The Migrant Crisis: No End in Sight

Feb 4, 2016

Photo credit: Sergey Ponomarev

By Russell Goldman

The refugees keep coming.

Forced from their homes by war and economic deprivation, tens of thousands of migrants made the perilous journey to Europe last month.

These asylum seekers, the latest surge in a great tide of human movement, have braved winter weather, stormy seas and closed borders in their escape from the Middle East, Afghanistan and Africa.

On Thursday in London, the European Union and international donors are expected to pledge to increase their aid to Syrians displaced by war.

The toll, whether measured in lives or in dollars, is staggering.

More than 67, 000 migrants have arrived in Europe by sea since the start of the year. By comparison, 5,000 migrants made the journey across the Mediterranean in January 2015, according to the International Organization for Migration.

These newcomers join more than one million people who sought refuge in Europe last year. But more telling than the total number of migrants is the number who have been formally resettled: 190 in 2015, despite pledges to relocate almost 200,000.

“We have to go,” said Mohamed Salem Abrahim, a 17-year-old Afghan trying to make his way to Germany. Mohamed arrived in Greece two months ago after traveling through Iran and catching a leaky boat from Turkey. “What is the choice — to stay in our country and be killed, or come to Europe where we can be free?”

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3 comments on “The Migrant Crisis: No End in Sight

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    Stardusty Psyche says:

    To my European friends, one bit of advice, don’t let them in, you’ll regret it if you do.

    Paris, Cologne, Sweden’s new rape culture, British sharia, and on and on.

    Muslims from Muslim majority countries very largely have no interest in assimilation, rather, in very large part, bring their theocratic, misogynistic, fascist ideology with them.

    The disease of Islam as transmitted by mass influx of Muslim refugees:
    Bent out of shape from society’s pliers
    Cares not to come up any higher
    But rather get you down in the hole that he’s in
    – Bob Dylan

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  • I remain totally confused and outraged by the immigration policies of countries like Germany and Sweden. They promoted a “refugees welcome” policy with promises of housing, welfare, etc, which has strongly encouraged the migration to Europe, yet they have not provided any ships to bring immigrants directly and safely to their countries. Instead they have maintained a state of affairs where it is still technically illegal for these immigrants to come to Europe, thereby ensuring the only way many can get here is by placing themselves in the hands of people smugglers who put them on rafts and other dangerous vessels that have caused 1000s of deaths by drowning. And here’s the really disgraceful and outrageous part, even well over a year after they were fully aware of the deaths this was causing, they STILL encouraged this migration and STILL did nothing to help people to travel safely. They have just stood by and watched them drown again and again and again. Countries like Germany & Sweden are more than capable of providing large numbers of ships that could bring people safely from Turkey, Lebanon, and probably even North Africa. So why didn’t they? I can only conclude that they never really wanted that many refugees to come and never expected so many to try and make it. Their “refugees welcome” policy was just a pious sham. How else can you explain the consistent failure of these incredibly wealthy and technologically advanced countries to provide basic safe transport?

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