Salman Rushdie: Iranian state media renew fatwa on Satanic Verses author with $600,000 bounty

Feb 23, 2016

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By Samuel Osborne

Forty state-run Iranian media outlets have jointly offered a new $600,000 bounty for the death of British Indian author Salman Rushdie, according to the state-run Fars News Agency.

Fars News Agency, which is closely affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), was among the largest contributors, donating one billion Rials – nearly $30,000.

The announcement coincides with the anniversary of the fatwa issued the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, the agency said.

Ayatollah Khomeini, the First Supreme Leader of Iran, issued the fatwa against Rushdie on charges of blasphemy for his novel The Satanic Verses on 15 February, 1989.

The Ayatollah called for the death of the book’s author along with anyone “involved in its publication”.

Hitoshi Igarashi, the Japanese translator of The Satanic Verses, was stabbed to death outside his office at Tsukuba University, the Italian translator Ettore Capriolo survived being stabbed at his apartment in Milan, and the novel’s Norwegian publisher was shot three times in the back and left for dead outside his home in Oslo.

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12 comments on “Salman Rushdie: Iranian state media renew fatwa on Satanic Verses author with $600,000 bounty

  • I believe the issuing of death threats is illegal, especially when carried out in a public space. I assume our legal departments will be applying to their new friends in the government of Iran, for extradition to face justice from those individuals responsible?

    Who am I kidding, the practicalities of real-politic proscribe only pious words and hand wringing in cases of individuals. There is even less chance of that now we are in the process of achieving an entente cordial, because we don’t want to upset anyone. So instead of condemning a State’s barbarity as we routinely did in the past with Iran, we will now treat them as delicate flowers as we habitually do with that other Islamic pariah and friend: Saudi Arabia.

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  • Meanwhile where the tribalism of the “religion of peace” has power, it punishes dissent, and criticism, while ignoring the big issues (such as murder) which are causing the problems and protests!

    An Egyptian court has sentenced three Coptic Christian teenagers to five years in prison for insulting Islam after they appeared in a video apparently mocking Muslim prayers.

    A fourth defendant was sent to a juvenile detention centre by the court in the central province of Minya.

    The teenagers argued they were mocking beheadings by the Islamic State group.

    Egypt’s Christians have long complained of discrimination in the predominantly Muslim country.

    The four teenagers were convicted by the court in the city of Beni Mazar on Thursday.

    Security was stepped up around the court building, with a number of police vehicles reportedly deployed in the area.

    Defence lawyer Maher Naguib described the verdict as “unbelievable”, saying he would appeal.

    The video was published online last April – shortly after IS jihadists beheaded dozens of Egyptian Christians in Libya.

    The student’s teacher, who filmed the video, was sentenced to three years in prison in a separate trial.

    There have been a number of blasphemy cases in recent months.

    In January, writer Fatima Naoot received a three-year prison term and a fine after being found guilty of contempt of religion.

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  • It also seems that the theocracy of Saudi Arabia with western support is committing war crimes!

    The European Parliament has adopted a resolution calling for an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia over alleged breaches of international law in Yemen.

    A Saudi-led coalition of nine countries has been heavily criticised over the civilian death toll from a bombing campaign in Yemen.

    The parliament called on EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini to “launch an initiative aimed at imposing an EU arms embargo”.

    The motion passed by 602 votes to 212.

    Although the vote is not legally binding, lawmakers hope it will pressure EU governments to agree to an embargo, following a petition of 750,000 European citizens.

    Scottish MEP Alyn Smith, who led the motion, said EU-made weapons were being exported to Saudi Arabia “in breach of international law”.

    Nearly 6,000 people have been killed since the Saudi-led coalition entered the conflict in March 2015, almost half of them civilians, according to the United Nations.

    The US is the largest international supplier of arms to Saudi Arabia. The UK and France are the main European suppliers, while Germany has also licensed arms exports to the kingdom.

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  • As an Iranian in exile and an atheist I condemn this fatwa or whatever they call it. I call it stupidity. I support 100% the freedom of speech and if anyone seek the truth about the barbaric and iron age religion of Islam and its ideology can find the true nature of Allah or the Pagans moon God in Quran.

    Satanic verses are about 3 pagan goddesses which influenced the profet and wrote some verses in the Quran which he claimed later he was under the influence of SATAN. Its all there in the Quran. Muslim should read their ancient book more accurately so an infidel atheist like me, do not have to explain it to them and get a death threat as reward.

    As for the Satanic verses are truly mentioned in the QURAN Allah the pagan idol had 3 daughters LAT, UZAH, and MENAT. the Arabs were worshiping them already. Father of the profit of Islam name in arabic is “Abduallah” which means servant of “Allah” this means this Idol existed when the profit was born already. this mean
    -Islam do not mean peace. it means submission. It is confused with word SALAM which means peace.
    – the word “Allhoakbar” which all muslims shout every day in prayers and when somebody attacks anyone else means Allah is GREATER. not only GREAT. Greater the you and me and all other Gods. this was the message of the profit mohammed in arabia when he went to battle other Idol worshipers. the message of the new profit basically was “Ashado la ilaha ill allah wa mohamammedon rash il allah” translation in english is I testify there is no other God But Allah and Mohammed is his (allah) messenger. till these day this is the message of a muslim. these means we all have to convert and “believe” or there always be a war. as they call it **Dar il Islam and Dar il harb** means Islamic territory and war territory (countries not converted yet.)

    in short I want to Support mr Rushdi and I remember when this Ftawa was issued I was still in Iran and I believe solution to the madness is to support all Iranian abroad that apposing this Islamic State (republic of Mullahs).

    We claim our mother land IRAN back from these dictators and army of the Mullahs.

    that’s where I stand.

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  • 8
    Pinball1970 says:

    Good post
    I still remember the book burning threats to book shops publishers at the time.
    The Muslim council of Great Britain had things to say on this at the time and should have been called on it.
    Perhaps reminded them and the whole country that we in the UK are not an Islamic state and do not give a flying f*** for their blasphemy laws.
    Things have moved on since then, Islam really is on the map and today everyone knows what its followers are capable of.

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  • If Iran wants to return to form part of the International community and be respected by it, it should stop behaving like a childish nation. The Iranian government must demand to the organizations involved in raising the money to comply with the fatwa, to stop this nonsense or face legal charges. Enough is enough.

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  • Odalrich #9
    Feb 26, 2016 at 4:01 pm

    If Iran wants to return to form part of the International community and be respected by it, it should stop behaving like a childish nation. The Iranian government must demand to the organizations involved in raising the money to comply with the fatwa, to stop this nonsense or face legal charges.

    Part of the problem is that other countries have death-squads or sponsor terrorists to kill political or religious people they don’t like.

    Funds were raised for years in the US Irish bars to fund IRA terrorism in the UK! – and if we look at CIA activities in Central and South America (Iran Contra etc), attacks on left-wing politicians, trade union officials and dissidents (labelled as “communists) opposing right-wing dictatorships generally, the history is extremely murky!

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  • lettherebepeace #11
    Feb 27, 2016 at 8:15 am

    yes @Alan4discussion
    BUT this docent mean Iran have right to issue a death sentence to Mr Rushdi for writing a book.

    Indeed so! It is a sign of murderous delusional indoctrination of the gullible and an incentive to criminal activities by the mercenary.

    The point I was making, is that while this is deplorable, many politicians and religious groups who are shouting about this, are, or have been in the past, just as murderous in promoting THEIR ideologies and doctrines!

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