Nashville filmmaker aims to untangle ‘Love, Hate, Church & State’

Feb 14, 2016

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By Heidi Hall

Nashville filmmaker Jen Sheridan doesn’t even pretend she’ll be unbiased in shooting her upcoming documentary, “Love, Hate, Church & State.” The tagline is “LGBT rights. Freedom of religion. And preaching politics from the pulpit in Tennessee.”

Although these days, she’s more concerned about religion preached from the state legislature than the reverse.

Tennessee lawmakers this year took up a “natural marriage” bill that fell in subcommittee, and now some are formally supporting a Williamson County lawsuit that contends last year’s Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage invalidated all future Tennessee marriage licenses. The same attorney filed a similar suit in Bradley County.

Sheridan, a native of Toronto, a lesbian and an 18-year resident of Nashville, is flummoxed. Raised in the United Church of Canada, she remembers pleasant, pep-talk-style sermons without a lot of talk about sexuality. “I was taught, basically, Jesus loves you, love one another, try to help people. That was about the entire message,” she said.

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One comment on “Nashville filmmaker aims to untangle ‘Love, Hate, Church & State’”

  • @OP – And preaching politics from the pulpit in Tennessee.”

    If preaching politics makes a religious body liable to pay tax on its income. . . . . . . . Does disputing the religion (in “No true Scotsman manner), of a presidential candidate while election campaign processes are active, make the Catholic Church ineligible for tax relief on its activities in the USA?

    The Pope has questioned US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s Christianity over his call to build a border wall with Mexico.

    .Pope Francis said “a person who thinks only about building walls… and not of building bridges, is not Christian”.

    . . . .. . . Before retreating behind the walls of the Vatican!!!

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