living under a rock these days, it seems.
    I hope we will see you up and about in no time, engaging in all kinds of controversies. Best wishes from Romania!

  5. received message til Richard spoke of the Amish would have loved to have heard the rest, hope you write an essay on your experience

  6. I was extremely distressed when I hear Richard had a stroke. I was so glad to hear from him and understand he is now back home. I wish him a speedy recovery and send my best wishes. Rest and get better Richard.

  7. So good to hear your voice and to hear you are on the road to recovery. Sending hugs and love from wet and windy Weston super Mare.

  8. Get well soon Richard, you do sound quite frail in this recording, but we all know you are a fighter. All your followers the world over wish you a speedy recovery

  9. Get well soon Prof. Dawkins! As we have witnessed in the last couple of weeks, your struggle for reason and critical thinking is as relevant now as it has ever been!

  10. Get well soon Sir!! I wish you a speedy recovery!!

    And the hell with those pseudo liberals and their silly PC agenda! They are not worthy your time anyways.

    Love from Turkey!!

  11. Take care of your health. Your throne will be kept warm till you return. You have much work still to do. Thank you for your dedication to our cause.

  12. Have a good rest. Get that blood pressure sorted. DO what the Physio’s tell you. Get some sun on your back – and then get back to bloody work. What do you think this is, Butlins?

  13. Happened twice to a dear friend of mine, once at the age of 18th and a second time in his mid 30s. He is over 40 today handling life as it is. I honestly hope you get well soon, overcome this and continue to enlighten us with your thoughts. Thank you.

  14. I hope you get well soon Mr. Dawkins! May I say, you’re my greatest hero, even though I’m only 14 years old. I’m a member of the Hungarian Atheist Memebase, and we all pray for you to the Flying Spaghettimonster. 🙂

  15. Very sorry I forgot to pay tribute to the wonderful nurses and doctors in the stroke unit of the John Radcliffe Hospital. Plaudits to he National Health Service. Everyone was incredibly kind. I never felt neglected.

  16. Richard,
    Sending well wishes for a speedy recovery. Please go easy on the controversy/stress for a spell – there will be plenty left when you get better. Focus on you. And congrats on your re-invitation. It’s a confirmation of the importance of you and your life’s work.

  17. I’m sorry for all that has happened, not only about the latest health issue but also with all that you had (and still have) to endure from people like those who attacked you on “feminism” grounds and those who even though about cancelling your invitation to the NECSS 2016. Get well soon Richard, there are people out here who hold you dearly.
    Best wishes with everything.

  18. Ah at last I got to hear the message. It is so nice to hear that Richard’s cognitive functions are so obviously intact. I read every single tweet he makes so I missed him on twitter and was getting concerned. My sincere best wishes for a full recovery and I know that medical science can help.
    Watch that blood pressure and take it easy on twitter, I am baffled by the controversy and know a lot is deliberate misunderstanding. Always an atheist since early childhood I am very grateful for the God Delusion for finally getting rid of my Pascal’s Wager type occasional doubts.

    For the webmasters and anyone else having problems It seems that it doesn’t work using Firefox under Ubuntu Linux so I tried Chrome and it worked.

  19. Thank you so much for taking the time to record this message. It’s a great relief to hear your voice and I’m very glad that you seem to be recovering so well. I wish you all the best & speedy recovery!

  20. Dr Dawkins,
    A prompt and effective recovery is desired for you. Thank you for sharing your update with us. All the best and may this experience inspire a new, great book-if anything.

  21. Very sorry to hear of your stroke Richard. You and your work have improved the lives of countless people and helped so many to see the world in a clearer way. You are a huge inspiration, and our thoughts are with you on your swift recovery.

  22. Dear Richard, it pains me to hear you overwhelmed by this stroke. However, it is most relieving to hear you are recovering, and very moving to see that even in this difficult state you naturally remain a beacon of inspiration.

    Thousands of individuals are grateful for your continuous contribution and mentorship, but in difficult times like these you do owe yourself a temporary measure of relief, away from stress and spotlights. I don’t believe that anything can change your unbending will and determination in the quest for truth, but please do refrain at least for a little bit from the concerns and stresses of this journey. There might be controversy, cancelled invitations, disagreement amongst peers however all these are dwarfed by your impact so far as well as by the importance of your well-being.

    Looking forward to seeing you all recovered and well.

  23. Best Wishes for a speedy and full recovery Richard… It was such a thrill to have met you at Imagine No Religion in Vancouver last year. You are my inspiration.

  24. My very best wishes for a speedy recovery, Richard. You, through your books and activism have been an important part in my intellectual and emotional development as a recovering former Evangelical. Thank you! It was so good to hear your voice today.

  25. Dear Professor,
    Thank you for your video. I’m sorry to hear of your unfortunate event. I wish you a speedy recovery. We need your voice in so many ways.

  26. Richard,
    It’s really nice to finally hear your voice again, i wish you a full and fast recovery, and i hope we will see you soon out there, on some stage doing what you do best – bringing reason and enlightenment to the world.
    Best wishes.

  27. Stroke – Brain attack. Well, you have been attacking using your brain for many years, so I hope you can attack the illness and recover! Wishing you all the best. We need our Horsemen.

  28. Dear Richard
    Thank Science you are doing well.
    I was thinking of sacrificing the cat, but I will not bother now 🙂
    I as millions of others consider you a good friend, take care.

    With warm kind regards……. Brian

  29. Forunately you get your healthcare in the U. K. and not in the U.S.! Im sure you’ll be well taken care of and not bankrupt when your well again. Best wishes as you go through Physical Therapy and the healing process.

  30. Dear Richard Dawkins,
    I wish you the best. It’s good that you didn’t lost your humour, but it’s very sad what is going with the “Regressive Left” or “Social Justice Warriors”. They aren’t your people. They are postmodernists and you never liked those (I don’t either). If anything, someone should kick off Science War II. Get well!

  31. Best wishes Richard. You are a legend and inspiration. You’re fight is our fight. Thanks you for everything you have done, and may you long continue.

  32. Hi Richard, I hope you feel better soon! I know with strokes (as my own mother had one on the right parietal and occipital lobes), it will take time to get everything back in working order-so, don’t rush yourself. The most important thing is to continue with therapy and give the brain time to rest as well. Stay positive, keep things simple and relax! Here’s to a healthy recovery!

  33. Richard,

    This could have been much worse.
    Still, the frustration you feel now is to be expected. We have all had quite a scare over this and thank you for the update. Good to hear that help and support is all around you. That is a great relief. I hope you have engaged a ferocious kick-ass physical therapist who will drive you toward recovery, giving no quarter to defeatist ideas that creep in, even to the most resilient of us in situations such as this one.

    Although your presence will be missed in the public sphere for the time of your recovery, this is temporary and necessary. Consider that Darwin himself spent much time in his wonderful home, in contemplation, surrounded by his doting family and the natural beauty that inspired his best thinking. In times of stress in my life I’ve taken a lesson from this and time spent in the quiet magnificence of the natural world is a therapy that has no equal.

    As one of your glass-half-full commenters, I hope that the time you spend recovering there is peaceful, contemplative, and as positive as you can possibly make it. Something that I’ve observed about the most formidable warriors out there is that they know when to attack and they also know when to retreat. Sometimes a temporary retreat is exactly the right thing to do under certain circumstances. Sometimes failure to retreat can result in disaster. So for now, let the officers carry the load. The entire army wants you to live. Live to fight another day.

    May the force of medical science be with you just when you need it the most.

  34. Thanks for the effort to communicate with the anonimous mass of people where I am included, despite the fragile health condition I can perceive in the voice. I am really sorry for what caused the distress, which really is regretabble (even if resolved at the end of the day), which I confess I thought as unfair and had some concern about it (see, I sometimes even buy a book from an artist just to observe and later come to the conclusion I dislike the art), not to mention that I wouldn´t like someone to think me as “bad” just because I may have done something “incorrect”.
    All my wishes for best health condition recovery (feeling healthy is just a luck, even if it momentary).
    Arinsing awareness on a real problematic issues is itself a valuable work, more when it causes enourmous controversy, but it is necessary.

  35. Dear Mr. Dawkins,

    I was deeply moved that you – during this difficult time – took the time and effort to give your readers, viewers and listeners this eloquent and partly even humorous update.

    This somewhat irrational world desperately needs voices like yours – so please get well quickly. I am hoping (but not praying) for your speedy recovery, and I also wish you the best care – both mentally and physically – during your time off.

    Thank you for all your hard work, which is always straight to the point yet well-worded and civilized.

    Best wishes,

    /David, UK

  36. TheThe world is still suffering from the rebarbative fact of Hitchens untimely departure. You sir, have not been given permission to leave the party early- get well and get on with doing what only you can do.

  37. I’m praying for you, Richard. (just kidding)
    With all sincerity, though, I’m hoping that you have a full and speedy recovery.

  38. Dear Richard, I hope you recover completely and learn how to deal with the stress caused by those morons that just don’t get it. The current new feminist movement will turn out to be nothing more than a major embarressment to all involved.
    Your opinion counts for so much more and is so much deeper and meaningful.
    You have had such a brilliant career and have given so much of yourself to such a wonderful cause for so long, take some time for yourself and your family..I am so happy and greatfull that you have taken the time to write so many wonderful books, for me, it was “The God Delusion” that put the final nail in the coffin and gave me the courage to come out as an atheist.
    You are a wonderful and beautiful man, focus on your supporters and ignore your haters, your fans will take care of them.
    Focus on getting well, we need you around for a great many years still.
    Peace and comfort is what I wish for you, and the knowledge that you have many, many more supporters that love you than the number of small minded nit wits that bash you.
    Peace to you and your family.

  39. Thank the Great Teapot in the Sky it wasn’t a cerebral stroke, the world still needs you Richard! Long live the Dawk!

    p.s. You’ve seriously changed my life for the better, and I will be forever in your debt. Thank you, Richard.

  40. Hoping you have a full and speedy recovery. My wife introduced me to your works – and God Delusion was the gentle push I needed to where I was heading anyway, many years ago. My fear is that we are nowhere near being a cohesive and influential intellectual group (“herding cats” is so applicable to atheists…) and I truly hope to see more from the RDF in that regard. It’s not much use to ‘come to the realization’ in isolation. We just end up being frustrated witnesses to the stupidity around us, wishing for more action from the enlightened few. Rest well and think on how to “pass the torch” (or a thousand torches, even better.)

  41. You are very loved and cherished, Richard. I am so relieved to hear that you are recovering from this with strength and clarity.

  42. hi i’m steven from belgium i’m 26 and i have a from of autism
    i work with people with all sorts of handicaps
    because it is hard for me to work in the normal sector
    i did not finnish school and have nothing to show for
    this christmas i asked for your book the god delusion in english.
    when i turned 19 i wonderd if there was a god but i found science instead
    i growed up with no god and no science conversations with my parrents
    god did not exists or did i wonder how the universe worked
    but that changed when i sat down one day and started to think about my life and what i want to do with it
    i was shocked about the fact that how little i know
    it was around the same time my parrents broke up and i developed a internet addiction i cut my self off from the world and played games in peace and learned on youtube i watched a lot of your debates with you and lawrence krauss , neil degrasse tyson and christopher hitchens instead of listening to music you changed my life how i view the world and i thank you
    i do not know a lot of stuff but i’m amazed that someone like me can grasp the things lots of people cant and i feel smart about the verry big and small all i have to do now is learn to deal with normal size things like living alone , finding love and raise my kids if i ever get them
    i hope you get better soon!

  43. The Selfish Gene is a triumph. I read it as an undergrad in biology a long time ago. I was already aware of Darwin from grade school. It is one of those books that changed my view of the world. After reading it, you can never look at a living thing the same way again. With memes you see natural selection operating on so many things. Thanks for all your writing. I am looking forward to your future work. In the mean time, I am going to hunt around for my old copy.

  44. I am relieved you are getting better. Thank you for the update on your condition and what had occurred.
    The world has lost several famous celebrities recently. The loss of anyone is tragic but hearing of your illness felt different. It was like hearing a friend was injured and feeling helpless to do anything.

    It seems quite likely your work has inspired some number of individuals in the medical field. Your survival and recovery, a fitting recompense, I think.

  45. Dear Prof. Dawkins
    We once met in Zürich and I was quiet imptessed by your part of the talk you had there on stage. As well I was very moved to hear of your actusl condition. I hope you get well soon. And although I would like to see you at a live event as countless people all around the world, I think that you should concentrate on your health and use more the oportunities of modern media, and cancel some of your official events (I can imagine, that you are not happy about this if you feel better!).
    There are millions of people admiring your work as much as I do and who are inspired by your thoughts. We all want you to continue your work for it means a lot to us.

    All the best wishes from south Germany


    Joseph Wolsing

  46. You are one of the most important people in my life, who have a great influence on my rational, scientific, evidence based world-view. I respect you very much beacuse you courageously speak the truth regardless of the consequences, the world lacks such people such like you: wise, brave, rational, independent, ready to fight for their ideals, moral role model. I am from Poland, in this country thousends or more atheists respect you very much and are grateful for your books which have changed their way of thinking. We need you very much – please take care of your health as best as possible. A very important thing in such diseases is proper diet. I have no idea what your diet, but please consider dr Ornish diet (you can read also books authors such as T. Colin Campbell, Joel Fuhrman) which is based on scientfic evidence: a whole-food, plant-based diet is centered on whole, unrefined, or minimally refined plants. It’s a diet based on fruits, vegetables, tubers, whole grains, and legumes; and it excludes or minimizes meat (including chicken and fish), dairy products, and eggs, as well as highly refined foods like bleached flour, refined sugar, and oil This diet helped my dad when doctors gave him a year of life – and that was 15 years ago. With all my heart I wish you recovery

  47. Do get well soon Richard, I feel I can call you that because you have been part of my life for decades and I know that you have enriched the lives of many. So You may not know me, but I (And I’m sure many many others) consider you a friend of the family. 🙂

  48. I was heartened to hear that Dawkins is recovering from what sounds to be a mild stroke. To a far lesser extent, I was also very glad to hear that he had been re-invited to the conference.

    Even in America, occasionally, common sense will prevail.

  49. Dear Prof. Dawkins, I hope for a full recovery as soon as possible. As I learned so much from you and regard you as the perhaps most important person and certainly most courageous person in nowadays enlightenment, my thankfulness and hopes are with you.

    All the best

  50. Please Mr Dawkins, your health first. If Dr says avoid stress, just find a way to keep going more easily. I found very encouraging your thought procces listening this audio. I wish you soon recovery.

  51. Richard,

    I am delighted to hear you on the mend, also that the stroke was where it was, away from the executive wiring and finally that you started that bad day of yours with the nice piece of news of your re-invitation. Reason prevailed.

    Reason continues to prevail here and thanks from me and I suspect most if not all of us for the recent improvements in train. They greatly encourage debate and intellectual investment in the site. Also a future secured with the CFI tie up is an excellent move.

    If evolutionary psychologist Nicholas Humphrey’s “Health Management System” theory of placebo is correct (we don’t have our energy expensive auto-immune system turned to max unless we receive nurturing and loving signs that we will be cared for and fed), then let me make sure yours is turned fully up to eleven. You are loved like crazy, like the enabler of humdrum lives transformed into rich lives would be loved. (Somewhere in 1976 was my transformation day.)

    Be well.

    The NHS is one of the jewels in the crown of civilisation.

  52. All the best to you for a speedy recovery. I very much admire what you do and who you are. You shouldn’t worry, as your supporters both vocal and silent, very much outweigh your detractors.

  53. I had a stroke when I was very young and I cried when I listened to this. This is so true to every victim of strokes. We lose so much. Mobility, thought… it all gets taken and it never all comes back. I hope you get well.

  54. My beloved teacher
    I owe all my knowledge to you. I Love you and i wish you a full recovery.
    I m George Ananiadis from Greece
    Certificaped Nuclear Medicine Technologist

  55. Get well soon! Receiving hatemail is an indication that you have alot of positive influence that leads to more debates about religion. Thanks to your effort and scientific research, a debate about any existing religion is possible nowadays. “The God Delusion” is one of the books that is very influential, because it has made people more critical towards relgion. Your work is very important for atheism and humanism. I hope for a future with humanism as a leading ideology.

  56. My beloved teacher
    I owe all my knowledge to you. I Love you and i wish you a full recovery.
    I’m George Ananiadis from Greece – Thessaloniki
    Certificaped Nuclear Medicine Technologist

  57. Dear Richard,

    I’ve only recently begun reading your work, but it’s plain to see why you are so well respected among those who value reason and evidence as the basis for knowledge. In the interest of better general health and longevity, I would highly recommend taking a look at High Intensity Training. The book Body By Science is an excellent all-round introduction, and includes a rather extensive list of references to scientific literature supporting its position. It’s a research based exercise program with a great many health benefits, including the reduction of abnormally high blood pressure. The literature it cites also indicates that it’s safe to perform when suffering from high blood pressure. I’ve included some references below. The program also favours simple to perform compound exercises, so should you continue to have coordination troubles (Baal forbid), these may not preclude you from this form of exercise.

    My parents tell me that I not only struggled with buttons and laces as a child, but I also expected that my socks and shoes would simply jump on my feet if I sat there staring at them. I hope that little anecdote brings a smile should frustration get the better of you.

    Best wishes for your continuing recovery,


    Strength training normalizes resting blood pressure in 65- to
    73-year-old men and women with high normal blood pressure.

    Progressive resistance exercise and resting blood pressure : A
    meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

    Physiological response to circuit weight training in borderline
    hypertensive subjects.

    Blood pressure in resistance-trained athletes.
    Strength training in a cardiac rehabilitation program: a six-month

    The effects of a single bout of strength training on ambulatory blood
    pressure levels in 24 mildly hypertensive men.

    Effect of high intensity exercise training on central hemodynamic
    responses to exercise in men with reduced left ventricular function.

  58. Take it easy and get well sooooon! Remember you have thousands of friends and followers around the world thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery.

  59. My very best wishes to you Richard. I am so sorry for you medical difficulty. You are much loved and appreciated. I am hoping that you will feel much better soon and recover completely and go on to do what you have been doing. You are the voice of sanity in an insane world. We need you desperately. You have an amazing mind, and you have made the world a tolerable and magical place for those of us who have a reasoning mind. Thank you so much for all you do.

  60. I have seen you speak live many times here in the US and enjoyed every minute of your talk. Get well soon so you can come and give a lecture which is always needed in the US. Thanks for all you do and take care! ?

  61. I sincerely wish you a full and speedy recovery Richard! You were a big part of the process of my mother, my sister, and I becoming engaged with the atheism movement. I also greatly enjoy your scientific works and you were part of my inspiration to go to college to study biology.

    It was awesome to see you at a conference during the original Reason Rally. I was excited that you signed my book, but I was much happier about the fact that I was able to give you a note thanking you for all you do to promote science and to stand up not just for atheists, but for the rights of women, children, LGBT people, etc.

    I am a young woman, and I have heard various accusations against you, but I really don’t understand how anyone can believe that you are in any way sexist or misogynist. I think it is ridiculous that you were uninvited to that conference and it hurts me to hear about how much it distressed you.

    You have done so much to advance the cause of reason in this world and I don’t think you receive nearly enough thanks for it. I hope that you continue to feel better and that you can take at least a short break!

  62. Get well very soon Richard and have some well earned rest. In my expirenice, most organisations seem to be pulled towards centre left at some point in time and in order to get maximum membership and support from other similar organisations, tend to steer clear of controversy. It seems to have happened to the organisation that disinvited you. The fact that it did not take long for them to realise it and invite you again says a lot for the practical thinking they undertook. I am so sorry that it caused you such stress until then.

  63. Dear Richard,

    Not only have I understood, from you, to think straight about religion, but I think it is from you that I just learned how to think.
    Get well soon, best whishes and a lot of love.


  64. Richard,

    Get well soon! You are an icon in many people’s worlds mine included. We love your passion for truth, science, and life. You are an inspiration to humanity. Thank you for being you!

    In Full Support,
    Don McGregor

  65. Hi Richard!

    You have been the biggest inspiration to me in my life!
    You are the reason why I’m a skeptic and look for evidence for the truth rather than hold onto faith

    I see you as my family and the biggest role model in my life

    please get well soon so you can keep doing what you are doing!

    My gran was a bit of an agnostic atheist but she always use to tell me this pray
    that I took as more poetry than religiously.
    Even though I was a Christian but now an Athiest. It
    always helped me to sleep better at night and it goes like this:

    “Gentle Jesus, meek and mild,
    Look upon this little child;
    Pity my simplicity,
    Suffer me to come to Thee.”

    thanks Richard
    Please get well soon

  66. Dear Professor, please get well because we all need you.
    Thank you for everything what you’ve already did for us,
    human kind, but please continue because world is in bad condition now.
    I always think of you Sir when it comes to fight the darkness 🙂
    Best wishes and whole lot of love from me, polish atheist now in oppressed minority.
    Your admirer for twenty fife years,
    Marzena Poklikayev

  67. Please feel better I need to meet you someday I have so many questions! We can’t survived in this crazy world with out you. Do not stress over this craziness just put your head up and know that you are changing minds and futures of lots of us! You are an amazing person. Love from my family 🙂 btw my daughter wants to be a scientist she is just 6 she doesn’t even know what God “is”. Some day we will have this conversations… When she accidently saw some Christian movie she comented that they need Ghostbusters in it. I hope that this will make you smile. 🙂

  68. Get well soon! I wish Twitter’s algorithm showed positive tweets on your timeline! :p – from Philippines

  69. Richard,
    Sorry to hear you’ve had the damn stroke in the first place but best wishes on a timely recovery. I know from experience you’ll have heard the ‘no athiests in foxholes’ adage and have been expected to make a pious ‘deathbed’ conversion. Try to keep a civil tongue in your head and be a model patient… or not. Best wishes.

  70. I trust you will eventually read this Richard and so I can only echo the crowd here in wishing you a speedy recovery. I think I can speak for all when I say we truly appreciate you taking the time to deliver a personal message.

  71. You are more needed and more INDISPENSIBLE on this planet than any gods have ever been.. you will recover by the power of your mind alone, like Stephen Hawking and how I beat my own illness, it really is a force!
    I am not worried, you will be fine… best wishes and deepest affection. Grace (my husband calls me Dawkins-Pinker-Krauss Groupie!) lol

  72. Dear Richard. You are a legacy which will thrive and shine forever. I am not worried about this world, but the thought that takes away my sleep at night is, what use this world will be of, without you. I am not living in Darwin, or Galileo or Einstein’s time. I am living in RICHARD DAWKINS time. And this is everything for me. Stay healthy, stay happy and all my best wishes to see you in more action than ever before.

  73. Dear Richard, I loved your description of the functionality of the Hand. I trust your recent disabilities will continue to improve. We wish you all the best for the future.

  74. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Whenever I think of you, my mind goes back to that wonderful series of public lectures you did for the RI, Growing Up in the Universe, I think it was called. In particular, the one about the way eyes evolved. That has proven very useful whenever people say to me — as they do, occasionally — that they cannot believe that natural selection can account for the human eye, and therefore it must have been intelligently designed. I’ve been able to refer them to it. But they don’t like it. 😉 They prefer their own explanation. But never mind, they might get it, one day. I really do think that people have over reacted, recently, disinviting you and running to YouTube boo-hooing about the video you retweeted. That’s just the Internet. It’s a bit like complaining about the weather. I personally think that you are a National Treasure, and I’m sure a lot of other people do to. I used to be religious, but your books and YouTube appearances have taught me a grander view of life, like the last paragraph in The Origin of Species, and I would like to thank you for that.

  75. Dear sir
    Please get better soon
    I’m an ex-muslim from Iraq and I recently heard about you and I saw most of your lectures .
    It’s wonderful to have you in our life as this one of things that give us the meaning of life.
    Best wishes prof.

  76. Hi Rochard! Glad you’re home and recuperating. Don’t worry about the buttons and shoelaces – you’ll just have to dress like an American for awhile – slip-on Vans and pullover sweaters (“jumpers” I guess you’d say). Ask Lawrence Krauss for style tips!

    Your comment about stress and the stroke occurring after good news reminded me of a neurologist explaining why people with seizures shouldn’t get drunk – the alcohol protects them from seizures while they are drunk but as they sober up the brain is more susceptible to seizures. Of course it’s not the same as your stroke but it’s also counterintuitive.

    Anyway I hope you get all your good wishes from all of us who value you so much. Take good care, and I look forward to hearing about your swift recovery!

  77. Richard,

    Or Prof. Dawkins… not exactly sure how you want to be adressed. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of helplessness we experience when our body somehow ceases to function the way we casually take for granted it should. I can certainly relate to that and it’s one of those experiences we never forget.

    When I first heard the news, like most people here, I was worried. So I’m happy to hear that you are getting better and that you are surrounded by people who are taking good care of you. Get well soon and take a break from the Twitter circus OK? There’s only so much trolling a person can take…

  78. Best wishes, hopes, prayers and all the words and thoughts in the world will, of course, not help you in the slightest to get any better.

    But maybe if you read these messages, it will cheer you up a bit to know that so many people are thinking of you now and again, and looking forward to your rapid recover and resumption of your excellent work!

  79. Two sources on the Amish said:

    The formal dress coat and vest have hooks and eyes, but work coats, shirts, sweaters, and pants have buttons.

  80. Don’t be hurt when feminists/liberals/humanists speak against you – a certain part of the left is utterly bonkers. Hitch got his fair share of hate from them too. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  81. Hi Richard! I’m pleased to hear that you are improving. Reading the God Delusion and Unweaving The rainbow was incredibly helpful to me during a dark period of my life.. It made realise how you can be an atheist and an optimist and how truly unique each of us is. I hope all the messages you are receiving will help you overcome this difficult moment. I wish you a speedy recovery! Hope to hear from you soon!

  82. Richard, you are a hero to all of us. Hope you get better soon. Best wishes from Brazil. I am a great fan of yours.

  83. Dr. Dawkins,

    Though we have never met, hearing your voice in pain causes me immense grief.

    I am disappointed that your fellow scientists would have the gall to disinvite you. Your proclivity for sparking controversy may at times feel isolating, especially when the peers you respect and admire let it to cloud their judgement, but it is this quality that has made you an exceptionally important figure in the modern secular movement.

    When I first encountered your works, I was a 15-year-old girl reared in Southern Baptist faith. You didn’t intrigue me because I cared about the science of evolution, nor because I questioned my religion, but because your statements repulsed me. All that you said was so deeply offensive to my core values that I had to investigate further to understand just how wrong you were. Had you been less offensive, more inclined to equivocate, I probably wouldn’t have given your arguments much thought at all.

    Then, after months of digesting your many lectures, books and BBC specials, I realized that I could not contest your logic with centuries old fiction. My beliefs were irrational, and however much it hurt to realize this, I was liberated in the process. I swapped Bible study for texts about philosophy and science. I stopped feeling guilty for the sin of being a human. I no longer wanted to be a missionary or a Sunday school teacher, but instead a writer, a feminist or a politician. I learned that I was much happier to embark on a life of helping society make improvements than a life spent fantasizing about what lurks beyond death.

    Your perseverance in spreading reason may cause others to disrespect you, but to me, and millions of others, your works have been the gateway to a healthier, happier life. Four years after discovering you, I am now 19 years old and attending one of the top colleges in the country. I cannot know for sure, but deep down I suspect that had your influence on me not been so profound, I could’ve easily taken a backseat to life and settled for being the vapid wife of a pastor.

    I know this is tediously long, but having sat on this gratitude for many years now, I feel compelled to voice my appreciation for the impact you’ve had on me, and indeed, the whole world.

    Wishing for your speedy recovery,

  84. Take care and pace yourself patiently! – Even if this is frustrating!
    I was, until recently, finding some things like buttons frustrating, as I have had some hand and wrist injuries in the last year or so, and was trying not to aggravate them.

    I am currently using the mouse in my left hand, but imagination finds a way in those with determination and patience.

    Best wishes for recovery soon.

  85. Richard my best wishes for a speedy recovery…having had a stroke similar to yours 6 years ago and being a violinist accustomed to skill in my right arm I have never fully regained the use but most people wouldn’t know. I I still play thankfully. Keep the courage and don’t let this get you down.

  86. Dear Richard,

    That was a very touching message. As I listened to it I thought about those people who disinvited you. Well, I am glad they came to their senses, but I hope they are feeling bad now. (They deserve to feel guilty.) Perhaps that incident did play a role.

    I would encourage you not to avoid controversy; that avoidance may cause even more stress! Don’t get too obsessed with your BP; I know a guy who checks it multiple times a day. (That’s a personal decision.)

    Sometimes a situation like this can be a good thing. It will motivate you to do things to avoid undue stress and to lead an even healthier life-style than you had been leading.

    My late father had a stroke in the 70’s and lived a very long life and was writing and had all his faculties in his late eighties. He never had another stroke. He died of cancer in 2014.

    You are a beautiful person. You are a great hero of mine, an important figure in my life. You will have a full recovery. You know how I know? I am psychic! (Just kidding, but I do think you’ll be fine. That’s my strong hunch.)

    Warm Regards,

    Dan Rosengarten

  87. Dear Richard, please get better soon. Do not worry about cancelling speaking engagements. Spend the necessary time to heal and recover. You are loved and admired by many and respected by even more.

    Best wishes,


  88. Hello Richard.

    I am signing in to my RDF account and making a post for the first time in years to send you my good wishes.

    I was very concerned to hear about what happened to you, and I’m very pleased that you’re back home already and are expected to get better soon.

    I hope you make a full recovery very soon. But please don’t go back to work before your doctors say you’re ready. We want to see you fighting the good fight for many years yet to come.

  89. I’ve never felt such disquiet for an individual I have no direct personal connection to. My heart simply dropped when I heard the news, and when few details were known. Richard, I’m so glad that you were able to quickly alert Lalla, and for the subsequent line of competent individuals who acted on your behalf. It’s a relief to listen to this update, woven with science and prose in your gentle voice. Wonderful of you to think of those concerned about your condition. Continue on, professor. Sending love and hugs your way. TLO

  90. Best wishes from all the Greater Manchester Humanists who were delighted to be in attendance when you visited The Lowry in Salford last year – not once, but twice in the space of a month.
    We have a great picture of you standing next to our new roller banner with your goodself on it alongside Alice Roberts and Stephen Fry.
    Get well soon.

  91. Dear Professor Dawkins,

    Best wishes, ample rest and recovery to you. You are an inspiration to millions of reasonable people, but don’t pressure yourself with superhuman expectations. While it’s quite understandable, please don’t let irrational people and their reactionary nonsense get to you. You are firmly stationed on the side of reason and science. Sticks and stones… 🙂

  92. Get well soon Prof Dawkins. We will hold the fort regarding evolutionary science on Twitter while you focus on getting that BP under control.

  93. My heart sank when I heard the news of your illness. Much like it did when I heard the news of Christopher Hitchens illness and passing. You have had a huge impact on my life. You have taught me science and the value of critical thinking. Because of you I have become passionate about learning how the world works and passing it on to my four year old daughter. My life is filled with more meaning, understanding, purpose and wonder thanks to your tireless work. Get well soon my friend, we need you.

  94. Best wishes and hopes for a full recovery. You work is not yet done, Professor. Also, you are highly entertaining.

  95. Dr. Dawkins, I was greatly saddened to know that you had a stroke. You and your writings are an inspiration to me. I hope you get well soon, and stay well for many more years to come! It’s a good feeling to realize that I am living in the same era as the great Richard Dawkins!

  96. Wow! I’m so sorry to hear that you are feeling ill. I wish you the most speedy recovery.

    Hang in their, my friend. I too had a stroke and know well what you’re experiencing. By the sound of your voice and the strength of your intellect, I am 99.99% sure that you will make an excellent recovery. It gets better. Just keep at the physio therapy.

    Best of luck for an unexpectedly rapid recovery.

  97. Just a quick get well soon Richard as I would think your getting a lot of messages so rest up get your strength up down let the little bleed stop the great work you do

  98. It sounds like a very scary ordeal and I am sorry you had to suffer it. Thank you for all that you do in your quest for the truth and the sacrifices you have made to spend much of your life around controversy trying to bring out the truth. Take the time you need to away from controversy, but know that you will be welcomed with open arms if you decide to return to it.

  99. Please get well soon Richard, Your books opened my eyes and changed my life. Thank you for the knowledge you imparted and for giving me the confidence to leave superstition and myth behind. I owe you a debt that I can never repay. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  100. All my best wishes, Richard!! It makes me sad to hear about it, but luckily you feel so much better already.
    Get well very soon and take good care of yourself!!! 🙂

  101. Richard, your fellow humans admire and love you! I’m really sorry that you are going through this. Thank you for being such an intelligent and sharp minded individual, even when you are suffering. I respect you immensely and I hope that you have a fast recovery.

  102. Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know about how you are right now, it means a great deal to hear it directly from you.

  103. Dear Prof. Dawkins – I’m hoping for a speedy and complete recovery for you. Thank you for all that you have done for the world and for me. There are so many of us, like myself, who were given the courage to speak out about our beliefs, because of you.
    Your friend, Patricia Russell – U.S.

  104. I can well imaging being distressed to find yourself embattled where you allies should reside. I think of the pride in having yourself, and Sam, and Hitchens, and so many others who spoke with such clarity and grace regarding the recognition of the value in atheism and reason, science and secularism, and it just makes me ill to see the hash that trivialists and uni-dimensional thinkers have made of such gains. Embattled though you may be, there are still many out here who’s respect and gratitude outweigh all such attacks. The truth is, that we need you more than ever, in staving off the backlash of idiocy. We need you more, because your response to the conference was the epitome of dignity and grace, and of reason in the face of aimless stupidity. It was an inspiration and a guide for the conduct of combat against such burgeoning absurdity.

    I trust that you will take care of yourself. Please know that my thoughts and best wishes are there with you. I am sure, right along with so many others, of whom you never hear, but who think of you fondly and well. Please do feel better soon.


  105. I was so glad to see and speak to you again in Rochester, Minnesota last year! Richard, I want you to know that in the time since then I have had two short stories published, both of which mention evolution vs. creation, and one which parodies the Creation Museum. I was inspired by what the Foundation has done so far and decided to bring science to life through fiction as well as my activism for sound science education. Please take care of yourself – you have given your all to improve our world, and need to focus on yourself right now.

  106. Hi Richard… sounds like you are on the healing path there which is reassuring news for all of us…

    It was great meeting you at Starmus last year… I was talking to Harry after that bizarre rant from Charlie Duke on the ‘Christian interpretation of astrology’, when you came over to express what I can safely assume was a common reaction among the delegates there…

    As a physiotherapist I can empathise with your current predicament, but also am aware of the amazing ability of human brain plasticity and healing potential. I love your description of the human hand, as what I’ve long regarded an evolutionary marvel… it is a most amazing tool!

    Thank you for all your inspiration,

    Best regards,
    Lenny Aronsten

  107. I thought I had a stroke once, and I drove myself to the hospital. Then I just left and drove myself home when the doctors there didn’t seem to know what they were doing. My own doctor said I had Bell’s palsy. It went away by itself.

    Get well soon.

  108. You have been like an old friend to me, even though we’ve never met. Your writing is masterful and your speaking is sharp, engaging, and eloquent all at the same time. I was so grateful to see you in person in Minnesota last summer, and hope the opportunity presents itself again. Your work has undoubtedly inspired millions of people all over the world…and we are all better off because of you. Get well soon.

  109. Get well soon Richard, it’s terrible when something like this happens to someone inspirational. I’d just like to say thank you. You work has most definitely changed the way I look at pretty much everything. My young son also loves your book “The Magic of Reality”.
    I can honestly say you are the greatest teacher I have ever had, along with David Attenborough :-). I look forward to hearing about your full recovery. Thanks again.
    From Sheffield, England.

  110. Hi Richard
    Please do all you can to get better, as soon as you can. All mankind needs you.
    And many many thanks for all you have done to date.
    My warmest wishes.

  111. Dear Richard! Please get well, we need you in this world full of lies and the business of religion and faith. Believe it or not, here in Peru, you’re a light of reason and have helped me to deal with religious stupidity and bigotry. Please, again, get better because I, personally, need you.

  112. As the others, I was shocked with this news. I wish you a fast recovery, my intellectual hero.
    Very sad from hearing that some of ‘your’ people betray you. Remember that your memes will live for many years. You are the most intelligent man nowadays. Thank you for great books, lectures.. everything. Get well.

  113. Dear Dr. Dawkins,

    I am so relived that you are home and doing better. I hope you are not only back to doing up buttons, but also carrying on your (our) cause, which has touched me tremendously for so many years, as soon as possible. Your humanist voice rings loudly, and your messages are true and clear. My warmest wishes for a speedy recovery,

    My most sincere and best regards

  114. So outraged that your unfair disinvitation from the NECSS conference caused your illness. Please feel better soon.

  115. I see the god-deluded can’t even send a message of goodwill without bringing in praying as part of the procedure!

    The Church of England has defended a tweet it sent praying for secularist Richard Dawkins after he had a stroke.

    The Church tweeted on Friday “Prayers for Prof Dawkins and his family” after the author fell ill on 6 February.

    It was retweeted more than 1,000 times and led some to question if it was mocking Dawkins’ atheist position.

    But the Church’s communications director defended the comment, saying it was a “genuine tweet offering prayer for a public person who was unwell”.

    ‘Did church troll?’

    The Church’s tweet was met with mixed reaction – some accusing it of “trolling”, or mocking, Dawkins and others seeing it as a genuine attempt to wish one of its detractors well.

  116. Even if you have to retire from public life on the advice of your doctors, you’ve already given so much to the cause of science and reason – your work will be built upon for generations to come. That said, I hope you recover enough from this to retake your place at the forefront of the movement to promote scientific thinking and dispel superstition. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  117. Dear Professor,

    I hope you read this message. I owe you a lot. Thanks to you and Christopher Hitchens I was able to “wake up” and stop being superstitious.

    I am sure you WILL recover. My mum has had two strokes so I know how it is…

    Just wanna say THANK YOU.


  118. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. May your voice continue to be heard above the din of the irrational, mindless calls to violence in the name of some god. We’ll never forget your eloquent description of your stroke and the connection you made to the evolutionary processes at work that led to the powers of the human brain to control the hand.

  119. Gee Richard. I’m shocked….we’ve been without the internet and just heard this. Stay strong and please get well quickly my friend.

    Tim & Angelina.

  120. Dear Richard,

    Very concerned to hear you had a stroke and wanted to send you my very best wishes. Your contribution to the cause of promoting science and reason has been very significant in this world, surely influencing hundreds of thousands of people. You have helped to create a wave of silent and deep appreciation for the natural world we live in, an immense wave.

  121. Dear Richard,

    You have been a source of inspiration to me for more years than I care to count and so it was with a heavy heart I heard of your recent stroke.

    It fills me with joy to hear you sounding well and able to communicate a message to all of us to whom you mean so much.

    Take some time to get better so you may continue to inform and inspire for many years to come. If laces become a problem don’t get frustrated, just get some slip-ons and please try to relax.

    Your friend,


  122. Dear Professor, I have been following you for a while and I wish you all the best, knowing that you had a stroke very recently.
    You’ll probably have to spend some time at home, and since I heard you mentioning the Schubert’s quintet in your speeches, well I thought I’d dedicate to your recovery this video, that shows myself and my quartet playing 3 Beethoven quartets, last of which, the op.135, opens with the question and answer “Must it be? It must be!”. I think you share with me the thought that classical music is not to relax, particularly Beethoven’s quartets: it’s music that makes you think, but I do think that this kind of thinking can help healing.
    Last week, while I was playing in the Wigmore Hall in London, I wondered if you ever attend those concerts. Maybe I’ll find you in Oxford if we come and play there.
    Again, all the best for a quick recovery!

  123. Sadly this means that Richard has had to cancel a visit to my home city for Book Week and thus my chance to shake his hand, thank him for trying and get my entire library of Dawkins books signed.

    I bet the fundies are going nuts saying it’s gods warning to convert NOW.

  124. Mr. Dawkins,
    It is indeed regrettable that you “have become used” receiving hate filled messages from those who are religious.
    I would encourage you that many Christians, I know, are praying for you. (In humanistic terms: are thinking of you and hoping for your recovery.)
    So, though we may disagree about some aspects of the life we live, I for one wish you a long life.

  125. Sending you my very best wishes, Richard.
    I know about strokes as I look after my 80 year- old mother who had quite a bad one 2 and a half years ago.
    One thing they didn’t tell us about was ‘stroke fatigue’. Don’t be alarmed if you are feeling utterly exhausted and lacking in energy. It is all part of it and gets better slowly.
    Time to rest on your laurels a bit and forget the wider world, other than to know that many many people are wishing you well.

  126. Dear Professor Dawkins,
    Please don’t ever leave us. I can’t imagine living in a world without your presence. I am a doctor and I know what a minor stroke is and in a way I am relieved. You were that single most important person, that changed my life. As a confused young man, questioning the world around me, your book, The god delusion, changed the way way I looked at the world and as I like to say, I was reborn, I felt a sense of lightness and all the doubts I had carried as a burden for so long, just dissipated away. THANK YOU. I hope you understand the immense importance you hold in many of our lives and the respect and gratitude we have for you. I, like thousands, perhaps millions in the world cannot thank you enough for what you’ve done for us and to make the world a better place. We are grateful and you will be remembered in history alongside people like Voltaire and Darwin. I am privileged to be living in the same era as the one you live in. I hope I get to see you someday and get an opportunity to speak to you as well.
    Yours sincerely,

  127. I’m so happy to hear that you feel better dear Richard. We need people like you in this world. Best wishes from the Netherlands. you might not know it but you have many friends around the world. We all wish you the best! And congrats on being reinvited 🙂

  128. Dear Richard,
    Thank you for taking time to write a message to us, your troops. So glad to hear that your mind, your strongest weapon, is as sharp as ever. With Physio and OT, the rest of you will soon be as good as new, so please persevere, don’t slacken; by all means – rest, but always go back to therapy which is vital in your recovery. Later, if you still need help with shirt buttons, I hope you know that we would all be only too happy to line up and take turns to do them up for you! We owe you much, much more than that! Wishing you a full recovery and a speedy return to fight the good fight for many productive years to come!

  129. Hello Professor Dawkins,

    You have had a huge impact on me since I was in high school and I am truly grateful. You have an ability to convey science and logical thought in a way that is both captivating in its beauty and astonishing in its clarity. You encouraged me to no longer fear questioning the nature of reality, but instead embrace its magnificence and the beauty of the truth.

    There is no doubt you have greatly influenced my passion and curiosity for the world and universe, and ultimately were a factor in leading me into the fields of science and engineering in my education. And as you can likely tell, I am not the only one you have influenced in this way.

    Throughout history only a few people have had as monumental an impact as you. You are a global voice of reason and a world class teacher.

    I wish you nothing but the best, and hope you have a speedy and thorough recovery. I will continue to follow your progress with anticipation and hope.

    Thank you for everything. And thank you for being a wonderful teacher.


    Ontario, Canada.

  130. Dear Richard,
    I was very touched by the news and extremely happy to hear your voice. Hope you recover soon. Best wishes from a fellow evolutionary biologist and atheist,


  131. Just heard about what happened to you and I was very sad to hear about it, knowing that you were the one who made me fall in love with biology, but now I’m happy to know that you’re doing better. I wish you a quick recovery and all the best!

  132. Richard,

    This recording is very touching. You are a very strong, optimistic person, and I am certain that this attitude will be helpful for you in your recovery. Surround yourself with the people who love you and care about you, and don’t bother with trolls on the regressive left. I’m rooting for you.

  133. Dear Prof,

    Thank you for showing my family and I the magic of reality. This is one of those times where thoughts and prayers would be useful as hell if they actually worked. Instead I will send you this message filled with impotent well wishes.

    Know this though; because of you, my children can distinguish fact from fiction and are free from the bonds of religion. I owe this gift to you…

    Get well old mate!

  134. Medical science has come a long way to help patients recover. Glad you got help right away, & all the best to you Mr. Dawkins.

    Patricia, from Canada

  135. Many thanks, Prof. Dawkins, for taking the trouble to record this message about your recovery. News of your stroke was worrying, and it is good to know that a full recovery is expected for you. Even if you have to scale down your involvement in public events, your influence will continue to be far-reaching because of all the modern means of communication. You can, as others have said in similar or different words, (and no doubt you will) pace yourself. Ad multos annos, bone Doctor clarissime!

  136. Love you Richard, you’ve been a huge influence in my life and have helped me realize the truth of our existence. I hate that this stroke happened to you, and I wish you the fastest recovery possible. You’ve done so much to make the world a better place whilst facing aggressive backlash at every turn. A true inspiration for me and millions across the globe. You’re a true hero, never met you; but I can say with confidence I love you for what you’ve done. Don’t keep up with the discussions if there’s any health risks associated, time for you to enjoy you.

  137. Dear Professor Dawkins,
    I am very saddened to hear of your condition. Having followed your work for many years, you are someone I admire tremendously and I was very much looking forward to hearing you speak again in a few weeks. The world needs you to be fit and healthy so you can continue with the courageous work that you do in promoting science and rational thought throughout the world.
    In the interests of sending something potentially more useful than mere well wishes, and with the greatest respect, I hope at this time you consider investigating the work that Drs. Caldwell Esselstyn, T Colin Campbell, Dean Ornish and Joel Fuhrman have done with relation to reversing diseases of this nature through diet & lifestyle changes. Specifically, there is much scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of a whole food, plant-based diet in not only promoting health and longevity, but also reversing conditions such as atherosclerosis, hypertension & stroke.
    I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery Prof. Dawkins.
    Nick from Australia

  138. It is a testament to Professor Dawkins that, upon his public address of his current condition, and even in his condition, that he used this opportunity to continue his legacy towards the public understanding of science. He is a truly worthy to have held the chair of the Simonyi professor for the public understanding of science. This, among many other reasons, is why I considered him a hero of mine.

    Thank you for everything you have done and will do.
    Jeff Robinson

  139. Wishing you a speedy recovery Mr Dawkins and dont worry about coping with buttons and the likes ,no doubt the stronger you will get over the next couple of weeks the easier it will become. Just do your best to rest up for now in order to gain your strength . Sending you good wishes from myself and family xxx

  140. I wish you the best of lucks for the healing process. Without any doubt, the world of science and those who value it owe you a lot. I hope that you will recover as soon as possible and continue your great endeavors.

  141. Dear Richard, I’m writing to wish you the most speedy recovery from a fellow evolutionary biologist. A long time ago as an undergraduate I took Mike Cullen’s Behavioural Ecology course at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. It was one of my favorite courses, although I am a herpetologist at heart, and was a bit disappointed that the course required so much birdwatching. After the year was over, and before my 4th “honours” year, I decided to read as many evolution “classics” as I could, starting with the Origin of course, but also reading Mayr, Hennig, and a few others. After I read your “Selfish Gene”, I was gobsmacked. Your book made so much sense and I quickly adopted the “gene’s eye view”, especially for understanding behaviour. Just after finishing your book, I bumped into Mike Cullen in the corridor at Monash. I told him I’d just read this wonderful book by Richard Dawkins and I said that Mike should have made it compulsory reading before taking his course. I can’t remember what Mike said, but I think he may have just smiled. I had no idea until many years later that he was your tutor at Oxford. I was profoundly moved by your eulogy for Mike. My work nowadays is mainly theoretical (no more lizards for me, unofortunately), using statistical methods to study the macroevolution of traits on phylogenies. But I am still very much indebted to you for my understanding of evolution and selection. Best wishes, and great respect.

  142. Best wishes Professor Dawkins. In my opinion, chapter 2 (The replicators) of your book The Selfish Gene is one of the most significant pieces of science writing ever written. It changed my life. Prior to reading that over 30 years ago I had completed a degree in geology which of course included topics in things like biology, palentology and evolution, yet those studies left many unanswered questions about how it all hung together. But after reading your work it was like a bomb went off. The principle of replicator first, as explained in chapter 2, still in my opinion provides the only convincing explanation for how life got going in the first place. And the idea that those replicators are still around in living things as DNA in their and our bodies, which are just incidental survival machines built by that DNA, is one of the most profound of all concepts. Thankyou for all your profound work – of which the aforementioned chapter 2 is just a small part – and as somebody said earlier, please don’t return to the universe just yet. We love you.
    Bill from Australia

  143. Sorry to hear about your condition, but glad you are improving. I said a prayer and sacrificed a goat in your behalf 😉 Even now you take the opportunity to talk about science and evolution. You really are one in a million. Darwin would be proud.

  144. Glad to hear you are doing better.
    Just want to tell you : you don’t have to be the one taking up the fight against the regressives.

    Your health is more important. Enjoy your life, and let others fight your battles.

  145. Sending you Love, Richard. Be at Peace and Heal quickly as you can. Vitamin C has been shown to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. It helps your body to
    make interferon which acts to hold the cells together in blood vessel walls. In case you are interested in nutrients as part of your healing process.
    Also useful to counter tension with a practice of relaxation: deep slow yogic breathing and meditation. Thinking of you and sending Loving Energy. Thank you for all you have done so far to enlighten the world.

  146. I had the pleasure of listening to you speak here in Austin, TX many years ago, and finally getting an autograph was quite a thrill. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

  147. Dear Professor Dawkins, I hope my poor english doesn’t ruin my message.

    As the majority of your fans an readers I’m an atheist and of course I’m not praying and I have to say that is some source of relieve to know that you aren’t neither. The stroke didn’t take you away. And only you can describe this awful incident relating your state with the natural selection pressures over our species without been boring and without drama.
    Telling us about your state was really kind. I’m glad to see other people like me: people you probably never will know in person, but love you and admire your work by distance.
    I wish you a quick recovery and I’m sending a virtual hug from Brazil.

  148. Richard, please know that we all love and admire what you have done over the years (ALL the memes) As a neurologist I would say 4 things: 1) Main cause of basal ganglia bleed is hypertension (rule out bleeding disorder or blood vessel weakness); 2) I know you will be treated with evidence-based medicine; 3) take a long-deserved rest and get that hypertension well-controlled and work with PT/OT on getting the left hand/leg strength and coordination back (fortunately it is the non-dominant side); 4) work on emotional aspects: it is quite normal even with minor brain injuries to have some depression. LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU BACK ON THE SPEAKING CIRCUIT AGAIN AND FULLY RECOVERED FOR THE 2016 REASON RALLY – Cliff Andrew

  149. Remember Richard, the regressive left hates you. Because you are white, and male and probably straight. None of this matters to decent human beings but it is everything to these bigots. They review movies in terms of the gender/skin color of the protaganists and antagonists, and nothing else because they are pavlovian simpletons. Black and white fundamentalists of the left. You see all the colors and shades of reality that makes this world a wonder to you. They see a black and white world without even a hint of grey. They hate you Richard, and that is a very good thing. If these POS ever gave a hint of liking you it would mean that you gave in to their politics of destruction and hatred. As one true liberal to another please never give in to their hatred. Please wear it as a badge of honor.
    Now get some rest. You have much much work to do.

  150. Hi Richard,

    I know you probably are never going to see this, but I want to tell you (this is only half ironic) that you’re in my prayers, and that I am very inspired by the work you’ve done.

    I respect you as a human being and as a scientist and thinker. It seems to me that you have changed and grown as a person, where a lot of other human beings fail to do so. It is clear to me that you are a genuinely inquisitive and considerate person.

    It is very sad to see what is happening today in the left wing, and with our society overall.

    I know how it feels to be shamed and discarded like a piece of garbage by liberals who you thought cared about you, and to see the way it is impossible to be accepted by our current society when certain lines are not towed. It seems to me that our culture is heading in a direction which has increasingly become more and more inhumane in the way it tolerates more difficult strains of rationality which it deems taboo or heretical.

    It has been this way for a long time. You are brave for standing up for the ideas and concepts which you believe to be factual, and standing by the values of science which are for objective truth. Your honesty and adherence to these practices has inspired many people, which you may not realize. It certainly was inspiring to me to see a scientist and researcher showing the value of objectivity in our dealings.

    Unfortunately, life for people like us can be rather difficult and – at times – life threatening, as seen here. It is a fact that social acceptance and the ability to have a healthy career is central to the human’s well being, and it is clear that the current society and the leftists in control of it, are fully willing to use violent forms of social shaming and ostracization in order to control these parts of life by actively manipulating human psychological needs. This seems to me the most pure definition of FASCISM that can be found – bullying and attempting to harm those who do not go along with your views. We have to admit now that what the SJWs are doing constitutes a form of very real, very active, and very serious violence.

    Hearing your story and seeing what happened to you shows that this is something that others are struggling from, and displays the human side of our current situation. We do not need to agree politically, but it is a right to think and to speak without having our careers, psychological health, social lives, and other basic human needs threatened.

    These may seem like harsh words but I know that this has hurt my life, and the lives of others, and I know that we do not deserve to live in this kind of shame and fear, but deserve to have healthy and lively careers, the right to speak our voices and ideas publicly, and the right to have friends and be treated with dignity like everyone else. We are thinkers. Whatever we must do to dis-empower the power of this current ideology – we must do.

    If that means breaking from their narrative entirely and disregarding its fundamental precepts from the start – so be it.


    PS: Sorry for shilling my political beliefs by the way.

  151. Dear Richard, as a neuropsychologist I found your introspective report on your stroke interesting to listen to. Nevertheless, I’d prefer to not have any more of it. I wish you a quick and full recovery!

  152. wish him all the best – we will all die, but living today is the thing to do. And Mr.Dwakins knows that the best. So he is fine.

  153. Professor Dawkins,

    I am a fan despite expressing contrary beliefs.

    Please get better. Otherwise, an interweb full of Christians will pray for you.

  154. All the best Richard, how wonderful it is that you clearly have your incisive wit in tact even if your motor control with respect to button manipulations may be somewhat diminished. If I were in your home I would gladly fix your buttons for you 🙂 I Love You Brother.

  155. Even under the sad circumstances of illness you still manage to be witty yet scientific. You entertain and at the same time educate. And for this reason the world needs you to get better. Please listen to your doctors’ advice – remember science works, and if you don’t like it………………

  156. Love to you, Richard. You are one of our great teachers and deserve a most speedy recovery. Take care.

    (Ignore the haters. You know they are the idiots of the world.)

  157. You could get a USB headset and Dragon Naturally Speaking to let you type by voice. Then by Murphy’s law your typing ability will recover completely.

  158. Dear Richard

    I am sorry to hear about your stroke, and although I don’t know if you read these comments, I shall try to share with you the following positive story.

    Five years ago my father had a stroke which sounds rather like yours. It was a bit of a shock at first – the word ‘stroke’ naturally causes alarm. But the doctors put him on statins and advised a changed diet and regular exercise. My father now walks in the Surrey countryside usually between five and twelve miles a day – it turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature, and to spend more time, he won’t mind my saying, with my mother. They go on long walking holidays together, some of which I suspect would be rather punishing even for his children. All in all, it has been a recalibration but a welcome one.

    We rather suspect that if he hadn’t a small stroke, he wouldn’t have been minded to do all this and might very well have gone to have a larger one. As a naturalist I’m sure you don’t need to reconnect with nature, but I wonder what insights might await someone like you, if you were to end up doing the sorts of walks my parents do – who knows, perhaps a new level of wonder may yet await!

    Best wishes, and thanks for all your wonderful books and looking forward to many more, Chris.

  159. We all hope that you will make a speedy recovery.
    Please continue to be awesome, and get well soon!

  160. Dear Prof. Dawkins, I am glad to hear you are doing so well. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you can soon continue giving lectures and participating in the community. All the best.

  161. Hello Richard
    Having once been a member of the evangelical community where your name was often derided, and now having left that world and reading your words and listening to you speak – I now know how precious a man you are to the world and a great force for good and reason, and a wonderful promoter of the wonder and adventure of science and the natural world.
    I can no longer pray for you but, I wish you all the very best for a speedy and full recovery. The world needs more Richard Dawkins !!!

  162. Richard, thanks for sharing! All the best for a speedy recovery. I had a similar situation 2 years ago, and shortly after I stumbled across this presentation from Neuro scientist Jill Bolte Taylor over her own stroke experience. Perhaps you will find it interesting too. I look forward to see My you again at Starmus III and perhaps another nice dinner together.
    Best Regards, Glenn

    enter link description here

  163. Great to hear you are getting over this, although you sound very frail in the recording…

    Get well soon Richard… This poor world needs you!

    All the best,


  164. Very sorry to hear about your stroke Richard. You probably won’t remember me but I came to your house many years ago with my then colleague Bruce Damer to talk about an idea of Bruce’s called the Alive Prize. I had met you at a conference prior to that in Cambridge (Biota 2).

    Anyway I have read all of your books and I am a great admirer of them and always happy to know that you are the standard bearer of people like me who believe in not believing.

    So please get passed this little glitch and get back on your horse Richard as the world needs you.
    I wish you a speedy recovery.

    Stuart Gold

  165. Dear Professor Dawkins,

    Please get well soon. As a fellow academic (Historian/Social Scientist) you are very inspiring to me and help me very much with my studies (I am currently studying for an MA) and I wish you all the health in the world. Ignore your critics, don’t let them get you down. For every critic there are always those like me who support you wholeheartedly. Best Wishes from Liverpool (England).

  166. Get well soon, best wishes from the Netherlands. Your books have been so helpfull to me during my deconversion.

  167. I hope you are feeling better and on the road to a full and speedy recovery. A mighty voice of reason in a world dominated by superstition and fairy tales.

  168. Professor Dawkins,

    Please take care and avoid pushing yourself too hard. We need you to be around for a long, long time. Best wishes and get well. (Don’t let those horrid buttons get you down.)

  169. Dear Richard, sometimes the body just doesn’t follow the mind. We look at ourselves in the mirror and see that wrinkled face framed by silver hairs and ask ourselves who is that person looking back at me? I am young, full of energy, ideas and so much to give to the world. But the mirror confronts us everyday with this terrible truth. The mind is young but wiser, the body still moves but doesn’t follow in the same pace . Your mind is young and bobbling, but your body is not a spring chicken any more. Take it easy, we need your insights and inspiration for many years to come. I wish you get better soon and continue to offer us much more of your wisdom. Go sailing in the Med, or birdwatching in Portugal and relax. You planted the seeds, it is up to us to care for those flowers.

  170. Dear Richard, please take things easy for a while, put your feet up and just relax, not only will your body thank you but think of it as a well deserved rest. Best wishes to you and your family.

  171. Having had the pleasure of speaking with you during the IHEU conference in Oxford I was quite shaken with your fragile tone of voice in your message. Dear professor, Richard, do get well soon and keep on teaching us. This world so needs it…

  172. Get well soon, Richard! 🙂

    I was upset to hear you are ill and hope you aren’t in a lot of discomfort or pain. Looking forward to seeing you recovering swiftly. I was very glad to hear this spoken message from you, as I know a stroke in quite a few cases makes it impossible to speak.

    You have inspired me and countless others to learn more about evolutionary biology, and I thank you for it.

    Stay strong.

  173. Get well soon Richard! You have been an inspiration to so many of us and have influenced our thinking and lives in profound ways. Even though we have not met personally, its hard to think of you as anything but a mentor and a friend. I hope you have a speedy recovery and continue touching lives and making this world a more rational, humanistic and overall better place to live in! Lots of love from the Dominican Republic!

  174. Richard, your’er been the main inspiration tome to not to be a beliver (in god and mits) . I hop you get better. Be still with us for a long time , We need to here and learnd more from you.

  175. We are all glad to hear the stroke was not too serious. We look forward to your reflections – as a qualified post- stroke philosopher!
    I doubt if you will stop the struggle ,so get well soon and press on MacDuff!

  176. So sorry to hear the news Richard, we both wish you a speedy recovery. Your update was enlightening, thank you for taking the time to explain and help us understand. Please take it easy, you work too hard. All the best.

  177. As you can see you’re a hero to many folks from all over the world, and Texas is no exception. We send you our best wishes for a speedy recovery, professor.

  178. Get well soon Professor Dawkins and please take some time out to concentrate on your recovery. Debating the religious wing nuts of the world is a “hypertensive” pastime! I was in the audience when you spoke at the National Secular Society Conference in London in 2012 I think it was (?). Ironically I was going to ask you a light hearted question as to how you keep your blood pressure under control while debating the assorted faith heads around the world! I’ve always found debating with such people uniquely stressful. So to reiterate, please relax, recuperate, recover……. you’ve done so much for the world and we don’t want to lose you. Best wishes, Peter

  179. Dear Professor Dawkins:
    Please always remember you are loved around the world. Because of this, I imagine we all want you to be gentle with yourself and take all the time necessary to achieve complete recovery and be restored to your feisty self. Of course everyone here loves seeing and hearing from you, but it is worth waiting for the clean bill of health. You are a true hero, global treasure, and I don’t think it’s possible for any of us to really know the depth of gratitude we all feel for all of your ceaseless humanitarian work. So please go gently, don’t rush, eat, read, sleep. You are certainly worth the wait. Thank you for the lovely message.

  180. Rest and be well, Professor! Thank-you so much for taking the time to share with all of us what happened. As you can see by the comments above, you are loved, admired, and respected by so many. I have also had a stroke, and one of the critical parts of my recovery was reading your books. Thank-you so much for giving so much of yourself in the pursuit of rational thought. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery from Minnesota. DL

  181. I’m so sorry to hear such a sad news … I join the many who wish you a fast recovery, the dark room of this world needs your light, knowledge and courage . Thanks for what you do.

  182. Dear Richard. It’s such a relief to hear the stroke has mainly affected your ability of doing buttons. Best wishes on your recovery, and in balancing the stresses of being Richard Dawkins. Please consider making more podcasts in the future. The format suits you.

  183. Was saddened to learn of your ill health Richard. I wish you a fast and complete recovery. It is heartening to hear your voice.

  184. Dear Professor,

    I was saddened to learn of your recent scare but it’s a relief to hear you sounding so well. You are an inspiration to many of us and your work has helped me

  185. Dear Professor,

    I was saddened to learn of your recent scare but it’s very encouraging to hear you sounding so well. You are such an inspiration to so many and have helped me a great deal.

    With you in mind, earlier today I went for walk and thought you might like to hear about it. There is a beautiful little place called “Cwm Idwal” in Snowdonia. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but it’s the head of a glacial valley which runs north from the Glyderau mountain range, stretching as far as a small town called Bethesda, some six miles from the Menai Straits. Charles Darwin visited the area as part of his geological research and this fact is honoured by a plaque for all visitors to the cwm to see.

    The cwm was very cold today, surrounded by the snow-capped peaks of the Glyderau mountains, but it’s such a beautiful place that I hardly felt the harshness of the winter weather as I walked around the lake, Llyn Idwal. Legend has it that no birds fly over the lake because the son of an ancient Welsh Prince drowned there, although I couldn’t help but wonder if a more likely explanation was that due to its constantly shaded location, the lake lacks the tempting insects and larvae that would normally attract birds to feed.

    This is why you are so important, Professor. Your work teaches us how not to accept the ridiculous and to look beyond the smoke and mirrors.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart and get well soon.

  186. Get well soon, Richard. I heard about your stroke when my ticket to your lecture at the Sydney Opera House was cancelled. I’m disappointed that you won’t be here, but so glad that you are feeling better. I hope this long list of well-wishers demonstrates how valued you are and how much we need your voice of reason. xx

  187. Dear Richard,

    My best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

    I say speedy but, frustrating though it can be, taking your time is usually the better approach with illness.

    We need you, we can wait.


  188. So glad that you are well on the road to recovery! Get well soon, Richard, would love to meet you one day! Very best wishes! 🙂

  189. The world needs you Richard. There aren’t many intellectuals of your stature that can fight the secular fight. Get well, and don’t let stress bother you in the future. You’ve already made a good impact on so many people, and your name will go down “extremely” well in history. So don’t let future stresses bother you. Take your future campaigning in stride, slow your life down, and eat well. The internet will ensure that your words will have a lasting impression on folks today, and on those that are unborn. I wish you a speedy recovery, and a big thanks for all of your involvements in all of the youTube videos that can be found on the internet.

  190. Sorry to hear about your stroke. Pleased you are making good progress. Have tickets to see you twice at Words by the Water in Keswick on March 12 but it is much more important for you to get better rather than engage in ‘controversy’ with Alister McGrath. Please be patient and get well.

  191. Dear Richard, i want you to know that you should not feel distressed because you were not invited to the Party, so to speak…those little minded doofuses are NOT your people. Your people do not dis-invite people whose opinions are contrary to theirs. So don´t be sad, just remind yourself that there is a huge number of people behind you and your ideas and work. Get better and watch your blood pressure in the future. I love that you have still your fighting spirit. But remember you are not a toddler anymore. Let THEM psych themselves out!

  192. Get well soon Professor!
    You changed my life when I was younger. When I turned 9 I gained access to the internet and consequently found myself watching anything I could find with “Richard Dawkins” in the title. You made me realise that I wasn’t just a freak because I could think for myself and outside of the Religious ‘box’ that I was brought up in. I want to thank you from the depths of my heart for remaining valiant as the voice of reason that is so dearly needed by the world. I cannot express the respect I have for you for continuing to stand up against the religious masses even with your advanced age. I’m currently 13 and you have taught me far more than I have ever learnt in school. Whether it be rational thinking, believing in evidence rather than tradition or that it shouldn’t be ‘uncool’ to speak eloquently. From watching your lectures and interviews, reading your books and drawing value from them, I have surpassed my peers at school. I feel like I have unlocked my brain thanks to you. Without you, I would be the mentally shackled individual I used to be and have weaker prospects for the future.
    I truly have so much to thank you for. I didn’t wish for this message to sound selfish or insensitive to your situation, but I hope it can show you how your voice reaches every demographic and it is priceless.
    I wish you a speedy recovery, I have FAITH that your valiant spirit will prevail!
    Thank you.

  193. A true guide in this world destroyed by controversies you’ve been so good at resolving. The world still needs you, Dawkins. Take care.

  194. Indeed we are ‘human all too human’. Much respect to you for sending this message to let us all know how you are doing. Take good care and continue to make an excellent recovery. Keep going, we need you a while yet xxxx

  195. Hello Professor Dawkins….Wishing you a speedy recovery and looking forward to much much more of your wit and wisdom…get well soon!…..Terry in Portugal

  196. Take good care kind Sir, We are all waiting for news that your health is improving, Please prioritise yourself and health at this point knowing there are a lot of people around the world wishing you a speedy recovery, You are a beacon of common sense to so many of us we will wait as long as it takes for your health to improve eagerly, and patiently. until you are ready to speak again.

  197. Please hang in there Richard and not wishing to put any more pressure on you, but in this world where unfortunately for 3000 years where fear, superstition and ignorance has been used to control and suppress our natural human spirit to progress – we need now more than ever the voice of reason, common sense and intelligence that you have done so well over the years. It is thanks to you, that even though never believing in a heaven, a paradise or a divine place we go to to after depth or strive for but that it is already here in the form of the shear diversity, wonder and abundance of life and physical beauty of earth when we now know that the finding a planet and life being on it, is so unlikely. Thanks to you I know I know longer take it for granted. I truly hope you will get better, and even more so you will listen to those who tell you to take it easy for the required time instead of wanting to get back ASAP. Not many people on this planet I respect but to have my admiration, liking and someone I would certainly want to have as a friend.

  198. It is so nice to hear your voice. Please keep us updated and if there is anything you need don’t hesitate to ask. I also wanted to express that you did not have to mention NECSS inviting you back but you did I think that goes to show what a good person you truly are Professor. Most of us on this site probably know that what they did was not right. BTW that tweet was HILARIOUS! GET BETTER SOON.

  199. I wish you a speedy recovery sir! Please try to restrict yourself from working and just focus on Richard Dawkins’s body for a little while.Forget about the stupid religions and all the other problems of world what you’ve been teaching us for so long!Take good care of yourself sir because we need you and the world need you!
    One more time get well soon!Best wishes from CANADA,Toronto.

  200. All I wish for you is for not going quietly unto your grave.
    Scream, kick, shout, give’em hell.
    Never say you are sorry without checking first if you have a reason to.
    Never bow!
    Do not go gently unto that good night!

  201. I just registered so that I can comment. I really hope you’ll get better very soon. You’re one of my personal heroes. Don’t let the regressives grind you down, they’re not worth it. They’re wretched people that betray rational and secular activists around the world. Don’t apologize for their bullshit “tolerance”. I can’t begin to explain how much your work means to me. I’ll never forget when you signed my copy of The God Delusion and shook my hand in Antwerp over a year ago. The world needs scientific and consistent thinkers like you. The atheist awakening brought forth by the internet would not have had the same impact without your clear voice. Please take care of yourself sir.


    A Belgian fan.

  202. Dear Professor Dawkins,

    Thank you for being the beacon of biology, reason and sanity for so many years. I wish you a hasty recovery. You are beloved to so many scientists and free thinkers . Please remember this when you are stressed to lower your blood pressure. Your friend Sam Harris will undoubtedly give good advice on meditation. Extending good wishes and health to you.
    Martin Gallagher BSc BDS.

  203. Dear Richard , you are an inspiration to me and many around the world . I wish you a speedy recovery. I can not wait to hear many more of your debates in the future .

  204. Thanks Professor Dawkins, you have truly been an inspiration in my life. I grew up in an abusive Evangelical home, later became an atheist and struggled with revealing my atheism for many years because I felt shame and guilt. However, after watching your lectures, I learned to be stronger and now I am not ashamed anymore and I speak openly about my lack of beliefs. I am sure you hear a similar story to mine on a daily basis. Know that you are a highly influential man and you are responsible for sparking scientific curiosity in many human minds. For this, you should be proud. You will eventually die in this universe, but remember you are still alive in many other universes. Get well soon Professor!– Rita from New York City.

  205. Thank you for sending us an update on your condition. I trust we won’t see you appearing dressed in Amish attire at your next lecture . . .

    I say this as one who is not far behind you in age . . . please do take into account the need to accommodate changes that require things like taking into account the effects of time zone changes, allowing for rest, and taking care to enjoy the pursuits that bring you pleasure and peace.

    Best wishes!
    Jo Fjelstrom

  206. So sorry Richard to hear about your stroke, you seem to be handling it very well and your update and discussion of it is very helpful (it’s not often discussed in public).

    I came across your work bored one holiday as a teenager reading the blind watch maker (my Father also a fan had it on his bookshelf). I thought I had understood evolution after watching many documentaries such as Life on Earth, while these were excellent they didn’t paint the picture with the clarity that to my adolescent mind was literally like a powerful bolt, a stunning smack in the face of the pure elegance and beauty of the theory. It is a irony that that is exactly the type of think I had been looking for in religion and never found, the profound experience, but I found it in knowledge instead. I have of course had similar thrilling shocks of insight in all of your other books. I hope you get over the worst of this and re-train your brain quickly.

    Sagan, Feynman, Attenborough, Brownoski and you have molded my understanding of what science is and I try to impart the integrity you have all demonstrated onto my science students. You are of the very best kind of people.

    I’d also like to say how much I have appreciated your clear rational voice on religion over the years. I hope you can find a middle ground between being you and looking after yourself. All the best and we all wish you a speedy recovery.

  207. Richard,

    I think, after reading all these comments that in the future when a religious believer comes to my door to promote their interests I shall offer them a copy of “The God Delusion” and challenge them to read it, if they think their faith can protect them from any misgivings they might have.
    I’ll refer to this endeavor as “Witnessing for Dawkins”

    Thank you for enlightening me.

    Richard Scott, B.C. Canada

  208. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. You’ll soon have all those diety’s kneeling at your feet! MuhaHa!

    You’re an inspiration, professor, and even now your particular configuration of atoms has benefitted this world more than most. Rest easy and thank you for humility.


  209. Let me know when you feel up for visitors and I’ll come over. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Love you lots Philomena

  210. I have only recently started following your lectures.

    We need more people with your passion, fairness and understanding, to teach reason and battle for atheists respect and understanding.

    Please get well soon.

  211. Don’t you even consider ‘checking out’ yet! Personally speaking I’ve already lost quite enough people who’s unique skills I respect this year and we’re barely into February (bodes particularly badly for Clive James who’s autobiography I’m halfway through!).

    Wishing you a heartfelt and speedy recovery…

  212. Get well soon please Richard.

    I don’t know about this business with the CofE tweet, I’m sure they didn’t intend to troll you as the church has always been there as ‘prey for Richard’ I thought..?

  213. Shocking news but glad you’re making a recovery. It’s hard to hear you sounding so off-form but wonderful that you still manage to deliver us a mini lecture. Love the Doctor’s advice – the fool!

    Best wishes sir – here’s to a full and speedy recovery. – k x

  214. Dear Richard Dawkins, I was sorry to hear about your stroke. Your story reminded me of Daniel Dennetts beautiful little essay about “Thank goodness”. I hope you will soon recover to your old self, and be able to battle buttons as well as the stupidity in this world. Best wishes from Scandinavia!

  215. Please take care Mr. Dawkins. You mean the world to so many & we are all hoping for a speedy & thorough recovery. I am saddened to hear of this unfortunate turn of events, but am also convinced that you will come back from it stronger than ever. All the best from here in the U.S.. You are beloved here by so many – don’t forget that – ever.

  216. Dear Richard,
    Yesterday when I learned you’d had a stroke, I chided myself for not checking the site as I normally do when I’m home (Japan, 40 years). Currently visiting California and busily enjoying myself with children and grandchildren, who all know your work (I’ve gifted your books) and my high regard for you, they understood my sadness when I said you’d had a stroke.
    The recording made me cry, and reminded me why you’re an extraordinary human being, inspiring love, respect, and caring. Do rest, and get well.

  217. ***Get well soon Richard.

    Rumour has it that a lot of people are praying for you. Perhaps we can now calculate the velocity of prayer.

    Love and Peace***

  218. Hello Richard,

    I just finished listening to your audio update. I am encouraged by your clear and concise speech and content, as you should be as well. Remember, you are still here, and natural selection willing, you shall be for a great while longer.

    Rest up, please RELAX a bit.

    Mike Safier, Newbury Park, California.

  219. I have to give the best of my thoughts and hopes to you Richard. You have been a huge influence on my life, and your utter humanity and integrity have inspired me. Thank you for everything you’ve done and everything you’ll continue doing!

  220. Richard, How wonderful to hear your voice again. Thank you for the update. I see you haven’t lost your sense of humor either. That’s a relief! Though you sound a bit weak, I’m sure that’s exactly what the convalescence will be addressing along with rebuilding your motor-skills and other aspects of your mental-physiological coordination and well being. For now, follow your doctor’s orders and try to get in some good reading during this temporary interregnum of rest and rebuilding. All best wishes for a speedy recovery. JB

  221. Terribly sorry to hear of your misfortune Richard, but grateful to hear your voice. I wish you a quick and uneventful recovery and bid you good health. Be well Richard, we need you around for a good while as yet.

    Kevin W. Smith

  222. Here’s wishing you an expeditious recovery, Professor Dawkins. Please put your feet up and relax for a while…

  223. Dear Richard,
    I was extremely saddened to hear you had suffered a stroke. I was equally moved by your recording illustrating the events before the incident. You are as ever gracious, kind and hugely informative in sharing of yourself. I am, like so many other thoughtful people here very grateful to you for the work you do. I often find myself of an evening flicking through one of your books or listening to one of your debates or discussions on YouTube. I find your research fascinating, inspiring and helpful. Thank you. I don’t know how many Christian fans you have. Probably more than either of us might guess. I am one of them. I am not someone who denies the theory of evolution, the remarkable brilliance of cosmology, quantum mechanics or science and mathematics generally. I love and cherish each of these and all the people that work tirelessly to expand our experience and minds accordingly. I hope knowing that I have a faith does not put too big a shadow over my expressions of heartfelt warmth and gratitude for you and your work. I am a big believer that faith cannot grow unless it is challenged, much like a scientific theory must be challenged if it is to gain evidence and ultimately acceptance. Wishing you the speediest recovery.

  224. I wish you a total and rapid recovery. May help you to know that I’ve translated into spanish your (and mine) beloved Elspeth Huxley’s RED STRANGERS just for pleasure and as a gift to certain friends of mine that can not understand english . We all share your wiew about that brilliant and nice book.
    Le deseo una recuperación rápida y completa. Tal vez le ayude saber que, solo por gusto y por hacer un regalo a ciertos amigos que no hablan inglés y que pienso que no deberían perderse tan brillante y precioso libro, traduje hace tiempo al castellano su querido (y mío también) Red Strangers de Elspeth Huxley. Todos han agradecido el haberlo descubierto.

  225. Wishing you a speedy recovery………relax and have a good rest, we really need a healthy body to move on, however your relentless effort to bring humanity back to reality is really a great inspiration.

  226. Truly one of the greatest inspirations of our time. It’s always such a pleasure to hear you speak in public. Thank you for everything you have done &, I’m sure, will continue to do. Get well soon!

  227. I hope you get well soon Richard! Thank you for what you have done for humanity until now. Imagine what it will be like in 500 years, I think it will be fantastic and your memes probably are going to play a big role in that. With love from Sweden!

  228. Many greetings from the Czech Republic, from Olomouc! Please, Richard, be well, we can’t afford to lose you… you are too important on so many levels. I wish you a speed recovery!

  229. I hope you get well soon Richard, relax have a good rest and take it easy.

    You need to get well again because I still have to fulfill my dream of watching you live in an event 🙂

    All the best Richard, you are a real life hero

  230. Dead Richard,
    It’s a huge relief to hear from you. I was counting days to your Australia lecture and i had bought my ticket the first day it went on sale, i was so sad to hear the news but honestly now that i heard the story i am very much rellieved!
    The reason why is that my dad suffered from the very same type of stroke four years ago, when he noticed he couldn’t hold the spoon on the breakfast table on morning.
    We were devastated as his left part of his body stopped functioning properly whithin hours and we thought he’d never be the same again. Now here’s the part i wanna make sure i share with you, less than 8 months later he was 100 percent back to normal and functioning well just like before! And by functioning i mean filling teeth and doing all the delicate jobs a dentist does on a daily basis with his left hand just like he would before!
    So please don’t let those annoying buttons take away your happiness or make you think how you’re not able to do the things you used to anymore! This will go away completely and my dad, 69 now is the living proof to that!!!
    Above all, thank you for being the inspiring and amazing person you are, you lit up my world with science and reason when i was so confused with all the buzz of religion around me living in a toxic society like Iran’s. I owe my freedom and peace to your books and lectures.
    I am looking forward to the future speeches from you and hope you recover even faster than my dad did!
    So much love and respect,

  231. Richard,

    Here’s a small anecdote that may cheer you up,

    The “Discovery” show hosted by Jay Ingram used to have a scientific question every week, called…….. “A Shot in the Dark” ……, if answered correctly they would place your name in a draw for a jacket or other clothing with the “Discovery” logo on it.
    For anyone of a scientific bent it was a prize worth having.

    The question of the week was:

    “Where is the location in the brain that is referred to as Broca’s area and how does
    damage to it affect ones behavior?”

    Great, having read the publication “Broca’s Brain” I knew the answer and was well on my way to securing the treasure. Alas my super-ego overtook me, and I soon found myself proclaiming a possible victory to a friend. My friend seized upon this opportunity to congratulate me.

    This very good friend then prepared a nice letter on a well fabricated sheet with the
    “Discovery” letterhead, enclosed a calendar, pictured each month with a different outhouse, displayed during the evening or night hours. The calendar was a glossy edition
    called …… “A Shit in the Dark”…… The letter explained that I had missed the draw date and this calendar was a gift for trying.

    I was enthralled, and once again boasted to my friends including the author of this prank about my prize
    On the anniversary of the posting, Once again I received a copy of the same letter but with the date year crossed out with a pen, and a hand written date penned in it’s place.
    Along with this a new calendar, ( same edition as the last). the first thought that crossed
    my mind was “Jay Ingram was a bit of a cheapskate!!) , however I recovered from this rude thought and proceeded again to tell all my friends about my good fortune.

    Another year passed, my good wife and I decided to have a mystery dinner party, we invited all our friends. When I answered the doorbell for this very good friend he handed me a notice claiming it was left in my mailbox. We all went in, then during the festivities my friend suggested I should open the posted message.

    You can imagine my delight on such an occasion amongst my friends when I saw the post came from the “Discovery”. However, to my dismay it was the same darn letter with two years date now crossed out and corrected to the current year but this time in pencil !!!
    This time, the letter went on to say that if I wanted a third calendar I would be required to forward $15.00 Canadian currency and another calendar of the same edition would then be forthcoming.

    About this time it all came together, my leg had been successfully pulled for three years. Nice just nice.

    So as you can see not all good things are scientific in nature, my friendship with this man suddenly intensified and persists to this day in my 76th year.

    Hope that cheered you up, have happy thoughts,

    Richard Scott

  232. My dear Professor,

    I wish You all the best in this unfortunate situation. I hope that You will get better soon, and will live in good condition for many,many more years. Yet this accident of Yours make me realize that I should thank You for everything that You have done, for every book that You have wrote and read, and for all wise things You have said. I wish to do that You in person, and i hope that some day i will be able to. But until then this must suffice.

    Again I wish You all the best.

    Sincerely Yours Tomasz

  233. Sorry to hear the news Richard. It cheered me up to hear your voice which seems unaffected by the stroke and you are clearly looking at the positive side. Get well soon and straight back into all that controversy we love so much!

  234. Wishing you well from Canada Richard.
    I’m on page 323 of “The God Delusion”, but already consider you a friend after watching your debates, and discussions on YouTube.

  235. I was greatly saddened to hear you had fallen ill, Professor Dawkins.
    Please do all you can to regain your health, even if that means you must ‘avoid controversy.’

  236. Wishing you all the best—a relaxing time with friends and family as you recover. I admire your tenacity in engaging in public discussion and debate over some of the most politically charged issues of our time. I noticed in your audio message your mention of the stress associated with this habit or character trait, and particularly with the fallout from the Twitter controversy last month. Still, there are a great many people who appreciate your work, including your propensity for creative provocation. There will always be some who say, “He is a scientist, he is no expert on cultural phenomena and should stick to what he knows.” These people will also say, “With his stature and following, it is irresponsible of him to promote or engage with certain material or ideas.” This might lead less curious and courageous types than you to become circumspect, even stilted about what they put into the public sphere. But society is the poorer for this kind of cupidity. We need thinkers like you are able to combine a deep intellect with an appreciation and capacity for satire. You may put a foot wrong occasionally, mistakes are inevitable. But if you do, it’s a poor reflection of society’s literal-mindedness and insistence on conformity that there should be such a graceless and censorious response, not a reflection of your character. Your playfulness and creative engagement with cultural taboos is a good thing. You will continue to be an inspiration to my generation both for what you think and also for how you think.
    Once again, best wishes as you rest up, and looking forward to seeing what you might have to say or write in the future.

  237. Dear Richard,
    I feel remorse for not haing written sooner; as a scientist I imagined that there was always so much time! Even after Hitch left us, exactly as his father had, once again showing that you can talk yourself out of anything except genetics, I failed to learn the lesson correctly. Your message is heartening, and I am certain that you will soon regain adequate strength to continue your important work. I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery!
    We are all grateful for your courage, but this is not enough for me. I feel the need to step up and help in a more vigorous way, to promote and defend science actively, and the battle against the malignancy of religion with even greater fervor. I am an epigeneticist, and therefore an heir to the groundbreaking work done by you and your colleagues and predescors. I applaud your rigor, your honesty, and your integrity, and I have become a member of your foundation as a (very) small hommage to your foresight and thoughtfulness as you pursue what all of us desire; the most complete explanation possible. Cheers, and my heartfelt best wishes.

    Dr. Eric W. Dickhaus

  238. Dear Professor Dawkins,
    I hope you will make a complete and speedy recovery!

    You are one of the great minds of our time, and an inspiration to so many.

    I don’t know if this will help, but whenever you are stressed over uncouth extremists taking umbrage at something you said or did, remember that your admiring fans know that you’re a man of reason and that any controversy you’re involved in is much more likely the result of people going out of their way to be offended.

  239. Professor, You do not need those leftish quasi-liberal people to support you, you can supersede them. You have enough supporters to have your own political movement, and them you will call yours.

  240. My hope is that you will be back on your feet full time, after taking a well-deserved rest. Your message is important to everyone – for those new to the issues you address, to those who don’t want to listen, and for those like me who have been paying attention a long time and want a better society. Your work is greatly appreciated. Best wishes from Taiwan. Larry, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan.

  241. Come on , what a wonderful way top put it Mr. Dawkins,’if one should have a stroke this is the best one”!
    Get well soon. A few people are needed to outlive many and you are one such.

  242. Lots of love, Mr. Dawkins. Your wordcraft and insight have been important to me, and it’s nice to hear that both seem to be intact after the incident. Thank you for the update and I’ll keep you in my good thoughts.

  243. You have advanced the ratchet of knowledge and understanding, and it will not slip back. Your books (and videos, and lectures, and writings, and debates…) are a robust tool of immense value that can cut through ignorance, but also inform and inspire.

    People recover from strokes (as you know), so rest up, relax and get well!

    You have my very best wishes.

  244. Mr. Dawkins, I wish you a speedy recovery, and all the patience you will need with those buttons! Your books and talks have meant a great deal to me; I read and watch them over and over. Please get well soon, best wishes from Holland.

  245. My sympathies Sir, for the horrible experience. Thank goodness the source of one of our generation’s greatest gifts– your intellect– was left unharmed. The rest would heal, you are a man of great strength amongst other enviable qualities we so cherish you for. Wishing the universe and beyond its frontier supports and protects you in a speedy and comfortable recovery.

    You are thoroughly loved. Stay strong Sir.

  246. Richard,

    My mother sends her regards. It may seem a bit meaningless because you’ve never even met my mother, but she does have a lot of respect for you and your work. I should also mention that you do have a couple things in common:

    1) She, like you, once had a brain hemorrhage, in her case at age 47 (when I was 16), though I don’t know if that’s considered the same as a hemorrhagic stroke. She made a full recovery and suffered no permanent damage. For a month or so she did have some minor memory problems and was hypersensitive to lights and sounds, but that was it. So she has some idea of what you’re going through.

    2) She, like you, is a perpetual optimist. From the moment that she regained consciousness (this was after about 4 days in the hospital, she went home that same day, I think), she was determined to get better. And I think that helped a lot.

    Take care of yourself, and always remain strong.

  247. Even though I am profoundly religious,I like and admire you for your brilliant incisive rationality which I feel is very helpful and can expose weaknesses in my faith.I love to be challenged and you do so brilliantly,and this is much needed in this world as so many of my religious friends are absolute loonys,lack compassion,a rational brain and are just horrible people.Mostly I find the nicest people are atheists.
    Well done and good luck
    I wish you a speedy and healthy recovery,and look forward to you challenging the idiocy of my beliefs and faith once again.

  248. Deeply shocked to hear about your illness. Get well soon Sir. That is what could be the wish and yearning of millions. I am one among them because I believe you have the intellectual capacity and prowess to lead humanity towards the path of rationality and away from superstitions. Those of us who are living in societies where ignorance and myth reign supreme are bitterly aware of the fact that until and unless reason and rationality are allowed to conquer these landscapes humanity will suffer. Your intellectual struggle and dogged determination can go along way to realize the dreams of a peaceful and prosperous world.