Question of the Week- 3/23/2016

Mar 22, 2016

This week we would like to ask everyone: “Now that the merger is taking shape with the Center for Inquiry, what would you like to see as a result? Are there any hopes you would like to share,  any specific issues you hoped would be tackled, or any ideas you would like to see come to fruition?


Our favorite answer (new, non repeating winners) will receive a copy of A Brief Candle in the Dark by Richard Dawkins! And please don’t forget to send in your submissions for Question of the Week!


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13 comments on “Question of the Week- 3/23/2016

  • The merger gives more clout in one way but risks becoming just another interest group that may lack impact. RDFRS has developed an amazing awareness of the need for reason to replace superstition etc largely because of the incredible personal effort that RD has put into it, both within the organisation and via his best selling books, BBC programs etc. RD has achieved a catalytic celebrity status that an organisation like “Center for Enquiry” will find virtually impossible to replicate unless RD becomes its figurehead or it is able to find a replacement with at least his stature and passion.
    I’d like to see a high profile continuation of what RDFRS has been doing with a relentless drive to show up religion for what it really is. It needs to highlight the damage that religion has done and is doing to humanity by influencing life changing decisions on the basis of mumbo jumbo and not on modern evidence based knowledge.

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  • I would like see more discussion and the possible effects of global climate change might have on organized religion when millions begin to starve and/or die, migrate etc….

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  • It would be beneficial to allocate funding to the task of exposing the extremist religious views of the people who are running for public office here in the States. Some of these candidates have no intention of respecting our constitutionally mandated separation of church and state. The candidates do make statements that are unacceptable to our secular minded citizens but those statements are swept under the rug or softened by accomodationists here or sometimes they are not noticed because of the ubiquitous obsequious God praising that goes on from morning to night in this place.

    I would be thrilled to see some sort of brazen presentation of these statements in the most public way possible. I leave this to the professionals to decide what way would be most effective. Social media, billboards and whatever else would be most visible is all I can think of but surely someone else can move the idea forward.

    The fundamentalists everywhere don’t even bother trying to hide their slavish devotion to their favorite supernatural friends in the sky so if the people who seek to represent us in government don’t hide these thoughts and statements then let’s make those statements more widely known and let’s make them take responsibility for those thoughts and statements.

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  • Airtime! Both on established TV networks, Youtube and social media. Make a (TV) programme which deals with religious absurdism (Factual and traceable) as a kind of comedy show (Variation on Mr Diety perhaps), and a science part that deals with current research, science in general and evolution. If the schools refuse to teach evolution, then this is the way for kids to pick up on that. Perhaps a monthly pprogramme would suffice. In other words: a solid programme in science and reason with a wink to comedy.

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  • Paul

    Nice. I like where you’re going with that.

    I think a kids’ level TV show is a good idea but a monthly show is too hard to keep track of. A weekly show that comes on immediately after any other successful kid show would very effective.

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  • bonnie

    Children of parents who use the TV as babysitter were the very ones I’m hoping to access. Tubby the happy Galapagos tortoise! and Frederick Finch and his Scalawag Finch Cousins!! are sure to seep into their minds by stealth. Hey, I grew up watching that primitive and blatantly brainwashing show Davey and Goliath every Sunday morning while my parents were still sleeping.

    Ok, calling a tu quoque logical fallacy on myself. Saving you the trouble 🙂

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  • Please address the tax free status of religious institutes in the USA. With the principle of separation of church and state, they should not have non-profit status. This is to be fair for people of reason to not have to subsidize something they do not support! Religious institutes should not have privilege.

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  • 10
    fadeordraw says:

    DR site was about bringing atheism to the US which, of course, desperately needs it. So orgs grow (this is most likely not an evolution, in a clinical sense). A question at the point of the merger? One that has Actually, I got involved with the RD discussion site from a recommendation of a friend, who sadly died too young. Since this merger with the Center for Inquiry, I’ve noticed that several of the insightful commentaries have been silent. My brief googling of the Centre didn’t lead to a clear understanding of what it was about. The always been there for me: how much of the American psyche is based in American mythology?

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  • The purpose of science and philosophy is to convert unknowns into knowns. Richard Dawkins wrote: “The power of a theory is equal to the number of things it explains divided by the number of things it needs to assume”.

    Imagine there exist’s an assumption so powerful that it could blossom into everything that we know. It’s not very likely but it only has to happen once.

    Here’s mine.

    Life and consciousness are not possible unless the first property of matter is memory. Even the atomisation of energy isn’t possible unless the first property of matter is memory! A very special type of memory.

    What’s yours?


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  • Back in the 70s I was chairman of a gay lib group in BC Canada. We had absolutely no idea of what other gay lib groups in other parts of the world were doing. We did not even know about Stonewall. There was no internet. Newspapers would not accept our ads. We communicated with posters.

    Had we the Internet, We would have been able to document what we did, we could have posted it. Individuals all over could have cloned our successes, then feeding back what they learned. Position papers could be shared.

    What we need is a website for people wanting to get Atheist advocacy groups going locally. It would focus more on practical matters like dealing with fear, motivating, getting publicity, death threats.

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  • what would you like to see as a result?

    An increased willingness to take on any and every issue where science and reason are denied, twisted or suppressed, whether from political or religious motivations.

    Willingness to acknowledge and support other groups and organizations that also apply reason and the scientific method to exposing political or religious distortions of fact, aka propaganda.

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