Richard’s 75th birthday messages

Mar 24, 2016

Below are your well-wishes and kind messages for Richard Dawkins’ 75th birthday.  Thank you all so much!

“Have a happy and wonderful birthday, Richard! Thank you for all that you do!”
-Amy B.

“The very happiest of birthdays to you sir! You have helped, and are continuing to help, bring reason to the world! If only genetic engineering could give us 75 more years of you!!! With love and deepest respect, Kerry.”
-Kerry P.

“Happy Birthday Richard Dawkins, and thank you for your contributions to the world and reality. You make a difference. For every person you educate (like myself) you have change the future for the better by affecting untold numbers of future generations. THANK YOU!!!!”
-Nadine M.

“Happy birthday Mr. Dawkins! May you have many more years of health to spend with your family, and to continue being a champion for science and reason. ”
-Robert C.

“Happy Birthday Richard! Greetings from Norway. You have been an important inspiration for me. I have enjoyed reading your books and articles. Thank you so much for your great work and for standing up for humanists! ”
-Finn D.

“Live long and prosper, Mr. Dawkins!”
-Márcio B.

“Happy Birthday Richard, I wish you well and a speedy recovery as well. Thank you for all the inspiration you have given me throughout my life in the realm of science and nature. All the best to you sir.”
-Scott P.

“Happy birthday Dr. Dawkins! I cannot express how grateful I am for everything you have done!”
-Ian K.

“Happy Birthday, hope it’s a lovely one!”
-Connie W.

“All the best to one of the greats. The mind is mightier than the sword. Live long and prosper Richard. Xx. ”
-Dale H.

“Happy Birthday Mr.Dawkins! Please watch your health and stay with us for as long as you can, I hope you are doing well after your sudden stroke. Thank you for opening my eyes to science and logic, the confidence in humanity you have given me has made my life ? ”
-Oscar V.

“Happy birthday Richard! You’re a hero to many. Many more to come.”
-Patrick D.

“Sending best birthday wishes to the man who helped me rethink my life and come out a better, brighter, more open-minded, optimistic and contended man. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the world.”
-Nick S.

“I hope you live many more years Richard :D”
-Ivan S.

“Happy Birthday Richard Dawkins! You helped answer a question I asked when I was just a kid, a long time ago.”
-Khalid M.

“Happy birthday Richard! Hope you Have a lovely Day! ”
-Dimas L.

“Thank you for opening the doors, Richard. Have a wonderful day and a wonderful life. Look forward to more books from you.”
-Mudit S.

-Bhuvanendran B.

“Happy birthday Sir.”
-Mladen F.

“May you live long and shine like a bright star of reason. Thank you.”
-Vasileios K.

“Richard, you have been an inspiration to me ever since high-school. You have been such a wonderful influence in my life that I decided to pursue a career in Astrophysics because of your teachings. We met in Miami when you came to the book fair (undoubtedly, you wouldn’t remember me, haha) You’re one of the most knowledgeable human beings I’ve had the privilege of meeting in my lifetime, I thank you for pushing me towards greater paths. Happy Birthday, Richard.”
-Francisco P. C.

“Happy Birthday! I’ve read two of your books – Delusion of God and Selfish Gene, amazing stories, thanks a lot for that! ”
-Vlad M.

“Happy Birthday Mr. Dawkins, thank you for all that you’re doing for Atheist Movements, I wish you even more productive years doing the great work. World needs people like you!”
-Mateusz D

“Happiest birthday, Dr. Dawkins! Thank you so much for all you do to inspire and make the world a better, more humane place!”
-Kristen C.

“Hi Mr. Dawkins, you are such an inspiration for us young atheists, scientists and human beings…I still cant imagine how courageous you are for standing up what is right even with the hate messages you get…hahah someday I hope you’ll get in touch with your fans…my whole family loves you…take care sir”
-Andro A.

“Happy Birthday Dr. Dawkins. Thank you for all you have done for the world- you are an honest and fantastic human being. The selfish gene got me fascinated in behavior and genetics as an undergrad in New Zealand. I love your work. Now I am a postdoctoral researcher in South Carolina. The culture shock is immense but I am grateful for your public outreach on atheism and human behavior. I turn to your you tube videos and blog frequently. Thank you for your efforts and have a wonderful Birthday.”
-Shelley M.

“Dear Richard, wishing you a very happy 75th birthday, you are an inspiration to so many, thanks so much for all you do. Keep up the amazing work, lots of love from Canada :)”
-Jessica W

“Thanks, for teaching me reason!”
-Gerald B.

“Happy birthday sir.”
-Arun P.

“Sir, i must say that thanks to your speeches and books i understand much better the world i am living in, and more important, i have given science and reason a bigger space in my life, a space that has full me with joy and a purpose. Thank you, Richard Dawkins. Happy Birthday from your friends in Mexico!”
-Hector V.

“Thank you for your great work for reason and science. I hope you will recover completely soon. May you enjoy many further years in joy and happiness”
-Erwin N.

“Happy Birthday!!!!! Have a Great Day.”
-Cecil N.

“Hello, my greatest Idol! I’m a 20 years old Brazilian lady that learned so much with your books! Thank you very much for writing them. Now it’s your birthday, and I have to thank you for being born, just because you will become the most awesome, genius, lovely and sexiest 75 years old brilliant mind of the century! I love you Mr. Dawkins, Happy Birthday!”
-Alana Caroline S.

“Keep up the fight Richard but have a lovely day too.”
-Nadi J.

“Happy Birthday, Professor Dawkins!! Best wishes for health and happiness in the coming years.”
-Sam J.

“Dear Richard, you are a hero, you inspire average I.Q types, like myself. You have taught me to research, learn and never take anything at face value or what the media report. Happy birthday to a great, inspirational man xx”
-Jackie R.

“Happy birthday Richard! I truly hope you have a wonderful day, thank you for everything you’ve done.”
-Mick R.

“Hope you are recovered now Richard and enjoy the day.”
-Philip A.

“Happy Birthday Richard Dawkins, all i can say is i admire you and give you the upmost respect, you have influenced my way of thinking greatly and giving me a completely different respective of the world we live in which i will keep with me and also pass onto my children, keep up with the great work you are doing! ”
-Michael G.

“Happy 75th birthday, Richard! Here’s to many more! Hope all is well. Please continue to heal.”
-Mohammad S.

“Happy Birthday!Thank you very much. You change my religious views, and now I use my rationality to live. It’s difficult, but I think that if more people live by rationality this world will be better. Happy birthday~ In Taiwan(R.O.C) 3/25”
-Kuanlin H.

“I hope that you have a wonderful birthday, filled with joy and laughter; surrounded by the love of your friends and family.”
-Marisa P.

“Hyvää syntymäpäivää! that was in Finnish, i think you can guess what it says. I am soon to be teacher my self and i am really happy that there are people like you who i can respect without Idolatry.”
-Kalle A.

“I wish you the happiest birthday of all, personally I’ve learned so much from you, thank you. I’m a proud atheist from Iran. ”
-Mojgan B.

“Happy birthday and good health.”
-Rigo V.

“Happy Birthday! Your existence is a ripple effect and I’m so grateful for your school of reason. Hope that you can come to South Africa to visit the Atheist community. Your presence is needed. Please consider coming for a visit before your next birthday.”
-Tanya W.

“Happy Birthday Prof. Dawkins! 3/4ths of a century showing that curiosity is the greatest driving force of humankind! Forever thankful to you!”
-Gustavo E.

“Thank you for being such an inspirational speaker and motivator in my life and the largest voice for science and reason! Best wishes, :)”
-Charlie R.

“Happy birthday. Your never-ending quest for reason (books, articles, tweets, opinions) are a constant inspiration! The God Delusion will easily remain my favorite book for the rest of my life. It really gave me the insight how to reason and think! ”
-Bernd V.

“Dear professor Dawkins, Happy birthday! The influence your texts have had on me has been enormous, “The Blind Watchmaker” and “The Selfish Gene” have not only given me an amazing perspective of the world we live in but have made me a better person. Thank you for being such a great advocate for science and reason. Your legacy will live on for many generations!
Have a great day.”
-Camilo A.

“Wish you many happy returns of the day. This world needs more people like you. This is special because my daughter will turn 13 tomorrow and has the same birth day as you. she was very happy after finding that on wikipedia. If possible please send her wishes and it will be her best birthday ever.”
-Parasuram K.

“Congratulations Richard Dawkins. I’m amazed by the endurance and spirit in trying to spread your amazing knowledge on nature and all its wonders. You are truly and inspiration to me and the rest of mankind.”
-Nikolaj N.

“Tanti auguri!!Richard Vorrei fossero di più gli uomini come tu.” (translation: Happy Birthday Richard!! I wish they were more men like you.)
-Drei G.

“While I was always an atheist, you opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about the world. It is my honor to say, Happy Birthday Richard Dawkins.”
-Ronnie K.

“Happy Birthday Dr. Dawkins!”
-Edwin C.

“I wish you a very Happy Birthday professor Dawkins. I take the opportunity to thank you for your incomparable contribution to the human kind and its progress. Hundreds of other birthdays for you in the future and best wishes from Albania!”
-Harri A.

“Dear Richard,
First and foremost, I wish you a very happy birthday and send my best wishes for your continued recovery. I’d also like to take advantage of this opportunity to thank you. Growing up in the American south, I always felt alienated by my peers and found it difficult to articulate my reasons for being an atheist. Finding your books, and later, your foundation’s website, has helped me tremendously. They have provided a safe space in which to hone my knowledge of scientific concepts and theories that have guided me towards other wonderful thinkers, such as Daniel Dennett and Christopher Hitchens. Your work has allowed me to better argue for why reason and logic will always triumph against the hate and ignorance of religion. While I’m sure you receive many such letters from former victims of religious bullies, I couldn’t help but add my voice to the chorus in thanking you warmly for all you have done and continue to do. I cannot fully express what finding your writing and foundation has done for me on both a personal and professional level. Today I live in France, and while it is a wonderful country for those of us who choose live by logic, the Charlie Hebdo attack and other terrorist events threaten the country’s hard-fought tradition of secular values and free speech. Once again, your response to these events and others has been invaluable as both inspiration and as a practical resource. I thank you again and hope that 2016 will be a healthy and happy year for you.
Warmest wishes”
-Marisa H.

“Dear Sir Dawkins, education is just impossible without a proper and appropriate teacher and the present world that we are looking around would not be possible without an appropriate and right teacher. Happy birthday to you a special person and the teacher of life! You have fascinated me always ❤”
-Sherry K.

“Happy birthday Richard, hope you have a wonderful celebration and are feeling a lot better xx”
-Susan O.

“Happy Birthday Richard! I wish you many more years full of happiness and good health in this fascinating adventure we call life. I would like to thank you for opening my eyes to the world of science. Wish you all the best again!”
-Boris T.

“A Very Happy Birthday. And Many More Joyous returns of the Day. Keep up the good work.”
-P L K.

“Happy birthday… We met briefly and I consider it a highlight in my life.”
-James H.

“Happy birthday, and thank you for helping me understand evolution and freeing me from religion! I am eternally grateful, sir. ”
-Randolph P.

“Live long and prosper.”
-Frederic P.

“Happy Birthday, Sir Richard Dawkins .”
-Roopesh W.

“Thank you for all you have added to my life. Wishing you a Happy Birthday and a fruitful New Year.”
-Christopher F.

“Your books have inspired me and made me love science.”
-Markus N.

“Happy Birthday Richard! The Earth has orbited the Sun an integer number of times since the day of your birth. Without your words on the beauty of Science, I would never have been made an offer to study Physics at Balliol College, Oxford University. Thank you. ”
-Matthew N.

“Happy birthday Professor .. may you live long and prosper.”
-Mohamed F.

“To Dawkins, Happy Birthday, Mr.Dawkins! Thanks for always standing up for what’s true and being an amazing scientist! I hope you have a great day!”
-Alann G.

“Happy birthday, sir! Thank you for being a champion of rationalism, in a time when such a thing is desperately needed. Hope you’re doing well after your stroke!”
-Devin B.

“Dear Richard, Have a great birthday! I hope everything is going well after the rough patch you hit a while ago. Thank you for your efforts to educate people on science and let’s make our next generation a generation full of curious and adventurous kids by teaching them the wonders of science and exploration. Thank you again and have a great day. Best regards.”
-Sam O.

“Happy birthday Mr Dawkins! The way you talk and analyze issues in your books or videos, really taught me a better way of thinking thus making me a better person. I hope personalities like you would live long and prosper.”
-Theodoros D.

“Happy Birthday to my favorite evolutionary biologist! 🙂 Thank you for showing us that evolution is truly the greatest show on Earth!”
-Lea B.

“We all know we’re fighting a slow (maybe a loosing) battle. But it feels good to be awake. Happy Birthday Mr. Dawkins.We’re glad you exist in our timeline.”
-Ibragim N.

“Happy birthday from a Belgium in shock because of fundamentalism-attacks.”
-Paul M.

“I want to wish Happy Birthday to one of the most intelligent and inspiring person ever, and the person I admire the most. Thank you so much for everything you have done for the world. See you in the 76th!”
-Alejandro M.

“Obviously, many happy returns but please continue with your inspirational and indefatigable fight against the ignorance and superstition that is religion.”
-Evan M.

“Happy Birthday Professor Dawkins! I can’t give or write something special, but I will tell you that through your help I was able to escape the clutches of Islam. My mind was open through your books and talks, and for that I will be forever grateful! And I’m very happy to say that I’m a part of your foundation, I do volunteer work! I “Pray” that you live a long and happy life!”
-Mahmood Z.

“Happy birthday Dr.Richard Dawkins , you’ve done and have been doing excellent work , really admire the way you think and I didn’t realize i was an Atheist till I’ve seen your documentaries , work , read your books , now I’m not afraid to share my views of world thanks you , you’ve been a great impact on my life , living in a country like India is hard , where people have no awareness and blindly follow religion and are immune to reason , thought I was the only one who saw the world for what it really is , a fantastic universe with unimaginable beauty where nature’s reality is far spectacular than our imagination , glad to be alive on the same planet and the same era as you ! I wish you very happy birthday and keep up the good work , I’d love to see more of your work in upcoming years!”
-Saketh K.

“Happy birthday Mr. Dawkins! ”
-Erner R.

“I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Have a fantastic day! You are an awesome human being who fights for humans and scientific progress. You mean a lot to the world and to me personally. So stay healthy, smile a lot and spend your birthday (and every other day really) with people who are important to you. The world needs its heroes now more than ever.
Lots of love.”
-Maria B.

“Happy Birthday Richard and I wish you a speedy recovery from your CVA. Don’t be trying to blow out 75 candles ??????”
-Gerard F.

“Happy birthday, Prof. Dawkins! I have always been interested in biology and particularly evolutionary science. I love all of your books! Also thank you for writing The God Delusion. It was published at the right time in my life when I was questioning why I continued to call myself a Lutheran even though when I thought about it, I couldn’t say I believed all of its tenets. Reading your book helped me “come out of the closet” as an atheist. Cheers!”
-Amanda G.

“You are a personal hero of mine. Great books, great videos. I wish you a speedy recovery as well as a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Zoe x”
-Zoe F.

“Wishing the happiest of birthdays to you, Mr. Dawkins! Thank you for giving me the courage to become an outspoken voice of reason. You’re a true superhero in my mind.”
-Asia T.

“You are an inspiration, Dr. A very happy birthday to you!”
-Finnaem S.

“Happy birthday, Professor Dawkins! May your next journey around the sun be filled with love, light, laughter and many happy memorable moments. Here’s to 75 more years! ?”
-Suléne P.

“I just wanted to thank you for changing my life. You opened my eyes. I was delusional and had no real interest in science. But then I watched some videos of you and I realized how wrong I was about my religion and about my way of seeing the world. Rationality is now the element that guides me in everything I do. I bought and started reading your book “The Greatest Show on Earth” and I am just amazed by the beauty of nature and evolution. I profoundly thank you for all of that and wish you a happy birthday!”
-Philippe D.

“Thank you for making me realize so much in life. Have a Happy Birthday Richard!!!”
-Anthony G.

“Happy birthday to one of the greatest lives on earth. you are my teacher and idol, my favorite job would be working with you. wish you a great day Richard. Love from Cyprus x.”
-Helia H.

“Congratulations on a 75th circumnavigation.”
-Stuart W.

“I just want to thank you for your dedication and all the hard work you’ve done whether it be on the subject of science or secularism. Your message of reason has reached me even here in the Philippines, I used to be a devout protestant but ever since I saw you examine and explain that long langeal nerve of a giraffe on National Geographic I thought to myself “no way is creationism possible this man just destroyed it”. I hope someday you could come here if ever there was a secularism rally or I could go to see you. Sir Richard Dawkins you’re a hero Happy Birthday!”
-Sean Andrew C.

“Happy Birthday Mr. Richard, you’ve helped to opened my mind and discover news horizons”
-Marcelo G.

“Dear Dawkings, as an Atheist (sometimes agnostic) I always enjoy listening to you. I wish you a very long and healthy life with your beloved ones. Happy Birth-Day!”
-Javid G.

“I wish you a joyful birthday, and I thank you for your marvelous pursuit of truth and the work it has produced.”
-Matt P.

“I’ve read your works since I was a bio major in the early 70’s. I’ve appreciated your wit, absolute brilliance of thought, and even the fact you’ve forced me to think and delve deeply into ideas and concepts I’ve disagreed with you on. I’ve, especially, appreciated your later popular bio writings bringing those concepts and facts to millions more. Your later writings on atheism have also been marvelous. You, Mr. Dawkins, have been and are a serious gift to this planet.”
-Frank M.

“Richard you have changed my life and view of the entire universe. Happy birthday!!! ”
-Paul E.

“Happy birthday R. Dawkins from Mexico. We hope to see you soon here. Big hugs.”
-Nilton H. B.

“Dear professor Richard Dawkins, best wishes for you on your birthday. You’re a credit to the human race, and a truly inspirational man. Wishing you good health for many more years to come.”
-Laurence F.

“Many happy returns and stay alert :-)”
Frank S.

“Thank you for doing what you do and for the contributions to human knowledge you’ve made (and continue to make in your current occupation). Though a cliché thing to say, your debates and documentaries have helped me through a dark time in my life. I hope to read your books in the not too distant future; I’ve neglected to lend translated versions from libraries as I’m sure the original versions in English will be a delight to read. Enjoy your birthday.”
-Jorge V.

“Happy birthday from AUS.”
-Timothy F.

“Dear Professor! I would like to wish you a very joyous birthday and many happy returns. I sincerely hope that you get well again very soon. Greetings from Switzerland.”
-Daniela S.

“Happy 75th prof. Dawkins. Hope you have a lovely birthday with family and friends and more than anything I hope that you are recovering well from your stroke. You are a breath of fresh air in a sometimes smoggy and disingenuous world and an inspiration to many, including myself. Get well soon.”
-Paul R.

“Best wishes on the anniversary of your birth, I do hope you are feeling much better since your recent health issues and that you have a wonderful time on your birthday.”
-Gray N.

“Happy 75th Birthday Richard! I hope you are feeling better and that you will have a great day! I have several of your books and I love watching you on Youtube. I have never really been particularly religious, but since I started reading and hearing what you say, I am 100% sure that I am an atheist. My favorite quote of yours is the one where you you say “we are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones.Most people are never going to die because they are never going to be born….” I think about this often, because it is so true, and that is why we have to enjoy every day we have in our short lives. So that being said, I hope your day will be wonderful and that you are surrounded by the people (and animals) that you love.”
-Heidi M.

“Hi Richard, I wanted to personally thank you for your hard work and bringing a social awareness to us, the enlightened and unenlightened alike. Through your efforts and those who support similar causes, Sam Harris, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Lawrence Krauss, I have had a bit of a political awakening, and I feel I have the capacity to “pay it forward” so to speak. Thank you for being you. Thank you for helping to educate people, even if it does become a little brow beaty (so to speak). You are a wonderful human being and I am glad I share the same time stream as you.
(your unintentional padawan)”
-Joshua C.

“My best wishes to you! Do celebrate your life! Happy birthday from Brazil!”
-Silvia T.

“Thank you for being a voice of reason especially in this day of crazy religious zealots! I for one appreciate you and all you do. You have given us a voice and courage to up to the insanity of religion.”
-Linda P.

“Happy birthday to you Mr. Dawkins! Thank you very much for spreading logic and sound reasoning to a world that desperately needs it. I look up to men like you as true heroes. My wish for you is to have a very happy birthday and I do hope that you are able to celebrate many more to come. I raise my glass in a toast to you as I type this. Cheers to your 75 years of life and for bestowing your passion for science and logic upon this planet and it’s inhabitants. Though we have never met I will always consider you as one of the greatest “men of minds” in my lifetime. Happiest of birthdays to you sir! :)”
-Daniel E.

“Happy birthday to a wonderful, brilliant and inspiring scientist/thinker/Homo Sapiens..which kind of reminds me of Myself, in a way. Your words of truth and wisdom are and will always influence generations, perhaps of creationists, who knows. By the way I was surprised to hear/read about Peter Medewar in your own words, since he was part of my cousin’s extended family, and I’m sure he would gratefully wish you a warm and happy birthday. I wish you all the best. Have a great day.
A grateful admirer ”
-Marc-Elie A.

“Thanks for being you and many more years of science, good thinking and defying the misbelievings”
-Victor M.

“Happy Birthday, Richard – You’re an inspiration.”
-Stine L.

“Richard lo unico que puedo decir es muchas gracias por transmitir tus conocimientos, los cuales pueda usar en un futuro como docente para transmitirlos a mis alumnos. Te deseo un excelente Happy Birthday!” (translation: Richard all I can say is thank you very much for passing your knowledge , which can be used in the future as a teacher to transmit to my students. I wish you an excellent Happy Birthday!)
-Simon V.

“Happy three-quarters of a century, Richard.”
-B.B. B.

“Happy 75th, Richard! Thank you for all of your wonderful contributions to science and public discourse. Here’s hoping to many more birthdays!”
-Joel A.

“Happy birthday, Richard! Have a great day tomorrow! ”
-April T.

“Happy Birthday, Richard! We hope you’re feeling better! You’ve enriched the lives of myself and my sons so much. At age 12 they started listening to your talks. They would always see me listening to them so they became interested. You’ve opened their minds to the world. At 21 and 19 they still watch your discussions weekly on their own. We’ve even traveled to see Lawrence Krauss speak and we were able to shake his hand and talk to him for 5 minutes. You’re both inspirations. Please keep doing what you’re doing for as long as you can do it ? You’re admired and cherished. ”
-Sharlene G.

“Happy Birthday to one of the most enlightened thinker of you time!”
-François D.

“I Wish You good health, many successes and happiness! You’re the best so best wishes from Poland!”
-Gabriel S.

“Happy Birthday to one of the most influential men in history and my personal hero! I can’t wait to see you at this year’s Reason Rally in DC.”
-Kenneth L.

“Feliz Cuampleño Dr. Dawkins ! Gracias por su lucha permanente contra la ignorancia religiosa, que en América Latina sigue causando mucho daño.” (translation: Happy Birthday Dr. Dawkins! Thank you for your continuing struggle against religious ignorance, which in Latin America continues to cause much damage.)
-Jorge J.

“My very best wishes to you. Critical thinking and knowledge through science is the best gift you have given to all of us. …which would be the best gift from all of us to you?
Thank you very much indeed . Auguri di buon compleanno!!!” (translation: Happy Birthday!!!)
-Antonio B.

“Happy Birthday! We need your voice of reason more than ever in these dark times :-)”
-Stevie T.

“Dear Richard Dawkins, I would like to start of by saying thank you. Thank you for being one of the few that have changed by life completely. Thank you for opening my mind to accepted truth wether I like it or not. Thank you for feeding my curiosity. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for fighting for a world of understanding. Thank you for giving me the confidence to aspire to change the world. To seek knowledge where ever I can get it in order to better myself. It seemed more appropriate to thank you and to tell you how much you’ve effected my life rather then to just wish you a simple happy birthday. So thank you Richard,because you have been a gift to all of humanity and we have been lucky to have had you these past 75 years (btw you don’t look it, so what ever your doing keep doing it!). I hope I can achieve 1% of the good you’ve accomplished for all of humanity in my life time.
I hope one day I’m successful enough to one day meet you in person and proudly show you that because of people like you that don’t stop fighting people like me are made. Though that day may be far away I hope you’ll still be pleased to know I’m another soul your single life has effected and changed. So one last time I thank you for simply being the wonderful soul that you are
P.s I’m currently reading “The greatest show on earth” it’s fantastic and I look forward to one day being lucky enough to owning all your books”
-Erdal E.

“Thank you. For the articulate expression of that which was in my heart and mind while I was being raised Catholic. For providing a place for discourse and thought and wonder. For providing me with the language and the materials to raise my son within an ideology that is moral and kind and, dare I say it, magical. All the best on your Birthday. ”
-Meredith H.

“Happy birthday, sir. We need more outspoken persons like you committed to searching the truth about us and our world. ”
-Artur P.

“Happy Birthday Richard. Your work mean a lot to many of us around the world.”
-Lars-Göran H

“Happy Birthday the ‘Light shedding man’!!! You mean so much to us!!”
-Jose C A

“Happy birthday, Mr. Dawkins! Wish you all the best and a great recovery. Keep the struggle to spread the word of science and reason. You’ve helped to change lives for better, through the rationalism you taught us on your works. Kind regards…”
-Allan S.

“Richard you are my hero! I wish you a happy birthday, Richard. You are my favorite author and I hope you spend time with your family and friends 🙂 thank you for writing your amazing books. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!”
-Pedro A.

“Happy birthday Richard Dawkins. You’re a really big influence in my life, and I really like your books, too. Sincerely, a really big fan of yours.”
-Brett M.

“happy bday enjoy to the full..:)”
-Tiziana D.

“Happy birthday Richard. Please write a tweet about Brussels. We Belgians need it. The media is doing their best to let us believe that it has yet again nothing to do with religion. Keep strong!”
-Dries D.

“Happy birthday. Thank you for giving me a group with which to identify my views on religion and spirituality. Your books were an intregral part of my journey away from the easy answers of religion and my continuing quest to make rational skeptism part of my and my family’s world view.”
-Keegan P.

“Professor, you’ve been an intellectual influence for longer than I’ve been alive, not only that, but your work is cherished and your persona is admired by many, myself included. I write this on the 25th of March and tomorrow will signify the passing of another year of what we admire, and so, I wish you to be able to share both your genius and your (refreshingly) controversial personality with the world for as long the years allow you to. Happy Birthday and stay in good health.”
-José A.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Richard. Happy birthday to you! Hurray!”
-Emma A.

“I would like to wish you a wonderful birthday to the man who have helped so many people to open their eyes to the wonders of reality. Grattis på födelsedagen, Dr Dawkins! You are one of the great minds of our time. Thank you for everything!” (translation: Happy Birthday).
-Ola N.

“Wishing you a wonderful birthday, Richard! You are truly an inspiration.”
-Anni K.

“Happy Birthday to one of the greatest minds of the XXI century”
-Adrián C.

“Happy birthday Prof. Dawkins! I hope you feel better now and as a little piece of fun I would recommend you the poem “Gravity” by Harry Nevil from New Zealand (on YouTube). I’m sure you are going to enjoy it! All the best wishes from the south of Germany!”
-Joseph W.

“Happy birthday! I hope you’ll enjoy this greatest show of all for a long time to come, so that you’ll teach many others to appreciate it as much as you do.”
-Philipp S.

“Happy birthday Richard!”
-Hunter K.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, World’s famous atheist…..”
-Mubarak M.

“Hi, I am 18 years old and I’m from Poland. I’m Your big fan. So You, I got to know what is atheism and evolution, I feel enlightened, thanks to You, I think You’re a genius, Your words are very inspiring, I am very grateful to You. I wish You a happy birthday, stay with us for a long time, the world needs people like You!
P. S. Sorry for my poor English. ”
-Julian W.

“Happy birthday and many years more!!!! I wish meet you in future so i wish you a looooooong life.With love Artemisia from Italy.”
-Artemisia R.

“May you have a wonderful day. ”
-Bjorn S.

“Cheers! To a woo-woo free Birthday. Thank you for all that you do. An extra Happy Birthday from son Philip (17) who shares the day. All the best to you today and everyday.”
-Lisa B.

“Happy birthday Richard,and every one after this one,I wish to meet you one day in person..”
-Boris B.

“Have a wonderful birthday Richard!”
-Christopher H.

“My hero is not a myth. Why ? Because he’s you. Thank you for all you have done for my life and humanity Mr. Dawkins. May your Birthday be filled with peace and happiness.✌ ”
-Robert H.

“Happy Revolving Around The Sun! Wishing you a fantastic birthday… Would love to see you in Toronto, Canada. Meeting you in person would be an honor. Your books have changed my life.”
-Azhar K.

“Wow..3/4 of a centry young! I’m wishing you a great birthday and many more to come. Thank you for your contribution to science and to humanity. Thank you for being an inspiration and influential in my life. ”
-Ricardo V.

“Thank you for trying to move the world in a more sane direction.”
-Kent A.

“You are a true inspiration to me!”
-Roy S.

“Happy Birthday Professor! You have been one of the greatest influences in my life and one of my heroes! Your talks, debates and books have played a huge role in my thought process. Looking forward to may more years of the same. Thanks.”
-Uthkarsh S.

“Happy birthday from Germany! Keep up the good work promoting science and critical thinking! The God Delusion and your scientific books are good reads. In a world plagued by unreason of religious and other kind you are a voice of reason. Thank you for your great work!”
-Denis H.

“Happy birthday Richard!!! You are an inspiration to all who love science and rational thought.”
-Aj T.

“Ever since the “Blind Watchmaker” lent to me by a friend, I have had my eyes opened to the extraordinary nature of our world. This adventure that is so much more fascinating and amazing than anything religion can dream up. Thanks Richard! Many happy returns of the day! ”
-Phillip C.

“I hope you have a great birthday and will have many more in good health! We enjoy your books, shows and articles, hope many more will follow!! Thank you for all you have given us so far!”
-Esther R.

“Thank you for all you’ve done to move us forward. Happy Birthday!!”
-David B.

“Thanks for telling the facts and science. Greetings from Turkey.”
-Ufuk S. K.

“Happy Birthday.”
-Thomas C.

“Happy birthday and get well soon.”
-Krzysztof W.

“Happy birthday Richard! Your work towards a religion-free society will echo for centuries in the history of Mankind. I truly hope you stay around for many more years to create an ever larger impact! ”
-José F

“A very Happy Birthday to you Professor – you continue to be an inspiration to our whole family :-)”
-Martina M.

“Happy Birthday, Mr Dawkins!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and opinions and bringing science to everyone! You are a great human being. I hope we get to enjoy your presence in this world for many more years!”
-Santiago G.

“Dear man 🙂 wishing you a very happy birthday amongst your loved ones and a healthy one! Be with us for years to come <3”
-Bonda E.

“Happy Birthday from a Galapagos Naturalist Guide, You made me a proud atheist ”
-Duncan D.

“Dear Professor Dawkins, Happy happy birthday! I just wanna let you know that your books are one of the main reasons I really love science since I was 15. All you’re work is amazing!
You’re a great scientific, you’re historically one of the best biologists ever, you’re a great Humanist as an atheists who defends reason and science. I hope, we as humanity could have more individuals like you. More Richards Dawkins 🙂 Thank you for everything and have an amazing birthday.”

“Dear Richard Dawkins, Happy Birthday I wish you all the best. I hope you read this message, because I would thank you for helping me a lot changing my life. I left 4 years ago the Jehovahs witnesses where I was raised. Reading your books helped me to get a new view on the world. You helped me to develop self confidence I never had, because I learned to trust myself and don’t fear a cruel god. You really convince me to chance what I have learned. Thank you for everything. With friendly Birthday Greeting from Germany.”
-Johannes T.

“Dear Richard, Evolutionairy Biology, Science in general and anthropological-philosophic questions should be of concern for all of mankind. You, Sir, as a rational thinker, debater, author and scientists, have inspired me to invest much more time in exactly these fields of study. You are an inspiration to many people! Often you face ridiculously idiotic misunderstanding and ignorance, but you face it and in my point of view master it. I hope you can master the challenges like sickness, too. I was very sad to hear that your trip to Heidelberg was cancelled… please try to come again. Hopefully my bad English is not overly irritating. From one New Atheist to another. From an admirer. Happy Happy Birthday! I wish you many many more healthy years!”
-Tim W.

“Happy birthday, Dr. Dawkins!!! Wishing you many more! Thank you, for all of your contributions to science and your contributions to comon sense, worldly thinking. Sending you heartfelt wishes from Lynchburg, VA (the home of Jerry Falwell and Liberty University). ”
-Christopher L.

“Happy Birthday, Richard! Thank you for your books, and for your presence on this journey. ”
-Brett C.

“Happy birthday, Richard! 🙂 I wish you the best of days! Your work is so valuable, keep it up! ;-)”
-Thea Bruer W.

“100 lat!!!” (translation: 100 years!!!)
-Sebastian H.

“Wishing you a very happy birthday, much gratitude for your works, and a sincere desire for much more from you in the future. =)”
-FB/Atheists On Parade

“Happy birthday old sport! Thanks for being an inspiration.”
Adrian Z.

“Happy birthday Dawkins, thanks for publicly saying what millions of us think. May you keep educating, rebuking, debunking and offending for many a year to come.”
-Simon B.

“Mr. Dawkins, happy birthday from Goiania, Brazil. Thanks for all you had done for humanity. Please, take care of health, we need your voice to help us fight against the religious irrationality. Best Regards, Alexandre (filmmaker).”
-Alexandre G.

“Professor Dawkins, hope you have a great birthday. Congratulations on 75 trips around the sun. You inspire me to be a better, more well informed human. Thanks for all that you do.”
-Steve B.

“Happy birthday!”
-Dan H.

“Some time back in 2007 you cured me from my religious indifference and turned me into a proper anti-religious heretic. For reasons unknown I ordered The God Delusion from amazon. I’m quite sure I never had even the slightest interest in religion before I ordered that book. Nonetheless I devoured it and had my own little private renaissance over the course of a few days. When I was halfway through TGD I purchased The Blind Watchmaker because the theme of evolution fascinated me especially. The Blind Watchmaker made me realize what an immensely powerful idea evolution is and showed me, in stainless steel lines of reasoning, many of the misconceptions and nuances a large majority of people do not seem to grasp. Ever since then the principle is always on my mind whenever I try to understand just about anything, I see evolution everywhere I look and its explanatory power amazes me time and again. This is as important as a book can get if one were to ask me (nobody did as of yet). Today my bookcase houses all of your books, sandwiched between the complete works of Stephen Fry and Douglas Adams because I deemed it appropriate. I am convinced a large percentage of my daily thoughts is generated by what I read in those books, The Blind Watchmaker in particular. It is the one book I hope my currently hypothetical (because I believe in reason) children will read some day and get as much out of it as I did. If nothing else, I will raise them to think for themselves. So I want to thank you for everything I have learned through your writings because they really had a huge impact on the world view I hold today. So I hope I made it clear I’m glad you were born and I hope you will continue to roam the earth for a good while longer. Happy birthday Mr Dawkins!”
-Jeroen M.

“Many more happy returns of the day sir. Your writings are also one of the reasons that changed my life. You inspired me a lot. Thank you for all you have taught me. Wishing you long life and birthday wishes.”
-Hari P.

“Happy Birthday to a person who influenced me to love science and boldly announce my Atheism. Thank You!”
-David B.

“Happy Birthday Richard! Thank you for breaking me free from all the superstitions that has been haunting the people in this country. I read all your books from The Selfish Gene to Brief Candle in the Dark. You may not be aware how much you have changed and influenced my life and the word “thank you” is not enough to show appreciation for your works.”
-Nattapon C.

“May you be happy, healthy, and tenacious of telomere.”
-Gina L.

“There was a mean man of science
Things he had done were acts of defiance
Whenever he spoke
I admired the bloke
And his lovable lack of compliance”
-Ernest W.

“Happy birthday Richard!!! Still remember your influential lectures and discussions when I was a postdoc at the Zoology Department in Oxford (1995-2000). I am wishing you well and hope your wisdom and brilliant ideas will take the route of an evolutionary stable strategy. Best wishes.”
-Pavel S.

“Happy birthday to a brillant man! We all need you ;-)”
-Simonetta D.

“Happy Birthday! Thank you for your amazing work over the years. You have certainly helped me open my eyes and see religion for what it is. I love watching all your interviews, documentaries and reading your books. Thank you so very much. I wish you could have had an interview with Carl Sagan. Imteresting viewing indeed. Happy birthday once again to one of my heros.”
-Mathew M.

“Happy birthday,Richard Dawkins! I wish to meet you face to face but not sure if i ever able to go Britain see you!”
-Kıvanç I.

“Cheeers.. have a awesome day. And thank you.”
-Niraj M.

“Happy Birthday Richard! Thank you for inspiring me as a young biologist and atheist. Keep trying to save the world from ignorance, you’re great at it!! ”
-Ioanna M.

“Today I thank life on Earth and millions of years of evolution for bringing us to this present day to celebrate Richard Dawkins on his 75th birthday! Ancient, tiny organisms reproduced not knowing that their actions would lead us to the man that provides us with such beautiful insight into the origins of ourselves. The man that never gives up. That man who lives for the truth. Although we’ll never meet, I am glad to share this short timeline with you. Cheers!”
-Sam W.

“Professor Dawkins, Best Wishes for a Very Happy 75th Birthday! ”
-Stani M.

“Happy Birthday Richard! May all the churches and reliigions lose all of their secular power, stop influencing children and become peaceful.”
-Dirk B.

“I wish you the very best for your birthday! Best wishes from Germany”
-Marc F.
“Many Happy returns. Have a very happy birthday and thank you for not giving up on humanity. You have made a huge difference to people’s lives worldwide and continue to be an inspiration. Happy Birthday Richard! ”
-John D.

“Happy birthday I hope you have a splendid day.”
-Meghan L.

“My best wishes and may you still have many years to come.”
-Joachim H.

ஜ۩۞۩ஜ .HAPPY BIRTHDAY. ஜ۩۞۩ஜ
“““““` ✬ ‘✧ ‘✬
Hope you have a wonderful and peaceful birthday with your loved ones and friends .
Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.

May sunshine follow your shadow,
May it wipe away the tears;
May rainbows be there for breakfast,
For many happy years;
May all the joy the world can give,
Be there and for a long time live;
For you are special
May this year bring you all the health, happiness and infinite prosperity your heart desires.

Your Birthday is about You
….. Take a moment out of your day to reflect,
To appreciate, to be grateful
Today is about you, so look around and smile at your life and your choices. Don’t worry about the paths you should have taken or the opportunities you ignored. Instead, breathe in the life that surrounds you ~ let it fill your mind with light and hope.

Your beauty and wisdom have inspired, encouraged, soothed and strengthened the people around you. Reflect on the past and all the memories, good and bad, that have made you who you are today. Your journey is far from over, as you will continue to grow change and flourish.

You may be another year older, but you are also another year stronger and wiser. You are loved by many.

Life can be busy and we sometimes take for granted the important little things that make us smile. Look at the sunset, share a cup of coffee with your best friend, or hear the wind rustle through the trees. Take some time to listen to life and feel the sun on your face. Stop to watch butterflies in your garden.

Today, I give you the gifts of beauty, inspiration, love and reflection. Use them wisely and carry them with you as you enter another year ahead.

Enjoy your day and have a very happy birthday!Your birthday is the first day of another 365-day journey. Be the shining thread in the beautiful tapestry of the cosmos to make this year be your best ever. Enjoy the trip!

Here’s to another year of experience.

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸•☆ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸•☆*•.¸Happy¸¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪Birth-day ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ To ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ You ♪♫•*¨*•.¸ ¸… .♪♫•*¨*•.¸ Happy ¸ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Birth-day ♪♫•*¨*•.¸ To ¸¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ You ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ Happy ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ Birth-day ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸.. ..♪♫•*¨*•.”
-Gerhard N.

“Wishing you a very happy birthday Richard. May your tenure on earth enlighten many more people to the fascinating reality in which we live.”
-Ryan G.

“Happy Birthday Richard, thanks for your work.”
-Raphaël I.

“Happy Birthday Mr. Dawkins, thank you for being such a champion of reason and logic in these increasingly barbaric times.”
-Erwin H.

“Happy Bday.”
-Matej P.

“Happy birthday, and the warmest thanks for the most inspiring and firm struggle for reason! Many birthdays to come!”
-Esa H.

“Happy birthday Richard! Keep inspiring people to think critically and thank you for all your words of wisdom.”
-Ryan R.

“Congratulations Mr. Dawkins! I wish the next two thirds of your life to be as successful as the first one.”
-Ricardo S.

“Have a really enjoyable 75th birthday, and I hope you’re recovering well from your recent illness.”
-Jen R.

“The most remarkable thing about you was making us realize that a fulfilling life can only be one spent in the pursuit of knowledge. Also you made challenging superstitions fun. You are my hero. Happy Birthday, Richard!”
-Andrei G.

“Dear Prof. Dawkins, to many more years to come. You are one of the fiercest fighters for justice that I know. What an achievement! All the best, Christian
PS: Isn’t my name a wonderful coincidence? As an atheist to be named Christian…”
-Christian R.

“Happy Three-Quarters of a Century, Richard!! You are an inspiration to reason-loving people everywhere!”
-Roy S.

“The biggest impact on my understanding of this big, beautiful world has come through reading your books. Words cannot express the euphoria I experience from your clarity and insight. Happy Birthday to the most crystal clear mind in the universe!”
-Julia F.

“Happy birthday Mr. Dawkins! We are so lucky to have you with us.”
-Danny V.

“Best wishes and thank you for all your inspiring memes since 1976!!”
-Tristan B.

“Dear Mr. Dawkins Unfortunately I will most likely never get the chance to thank You personally If I did I would certainly take You out to lunch. I was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses for twenty eight years when it suddenly struck Me that what was taught at the Kingdom Hall could not possibly be true. This was rather sudden as I had started 66 Bible studies in My last two active years as a JW. I began to doubt Gods existence so I looked on line to see what others thought and found a Freethinker meeting was scheduled that Sun. I attended the meeting Jon Lindgren, one of the longest serving Mayors of Fargo ND, was speaking about Gay rights. In speaking to the folks there I was told I would benefit from Your book The God Delusion. I cannot tell You how grateful I am that You took the time and effort to write it. I could go on but I’ll wish You a happy birthday and just say I am forever in Your debt. Your Friend and fellow Atheist Adam.”
-Adam H.

“Thanks for bringing enlightenment back from the 18th to the 21st century.”
-Werner H.

“Happy Birthday. Dr Richard … Thank you so Much . Your genius has changed a lot in my life Similarly changed the vision and the ideas of many people who are around me . Best wishes for a happy luck and Long life .”
-Hossam E.

“Happy birthday my friend!. You are the man!. I love your talks about religion!!”
-Christoffer F.

“I read THE MAGIC OF REALITY and THE GOD DELUSION. I am currently reading THE SELFISH GENE and I have on my shelf A DEVIL’S CHAPLIN and BRIEF CANDLE IN THE DARK. I intend to read the last three listed above as i find your writing fascinating and I also find myself agreeing with you 100%. Thus far I have noticed your reference to races as just that, races. I recommend you read RACE AND REALITY by Guy P. Harrison and MAN’S MOST DANGEROUS MYTH: THE FALLACY OF RACE by Ashley Montagu. Happy Birthday and I hope you have many, many more. Incidentally, I am 73 so I have a slight idea how you must feel physically.”
-Arnold H.

“Hi Richard, you’ve been an inspiration to me for many years! Wish you well, a lot of health and scientific inspiration!”
-Dorian F.

“Happy birthday, professor. Together with Hitchens and Krauss have you changed my life. Thank you.”
-Jan V.

“Many happy returns Richard! With greatest respect and admiration for your work.”
-Zalina K.

“You have enlighten so many people!I We are grateful for all your works,your enthusiasm and your courage.Thank you Mr Dawkins,thank you with all my heart! Happy birthday!”
-Sema T.

“A very happy birthday.”
-Steve Z.

“Happy birthday Richard! It’s magnificent feeling to know an understand what is true. Thank you about your life work.”
-Jukka T.

“Hey my bday was on the 23rd and I got your book the God delusion! Hope your able to spend your family with loved ones and it’s everything you wished it to be! Keep being badass!”
-Tony S.

“Best wishes to you on the completion of your 75th orbit of the sun!”
-Blake W.

“Dear Mr. Dawkins; your work and dedication has being an inspiration to many of us to try to make a better world by trying to wake up people from the dream that is Religion and other fairy tales that people experience. Being today your birthday, I only wish you have a very joyful one along your loved ones!…and not reading e-mails instead… Haha…”
-Rafael I.

“Happy birthday Mr. Dawkins!!! You are a beacon to the small atheist community Living in Honduras, a nation 99.99% christian, evangelical and catholic. May your words bring humanity closer to reason. May you have a joyous day surrounded by your love ones.”
-Will L.

“Hi Richard, I hope you have a great birthday weekend! As an atheist myself, I find it hilarious sometimes to watch you destroy the ‘logic’ some of the religious fundamentalists, keep it up. Anyway, thanks for your contribution to the scientific community and your ongoing journey through life.”
-Henry S.

“My dear teacher in wish you all the best… Health,love and happiness….”
-George A.

“Happy Birthday Sir! You have inspired me so much and I wish you the best! I look forward to every book you write, and every debate you attend. You have made me appreciate the art of critical thinking so much! I owe you many many many thanks! Have a wonderful day!!”
-Zinnia C.

“Dear Professor Dawkins, It is my great pleasure to pass my regards to you and wish you a happy birthday. I have learned a lot from your teachings and I always consider your lifestyle and passion for truth as my path towards future. I hope you will get well soon and continue to enlighten us. ”
-Arad H.

“Happy Birthday Professor Dawkins. You are such an inspiration to me. You have influenced me in countless ways. Thank you for everything you have contributed to this world.”
-Clay W.

“Happy Birthday, Richard Dawkins! Wishing you a happy birthday is the least that I can do to thank you what you have done for me. You really did change my life, and my outlook on it. In addition to becoming an atheist, I hope you will be glad that I also gained a respect for skepticism, but most of all a love of science and the natural world around us. Before, life was a door mat to scratch our feet on before the afterlife, but now I see the wonderful poetry of the natural. I appreciate life, that much more. It’s partly because of you, as well as Steven Pinker, that I got my love of evolution. So much so that I am considering a career in evolutionary psychology. I also enjoy your public rows. I am also a cartoonist, and so if you ever need one by your side, I’ll be there with a pen ready in my hand. Much love, and Happy Birthday.”
-Erick W.

” Happy birthday professor Dawkins. I have been an atheist for a year as a result of listening to you (Daily). Now my children can grow up without the fear of imaginary hell. I thank you, and so will they in the future.”
-Michial S.

“Feliz Aniversario! And many more years of healthy life.”
-Marina B.

“Happy birthday to you.”
-Sirpa T.

“Thank you for being a nucleating factor in my scientific awakening. Happy birthday, Professor!”
-Qalbi K.

“Happy Birthday to my favorite atheistic evolutionary biologist, and general public figure. Have a great day and I hope you’re feeling better given recent events!”
-Harvey S.

“Hello Richard, I hope you have a great day! Thank you for spending so much of your time in the media, I can’t imagine how annoying that must get after a while. I always enjoy your lectures, interviews, documentaries, etc. because of your ability to relate subjects with something a little more understandable. Many thanks and best wishes from Kansas.”
-Duane W.

“Happy birthday, Richard. Thank you so much for the inspiration you’ve given me and so many others.”
-Frank Z.

“I hope you have a fantastic Birthday Mr.Dawkins, I hope you’re feeling better after the medical set backs too! I’m rather aware that you must hear this all the time but you truly are an inspiration for the free thinking rational world, you’ve done more than anyone to make sure that people think for themselves, and for that I thank you. Maybe one day you can visit the University Of Southampton and do a lecture or something along those lines on free speech (We are the best University in the country for it!). Hope your day is joyful and relaxing. Kind Regards.”
-Ollie J.

“Thank you so much for all your work. You are truly an inspiration and a hero to the scientific world. Happy birthday Richard Dawkins!”
-Lusine Z.

“Happy Birthday Mr. Dawkins, i find your words very very inspiring and I am glad I heard about you. You make me think about me and the universe, which I think every human being should do more rather than all the stupid things we are exposed to on tv and other media every day! Thank you for being awesome! Enjoy your day with your loved ones!”
-Miranda C.

“Happy birthday!”
-Suli F.

“Happy birthday, Richard and thanks for the fascinating reading all these years.”
-David D.

“Happy Birthday Prof. Dawkins, keep enlightening the mind of those who will make the society of tomorrow.”
-Claudio D.

“Happy Birthday to one of the most brilliant minds of our time , greetings from a small town in Mexico , felicidades Amigo !!!”
-Narcedalia D.

“Happy Birthday Richard! I’m only 15 but you’ve taught me so much and I love watching you debate. God bless you (joking of course).”
-Alex D.

“Fantastic that we apes can now reach such an age. I hope your recuperation is going well. From the man who asked you the Homo Naledi question at Leeds last year, have a great birthday!”
-Chris E.

“It is through your work that I became aware of Dennett, Harris, and even Hitch. Anti-theism moved from the realm of personal choice to that of the rational choice. Best birthday wishes. with great appreciation for both you and your work. Also, you married a Timelord. How cool is that?”
Jon W.

“Happy Birthday professor Dawkins! Your passion for science and truth is very inspiring for me and millions of young fellows around the world. I’m a proud atheist who finally found the courage to get “out of the closet” despite of living in a very religious country mainly because of your books and example!”
-Daniel P.

“The big 75! Happy Birthday buddy,hope you have at least 20 more good birthdays in you because I cant get enough of your debates, speeches, books, and the love notes you share from people hahah. You are one of the few people that have been able to open my eyes and see the world in a way which makes more sense than ever before. I will always treasure that and try and spread it as well. Happy Birthday Richard.”
-Rene L.

“Happy birthday to you Mr Richard.”
-Brinda K.

“Happy birthday Richard. I wish you many more healthy years. You have been an inspiration to me. I come from a highly religious and superstitious society. I was fortunate to read God’s Delusion and the book answered all the questions I had over the years. Religion is a veil. Religious people see the world erroneously through this veil. Life is much easier to understand once the veil is removed. That was what you book did to me. I’m very grateful. Thank you.”
-Emmanuel E.

“Dear Professor! Thank you for everything you have done for science and for this world. You have been a great inspiration for me as your books have shown me how truly wonderful the existence of life is and how lucky we are to live. Thanks to you I realized that science is the one important thing in my life that I want to devote myself to, because it helps us to understand how this world and all living things work. Have a very happy birthday!”
-Katerina A.

“You’ve changed my life. Something, surely, you did not set out to do on purpose. 75 years of existence and throughout those years you’ve inspired, educated, and challenged a countless number and variety of minds because it was the right thing to do — because you believe in education before worrying about whose toes you may step on in the process. Many years ago and before you, I was a young teenager confused with the world that seemed to gently ignore the inconsistency of religion with reality. Your books brought my thoughts to clarity. They helped nurture a skepticism and inquisitiveness into the natural world. I don’t know what I would be like today without them. Thank you Professor Dawkins! Happy Birthday, and to many more.”
-Matthew C.

“Happy Birthday Richard, thank you for inspiring me and opening my mind.”
-Sean K.

“Happy birthday dear Richard, As a person who his best years of life was spoiled by devilish effects of religion of peace and its stupid concepts, wish you that your 75th years of life be full of successes in enlightening people who whole their entire life have been deceived by delusion of heavens, golden city of Jerusalem, 72 virgins and rivers full of honey and wine! Keep doing the good job and our hearts are with you and your words of wisdom.”
-Isaac E.

“Happy birthday Richard! I wish you a full and speedy recovery. May there be many more years of you holding up a bright light to good reasoning and logic!”
-Owen P.

“Thanks for the 75 years helping people think freely!!!!”
-Leandro L.

“(Sorry for my english, my mother tong is french) I am 27 years old and i was 20 when i first read “The Selfish Gene”. It’s one of my favorite books of all time. One can feel the author’s wonder for life in every page. I also strongly support your fight for skepticism and rationality. You make this world a better place. Happy Birthday Richard Dawkins.”
-Sebastian G.

“Richard you mean so much to so many of us who may never meet you in person and yet you have touched our lives deeply. You have stood up as the voice of reason in a world sorely lacking in it. From the bottom of my heart, I hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with love and friendship this year and many more! ?”
-Dave C.

“Happy Birthday Dr. D.! May you have many more!”
-Scott R.

“Happy birthday, mr Dawkins. Your work has really helped me a lot in the past. I wish you all the best for the future.”
-Alex J.

“Happy Birthday Mr Dawkins, i am from Lebanon and i just want to say that you are an inspiration and you cannot imagine how your work, ideas, books and videos have changed my life. Thank you for everything you have done.”
-Fadi C.

“May your birthday grant you the greatest gift of all: A new discovery that makes us all rethink our views on science.”
-Brian F.

“Dear Prof Dawkins … wishing you a very happy birthday and a very healthy and rewarding year ahead … may all your wishes come true … and please keep posting. Island regards from Seychelles.”
-Michael B.

“Happy birthday Richard! You are my hero.”
-Karolina P.

“Just thank you.”
-Victor C.

“Congratulations, Mr. Dawkins! May you see many happy returns:)”
-Willie W.

“Dear Mr. Richard Dawkins, Happy birthday to you. Thank you for you efforts in saving humanity through your knowledge and your willingness to act upon it. I hope you could visit the Philippines soon because it is shameful that my countrymen are still embracing the religion forced unto our ancestors by the spaniards. They follow it blindly that is why our economy and technology is going backwards. Again, happy happy happy birthday and may the flying spaghetti monster and the great chu chu up the mountain bless you… ???”
-Julious Jay V.

“You have a beautiful mind, and have validated atheists all over the world. I would like to personally thank you for that.”
-Bryon W.

“Dear mister Dawkins, after discovering the great Christopher Hitchens on youtube (sadly only after his passing) i quickly discovered there where other, like minded people out there. It has been a joy watching you on youtube, on debates and Question Time and in interviews. It might seem strange, but after a tiring day at work I like to put on a debate between you (or one of your colleagues ) and, usually some sort of believer, wile playing candy crush on facebook…. its just so relaxing! Thank you for showing me I am not the only militant Atheist/agnostic out there, even though i thankfully live in Holland which is mostly atheistic. (though sometimes i wish i could just walk up to any street preachers and start a debate, it would be fun! we don’t have those here…) I wish you a very happy birthday, and many happy birthdays to come. Kind regards and lots of love.”
-Anne-Wil W.

-Blaise K.

“Richard,you are my hope! Please keep on for 75 more! Happy happy day to you,and Thank You! <3”
-Audrum G.

“Happy birthday, Mr. Dawkins. I’ve read all of your books and they have been wonderful examples of how science and reason are so important in our world. Have a great year and all the best.”
-Craig A.

“All the very best for your birthday! May it be full of joy for you and your loved ones!”
-Nicolas B.

“Wish you happy, Healthy and peace rest of your life.”
-Chy S.

“”75”, Richard, is the new “55”. Be mellow and enjoy life more going forward. (Hope that you got over your health incident quickly!). Happy Birthday! (Don’t set off the smoke detector with 75 candles!). Cheers, Mate!”.”
-Steve C.

“Happy birthday, Mr. Dawkins!”
-Jose Fernando G.

“Happy birthday hero.”
-Mohamef A.

“Happy birthday”
-Lewis P.

“I wish you a world full of happiness, joy & celebration – and thank you for the gifts you’ve given to the world.”
-Rusti S.

“I wish you, sir, a happy birthday surrounded by your beloved ones. You are an inspiration for millions. Take care of your health, we all need Richard Dawkins for many, many years.”
-Andrés G. C.

“You are the best!”
-Per Jørgen Langø K.

“Happy birthday, Prof. Dawkins:). Looking forward to reading and watching your stuff.”
-Joanna S.

“Dear Richard: wishing you a very happy birthday, you are a real inspiration for a better world, best wishes!!”
-Juan Carlos R.

“Happy Birthday Richard! I truly hope that you are soon feeling much better. Your work is so inspiring. Science does great and remarkable things, here’s to another 75 years. May you be the first to 150.”
-Shawn H.

“Professor, you are a truly inspirational and necessary mentor in today’s world. The day you actually read & retweeted one of my tweets, I was on Cloud 9 for days. My heartfelt thanks for your wisdom, erudition and support for all of us who seek truth. A very, very happy birthday Sir.”
-Dave B.

“Wishing you a happy birthday and all the good scotch or bourbon you can drink.”
-Timothy S.

“Happy birthday governor! I wish you a speedy recovery! Thank you for providing me with sustainable motivating drive to seek knowledge and truth! You sir, are absolutely fearless. You’re my hero.”
-Daryl I.

“Im glad you were born! Not just a year older, but a year better!”
-Stephanie M.

“Happy birthday you’re an inspiration to many many people, more than you know!”
-Ben F.

“Happy Birthday Richard! I had the good fortune to be in the audience at the TED conference in 2002 to hear your talk. It changed my life. Please take good care of yourself. Civilization needs you! Thank you.”
-Richard F.

“Happy birthday! Wish you best health, peace and success! You´re an important figure for Science..hope to see you around for a long time!”
-Daniella D.

“You’re my greatest inspiration and I’ve learnt A LOTfrom you Mr Dawkins. It is such a privilege living in the same life time with you. Happy birthday!!”
-Kubilay K.

“Feliz cumpleaños Sr Dawkins! Que tenga muchos años más con salud y felicidad. Mi más grande admiración para usted y su trabajo científico y divulgativo.” (translation: Happy Birthday Mr Dawkins ! Wishing you many years with health and happiness. My greatest admiration for you and your scientific and informative work.)
-Abel G.

“Happy birthday to a man of courage and vision.”
-Will H.

“Dear Dr Dawkins, Happy birth day with all the best wishes. As a former Muslim, I truly admire your courage and have learned a great deal from you. Keep up the good fight and don’t get discouraged. The truth of science and natural world will prevail and eventually destroy religion. When it does, I am sure you will be remembered as one of the giants of this fight against falsehood. Again, Happy Birth Day with all the best wishes.”
-Shayan A.

“You are just plain inspiring. Keep racking up those birthdays, the world is a better place with you still here.”
-Kevin O.

“Dear Richard, all the best for your 75th birthday from Germany. Your publictions and ideas have shaped my life in the last decades. Thank you for beeing around and I hope you will continue at least for another decade.”
-Ulrich K.

“Mr. Dawkins, we may disagree in our ideology but we can embrace our common humanity. I wish you all the best on your birthday; may you be surrounded by family and friends and know how deeply loved you are. Many happy returns.”
-Jeremy M.

“Prosperidad y muchos años más para Usted! Siga compartiendo su conocimiento, pensamientos y deseos de una humanidad más racional y a la vez más sensible. Leerle ayuda a comprender lo pequeños que somos en este Universo, pero la maravilla que podemos lograr con buenos objetivos a través de nuestra consciencia.” (translation: Prosperity and many years for you! Tom continue sharing their knowledge, thoughts and desires of a more rational humanity and at the same time more sensitive. Reading helps to understand how small we are in this universe, but the wonder that we can achieve good goals through our consciousness.)
-Helena G.

“Happy Birthday Richard, cheers to many more.”
-Ron D.

“Heartiest Birthday Greetings! Reading your webpage regularly helps me re-enforcing my rationalist convictions.”
-Vijay S.

“Happy birthday Richard, and many thanks for all your work in finding the truth.”
-Mark A.

“Happy birthday you magnificent human being. Live long and prosper.”
-Þorsteinn B.

“Happy birthday and thank you, thank you, thank you so much!”
-Marco A.

“For an excellent human being who has the guts to put the brain of thousands to work for the right things… happy birthday!”
-Alfonso A.

“I loved your appearance in “Endless forms most beautiful”. Happy birthday!!!”
-Erikas R.

“Happy 75th Richard. Hope you have a marvelously contented day. I hope we see you again in Scotland some day. Kindest regards from Veronique and Yorker. :)”
-Veronique D.

“Your books, debates and erudition inspired me. Live long and prosper.”
-Roz M.

“Happy birthday Richard! I’m convinced I will have the pleasure sending another one in 25 year again!”
-Håkan K.

“Happy Birthday!”
-Dean D.

“Dear Mr Dawkins, I want to wish you a very long life, because you are the reason why some of us – young people, are interested in science and scientific way to answer the questions, which are interesting for us (because religious way is not the right way to answer them). You are real inspiration. As a physiotherapist I really appreciate evidence-based answers. I want to wish you everything that you want to achieve (but I think, that you have already achieved so much!) Kind Regards from Poland.”
-Ewelina S.

“Happy birthday Sir. I thank you for your books that taught me a lot about the passion of questioning the reason behind important facts. Hope you’re very well.”
-Pablo Z.

“You opened up my eyes. Happy birthday.”
-Christer J.

“No one can thank you enough for your contributions to the betterment of this crazy world…sharing your intelligence, reason, and discoveries. Keep being BRIGHT!”
-Maureen H.

“Happy, healthy birthday Richard Dawkins! First of all I’m glad I’m sharing the same planet with people like you, and second, thank you for your amazing book (among other amazing books of yours), The Ancestor’s Tale, for it is this book that made me gain an interest and fascination for evolutionary biology. Now I am a undergraduate student in England wishing to follow a career in evolutionary genetics research. Again, happy birthday, and I hope this world will never cease to amaze you, and that your work and publications will never cease to amaze others.”
-Vlad C.

“Happy Birthday Richard and Many More – We need you!”
-Forest M.

“Happy birthday, Dr. Dawkins! Thank you so much for your wonderful books and fantastic work in science and activism. I hope you’re healing well and have a great birthday.
PS: I know Texas is hot and a touch ridiculous at times, but your fans here would love to meet you!”
-Markie M.

“A very happy birthday to you and thank you for all the magnificent, inspiring work you’ve done in the pursuit of truth and knowledge over delusion, ignorance and superstition. I hope you are well on the road to a full recovery from your recent illness.”
-Colin A.

“A birthday wish to a very special and amazing man. I hope your day is just as wonderful as you. To my hero, and someone that made my life brighter, have a beautiful day!”
-Elaine S.

“Thank you sir for writing such amazing books and for being able to do for reason and science what many of us cannot. My best wishes in your birthday.”
-Miguel C.

“Dear Professor Dawkins, happy happy happy birthday! Thank you for from all my heart for making my life beautiful!”
-Tina K.

“Richard, Happy birthday! You have changed my life. Best wishes.”
-Marcin K.

“Feliz cumpleaños.”
-Luis O.

“Dear Sir, Heartily wishing you a very very happy Birthday!! Please get well soon and keep guiding us with your great thoughts and lines.”
-Udaya P.

“Dear Dr. Dawkins, I hope you doing much better now! Thank you for shining such a light into my world, and the world of many around the world. Happy, happy birthday! I wish you long days and pleasant nights!”
-Arin W.

“¡Wow! ¡Happy birthday, Richard! You have been a huge inspiration to me in many ways. You have been the bridge in my way to atheism. ¡Enjoy your day!”
-Mateo C.

“Happy birthday Richard!!! Sending lots of love. You are most definitely awesome.”
-Marianne B.

“Dear Sir, Thank you for the opportunity and privilege of reading and listening to your incredible collection of work. I wish you all the best for your birthday and hope you will stay as sharp as you are for a long, long time. With respect,”
-Marcel-Talt L.

“Many happy returns! I have several of your books and very much enjoy your online skirmishes with the theocrats! I was sorry to hear of your stroke and I hope your health continues to improve. Very best wishes for the future.”
-Peter S.

“happy birthday sir”
-Sadiq K.

“Happy Birthday, Mr. Dawkins! I wish you a long good live. Kind regards.”
-Daniel T.

“Happy birthday prof”
-Agilan K.

“I wish you a Happy birthday Mr. Dawkins :-)”
-Francisco Javier R. S.

“Happy birthday Mr. Dawkins. Greetings from Iran. You have many Persians who are interested in your works. All the best!”
-Arrien R.

“Many Happy Birthday to you, Richard! Have a wonderful celebration. Keep up the good work and happy recovery!!! Greetings from Roger.”
-Roger Charles A.

“Reason above all shall set man free. The belief in faery tales not so much. May there be many more years of sober thinking and reason. Namasté!”
-Theart K.

“Happy birthday and many thanks for all of the inspirational writing!”
-William O.

“Dear Richard I hope you have a wonderful day! Since I haven’t written to you before I will take this opportunity to thank you for spreading the good rational word! By the way my son enjoys your books and they have stimulated many enjoyable conversations. Love to you, Robin, Alan and Hamish.”
-Robin T.

“Happy birthday Richard.”
-Burak S.

“Many more happy returns Rchiard, Looking forward more of your work to our society. You’re the one who changed my life, made it more meaningful with your work. Especially the god delusion! You’re the one introduced me to a scientific world view, Carl Sagan’s works and many others. Whenever and wherever I hear the name Richard Dawkins, the following phrase comes in to my memory “To live at all is a miracle” (in your words and as I quote “The fact of your own existence is the most astonishing fact you’ll ever have to confront”). Have a great celebration on your birth day, We all love you Sir!”
-Krishna S.

“Happy birthday! Thank you so much for everything you have done so far!”
-Aleksi H.

“Querido Richat Dawkins, un grupo grande de personas en Medellín te queremos, te admiramos y pensamos que eres un ser humano fundamental e importante en el mundo de hoy. Dear Richard, a large group of people in Medellin love you, admire you, and think you are an important person in today’s world, we need you. I hope you to have long life.”
-Ana V.

“Hello Dr.Dawkins, You have been a great inspiration for a woman like me who came from a conservative society that is primarily maneuvered by religious values. After reading your books, my skepticism towards irrational beliefs which are a part of my day-to-day life has gone. I found out that its okay to question religion. I find how science is the only place where you would find answers because unlike religion everything is up for question. Currently, am pursuing PhD in mechanical Engineering. Your work has constantly helped me to gain perspective about religious , cultural, sometimes political aspects of the world. It inspired me to contribute my part to educate my society. I wish you many more returns of the day.”
-Manasa S.

-Jaco B.

“Dude , happy b-day , i wish u a longer and longer life. Know this your thoughts/books will keep living in this muslim country , i’ll always work for that :)”
-Barış Y.

“Happy birthday Mr.Dawkins. I’m an ex muslim for almost one year and your contribution is a lot. I wish one day I hope to see you in person and get an autograph for the God Delusion. I wish you a long, happy and healthy life.”
-Omer P.

“Buon compleanno!”
-David T.

“Happy Birthday Richard and may you live at least another 75 merry and healthy years !Your work is noble and has opened the eyes of many .The world is very lucky to have you. Once again, a sincere happy birthday and salutations from Romania!”
-Dragos L.

“Happy 75th Birthday my fellow non-believer!”
-Rian B.

“Happy Birthday.”
-Parameswaran N.

“Happy birthday! <3”
-Jen K.

“Happy birthday Sir. You have greatly influence my life, to you i learned to love evolution, to love thinking, and to love living. I have come into the process of understanding and accepting myself, relieving me from my moral burdens given by the god of “M” ( -mormon – I’m not sure if this is appropriate). I’d hope that you continuously lived an happy age and inspire people like me, who was once blinded by the faith of our cultural upbringing.Thank you sir for everything, i can’t put into words, how much you’ve help me, and so i wish you all the best and a happy birthday.”
-Mark T.

“Dawkins, you change my life. I always been atheist, but you made me more. You made me understands the bad side of the religion! Thanks for your books! Happy Birthday from Brazil! Please come to Brazil soon!”
-Joana M.

“Happy birthday, and THANK YOU. Superstition apart, I wish for you to be alive and well for another 75 years.”
-Matthieu G.

“Richard, I just returned from a trip to Patagonia. Two men came to my mind during my visit – Charles Darwin and… you. If we humans are able to continue discovering the scientific wonders that hide in plain sight around us, it is only because we have stood on the shoulders of giants – like you. Thank you, and I hope you have a wonderful birthday!”
-Jeff D.

“Joyeux anniversaire Richard! Merci pour tout ^^” (translation: Happy Birthday Richard! Thank you for everything ^^)
-Bertrand P.

“Happy birthday, Richard! Gratulerer med dagen, in Norwegian. Hurraaa!”
-Kjetil T.

“Feliz cumpleaños Ri que cumplas muchos más!” (translation: Happy Birthday and many happy returns!)
-Lis M.

“Sto lat. !!!” (translation: 100 years!!!)
-Pioter P.

“Happy birthday! Hope to see you at the Reason Rally!”
-Julianne B.

“Have a very Happy Birthday, Richard. I’m pleased to hear you are recovering steadily, and I look forward to working with you in the future.”
-Brian E.

“Happy birthday Mr. Dawkins. Thank you for all your works and may it continue for years to come!”
-Jean-Philippe M.

“Happy Birthday Mr. Dawkins! I hope you have a wonderful 75th birthday. I love your work and you’re one of reasons why I became an atheist.”
-Tomas F.

“Happy birthday, Richard! You such an inspiration and role model to me. I already read your book “The greatest show on earth” and I love it. I saw some videos on youtube of you as well. I hope to read more of your books. Keep it going! Cheers from Brazil!”
-Fabio A.

“Happy birthday from the cold north Richard, have another great year and a swift recovery!”
-Kaleva H.

“It was an honor and privilege to see you on stage last October at GWU in DC, and I could tell that you were appreciative of everyone who stood in line for your signature. Wishing you a Happy Birthday, and many more!”
-Melissa R.

“Wishing you a very happy birthday and hope you are recovering well. All best wishes.”
-Damian D.

“Happy birthday, Richard! Thanks for inspiring me and teaching me so much over the years!”
-Jeff S.

“Happy birthday Richard. Loved seeing you in conversation with Melvin Bragg the other summer at Holt. Great venue. Hope you are feeling better.”
-Richard N.

“Happy birthday Richard 🙂 I just want you to know that you`re the best teacher I never had, and thank you for everything.”
-Bobby N.

“Hi, I think it has been a year now since I’ve stumbled upon the first video on YouTube about religion and science. It was a debate between Dr. Krauss and some Hamza Muslim. Through it, I was lead to more videos about the topic, and to you. Your influence is what made me an atheist, and subsequently a vegan. Now I plan to give back to civilization by advocating reason, science, and human and animal rights. One day, I’d like to have at least a part of the influence you had and have on our society. I will always remember your name with the greatest honor.”
-Michal T.

“Richard, you are a real inspiration and a beacon of rationality. happy Birthday and many more to come.”
-Peter B.

“Dear Mr Dawkins, I hope you have a wonderfully happy birthday as the earth continues on yet another revolution of the sun! Thank you for all you do! Your book, The God Delusion helped me to find what I had always been seeking – freedom! Happy days ahead :)”
-Alea L.

“A very happy birthday Richard! Thank you very much for helping to open my and many other peoples eyes to the idiocy of religion. You really make a positive difference to the world. Thanks again and many best wishes. ”
-Irene V.

“Happy Birthday Mr Richard.”
-Rui S.

“Happy Birthday to you Richard Dawkins. I’m sure we will never met in person so I can say this to you, face to face. I just want to say Thank You! I’m reading your books, through them, you help change my life. Sorry for my grammar, English is not my 1st language.”
-Benjamín O.

“Happy birthday Richard. May your intelligence spread onwards to liberate more minds from the likes of deluded religious beliefs and take path in the ever expanding fields of innovative science.”
-Maurice M.

“Dear Sir , You are the reason, I have started questioning everything in my life in order to find rational answers to all my doubts. Thank you very much for your videos. Here wishing you a very Happy Birthday :)”
-Abhishek S.

“For your Birthday
Go out in a park and run around
No Gods Allowed

Happy Birthday Dr. Dawkins and many more!”
-Colleen L.

“Happy birthday Mr. Dawkins! Your books helped me to move from agnostic to atheist – especially “The God Delusion.” Your work has also helped me to become a better High School science teacher, especially when teaching evolution and natural selection. Best wishes to you on your 75th.”
-Steve A.

“Thank you for contribution to science and common sense, happy birthday.”
-Theresa W.

“Happy Birthday Richard, hope you are well. You are my hero.”
-Mihai C.

“Dear Richard, thank you for all the work you are doing to spread science and reason and for your birthday I wish you (us, really) many more millions of people inspired to be at least partially enthusiastic about them as you are…”
-Ondřej P.

“Happy birthday Richard. Get better soon. The world without you is like fish without chips, 007 without Sean Connery, toast without marmalade……Best wishes from Canada.”
-Rudy G.

“I wish you a beautiful day today. My all respect to you. Have a great happy birthday!!”
-Melinda G.

“Buon compleanno Richard!”
-Simona R.

“Happy birthday! Thank you for bringing reason and knowledge to a lacking society. Your book, The God Delusion, gave me the push into reason that I needed to abandon all supernatural ideas. Thank You and have a joyfully day!”
-Matthew W.

“Have a wonderful birthday, Richard. I hope that it’s filled with many happy moments and lots of joy.”
-Ruthi P.

“Hi Richard! Happy birthday! Thank you for all you’ve done in the science and skepticism fields; it’s truly an honor to have someone of your intelligence and wit educating the world. May your health continue to improve and get you back on your feet again! I hope this next year will be even better for you.”
-Michael E.

“I hope you are recovering well I’m currently enjoying two of your book. Thank you for all the work you do. It is greatly appreciated that you work so hard. I hope your doing well and feeling better!”
-Malissa M.

“Stay healthy and keep fighting the good fight.”
-Jim R.

“Happy Birthday Richard Dawkins! You are a very special person who has inspired me through your books, interviews, debates and Youtube postings to be true to my self and be open about my atheism. Thank you.”
-Danielle D.

“Happy Birthday! Hope you’re recovering well. Please keep up the good work!”
-Tracy D.

“Hi Richard, I’ll keep this short and sweet. Hope you have a Happy 75th Birthday and a great day! You’re awesome and thank you for your dedication to science and your inspiration to other atheists and agnostics. Now, have a Happy Birthday!!!”
-Jay D.

“Dear Sir, We cannot thank you enough for your invaluable work and efforts. May you keep going for many, many years. Happy birthday!”
-Marc R.

“Happy Birthday Richard! Thank you for all that you do for science, reason and secularism.”
-Marilyn T. S.

“Happy birthday! Thank you for enlightening us all, in a world filled with ignorance and stupidity.”
-Frank Robert B.

“A happy birthday but first a good health.”
-Vic L.

“God Delusion saved my life. Love brother. Happy B-Day.”
-David Y.

“Happy birthday day I will always look to you on science and evolution.”
-Jose S.

“Happy Birthday Professor Richard Dawkins. You’re doing a great job to spread the sound of science and reason all around the world. I watched nearly all the documentary films that you have made and it was really a wonderful experience , I want to say “thank you!””
-Oussama B.

“Like Mark Twain, I’d choose heaven for the climate, hell for the company. Happy birthday, Professor :)”
-Victoria S.

“Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday . . mine was yesterday ;-)”
-Andy A.

“Hope your Birthday is spectacular, Richard. Carry on.”
-Joan M.

“Palju õnne sünnipäevaks! 🙂
Thank you for making the world a better place and being an inspiration. Thank you for the effort that you have put in your work, books, debates. I wish you many happy years to come!” (translation: Happy Birthday)
-Harry N.

“best wishes for your birthday, I hope you are feeling better day by day.”
-Tiffany T.

“Happy birthday Richard, hope you are feeling better and able to carry on all your good works. Best wishes.”
-David S.

“Happy birthday, Richard! I hope you are doing well!”
-Adrian W.

“You opened my eyes in many ways through the years since I first began reading your writings in 1995. You gave me reasons and evidence for what I now believe, whether that has to do with my view of life or my view that there is no after-life. I hope you have a speedy recovery and I wish you a happy birthday.”
-Ted F.

“Happy birthday Dr.Dawkins, your birthday is two days after mine. I’m only 21 though. Also I’d like to thank you for inspring to become a biologist, I’m not there yet, but none the less, thank you and happy birthday.”
-Jacob D.

“Happy Birthday RD. Keep on truckin'”
-Gareth A.

“Happy eclectic evolutionary universal fact hungry amazing to the point birthday, Richard. Good health happiness and fulfillment, and may the Universe be there for you always.”
-Nigel S.

“Sir Dawkins, congratulations, and thanks for your enormous contribution to enlightenment and science.”
-Lars N.

“You have inspire me so deeply to stand for my believes. I really hope you get better and I wish you a happy birthday.”
-Alvaro B.

“Hello Mr. Dawkins, i’m fan about the job you’ve done as scientist such ”THE SELFISH GENE” and ”THE EXTENDED PHENOTYPE” I’m fan too about your daily struggle to promote ATHEISM REASON and SCIENCE that’s why i came to see you last year in Antwerpen for an evening with Lawrence Krauss, it was great and it was a great pleasure to shake your hand ( twice 🙂 ) I wish you a very happy birthday! Hope to have the chance to see you again.”
-Laurent M.

“Happy Birthday mr. Dawkins! You are the best! I hope you’ll be around for decades and decades to come to inspire people all around the world to think! All the best to you!”
-Kati R.

“Dear professor Dawkins, may I wish you a happy 75th birthday. Your magnificent work has opened my mind for a whole new world.”
-Alexander B.

“Happy Birthday Professor Dawkins!!! Your work has had a significant impact on my life in helping me to see the beauty and grandeur in the process of evolution and our place in it. Here’s to many more years in the sun!”
-Jacob Y.

“Happy birthday dear Richard. I wish you an excellent day and many years to come!!!”
-Omar A.

“Happy birthday, Richard. I hope you have a good day etc. All the best.”
-Ashley B.

“Happy Birthday, and I hope your life span shows this one is only 1/2-way through!”
-Carl A.

“Happy birthday professor! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate and admire you and your work. You’ve been an inspiration to myself for quite some time and hearing your talks and debates was an important part of me coming to terms with my atheism and appreciation for science and the natural world, so I thank you for that. I also just wanted to express that I thoroughly enjoyed your performance on the recent Nightwish album. As a fan of the band, I was thrilled to hear you would be featured on it and I loved your monologues, they were excellent. Well done. I hope you enjoy your birthday today, and I wish you a speedy recovery, the intellectual community would not be the same without you. Best wishes, sir.”
-Andre T.

“Happy birthday Richard!”
-Bengt R.

“Dear Richard, Gefeliciteerd! My gift to you is the acknowledgement of the numerous gifts you have given me. You have taught me humility in pursuit of knowledge, opened up my mind to the beauty of science and thus to the beauty of living this one special life, and, above all, allowed me to embrace my atheism as an asset rather than hide it away as a handicap. The consequence of this has been a profound enriching of my mind in so many ways, which I hope to share with others. Thank you, and with all my best,” (translation: Congratulations!)
-Daniel J. O.

“Wishing you the very best on this special day!”
-Sylvain G.

“Happy Birthday Prof! Hope you’re well and truly on the mend! Best wishes from Dublin.”
-Brian M.

“Thank you for all you do to promote a scientific worldview. We will miss you at the Reason Rally.”
-Philip W.

“To Richard, Happy Birthday your drive to create a better way of thinking and evidence based learning will continue to push us all forward, your own works being some of the greatest ever created. Have a great day.”
-Nicky J.

“Wish you well, Richard! I can’t wait for my daughter to grow up with the universe!”
-Ivo M.

“Happy Birthday Richard! Thank you for being who you are. You have made the world a better place and been a huge inspiration for us all. Keep on the good fight.”
-Aasmund A.

“Wishing you a lovely 75th birthday surrounded by people you love. Grateful for the positive impact you’ve had on my life and Reason. The world is a much better place because you dared to speak the truth, no matter what. Here’s to you and a full recovery!”
-Sonia M.

“Dear Richard, Thank you for being one of my top three favorite people of the world. Thank you for empowering me with knowledge and thank you for being by my side when I try to wake some people up. I’ll be writing books of my own. Thank you for being a teacher. Happy birthday.”
-Pouria R.

“You are refreshing breeze over a sea of ignorance. Happy birthday.”
-Chris B.

“Hello Professor Dawkins I heard about your stroke ,I hope your are feeling better now. Officially I’m not one of your students but I use that term because through your books thats the role you played in my life.I’ve read The God delusion,The blind watchmaker and The selfish gene and all of them helped me to understand the world that surrounds me and also to break free from religion like a documental about Darwin’s work did when I was a kid. Like many people around the word I suffer from traumas induced by religion now I’m studying Psychology to help other people with those traumas and your work helped me to make that decision, happy birthday Professor Dawkins and thanks for all your work!”
-Enmanuel A. L.

“Happy birthday Mr. Dawkins! Thank you for The God Delusion and The Selfish Gene!”
-Andres B.

“Mister Dawkins, never stop never give up, be healthy!! And thank you very much for all of the knowledge you shared with the world!!”
-Anwar Vergil W.

“Happy birthday, Mr. Richard Dawkins. Thank you for inspiring me. Continue fighting, live long, and prosper.”
-Abel G.

“Hey champ, keep doing the good work. I hope you can do that for a long time to come!”
-Imre F.

“Happy birthday, and thanks for all you do.”
-Gary E.

“To my favorite scientist, writer, and Twitter user, Happy birthday, Dawkins! You’re an inspiration to us all!”
-Mariab L.

“Thank you for bringing light.”
-Rene Paul G.

“Happy birthday to you…hope to see you in Norway sometime soon…”
-Espen P.

“I wish you a lot of more years of life. Your books and wisdom light my mind.”
-Slavador O

“Hope you have many more. Congratulations and thanks for furthering the species!”
-Tony L.

“Happy birthday and best wishes fir your health and happiness! Your book, The God Delusion, is the reason I now accurately understand and believe in evolution, and that was the last piece of the puzzle before letting go of the religion I was raised in. Thank you for helping me get to a place of understanding of and awe for nature and a greater appreciation of science.”
-Ellen M.

“Happy birthday professor.”
-Gobin R.

“Happy Dawkins Day, Richard! Thanks for all you’ve given!”
-Danny F.

“Feliz cumpleaños Prof. Dawkins, muchos saludos.” (translation: Happy Birthday Prof. Dawkins, and many greetings.)
-Omar C.

“Happy Birthday Richard! You will always be a hero to me, champion of truth! Have some fun on your Birthday . . .”
-Tom D.

“Happy Birthday, Richard! Thank you so much for all that you do with spreading rationality and science education. Also, thank you for writing one of the most influential book on my life, the God Delusion. You are one of my idols. I hope your recovery is going well!”
-Scott B.

“Happy Birthday, Professor Dawkins! You are my candle in the dark.”
-David P.

“All the best and good health to you sir! You’ve been an inspiration and source of joy and amazement. Thank you!”
-Jasper K.

“Happy Birthday Richard! Thank you so much for all that you do! I’m almost done reading The Magic of Reality. It is by far one of my favorite books EVER!!! You do such great work sir.”
-Jeffrey T.

“Wishing you a very happy birthday, thanking you for daring to say what some people only think!”
-Carol W.

“Happy birthday prof. Dawkins. Thank you for all your inspirational work throughout the years, and the many more to come… you are a truly admirable man, a shining example of how far people have come both intellectually and culturally . . . . You’re one cool dude!! Hope you enjoy your birthday!”
-Jaha H.

“Happy Birthday, Mr. Dawkins, and keep speeking loud and clear until they proof you wrong. You’ll have to wait for long time :)”
-Berthold F.

“Thank You for Being You! And keeping Up the Fight for Reason and Science.”
-Vincent V.

“Happy Birthday from Spain. Here are many who follow you, you do a great job for both science and mankind, an example to follow, still fighting! Great person!”

“Many happy returns Richard. Wishing you a swift recovery.”
-Tim W.

“Of all the privileges winning the lottery of birth has provided, a particularly heartwarming one has been that my brief time in the sun has coincided with yours. Happy birthday professor, and endless thanks for your work and inspiration. ”
-Garrett B.

“Happy Birthday Mr. Dawkins. I wish you a long and healthy life and hope that you achieve what you have set out to accomplish. You have been a big reason for me to cross the fence and be able to confidently own up my lack of faith and religion. I am free now and I wholeheartedly thank you for that….:)”
-Alok N.

“Your books changed the world for better. You are an inspiration. Happy B-day, get well soon.”
-Markus K.

“For the man that has so drastically changed my life, I wish you a happy birthday and many more professor Dawkins.”
-Matthew S.

“Wishing you the happiest of years with no delusions, only selfish genes and the magic of reality, along with all the joy and wonders of riding the crest of the wave of evolution.”
-Peter C.

“Wishing you the very best. Your books changed my life. After six years in the convent, leaving, getting married and having children, my 5 year old daughter was attacked and almost killed by a mountain lion here in Orange County, CA. I couldn’t reconcile the evil and suffering with God. Your books made me realize I was not alone. My book, “Out of the Lion’s Den,” is my journey from convent to atheism, coming out on Kindle this month. Hopefully. Thank you for everything!”
-Susan M.

“Happy Birthday. Thanks.”
-Chris H.

“Happy Birthday, you’ve been an inspiration to me and I am both a happier and better person for it. I hope you recover soon.”
-Alexis S.

“You have been an inspiration for many years now. Keep it going. Happy Birthday.”
-Bill B.

“Very happy birthday to you professor Dawkins. May you have many many more. Good recovery to you after you recent illness. Thank you for standing up for reason and logic in a world of superstition, you are a true beacon on of light and courage. Thanks also for the wonderful books that have opened up the world of evolutionary biology to me and the world.”
-James O.

“Wish you a very happy Birthday sir. I am a very great fan of yours and salute you for taking such a bold and most important stand is atheist movement in the world. You are an inspiration for millions of people around the world.”
-Chetan K.

“Parabéns! You are my genius. The light in The darkness of my religious past. Would like to see you in Rio. Long life! The world needs you!” (translation: Congratulations!)
-Rosane B.

“Enjoy your special day hope to enjoy you for many years to come. I salute you Girom Honduras.”
– Carlos R.

“Congratulations Richard, and keep up the good work!”
-David N.

“All the best to You, Professor! I wish You many happy and sunny days with Your close ones! Appreciate Your work as Your books helped me discover who I truly am! Please continue to educate and inspire us and may Your health never leave You! Take care and Greetings from Poland.”
-Maciek G.

“You, Sir, are the reason why I study Biology! Happy Birthday!”
-Davide A.

“Happy birthday Richard. After sitting on the fence religion wise for many years , I am glad you kicked me off it ,right into the back garden. Many thanks.”
-Kevin F.

“Dear Prof Dawkins: you have been a very important part of my life ever since I read the Selfish Gene in my native Chile. Now a practicing physician in the USA, I follow your work (book, blogs, lectures and debates) closely. You are a bright star in my intellectual firmament. My best wishes to you now and always. Keep up the good work. Chicago, USA.”
-Carlo F.

“Thank you for being a shining light of reason in a world gone mad.”
-Stephen B.

“Happy Birthday from Brazil professor. I hope you are health, happy and spending this day with your love ones. I’m an evolutionary psychologist and your work is real inspiration and source of knowledge. p.s.: my english is better to read and hear then to write and speak.”
-Amanda S.

“Have a great day and you’re best year yet.”
-Warren F.

“Happy birthday Professor! I hope you have a really great day. I really enjoyed The God Delusion. It inspired me to go to university, to further my understanding and use rational thought when addressing all aspects of life. Thank you!”
-Michael T.

“Big Brothers, by definition, watch over and protect their siblings. Thank you, Happy Birthday and Cross reference all things 7, on this the day of your birth, brother Richard ~:)”
-Scott M.

“Blessings… :-), no, seriously: All the very best and Happy Birthday!”
-Thomas Z.

“Happy birthday Richard! I hope you have a great day! Greetings from México.”
-Ernesto E.

“Hey Professor! Happy birthday from Norway =)”
-Karim Daniel H.

“Mr. Dawkins, I am wishing you a very happy birthday. You are my inspiration and have inspired my thought process about religion, the world, how we got here, etc. I no longer think like everyone else, I am always thinking outside the box just like you. I hope to meet you one day if you ever come to New Jersey! It would be amazing to meet you in person and talk about everything. Thank you for all you have done, hope to hear back or meet you one day! Have a great birthday Mr. Dawkins, from Eric…(19 year old studying biology at college).”
-Eric E.

“Happy Birthday Mr. Dawkins! Thanks for all the work you have done to make society a better and more scientific place.”
-Asutosh S.

“Happy Birthday Richard! I wish you all the love and joy, I need to tell you that you’re a great man and i thank you for educating people.”
-Jonas W.

“Happy birthday!”
-Bradley B.

“Hi Richard. There are two people who have been most influential in shaping the way I think; George Carlin, and yourself. Obviously I am unable to express my gratitude to the former, so I am hoping this provides an avenue to express my appreciate to the latter. I recall my introduction to you (via YouTube) – in this interview you had perfectly captured the absurdity of religion, more specifically the concept of a winged horse flying to heaven (‘Let’s assume I’m wrong” – “Let’s!”). From that small chuckle, a love of your work was born. This quote from George Carlin summarizes this moment, where a muted laugh in the audience actually signifies a collectively questioning of popularly held beliefs:
“But when you’re in front of an audience and you make them laugh at a new idea, you’re guiding the whole being for the moment. No one is ever more him/herself than when they really laugh. Their defenses are down. It’s very Zen-like, that moment. They are completely open, completely themselves when that message hits the brain and the laugh begins. That’s when new ideas can be implanted. If a new idea slips in at that moment, it has a chance to grow.” Have a great birthday, and please accept my sincere thanks for the wonderful influence you’ve had on this now rational being. Brad – 33 spins around the sun
New Brunswick, Canada.”
-Brad S.

“Warmest Birthday wishes. May your recuperation be brief and provide rest and revitalization for your continues efforts to make this a better world.”
-Leonard T.

“Richard, you’ve changed my life. I was a born again pastor’s daughter struggling with anxiety and guilt until I read The God Delusion. Sorry to hear about your stroke but glad to know you are alive and kicking and celebrating another year of precious life. Thank you for being you, for fighting the good cause, and for shining the light of science and reason on so many dark corners of the world. Happy birthday Dr. Dawkins, and many many more.”
-Gilcelia S.

“Richard Dawkins, happy birthday to you, for some reason ever since i knew you and found out about you, I’m always afraid from the day when this world loses someone great, smart , awake, as you , reading your books and watching your debates have changed a lot about me and has made me to understand more about this world and the universe. Thank you. and i hope you live for 100 more years, not sure if thats possible…. i love you and i hope i can see you before you or i die xD”
-Amira A.

“Happy birthday to you Professor Richard you are one of my biggest inspirations :), thank you for everything you shared with us.”
-Mohamed S.

“I wish you a very Happy Birthday Richard. Thank you for helping to enlighten the World out of the “Dark Ages”, and spreading common sense to the masses.”
-Peter H.

“Tanti auguri e .. viva il suo coraggio e la sua intelligenza.” (translation: Best wishes and .. long live your courage and your intelligence.)
– Danilo P.

“Happy Birthday, Dr. Dawkins!! And thank you for being a voice of reason in an ocean of ignorance.”
-Domingo S.

“Happy Birthday Mr Dawkins. Thank you for showing us that we are not as alone as we first thought. I raise my glass to you sir.”
-Lorcan C.

“Happy Birthday Richard. I hope you are in improving health. Your clear and unambiguous explanation of reality put me in no doubt about false belief, since I read the Blind Watchmaker in 1996, and everything since. Thank you so very much. Here’s to the next 25 years!”
-Mark N.

“You’re my hero. You’ve changed my life profoundly. Happy birthday!”
-Oscar A.

“Happy birthday Richard ! You are making it easier being an atheist by sharing your thoughts.”
-Ole Bjorn K.

“All the Best to you Richard, including health! Thank you for your example of critical thinking, not just with respect to religions but of the wonder of the world around us. You are a difference maker! Thank you.”
-Gino S.

“Happy birthday professor Dawkins, as an ex ultra orthodox Jew, your books and public debates have been an essential part of my journey. Thank you for being an inspiration and for fighting the battle of reason.”
-Izzy P.

“Happy birthday, dear Richard and thank you for all the good you have done!”
-Philip L.

“I wish you a very happy birthday . It is always pleasure to read you and to see you debating. Your way of reasoning has been a major influence in my life and I have changed a lot. Thanks for being there and spreading knowledge and wisdom. Lots of love.”
-Junaid A.

“Happy Birthday Richard Dawkins. I hope you have an ace day. Thank you for teaching us so much, with such clarity and enthusiasm. Thank you for being the world’s voice of reason.”
-Alana R.

“A Very Happy New Year, Dear Richard!!! And a great many more! Your genes are not the selfish ones. I hope Your unselfish genes keep on thriving…”
– P.

“Wishing you a happy birthday and a long and fulfilled life. Many thanks to you for the many informative and interesting books, talks and lectures that you have given. The first book of yours that I read was The Selfish Gene back in 1980. I found it fascinating and it was the start of a journey of discovery and wonder. Thank you again for the part that you have played my life. I am now a Humanist and Atheist.”
-Kathryn B.

“Happy Birthday Richard 75 spins going well. First time I saw you on TV was the Royal Institution Christmas lectures, thanks for your humanity and sharing the truth about this world ? and exposing the perpetual liars who try to blind humanity.”
-Stuart M.

“You are my hero, keep up your good work.”
-Johan S.

“Congratulations Richard! Love your work; I’ve learned so much from it!”
-David F.

“Happy birthday!!!! Keep spreading you’re wise words across the world. It’s much needed. You rock!!!”
-Carina H.

“Happy birthday Mr. Richard! Feliz Cumpleaños!”
-Ricardo B.

“Happy Birthday Richard, I hope this Birthday wish finds you well . The world is a better place because of your brave and hard work. Thank You.”
-Michael R.

“Happy birthday professor, you have a huge impact in modern society. At least for me, reading you, make a tremendous change, for good, in my thinking, thank you. Have a great day sir, greetings from Mexico!”
-Rafael A.

“Professor Dawkins, you are an inspiration to me, my family, and many others. Happy Birthday, and many, many more!”
-David A.

“Happy birthday Richard! Thank you, truly, for narrating all (to my knowledge) of your audiobooks. I love how much personality that you and Lalla put into them. I don’t want to use this message as my only chance to thank you for all that you do and have done as I intend to do that in person, but I do want to let you know that you and other scientists, (a topic I would like to discuss in person as some are no longer around to talk to), have strongly inspired me to change careers and enter the Open University while living in Germany to study natural science. By the way, if you’re ever in Leipzig let me know! Anyway, until then. Happy birthday Professor. Wishing you all the best.”
-Kevin L.

“Happy birthday Richard! Keep up the good work! You probably know it but it cant be told to many times that you are a wonderful person and that your work is highly appreciated. This world needs you.”
-Anton L.

“Dear Richard, Happy 75th Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day. I would like to say thank you for inspiring me as a child to ask questions and think for myself. I come from a religious family and had it not been for scientists like you, I wouldn’t be as happy, educated, independent and curious as I am today.”
-Raj G.

“Happy birthday professor Dawkins. It’s so good to hear you are recovering well and hope you enjoy your day. Thanks for all you have given us. All the best,”
-Mark W.

“Happy Birthday, Professor Dawkins! Hope this message finds you well :)”
-Laurie M.

“Happy birthday, Richard! Have a nice day! And keep fighting the good fight!”
-Martijn B.

“Dear Professor Dawkins! I would like to wish you a very happy 75th birthday. Thank you for your great books and all of your efforts to make people appreciate reason, humanity and truth, rather than blind faith. Should you ever visit Austria, I would be honored to meet you in person and hear one of your talks live. You are always welcome here! Kind regards,”
-Benedikt K.

“Dear Mr. Dawkins, Thank you for your inspirational determination and persistence in spreading scientific knowledge. I was also born on the 26th of March, but 49 years later! I study apes to understand how evolution has formed brains and behaviors, and hope to raise awareness about the capabilities of these beautiful animals. I admire your passion for the pursuit of knowledge and you are a true inspiration. I wish you well and hope you will have a nice day!”
-Evy B.

“Richard, Wishing you the happiest of birthdays! I do hope it’s a splendid day surrounded by friends & family. You have given the world so much over the years– may you see many more to come. Best wishes.”
-Amanda W.

“Happy Birthday to a great man who changed my perception of the world at a young age. For helping open my mind I will forever be in indebted to you, thank you sir and enjoy your day, hope you have many more happy and healthy returns. Regards,”
-Muhammad T.

“Happy Birthday Professor Dawkins! Thank you for everything you do!”
-Jen S.

“Hello, professor Dawkins. I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. You, along with the other horsemen have opened my mind and made it possible for me to actually care about evidence, and what’s real. Coming out of religion was a challenge for me, but my transition was made a lot smoother with works like, “The God Delusion”, and “The Selfish Gene”. You are truly an inspiration and a hero. Thank you.”
-Christopher J.

“Dear Richard, words cannot describe the impact you have on individuals across the globe. The equivalent would be for a blind man to see i suppose. Thank you for making us better people and better humans. In that sense i wish you a happy birthday and that you may remain with us for a long time. Live long and prosper!”
-Stipe Ć.

“Happy Birthday Richard, your life’s work is both inspiring & enriching to me & many others, so thank you for the education! Christopher Hitchens could put it better than I ever could, so I quote:
I don’t think that Professor Dawkins should be left to do this important work all by himself!
I hope you are in good health.”
-Adam C.

“Happy Birthday! I hope that you will still be an inspiration for the people.”
-Paweł G.

“Happy Birthday, you beautiful, handsome man! ?”
-Elena L.

“Happy 75th B-day. I enjoy reading your books and listening to the electronic media. I often use info gleaned from you to refute arguments with religious people. Thanks. Keep it up.”
-Tom L.

“Happy birthday, Richard. My wife’s birthday happens to be tomorrow also, so we will have a double celebration. We’ve have been to two of your events here in the states, at Northwestern University and Kansas City. Thank you for all that you have done for Atheism and for Science.”
-Frank K.

“Happy birthday prof. Dawkins ! Wish you lots of health and enough long ability to continue your purpose. Thanks for all you have done to promote reason and science. Thanks for your books, work and everything. You are a hero, period. I want to be like you:)”
-Elahe P.

“Happy birthday to you! You’ve been a great inspiration.”
-Gabi Z.

“Happy birthday! May you experience many convenient coincidences and may your synapses be plentiful. I wish you many peaceful years to come, and I hope we will achieve great strides for secular humanism and social equality where it is needed. Hope you have a great day.”
-Daniël K

“I am an ex-cathedral school boy. I have always loved science, but your stalwart, informed and passionate defence of logic and reason in a world full of insane dogma has been an inspiration for me throughout my life. You are a lighthouse and I only wish more people in this mixed-up world would listen to your message. My warmest wishes for your good health, have a fantastic birthday. :)”
-Ben L.

“As we both know, my wishes & prayers mean absolutely nothing, might as well say abracadabra! Best advice I can give a person your age is, ‘continue spreading the truth, and look after your health!!”
-George P.

“Thank you so much for being an inspiration to so many. Happy birthday and many more!”
-Jill O.

“Happy Birthday and best wishes for a healthy year ahead!”
-Susan H.

“Get well soon Richard! Your God Delusion book helped me lose a magic friend, and live a fuller life.”
-Josh S.

“Happy Birthday Richard, and thank for starting my epistemological journey!”
-Samuel B.

“Thank you so much for your contribution to science, and for being a personal inspiration to me. Hope this birthday is the best xx”
-Emily B.

“Orgulloso de estar entre Tus lectores y admiradores..FELICIDADES” (translation: Proud to be among your readers and admirers..Congratulations!)
-Manuel Genovevo B. G.

“Happy birthday Richard. I wish you all the best. Thanks for everything you teach me to better understand the world. When I first heard of you I have started to follow you in social media and reading your book (the god delusion) it has changed my life. Persian atheist Masoud.”
-Masoud J.

“I hope you have a happy birthday, and congratulations on turning 75! I would like to thank you for everything that you’ve done in the scientific community, and a personal thanks for enlightening me on the subject of evolution and theological deities (or a lack thereof) through your countless debates and wonderful books, such as The God Delusion. Once again, I wish you a happy birthday, and a great year!”
-Chandler C.

“Many happy returns!”
-Matt P.

“Happy Birthday Professor Dawkins. This will be easy to remember seeing how its also my father’s birthday. I also hope you’re making a speedy recovery from your recent stroke. Again, all the best.”
-Lucas S.

“Mr. Dawkins, Happy Birthday! On this special day I wish you all the best – good health and determination in recovery, positive mood (today and forever) and lots of happiness, successes about popularization reason and science, and appreciation which you deserve. Have a wonderful day and keep up your amazing work. Also I want to say thank you very much for the inspiration and consolation I get from your books and work in general – it authentically changed my life.”
-Olga S.

“HaPpY BiRtHdAy!”
-Michelle M.

“Happy Birthday! Here’s to many more. Keep up the great work bringing sense to the masses xx”
-Marina M.

“happy birthday kak(Mr) richard dawkins i wish happy life to you. kurdistan.”
-Rebwar X.

“Congratulations on your 15th lustrum! May there come 5 more.”
-Rob V.

“Hello, I am a girl from Serbia, I have heard about you 2 years ago and since then you are my endless inspiration! It’s difficult to live surrounded with closed minded , religious and uneducated people …but knowing that there are people like you in this world give hope! I wish you happy birthday and all the best, to be in many more shows, documentaries so we can learn even more from you. Many greetings from Serbia and we wait you here for some educational speech 🙂 once again-all the best <3”
-Bojana K.

“What a day !!! After a century or so, the history of human civilizations would regard this day as the important turning point in man’s long, interesting journey towards finding ‘the ultimate truth’ of the world. The books will read something as such…
“It was on this day that Prof.Dawkins was born, whose lifetime became the watershed line in the history of our endeavors to find the truth of everything in this world. It was only hereinafter that we, humans, gradually started acquiring the quality to think rationally, which FINALLY culminated in attainment by us, this natural ability to reason out everything, scientifically.” ”
-Darpan M.

“All the best to you! Thank you for all your work and engagement, your books changed my life.”
-Mustafa M.

“Thanks for everything you had done.”

“Happy Birthday Prof Dawkins have a great day, born one year after my mum so I love you but mum’s the boss!”
-Hoani K.

“Happy Birthday!”
-Adnan M.

“For me, religion is the fruit of all evil and you saved me just while I was eating it! Maybe you can not change the world but you changed my life and for sure lives of many others. I wish you happy birthday -Irena M.

“Happy birthday Richard! Hope you enjoy the day and wishing you a good year ahead. Thank you for all the ground breaking work you’ve done to enlighten us on so many levels.”
-Jan S.

“Happy Birthday Professor! I’ve just discovered your birthday is the day before mine. What a happy coincidence. Even though 75 years is a long time for humans, I think you should have 4.543 billion candles on your cake. Best wishes to you on this day and thank you for your contributions to our species. Signed, a most curious hominid.”
-Bruce S.

“Happy Birthday! …and 75 more! Good to have you! Best regards from Slovenia!”
-Ales M.

“Happy birthday to the voice of reason.”
-Stuart M.

“I wish you a very Happy Birthday, Richard! This is a good chance for me to express my gratitude to you. You have had a significant (and entirely positive) impact on my life through your books, talks and activism. Thank you!”
-Brian T.

“Happy birthday Richard Dawkins. I learned so much from you. I hope you are going to have a blast. Thank You.”
-Shaygan N.

“Hitch said “Work as though you’re going to live forever.” I hope you live forever.”
-Donna K.

“Happy Birthday Dr. Dawkins!! You’ve been a huge inspiration to me. You have made me foster a love for science and the pursuit of knowledge. I am now about to graduate as a Cell and Molecular Biology major and continue to be excited about all the things we discover on a day-to-day basis. I wish you did University tours in the U.S.! I wish you the best and hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for being bold about your beliefs!”
-Natasha P.

“Happy Birthday!!!”
-Brian S.

“Happy Birthday, Richard! I truly appreciate everything you have done and continue to do to make the world a more rational place :)”
-Ethan H.

“Happy Birthday! I hope you have a lovely day, a great year and a return to good health. Thank you for your science, your reason, your humor, and your bravery. Very best wishes, Anna x”
-Anna W.

“Happy birthday to you thinking man the world is getting better place with you and your idea thank you for your hard work.”
-Soydan M.

“Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow Professor Dawkins, and thank you for all the glorious and entertaining books you have written, my favorite is The God Delusion, get well soon and I will drink a toast tomorrow to your continued good health and many more birthdays.”
-Joe C.

“Happy birthday, thank you for being such an inspiration. Thank you for opening my eyes. Live long and prosper☺”
-Pejvak D.

“Happy birthday Mr Dawkins, your videos and books are so popular among Iranian youth even while they are forbidden. I learn a lot from you. Wish you the best.”
-Ali R.

“Six years ago in my home country of Indonesia I found videos of you on the internet. The next thing I knew you were my idol, and you led me to this very wonderful world of science and reason. Happy birthday Professor, and thank you for all of your contributions to the world and may your ideas inspires scholars even a thousand years from now.”
-Deva Putra W.

“Merry birthday Richard. You and your work are both inspiring. I look forward to hearing new debates and reading more of your books. Have s great day!”
-Daniel T.

“May the truth be with you, always! Wishing you a Happy Day and a quick recovery.”
-Robin H.

“Dear Richard sir, Very very happy birthday and i wish you more and more life to enlighten young minds like who seek guidance in science while living in a dark place of world. Your books has given me courage to reconsider my way of thinking and improve my rationality. You and Lawrence are an inspiration for us and it will help me in my scientific career and I will be Lawrence and Richard of Pakistan. I will be mathematician and theoretical physicist but the spirit of all science is same. When you and Lawrence speak every word coincides with my way of doing science and this gives me pleasure. Happy birthday Richard.”
-Muhammad B.

“Thank you for, as much as anything, acting as a figurehead publicizing evolution and providing yet another inspiration as to why religion is the greatest threat to humanity”
-Brent S.

“Wishing you my hero a very happy happy birthday. All the best :-)”
-Amie H.

“Happy birthday, Best wishes.”
-Kamran A.

“Thank you for being a voice of reason and for your foundation, which helps a very fresh new resident of the USA feel hopeful and positive about the future. I hope you have a lovely birthday, and wish you all the best in the future.”
-Tonje G.

“Thank you very much for your positive influence in my life and so many others’ Professor Dawkins.”
-Chris K.

“I wish you happy birthday Richard and fast recovery. Science will always be our light in the dark!!”
-George P.

“All the Best.”
-Andreas D.

“Happy Birthday Richard , Both for your previous work and the battle currently to make the world a better place. Keep up the good fight. Future generations will profit from it.”
-Cameron M.

“Have a wonderful birthday! I have learned and am learning so much from your wisdom! Thank you!”
-Sheila P.

“Happy birthday to you, sir. Your contributions to science and humanism cannot be overstated! Thank you for all you do to make this world a better place!”
-Scott K.

“Happy Birthday Mr. Dawkins! I have enjoyed watching your videos in my biology class and I would like to thank you for always posting relevant and interesting topics on Facebook. You have been an inspiration to me and I love learning about evolution because of you. I hope you have a fabulous day! *cheers*”
-Brooke P

“Happy day sir.”
-Donald L.

“HI Richard happy birthday & look after yourself I would miss you if you went the way of Christopher Hitchens. Keep up the good work.”
-Morry L.

“Dear Richard, As a great admirer of yours, I wish you a happy birthday and many happy returns. We need you, your ideas, your commitment, more than ever. Best regards.”
-Pierre A.

“Richard Dawkins has given me a gift that I could never repay: the gift of reason. Before I took interest in Dawkins’ work, and subsequently in science, my ability to think critically was lacking considerably. Evidence took a backseat to the whims of my emotions and political ideology. Today, I consider myself a freethinker – unafraid to follow the evidence wherever it leads. For that, I have Richard to thank. Happy birthday, Richard Dawkins!?”
-Tyler J.

“Professor Dawkins I want to thank you for everything you’ve done and do for science in general and for myself. I’ve read almost all of your books and “The God Delusion”, changed my life, it taught me to think more logically and it made me feel I am not alone in so many ways. You are very important in my life and i want to wish you a happy birthday and i hope you are still with us for many years. I also want to congratulate you on my sister’s behalf, to whom you are an inspiration. Thank you! “In the vastness of space and the immensity of time, it is my joy to share a planet and an epoch with (you).” Carl Sagan, Cosmos”
-Iolanda D.

“Happy birthday, Professor Dawkins! I wish you good health and happiness for several years to come. I hope you keep inspiring young and elders to look for a purpose in science, reason and humanism, just as you have inspired me to look for the truth in my beliefs and life philosophy as well as falling in love with science. Greetings from Colombia”
-Nicolás E.

“Happy birthday from Argentina! Thank you for ignite our hearts to follow the truth.”
-Matias C.

“Enjoy your Birthday….grateful you were born. <3”
-Jennie A.

“Happy Birthday, you are a big influence in my life. I salute you and celebrate for you.”
-Jackie H.

“Many Happy Returns – hope you have a good day.”
-Richard P.

“Hello, Richard Dawkins! First of all, I want to say a big THANK YOU. It is only because of Your book “The God Delusion” I became an atheist. It is funny that I got this book as Christmas present. But it was a wonderful present and since then (last Christmas) I look completely different to many things. Enough about me. Happy Birthday, Richard Dawkins! I wish you to keep your bright mind, scepticism and humour. Stay healthy! Your purpose to inject people with knowledge, evidence and a proper education wont be forgotten.”
-Edgaras B.

“Thank you for inspiring so many thoughts, among them my own thesis on artificial intelligence. You, sir, have my utmost respect and I sincerely wish you the best of health and a very happy birthday!”
-Judit T.

“Dear Richard, Happy Birthday to you, may you be always healthy and happy and the way you want to be. I am so lucky to live in an era in which you are living as well. The world needs so many of youS! Have a wonderful happy birthday!??????????✨??????☕️??☮”
-Monika H.

“Your perspective is a breath of fresh air in an often ignorant world. Thank you for all you’ve done and have a happy birthday!”
-Jake V.

“Live long and keep leading! Happy Birthday!”
-T. M.

“Wishing you an exceptionally happy and enjoyable Birthday Richard! May the natural forces of nature be kind and generous to you, ensuring a long happy and healthy life.”
-Joseph C.

“Muchas felicidades en este nuevo giro del planeta que conmemora tu natalicio. Por muchas vueltas más!” (translation: Congratulations on this new turn on the planet commemorating your birthday. For many more returns!)
-Tati C.

“Happy Birthday!”
-Ken B.

“Happy Birthday! Keep on truckin’.”
-Sam L.

“Happy birthday Dr. Dawkins! I wanted to write to you and tell you why you are so important to me. It has less to do with your work with atheism and more to do with evolution. My whole life I loved science, but I was taught to hate evolution. My parents took me to places like the Paluxy “man tracks” and the Arkansas creation museum, because they recognized this passion in me. When I finally did give up my religion, and learned about evolution through your works, it was like my mind was unshackled. I didn’t have to fight to stay ignorant, I didn’t have to learn about the world with one eye closed. I missed out on so much joy because of my religion, and you gave it all back to me.”
-John C.

“I wanted to let you know that “The God Delusion” gave me the courage to come out as an atheist to my christian family. Thank you, Richard, and I wish you a happy birthday!”
-David B.

“Happy Birthday From MEXICO ! You’ve been the person I admire the most, thanks to your incredible work of going around the world telling people the beauty of how interesting science is and having the courage to challenge people beliefs. I feel free and more strong because i’m packed with the truth now. Thanks a lot for inspiring me and others worldwide. Best Wishes.”
-Richard G.

“Muchas felicidades, gracias por compartir tu conocimiento científico!” (translation: Congratulations, thanks for sharing your scientific knowledge!)
-Javier A.

“Happy Birthday RD.”
-John M.

“Happy birthday, Dr Dawkins. I am an avid reader of your work. I admire your brave stance on religion, which brings forward the appalling public hypocrisy atheists have to endure all over the world. In my case, in Buenos Aires. Keep up the good work!”
-Diego B.

“Happy Birthday! Thank you for showing us the magic of reality!”
-Mayito R.

“Dear Richard, happy birthday! I am a scientist like you, created a lab in Paris to work on AI. I wish I could meet with you one day to discuss the interconnection between memetics and genetics, how both replicators co-evolve into creating intelligent beings. Oxford is close to Paris, so why not having a coffee one day near the Ashmolean Museum? I wish you well and good health!”
– Jean-Christophe B.

“I just wanted to say that you one are a great man. You have inspired me beyond belief to be more intelligent and you got me into science in the first place. Happy birthday Mr. Dawkins.”
-Quinn F.

“Happy Bday Richard, keep up the good work!!”
-Ari V.

“Dear Richard, the words “Thank You” don’t begin to express the gratitude I feel for all the work you’ve done over the years to raise society’s consciousness, and mine. I’ve been a fan ever since I saw you appear on TVO in Canada in the early 2000s. Your work had a significant affect on me as a young adult trying to formulate my own views. I was already on a slow journey to the same place as you. Through your work I was exposed to a tool-set of thought that I had been poorly improvising up to that point, and that helped significantly speed up my journey and solidify my convictions. I also wanted to let you know that there are plenty of us who have thoughtful conversations with family and friends in person, away from Twitter/Facebook/Forums. Because of that, we’re not visible on the previously mentioned mediums, but nevertheless we’re here and fully support a rational way thinking on any subject. I wish you a happy birthday, and a speedy recovery. Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts in the future.”
-Abes D.

“Happy birthday my hero. You changed my life forever. You are my true hero and role model. I wish I could kiss your hand the same way I did my dad’s. Live long and stay awesome! Love and respect from Tokyo.”
-Peyman T.

-Ashish K.

“Keep up the good work Richard.The enlightenment will win!!”
-Ilias T.

“happy birthday to my personal hero to the man who saved me and many other young guys from the ignorance I wish you a happy life with success health and joy thank you sir for all what you have and you’re doing to help humanity.”
-Khalid A.

“Happy birthday Richard and please keep up the good work. What a world we could have had if we never had had religion to pervert it.”
-Ian B.

“All the best Richard. Here’s to many more for the champion of reason and reasonableness! X”
-John M.

“Happy Birthday wonderful mind! Thank you for making this planet a better place!”
-Francesco N.

“One of the greats. Happy birthday old man x”
-Rich B.

“You continue to be an aspiration – one who gives meaning to life; someone to emulate in actions and thoughts. Planet Earth is 75 years indebted to you, sir.”
-Jonathan A.

“Happy birthday Richard! Thank you for the amazing work you’ve done and continue to do. You helped me to escape the Catholic upbringing and associated guilt I so badly wanted to leave behind. Much love and thanks to you and your loved ones.”
-Camille K.

“You are the real candle in the darkness. Happy Birthday.”
-Paulo M.

“Happy birthday Richard! A true legend! Thanks to you many people, myself included, are no longer afraid to say they are an atheist. Have a great day!”
-Gavin T.

“Congratulations from Sweden.”
-Daniel P.

“Happy birthday Mr. Dawkins you have helped the world so much, I only wish the eyes of others saw you the way I do.”
-Slade G.

“Happy B’day my hero! Get well soon! Please let us know how you are doing.”
-Margaret B.

“Happy Birthday Dr. Dawkins! You have remained a constant inspiration in my life, and I have closely followed your works from a young age. I’m a senior studying Cellular and Molecular Biology in the United States. I hope that someday I will be able to educate the public as you have done, while helping to expand scientific knowledge through research. I hope your recovery from your recent stroke is swift, and that you celebrate many more birthdays.”
-Brent H.

“Thank you Richard for all your efforts into making this a more rational, smart, and friendly world to live. Happy birthday from Argentina.”
-Pablo C.

“How could I possibly resist congratulating you on your 75th birthday, professor Dawkins! Considering how much your writings and tireless effort have inspired both my scientific curiosity and awareness as an atheist over the years, nothing gives me greater pleasure than wishing you the happiest possible birthday and hoping for many chances of doing so in the future. Cheers!”
-Erik H.

“Happy Birthday Richard. Hope your recovery is progressing well….”
-Sevket G.

“Happy birthday, Prof Dawkins. I hope all is well and that your physical therapy is progressing in leaps and bounds. Stay well, the world still needs thinkers like you to challenge us to better ourselves.”
-Joshua L.

“Happy birthday, Richard. I hope hope you hope you are enjoying yourself and that you are fully recovered. I very much enjoy your books, your programs, your criticism of religions and your conversations with Krauss. I wish there were more people like you in the world. Big birthday hug from my wife and me.”
-Peter P.

“If I had read a book like your Ancestor’s Tale when I was 18, I would have become a biologist. Thank you and happy birthday.”
-Theo F.

“Dear Richard, I hope that you are recovering well from your stroke, and that you have a wonderful 75th birthday. I have read your autobiography, and am very much looking forward to having the second part. You are a very special man, who has done great work, and continues to tackle the thorny problem of religion, bravely. Very best wishes to you. Ernie.”
-Ernie T.

“I wish you a happy birthday and a life of fullness, which is what you really deserve. I want to thank you especially for your books (which I started reading when I was in elementary school), since they allowed me to learn a lot of things that I could not learn elsewhere and helped me to conform what is my critical thinking today, even though I’m dedicating my life to the study of languages and literatures (in this apparent contradiction I found a balance that has filled me with passion and new ideas). The first book I’ve read from you, The Selfish Gene, changed my life, moved me to tears and made me feel less lonely. Gracias por siempre.” (translation: Thanks forever.)
-Melisa A.

“Your are the only person I thank for helping me and guide me to think more critical in my life, how to find meaning to life with out having to relay in nonsense, you are one of my personal heroes; best regards.”
-Jorge C. R.

“Happy birthday Richard!”
-Gustav S.

“Happy Birthday, Richard! And please get well soon! We need you.”
-Anders H.

“Happy birth day. I wish u live immortal that we could learn or Live like you, I specially thank you for your knowledge and your free mind and specially for your books, that changed my Life and my self. Love you always.”
-Nazir H.

“Happy Birthday to my absolute favorite Atheist and author! May you live to see many more!”
-Zachariah P.

“Happy birthday keep up the good work.”
-Richard S.

“Wishing you a happy and healthy birthday Richard. Keep up the good work.”
-Robbert H.

“Mr. Dawkins, I was born as a muslim and you know that a woman who grows up in muslim culture lives under pressure and thanks to you I cleared my mind from traditional religious ideas. Now I can see the world very clearly and I feel that I have a more ethical view of the world. Now I am doing philosophy master at King’s College. Thank you so much you make a better world without religion. Happy birthday.”
-Tugce K.

“Happy birthday Mr. Dawkins! Ever since I began watching your lectures and debates online, you have made me excited to discover what science can teach us about our beautiful and mysterious cosmos. I commend you for encouraging people to think critically about what we believe, why we believe, and whether or not holding these beliefs is detrimental to self and/or society. After all, it would be a shame not to utilize our ultimate, innate tool that has been guided and improved through natural selection: our brains! Thank you :)”
-Jason S.

“Happy Birthday, Professor Dawkins! What a time to be alive! Thank you for opening my eyes to the wonders of reality. Much love from NZ.”
-Vanda N.

“The sun has revolved around the earth 75 times since you were born, congratulations! Billions of years of natural selection has led to the creation of one of the most intelligent minds of the genus homo. Happy birthday Richard Dawkins!”
-Anthony G.

“Hello Richard! Would like to thank you for all the wisdom you have given the World! You are one of my favorite role models, and hope you live a long and happy life!! Hope that you get to experience a world without religion. Best regard Martin Ydstebø from Norway. Again happy birthday !?”
-Martin Y.

“Happy birthday Professor Dawkins! Thank you for your enlightened intellectual contribution toward human scientific understanding, our world makes more sense thanks to you.”
-Jamie M.

“Parabéns professor Dawkins, Felicidades e saiba que eu o admiro muito e fico feliz de ter lido dois dos seus livros (Deus ,um delírio e O gene egoísta), além de assistir algumas de suas palestras no YouTube , estou aprendendo muito sobre ciência ultimamente e graças a vc muitos anos de vida professor” (translation: Congratulations Professor Dawkins, Best wishes and know that I admire you a lot and I’m happy to have read two of your books (The God Delusion and The Selfish Gene), and attend some of your lectures on YouTube, I’m learning a lot about science these days and thanks for many years professor of life professor.)
-Jonathan R. M.

“Happy birthday, Richard, you are the Living Legend!”
-Dejan P.

“Happy birthday Richard Dawkins. You are an inspiration to all those seeking truth and knowledge. Thank you.”
-Leigh N.

“Thank you for demolishing the great delusion called ‘ Religion’ from my life and to help understand the value of human and individuality. Happy birthday sir.”
-Deepali D.

“There’s so much I’d like to say you Dr. Dawkins, but I think it all comes down to thank you for your tireless effort in making a better world through science and reason. Happy Birthday! From Chile.”
-Luis M.

“Happy 75th birthday, wish u a new happy 365 days:))) greetings of love and peace from beautiful Norway.”
-Yousef A.

“Thank you!”
-Leanna P.

“Hi, Richard!!! Life goes, it lives and evolves! I wish you every day a healthy one with a clear mind and delicious meal.! :)))”
-Kubik S.

“All the best to you, Richard! Thank you for being the voice of truth and reason!”
-Shirley A.

“Happy Birthday, Sir. Thank you for being such a huge inspiration to millions around the world. I hope you have a very memorable birthday!”
-Naushaad G.

“Happy birthday and I hope the year ahead resembles that of a beautiful mountain.”
-Nardo N.

“Thank you for the inspiration Richard….Happy Birthday!”
-Mikael K.

“Dear Richard Dawkins, You are the most inspiring essayist I have ever read. Your contribution to science and your tireless fight against unreasonableness has encouraged me and thousands of young scientists to join the Resistance against scientific illiteracy. I wish you a joyous birthday and the best of luck in your future publications, that I will certainly relish.”
-Jorge A.

“umarim uzun yaşarsınız herşey için teşekkürler 14 yaşındayım ve hayran olduğum kişilerden birisiniz ( nice mutlu yıllar emeklerinin ve bilgiler için teşekkür ) <3” [translation: I hope you live longer,, thanks for everything,, I am 14 years old and you are one of the people I admire (thanks for many happy years of work and information) <3]
-Serife T.

“Joyeux anniversaire?????”
-Yvette O.

“!Buen viento y buena mar! , professor Dawkins.” (translation: Good wind and good sea Professor Dawkins.)
-Luis Orlando A. H.

“Congratulations on your birthday and thank you so much for being such an inspiration in a world where real heroes are hard to find. You are my hero!”
-Stine Løvind T.

“The world is a better place with you, and we are lucky to co-exist in the same times with you! Happy Birthday!”
-Elif E.

“I’m 80 years old and used to think I was the only one and was told how arrogant I was… Till there was you!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND THANK YOU”
-Pat G.

“Happy birthday, mr. Dawkins! Please, continue your work as the beacon of reason to ignorant masses living in the darkness of superstition and oppression of religious dogma.”
-Tomi M.

“Richard, Wishing you a Happy Birthday’ and cheery time with your family. We look forward to hearing of your full recovery back to health soon. Please continue in writing.. revealing analysis and enlightening so many! In defining our personal-sense of the scientific method. You’ve demonstrated a compassion that has set the humanist majority on the curiously magical path to free thinking! Warm regards?”
-Angie Ellis W.

“Prof Dawkins – congratulations on the advent of your birthday! May there be very many more. You have been an inspiration to me in my walk through the realities of life, post religion. I love reading your books- so please keep on writing!”
-Mike H.

“Many Happy Returns, Sir! Complete 100, write more enlightening books.”
-Sasi Kumaran T.

“Let me wish you many more years with your gorgeous wife, for pushing the frontiers and changing view of life!”
-Adam D.

“Happy Birthday Mr. Dawkins and hundred years at least – your relation (in some percentage 🙂 reader and sincere fan from Poland!”
-Leszek R.

“Happy Birthday Richard! I hope you are feeling much better, and that you have a wonderful birthday with your family and friends. Thank you for being so instrumental in helping me to learn how to defend atheism and evolution. I’m no longer afraid to go toe to toe with anyone on those subjects. I still have a lot to learn, and I’m constantly reading more wonderful books, of which yours are so rewarding.”
-Tony B.

“Happy Birthday, Sir. You have given me much, I thank you.”
-Luke H.

“Sretno i puno zdravlja.” (translation: Good luck and a lot of health.)
-Bruno P.

“Happy Birthday! Tnx for your wisdom and even more for your efforts to share it with others. “Live long and prosper!” :-)”
-Robert K.

“Professor Dawkins, I wish you the happiest of birthdays! I surely hope that you are making good progress in the recovery from your stroke. With all the love and pure admiration I can muster, I sincerely wish you a happy birthday.”
-Johan N.

“Dear Prof. Dawkins, I hope you are having a really great 75th birthday. I’m a long time reader of yours from Indonesia. Your exceptional works are very enlightening to me and many others for sure, and they have influenced much of my way of thinking (well, I still do think for myself however 🙂 ). I don’t know how many people here notice your works, probably not a lot, but to us who do, you have to know that you’re a very distinct and remarkable individual. Anyway, I hope you’re still charming as ever, and never be discouraged by negativities. Have a blast one!”
-Sergio G.

“You’re wonderful, Richard! Thank you so much for all you have done for the world. Have a great birthday!”
-Avery L.

“Happy birthday, Richard! Hope your day is great fun, and the year ahead brings daily wonder and the joys of the human experience. We missed you at Writers Week – come back soon!”
-Andrew G.

“Happy Birthday Richard! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and discovering a whole new world with it! Loved the letter you wrote when you were hospitalized, it made me think in a new way… Remain being this incredible person that you are! And thank you, for all your work. Enjoy your day, and sorry for any mistakes in the letter, ( not such a good english speaker).”
-Michael H.

“Happy birthday Mr Dawkins. I wish I was as brave and persistent as you are to make the world a better and safer place. Thanks!”
-Anders P.

“All the best to you and your family on your 75th. You have inspired me on many fronts in my life. From my science days in university 30 years ago (The Selfish Gene) to your ongoing relentless efforts to rid the world of the scourge that is religion. It is a legacy that I have now passed on to my children in your written works, video debates and online sites. Always eloquent, gracious and a great amount of English wit. Many thanks.”
-Glen B.

“Happy Birthday Mr. Dawkins, I was raised a Catholic and became an Athiest by my late teens. Thank You for all you have done to enlighten humankind.”
-Leonard W.

“Dear Richard (if I may), You are one of the reasons, I started writing about human biology/psychology and promoting science/criticizing pseudoscience. This happened in the late 90s. Now I have written five books (in Finnish). Not all have been great successes (money-wise) and writing is not an easy job. Still I have had strong feelings of having made right career choices, or actually feeling there was no other option. Last time this happened few months ago when visiting space museum in Toulouse France and seeing 3D film about Hubble. I almost wept. Thank You & happy birthday.”
-Osmo T.

“I hope you have a very happy birthday Richard. You are one of the best, and I look forward to seeing you LIVE in Oxford in two weeks.”
-Chris C.

“Happy Birthday and thank you for fighting on behalf of reason and truth.”
-Gabriel C.

“We miss you but this is your time in reward for this planet being 75 yrs better off. Le grá o hÉireann.” (translation: With love from Ireland.)
-Lynn W.

“Happy Birthday Professor Dawkins!! You have been so crucial in the forming of my current worldview. “The God Delusion”, along with “god is not Great” by Christopher Hitchens, really helped me challenge the religious faith that I had been brought up in. You are an amazing and extremely kind human being. Thank you for all you do and have done in the Natural Sciences and I hope you have a wonderful birthday!”
-Christopher P.

“Happy birthday Richard. Your writing changed the way I understand the world. Your courage in tackling hard issues like the abuse of religion has changed the way I navigate the world.”
-Panos S.

“May you experience great joy in all the years to come on this big, beautiful earth we were fortunate enough to end up together on! Cheers!”
-Jo H.

“Happy birthday, Richard Dawkins! Thank you for everything You’ve taught me!”
-Hristiyan M.

“You have helped me a lot in clarifying my thinking and give up my religiosity. Have a great, relaxing day for your speedy recovery journey.”
-Suzanna V.

“When ever , where ever have a very best birthday. Thnx voor being. ;)”
-Gülümcan T.

“Absolutely best wishes! You have had a tremendous impact on my life and continue to do so. The world needs your voice of reason and skepticism, I hope it will glow for years to come and enlighten many a dark chasm of human ignorance.”
-Konrad D.

“Professor Dawkins: Congratulations on this, the Diamond Anniversary of your creation, errr, birth. Heal up well and whole…Neil deGrasse Tyson is a fine gentleman but reason and science needs our Brit Bulldog back! ;)”
-Paul B.

“You where my introduction to Atheism, I didn’t realize that I was an Atheist before meeting you on Youtube. You might be Brutally Honest but always accurate & careful in Debates. You have been an Inspiration to me and Atheists all over the world. Every time you explained something I went to check if It’s true and analyzed it and there was never any flaw. The world needs people like you and it will be very hard imagining you missing in Action. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dr.Dawkins!! May your Legacy echo through eternity. 🙂
PS: Greetings from Kosovo! (Albanian) :)”
-Veton T.

“Alll the best professor !!! Thank you so much for dedicating your life to help our species.”
-Bruno P.

“Many happy returns and a wish for many more.. Happy, Happy Birthday”
-Laurie P.

“Happy Birthday ? wishing you a very happy day, keep up the good work, we need you ? ”
-Simon B.

“Feliz cumpleaños , sigue iluminando.” (translation: Happy Birthday, continue to illuminate.)
-Alberto B.

“Happy Birthday Richard! Thank you for your unfaltering and absolute persistence in opening the eyes of many (myself included) to the stunning world that is science and reason, and for tirelessly defending atheism. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and many more :)”
-Roisin L.

“Have a wonderful birthday! Enjoy a nice atheist cake, one made with sacrificed babies and all that good stuff. In all seriousness though, happy birthday Richard!”
-Tina F.

“Happy Birthday, Professor! It’s nice to share the world with you.”
-Davide L.

“Dear Richard, I join the great many people for whom you continue to be an inspiration and source of invaluable courage in wishing you a happy birthday, sound health, and many happy returns, and remember, you don’t have to blow out the candles all at once; that is scientifically illiterate superstition!”
-Arne L.

“Loved The God Delusion. Thank you for representing us with small voices and Happy Birthday. Hope to see you in person someday…..Thanks again.”
-Ken M.

“Hi Richard many happy returns on your birthday! Your writings have been so important in giving me not just knowledge but the courage to divest myself of years of religious twaddle and the breathtaking freedom to embrace the wonder all around us; to enjoy not having a trite answer to explain everything or bow before some invisible deity! Your ‘God Delusion’ book was an epiphany for me. All the best Richard!”
-Deon P.

“Happy Birthday, Richard. Thanks for doing way more than your fair share to bring logic and reason into the world to replace superstition!”
-Jake Z.

“Hey mate, I hope you are doing well. I can’t wait to see you when you visit Australia again. Have a wonderful birthday.”
-Christopher F.

“A birthday I would sooner celebrate than Jesus’. Thanks for your contribution to world Atheism! Happy birthday.”
-Jonathan C.

“Dear Mr. Dawkins, I Wish You a very very happy and great Birthday! From a big fan, wishes of plenty of life and best regards! Daniel, from Brazil.”
-Daniel B.

“Dear Richard, thanks for being a shine in the darkness. Without your books and videos it would be a lot harder for me to find my way to atheism. My wife turned to an agnostic (from a good practitioner of Islam), my son is an atheist and we all believe in science. I wish you a great birthday!”
-Mustafa Kemal M.

“Dear Richard, happy birthday and the best wishes to you and yours. Keep the candle lit, but don’t overdo it. <3”
-Niels C.

“Happy birthday, Prof. Dawkins! Thank you for making me the person I am today! Your books have changed my life!”
-Osama A.

“Happy Birthday Dr. Dawkins! Your work in evolution and science education can not be understated. Privileged to have met you in Washington, D.C. Hope today is a great one for you and here’s to the betterment of the human race. Cheers!”
-Jason F.

“All the best for you, I follow you, I am an artist absolutely inspired by science, I read your books. I am proud of you. I wish you a great day, a great year!”
-Ulises L.

“Please accept my apologies for my bad English, mr. Dawkins. I’am from Russia and I’m only 14. But I have read a few of your wonderful books such as “The God Delusion”, “The Selfish Gene” and “The Blind Watchmaker”. They really impressed me. And I want to say “thank you” for having allowed me to overcome the stupid border of mind, like religion. Now I am an atheist and I’m grateful you for this. I am very proud of it, though it gives me a lot of difficulties in relationships with other people in Russia, most of whom are believers. They are very aggressively perceive my choice, it is very difficult… But I don’t despair, and I know that the truth is on my side! I really want to congratulate you on your 75th birthday and wish you for many happy years of life !
I hope that you read this. You are the best, Richard Dawkins!”
-Vladimir A.

“Happy Birthday, Richard, and many Happy Returns.”
-Bill S.

“Happy Birthday, Mr. Dawkins. If only I could make you clear how much daily mental support you deliver me whilst the execution of my job as a science teacher in these troubled times for the enlightened heritage, we call our society.”
-Erik D.

“Richard, Your contribution to humanity is priceless. Your work and passion have changed countless lives for the better, including mine and I am forever grateful to you. And what day better to celebrate these things than your birthday? I wish you joy and peace and to thank you for all you do. You’re truly remarkable!”
-Liz V.

“Happy Birthday! You have saved me in so many ways, set me free. I will always be grateful to the mind that opened mine. May today be filled with pure joy and love.”
-Ashleigh B.

“Hi Richard. Congratulations on your 75th birthday! I wish you, and all of us if you still won´t mind sharing, many more years of your thoughtful and thought-through reflections on the development of our society, our minds and our environment. You are a significant influence to all of the above, and a great ´force of good in the world´. Thank you Richard!”
-Eivind S.

“Happy birthday to the person I watch and read about everyday, the person that opened up my mind to the truth and science, the person I admire so very much and the person that I wish to meet someday. Thank you for everything Richard. p.s Go Vegan!”
-Antony R.

“Thank you.”
-Peter D.

“Dear Richard Dawkins, I certainly know that I’m happy you were born. I’m even happier to know that we’re alive at the same time, especially knowing that I only became aware of your existence about a year ago while watching an ASU Origins Project video on youtube (thanks Lawrence Krauss!). I was mesmerized by the beautiful story you told about cuckoo birds and their egg-laying tactics. From that moment I became a fan of your work and you became a personal hero. I don’t usually contact my heroes, but since you’re practically asking us to send you messages, here goes my feeble attempt to celebrate your 75th orbit around the sun. First I’d like to celebrate your passion for knowledge and truth, which has seeped into my life, pushing me to be more critical in general and better at my job as an educator. Second I celebrate your glorious and impeccable writing which has moved me to tears on many occasions either by striking me with the beauty of truth or by being so annoyingly eloquent and well versed that it hurts (in the best way possible). Third I want to celebrate your many books, my favorite being The Ancestor’s Tale. They are all inspiring, magical and honest. Last I celebrate the effort, dedication and professionalism you put in all the TV series, debates, and conversations you endure to promote our understanding of science. On this day I can say I’m thankful to you, as opposed to “the vacuum”, for raising my consciousness. You are a beacon of clarity and I am grateful I saw your light. I wish you a very happy birthday! Felíz cumpleaños!”
-Paola M.

“Galileo, Darwin, Hitchens, Dawkins. Names that will go down in the history of evidential belief. Very happy birthday Richard, 75 years well spent!”
-Albie M.

“Happy birthday Mr Dawkins, I genuinely wish for you to have a wonderful day and I hope you’re enjoyIng life to the fullest. Would also like to say how you have been an inspiration and that I am truly grateful for that, thank you.”
-Tom B.

“Happy Birthday, Richard! You are an inspiration and value to anyone who logically seeks to explore and enjoy what life has to offer! Warm regards,”
-Christopher K.

“Have a wonderful birthday! Thank you for being an intellectual role model and helping to emancipate all of us from the chains of superstition. I’m “paying it forward” every day in my classroom as a college professor– helping students to become critical thinkers and to question everything!”
-Marcy E.

“Your videos, Enemies of Reason, and The Genius of Charles Darwin have impacted my life in amazing ways. Thank you for all your efforts, and happy birthday!”
-Aaron K.

“Happy birthday Richard! Your RI lecture was a pivotal moment in my life. Just wanted to say thanks. And happy birthday :-)”
-Mel O.

“My Most sincere well wishes on your birthday. I am very grateful for your relentless efforts to educate people, like myself and my family, from every corner of the world on the marvels of the world we live in. Thank you for opening our minds.”
-Thomas N.

“Best wishes from down under.”
-Alistair D.

“Dear Richard. No prayers from me, but a heartfelt thanks for all your efforts to improve life and reasonable thinking on this small planet. Many happy returns”
-Soren H.

“My very best wishes for your birthday Dr. Dawkins. I hope your recovery is progressing rapidly. Thank you for your contribution to my world view and your enormous efforts in public education.”
-Stephen A.

“Happy Birthday Richard. Hope you are feeling better. Keep on fighting for intelligent thinking.”
-Russ P.

“Happy Birthday, Richard! I had the pleasure of meeting you in Clearwater, Fl recently. You gave me great advice! When I saw it was your birthday tomorrow I knew I had to send a message because tomorrow we are celebrating our Spring Holiday. It is usually on the equinox but my current employer gives us days off for Easter. -.- As a secular family we’ve found we like to recognize astronomical events such as solstices and equinoxes as holidays. Tomorrow, I will make sure to tell everyone it is also your birthday! I hope you have a great day as well! Cordially,”
-Luke S.

“Happy birthday, Richard and follow in the struggle of the awakening of consciousness of human beings.”
-Richard C.

“Salutations on your birthday Richard. Thank you for all your work but thank you mostly for The Magic of Reality which my 9 year old daughter Amelia took to school for her show and tell. Optimism for her generation. Kind Regard.”
-Andrew A.

“Be well! Keep inspiring people all over the world!”
-Artem M.

“Thank you Richard for the amazing transformations in science and intellectual discourse that you have provided to the world.”
-Damon B.

“Happy Birthday Richard Dawkins wishing you many more years and a healthy and speedy recovery.”
-Christopher F.

“Happy Birthday, Richard Dawkins. That you continue to inspire peoples to love science, just like me. Thank you very much.”
-Diego Simeone S. M.

“Happy Birthday Richard. I wish you encourage more people to fight against religion. World needs a pioneer like you.”
-Syed H.

“Happy Birthday – Thanks for being a light in dark night”
-Harold S.

“Hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for all your work in sharing your life’s work with us. It’s the most important message anyone can share – the beauty of truth. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! xx”
-Avril L.

“Richard, science and reason is the greatest gift you have given to the world. I am eternally indebted for your genius. I just finished the Selfish Gene, got addicted and am now working my way through the Extended Phenotype. I hope you are feeling better. Happy Birthday!”
-Kieron A.

“Penblwydd Hapus Richard. We need to find more TV time for you! :)” (translation: Happy Birthday Richard.)
-Ifor L.

“Happy Birthday Richard! Best wishes to you and may you be our candle in the dark for many years more. You are one of the people who inspired me to become a scientist, making my bachelor this summer in chemistry and will specialize in biophysical chemistry to research and imitate the catalytic effects of enzymes. Your books, speaks and discussions helped me to shape my scientific mind and helped me to become who I am now. Thank you very much!”
-Patrik K.

“Happy 75 years of wisdom and intelligence, Lots of love from Australia.”
-Nermin M.

“Happy birthday to my biggest hero! Stay awesome, fearsome and ever evolving!”
-Cim B.

“A very happy and well-lived 75 years, Professor Dawkins, is cause for celebration. You have done remarkably valuable work in those seven and-a-half decades, in educating your fellow man. In arming people with the tools for discovery, by honing in their natural curiosity, and looking at the world critically, and seeing the natural beauty there is to behold in the truth. You have inspired countless people around the world, and you have helped many of us question what we believe, and why we believe it. A more valuable gift is hard to imagine, for it equips us to find “much more truth, beauty, and wisdom” in life, as the late but much beloved Hitch once so accurately put it. I sincerely thank you for doing what you have done, in your many years dedicated to the future of humanity; in keeping the warm glow of the enlightenment burning in younger generations. I wish you with equal warmth, a most happy birthday, and wish to see many more to come.”
Felipe C.

“Happy 75th birthday Richard! I am currently reading ‘The Selfish Gene’ for the first time, it is brilliant! On the contrary to some readers you mentioned in your introduction, the book has made me believe that we should all feel special. After millions and millions of years of evolution we are arguably the most sophisticated survival machines to date. Thank you for making me proud to be an atheist!”
-Michael S.

“Happy birthday and hope you continue to get well.”
-Kristi A.

“Thank you for coming to Kansas City last year! You are a tremendous inspiration to me and my family, and especially to my son, an “aspiring science teacher”, as he described himself to you at your book-signing. We all wish you a very Happy Birthday, Richard Dawkins!”
-Timothy D.

“Have a great birthday and thanks for all you do to educate the world. Live long and prosper ?”
-Renee L.

“Happy Birthday Professor! Have a wonderful day surrounded by the brightest and most loving brains you can find. Thank you, so much, for your many years of educating us all to the wonders of science and the natural world. You are my greatest inspiration. I even named my rainbow lorikeets ‘Dawkins’ and ‘Lalla’ in your honor. Your existence has, truly, improved my life unimaginably. Here’s to many more years of the magic of Richard Dawkins! With love from Perth Australia,”
-Geoff W.

“Professor, my best wishes to you for your 75th Birthday. Since I heard about your troubled health, I am very worried about your condition, even though we have never met. Still I feel like I owe a lot to you. Your work inspired me to turn my life around. I was unemployed for too long and not very qualified to get any decent job, so I didn’t know how my life would go. But through your talks and your books, I developed a great admiration for science and rational thinking, which led me to get my diploma to join the university and now I am working very hard to get a bachelors degree in biotechnology. You made me realize the value of knowledge and I am in awe every day of how amazingly wonderful our world it is. To be able to find out how everything works is such a great privilege and you have been playing a major part in the changing of my thought process. Wish to shake your hand one day, best wishes,”
-Gerhard A.

“Happy Birthday Richard! You are a true hero of mine, and have provided inspiration to millions around the world. I am a biology and science teacher and do my best to promote critical thinking skills and scientific discipline in my students. I often recommend your books ands youtube videos. The world is a better place thanks to you and we are deeply indebted to you for being prepared to fight the good fight for reason, logic and rational thought. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing day. Warmest regards, John.”
-John W.

“Happy Birthday, Professor Dawkins. Thanks for championing a secular and rational worldview.”
-Bob L-

“Congratulations! And thank you for being an inspirational pillar of much-needed reason in the world!”
-Vera C.

“What a game changer for me…to have read and listened to what you have to say, Richard. Thank you and a very Happy Birthday to you!”
-Don M.

“Richard Dawkins is arguably the most pleasant intellectual of all humanity: outspoken and proud of it; a witty, just, great free-thinker; an irreverent, intelligent mind-cleanser; a gynophile, homophile, respectful, lovely, humanist, animalist, bright, humble, rightful, honest and benevolent scientist.”
-Daniele F.

“Richard, for the last 10 years your work, and your guiding thought has been key in the understanding of myself and the world around me. I find myself unable to express how much I truly appreciate your contribution. I wish you the happiest birthday for tomorrow and good health and happiness for years to come.”
-James M.

“Happy Birthday to the brilliant Richard Dawkins! Through your books, lectures, and interviews you have taught me so much and opened my eyes to the true beauty of this world. Thank you. Yours Truly, Cassy.”
-Cassandra C.

“I have been following your life for many years.I look up your life on the internet every night just before I retire.
You have helped so many people. I’m so glad your health has improved. With true love,”
-Brother James S.

“Happy Birthday to my favorite author!”
-Sabrina L.

“You are responsible for opening my eyes to reality. If I were there I’d give you a big hug right about now. 🙂 Happy birthday Professor Dawkins.”
-Lance B.

“Happy 75th to one of the world’s true visionaries!”
-Andrew M.

“Very many happy returns of the day and all good wishes to you and your loved ones. Long may you continue your most excellent work battling against the supporters of imaginary friends everywhere. Humanity will not wake up until all deities have been put to sleep. Then our struggles will properly begin.”
-Geoffrey S.

“Wishing you a wonderful birthday, Dr. Dawkins. I hope your health is improving, and I hope to see you at the Reason Rally this summer. You are an inspiration. Much love, respect, and kind regards.”
-Gabrielle M.

“The world needs more like you, spokesperson for the silent majority of non-believers.”
-John T.

“Happy Birthday, Mr. Dawkins. Best wishes from the fan from Poland!”
-Bartłomiej B.

“Hi Mr Richard Dawkins. Wishing you a wonderful 75th year of inspiring the science world.”
-Vijayakumar M.

“Happy Birthday, Richard! I sincerely hope you are feeling much better. I’ve just started reading “The Selfish Gene” for the first time this week and I’m sure I will enjoy it as much as all the other books of yours that I’ve read so far. You were a great influence in my becoming an open atheist and in my decision to go to college to study biology. I hope you are able to enjoy some much deserved relaxation and celebration, and thank you for all the great work you’ve done!”
-Ashley S.

“Happy birthday professor Dawkins. Thanks for showing all of us the truth!”
-Wes B.

“Thank you for inspiring the world with your passion for reason and your fascination with nature. Best wishes!”
-Christopher L

“Congratulations Richard! Thanks for being what I consider to be the most important person in the world today. We are in need of science and education for EVERYONE, all over the world. We are slowly getting there, and you have been one of the most important spokespeople for that. Thank you deeply. You have inspired me and so many others.”
-Magnus B.

“Happy Birthday Prof. Dawkins. Your words and writings has changed my life and that of my family members. Viewing the world with science and reason are so wonderful. Thinking and making decision without religion and superstition have empowered me, it is so rewarding. You have stoked my curiosity about the world we live in and led me to many other wonderful scientists and writers. Through your works, I come to know of Lawrence Krauss, Brian Cox, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and others. I wish you many more birthdays to come.”
-Suwandi T.

“Happy Birthday Mr.Dawkins. Make sure to enjoy your day with family and Friends! Make sure with the next year to eat healthy and exercise daily. With added age comes less serious but more vital responsibilities, not that you need me to tell you. One day I hope to achieve as much knowledge as yourself.”
-Fatih Y.

“Best Birthday Wishes! Thank you for all that you do!”
-Robert G.

“Thanks for being who you are…best birthday wishes.”
-Karl B.

“Dear Mister Dawkins, I wish you a happy birthday. You are a big inspiration for me and a truly example of courage and wisdom. I hope you have a very nice and beautiful day and, of course, many more birthdays to come. Greetings from Chile.”
-Javiera P.

“Thanks for coming to this world that is desperately in need of courageous people, who promote reason in the face of all bigotry and ignorance.”
-Ali M.

“Que le aproveche la rotación que marca una traslación más en su existencia por este mundo. He aprendido mucho de sus libros. Gracias Dr.” (translation: You take the rotation that marks a translation in its existence in this world. I learned a lot from your books. Thanks Dr.)
-Pablo P.

“Happy Birthday Richard!! Keep up the GREAT WORK you do for a better world, a world with people who are able to do ‘reasoning’ and a world not discriminating people for what they believe how the world was created just like for what they believe which team will win the championship next year!!! :-)”
-Barbaros Ö.

“Happy 75th to you Professor Dawkins. You have been my role role model and inspiration for many years. I’ve devoured your books, watched every video I can find with you in it on you tube, and I follow you on FB. You have enhanced my education and understanding of life on Earth, and validated my atheistic views. I can never thank you enough for sharing your wisdom with the world. My life is so much better for having read and listened to your words. I wonder how many thousands upon thousands of people you have successfully encouraged to think! At 75 you are certainly entitled to rest, but I hope you continue to share your knowledge and insights for many years to come. So rock your 75th Birthday party because you truly are a uniquely special person.”
-Claire S.

“Professor Dawkins, In a world where, as Bertrand Russell stated, “the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt”, your original work and expansion on that of other scientists and philosophers has played no small part in my quest for knowledge, logic, and scientific learning. Happy birthday, sir! May the future bring ever more discovery.”
-Ben P.

“Happy birthday, prof. Dawkins, for all you have done for science and its popularization, for your defense of reason, your courage and many more. Your work means very much to me. I live in the Czech Republic – one of the most atheist countries in the world, and it is not just a heritage of a communist era (e.g. my great-grandfather was anticlerical even during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but that is another story). I have never believed in God, too. However, when I was a teenager and have had met a few of my friends, who were Christians, I had always thought that I miss something valuable. But then my sister, who study biology at the Faculty of Science of the Charles University in Prague, gave me The God Delusion and your other books I understood, that being an atheist is not something shameful, hateful or limiting. It means that you are critically thinking person, who understands and loves the Nature and the “Magic of Reality”. Hope you will get well soon and come back to the Czech Republic. You can visit Prague for a change, so you could say like Mozart “Meine Prager verstehen mich” – “My Praguers understand me” 🙂
P. S. – Sorry my bad English.”
-Hedvika B.

“Your an inspiration to all of us and to those of who feel like a lonely candle surrounded by a sea of darkness, to be able to hear your words of encouragement that we are not alone or crazy is truly wonderful. Thank you!”
-Sean F.

“Sorry to have missed you at the Darwin Day Lecture; Happy Birthday. Wishing you a rapid and relaxing recovery.”
-Tommy G.

“Happy Birthday Richard! all the way from Australia. You are a brilliant man with an inspiring message. As an 18 year old Male Atheist, you are one to look up to. I too look forward to the day where we need not ask if someone believes in evolution similar to how we need not ask if people think the sky is blue. Best wishes today and I hope the universe grants you a long and healthy life going forward.”
-Jonah F.

“Happy Birthday Richard – Thank you for all you have done to enhance our understanding of evolutionary mechanisms and to diminish the influence of religion in human affairs.”
-Kevin F.

“Happy Birthday Mr. Dawkins! (Hopefully that will become Sir Dawkins.) Thank you for being a true inspiration, both scientifically and morally, for me and other aspiring scientists. You have shown the world how to live a life based on reason and stood up for the rest of us. Thank you for being my hero and I wish you a truly happy birthday all the way from Dubai!”
-Sergi C.

“Hi Richard, I hope you enjoy your birthday and I would like to thank you because your books, videos, and posts on internet have changed my mind. I used to be an atheist without enough knowledge, but after a few years of reading about science, I’m too secure with my way of think and I feel free! The world would be better if were more people like you in the world: people with strong arguments which could change the perspective of our lives. Happy birthday Richard, you’re the best!”
-Juan Pablo G.

“Happy Birthday, Richard. Be well. Be happy. Be peaceful. Be loved.”
-Jim K.

“Hello Richard, happy birthday dear fellow. Hope you are recovering nicely. I’m Australian and I apologize for those moron Australian creationists like Ken Ham and that other moron who said evolution is a myth because you can’t see it happening. Hope to see you in Australia again soon, there is much love and admiration for you down here.”
-Todd C.

“Dear Richard, You have no idea how important your voice of reason is! It is a beacon of light in the sea of darkness. It is fascinating that people that I’ve never met like you and Hitchens given me hope and new tools to appreciate life. Id like to wish you strong health, so you can enlighten the world for many years to come! Thank you for all the great work you do for the humanity! Happy birthday!!!”
-Ilia K.

“Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fantastic day filled with many laughs and even more amazing friends and family. Don’t forget to look at the stars.”
-Autumn K.

“Happy Birthday, Doctor!”
-David G.

“Best wishes for your 75th birthday, Richard. Thank you for your strength of purpose in conveying the truth of the universe to the general public. May it long continue.”
-Stephen C.

“Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your day and continue to inspire and educate people on the importance of science and reason for years to come!”
-Cara M.

“Dear Richard, You are a huge inspiration and a bringer of hope that one day we will rid ourselves of the burden that is religious dogma. Never stop fighting the good fight. I hope you have the best birthday you could wish for.”
-Bo J.

“Happy Birthday.”
-Mahajan V.

“Happy birthday and hope you are over your little heart problem (I had similar about 15 months ago, but I’ve only just recently turned 71) – do you have any plans to re-visit your Australian tour anytime soon?”
-Terry W.

“Thank you (from Finland) :-)”
-Klaus C.

“Have a wonderful birthday, you are a beacon of intellect and wit that is seldom in this universe. I for one treasure your ideas. I wish you the best of health Richard Dawkins.”
-Ryan T.

“Dear Mr Dawkins, this message is too short for me to accurately express how much I owe you. You changed the way I view the world, the way I think about everything that exists. You opened my eyes to the wonders of the Universe, the magic of reality, and for that I want to thank you and wish you a happy 75th birthday! Sincerely, A fan from Germany.”
-Lukas S.

“Thank you so much to set my mind free. Live for ever… Please.”
-Adelmo S.

“Happy birthday Richard love your message of hope for humanity to be free from religion and tyranny. Keep doing your awesome thing :)”
-Ruiti A.

“Lovely mr Dawkins, have a nice birthday join with your family and friends. And please please live for many many years. We need you so much. Love, Katia from Chile.”
-Katia C.

“Dear Professor Dawkins: I wish you a splendid birthday. I hope you never loose the passion and perseverance with you have worked all your life. Thank you for transmit your love for science and reason, contributing to a better world. Kind regards!”
-Anton M.

“Happy birthday.”
-James G.

“Happy 75th Birthday! You have brought to this world much knowledge and science. Thank you!”
-Robert J.

“Best wishes and hope you will keep enthralling us with your wit, passion and great books for many more years!”
-Sum Chuan O.

“Happy birthday Richard from Ontario Canada!”
-Nikki B.

“I wish you a very happy birthday and i want to thank you for opening my mind to new possibilities. I am not a scientist so I never worried about evolution, but I was a christian until you helped me to see what I wasn’t being told. Keep up the good work!”
-Jaclyn R.

“Wishing a warm regards for your birthday. Take Care.”
-Sarah F.

“Happy Birthday Mr. Dawkins. Your books have sustained me on my journey leaving the religion of my ancestors. Your YouTube videos of all sorts have inspired my daughter to travel with me on this journey. What a privilege it’s been to learn reality from you. I wish you the Happiest of birthdays this year and hope you see many more in the years to come. The tipping point has arrived. Sincere Thanks for making the world a better place.”
-Dwight S.

“Happy birthday to the man who helped me wake up from a very long sleep. And wishing you the best Mr. Dawkins. I hope your recovery is going well.”
-Roderick S.

“Happy Birthday dear Richard, we need your intelligence for many years more!!!?”
-Abigail M.

“Professor Dawkins, it is an honor having the opportunity to say something to you. I’m a 21 years-old student from Peru and I just love the arguments that you use in a lots of youtube videos. I just purchased a book of you The GOD Delusion, and I’m fascinated about how our world really works. You are an inspiration for me to keep on researching about why we are here and what it is all about. Have a happy birthday, enjoy your day with your loved ones!!”
-Jose M.

“It’s often claimed that “the miracle of life” is proof of a higher power and that mere humans should be in awe of that imagined magical being. When we finally understand life, the awe will not be diminished; on the contrary it grows ever stronger, but at least it will be directed at reality rather than at something imagined. Thank you for your enormous contribution to education that allows so many people to experience that awe.”
-Ewen F.

“Happy Birthday Professor Dawkins. You did more for my deconversion than you will ever know. Thank you.”
-Frank M.

“Happy Birthday,Richard.”
-Anil S.

“Happy birthday, Richard! You’re an exceptional man. I wish the best for you today, and that it is spent in whatever way makes you happiest. You’ve made people think about things they hadn’t before and question what they think they know, and for that I applaud you. I’ve been an Atheist for as long as I can remember and I really admire what you do. So here’s to you, Richard. 75 years old and remarkable. Have a great day!”
-Marissa S.

“Have a wonderful birthday, Richard. I was very disappointed that you had to cancel your Australian tour. Hopefully, you are making a good recovery and will re-schedule in the future. Kind Regards, Jane Waller. Sydney.”
-Jane W.

“Richard Dawkins, Sir. You have no idea how you moved the Atheist community here. Thank you for pulverizing these theist in a spectacular fashion and thank you for what you’ve done in the Atheist community worldwide, happy birthday, greetings from Philippines. ??”
-Basti N.

“Happy Birthday to the person in this world that made me realize I wasn’t the only one to question everything I was taught as a child. I was a miserable Catholic and now I am a happy and content atheist who relies on science and reason to influence my life. ”
-Joanne M.

“Congratulations on your birthday! I sincerely hope that you’ll be well the coming years! With kindest regards. A big fan of your work!”
-Rasmus P.

“I am truly glad you’re still with us. You make more of a difference to many of us than you realize. Thank you!”
-Brad C.

“I just want to say thank you because of you and what you do I stopped for a min. To look at the world around me and how beautiful it is YOU ARE AMAZING HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY AND KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO ?”
-Fallon E.

“Happy Birthday, Dr. Dawkins! Be healthy and happy and thank you for your work and all the great things you teach us! Sending you love from California!”
-Rodica C.

“Hello, Mr. Dawkins! Happy new year to you! Because, a year contains all days not just a birthday and a birthday is the beginning of a new year for you! I am a computer science student and an atheist. I want to thank you for all the things you do for atheism and science.”
-Sagar P.

“Happy womb evacuation day! I hope your day is filled with unrestrained gluttony and a lot of laughs with good friends. As you will undoubtedly reflect on your own achievements at this time of year let it be known that your work, all your studies, books, debates and interviews, has and will continue to be one of the crucial catalysts that move humanity ever forward. So celebrate your golden years with pride and cheer! All the best for your 75th birthday~ Yours sincerely, a human.”
-Hine T.

“I wish you many more birthdays full of energy and health! Human race needs you!”
-Maria J.

“Bertrand Russell would have been proud of your accomplishments, scientific and humanitarian. May you also live to be 97, and not be taken away from us to the great Teacup in the Sky too soon.”
-Matt T.

“Happy birthday Richard, thanks for bringing clarity to my life. I wish Christopher were still alive- would love to hear his input on the inevitable Trump v. Clinton debacle. Enjoy.”
-Benjamin A.

“Happy birthday Mr Dawkins! May you be happy and healthy for many more years. You are a true inspiration and a bright light in a religion-clouded world.”
-Dana G.

“Happy Birthday Mr Dawkins. After years of trouble with my catholic upbringing you finally brought some sense into my world with the God delusion. Thank you!”
-Anthony C.

“Wishing you a day filled with Love and Laughter. You will be desperately missed at this year’s Reason Rally! Happy Birthday!”
-Dana L.

“Happy birthday Richard! Just thought I’d let you know that you’re the main reason I finally got interested in biology and needed to understand it, even though I don’t actively use it in most aspects of my life. You’ve made evolutionary biology fascinating and digestible (something my teachers never managed), and through watching several debates with either you or Hitchens, it’s become clear that sometimes I have to know those things just to have a chance at keeping the world from becoming a more misinformed place. With so many ludicrous and yet commonly believed ideas out there, it’s good that there are people like you who can both educate the already skeptic people, as well as explain it to the ones who are not in a way that can sew a few seeds of reason. Hope you have a great day!”
-Gunn Signe D.

“Mr. Dawkins: All the best wishes on your birthday from the land down under. You have made such a huge impact on my life that I don’t think there are suitable words to describe how grateful I am to have such an amazing man like yourself living in my lifetime. You ignited a passion in me for true knowledge. Once again all the best on your birthday hope you have an amazing day together with your family and loved ones.”
-Ariel G.

“Dear Richard, I wish you the happiest of birthdays. May it bring good health, happiness, love and everything you wish for. I have just started reading The Selfish Gene and I must say I absolutely love it. I will definitely be reading all your books. Have a great day! Best wishes, Lorin, Engineer from Scotland.”
-Lorin B.

“Dear Professor Dawkins, you, along with the late (and great) Christopher Hitchens, are possibly my favorite source of inspiration and rationality whenever I feel the world is getting crazy. Whenever I feel that freedom of speech is being trampled by political correctness. Whenever I feel people are blind not because they’re stupid, but because they choose to be; whenever I feel that others honestly believe ignorance IS bliss. Though our views may differ in some respects, I have never admired anyone’s attitude towards the sanctity of the truth more than yours. After all, the truth is the only meaningful dogma. Happy Birthday, Professor, be healthy, happy, and safe and have fun reading the silly hate mail someone will definitely send :)”
-Tomáš K.

“When I think of you, I think of a hero. I think of a man, a brave brave man, who has held the torch for reason in society since before I was born. If the notion of an afterlife were to be more than the fiddle faddle it almost certainly is, Darwin and Hitchens and all the other brilliant minds who, like you, have championed the cause for rationality would be looking up from hell with a smile on their face. You see, despite all the hate, the bullying, the ignorant shaming, the name calling, the unintellectual fear-mongering and the context-less criticism, you have remained a beacon for truth, empiricism and, most of all, humanity. Those who fear your awesomeness come out from their cowardly corners to call you mean, capricious, close-minded but alas they could not be more wrong. You are unquestionably kind, undoubtedly fair and forever adventurous. I thank you for sharing all the scientific knowledge, findings and thinking you have experienced with the world, with me, and thus creating a slowly but surely increasing mass of rationality and reason among many folk from every corner of this corner-less globe. So, as the earth finishes another rotation around the sun to roughly the same helio-geo relative position as when you were born, I say unto yee Happy Birthday you inspiration. We may all be lumps of carbon, but you certainly are a shiny one! Have a good one.”
-Sam C.

“Happy birthday Mr. Dawkins! Keep fighting for what is true, you inspire many of us.”
-Andrew C.

“Happy birthday to the voice of reason!! You have brought joy to me by validating things I feel ,and I greatly appreciate you!! Hope you enjoy some cake too!”
-Kelly F.

“Dear Richard, All the very best, and my warmest thanks for the tireless work you do for education. Thank you especially for your recorded public conversations, which in turn have introduced me to more wonderful and like-minded individuals. Very best regards from New Zealand,”
-Christopher B.

“Wish you wonderful Birthday Professor!!!…..hope you can drop by in Malaysia for a talk on your 76th.”
-James M.

“Happy birthday to a courageous man! you’ve inspired millions.”
-Sona M.

“My name is Chris and I live in the Deep South if you want to call it. Northern Florida, specifically the panhandle, holds a stronghold in the “Bible Belt” of the southern part of the USA. I am 21 years old and you were an escape for me in a time when I was really searching for answers in my later teen years. People often miscategorize you and I get kind of angry when I hear people talk about how “militant” you are in your atheism. Now I personally describe myself as an “agnostic” and love the way you described yourself as a “strong 6″ on the 1 to 7 scale. Which I totally subscribe to that identity because I myself, have studied Islam, Hinduism, Judaism at my own will. What we are both saying is we don’t know everything but we have the scientific method. We as humans have came so far. Even with the dark ages of religion, we still kick so much ass that we are virtually unscathed by the tremendous downer of organized religion. The mind remains infinite Mr. Dawkins, we just have to use it correctly. Mr. Dawkins, Happy 75th birthday. I wish you many more healthy years but just know, your legacy is one that will be carried on for years to come.”
-Chris H.

“Congratulations from an unselfish Gene.”
-Jean A.

“Happy Happy Birthday Mr Dawkins!! Wishing you a beautiful day spent with loved ones. Thank you for all your dedicated work and for sharing the knowledge which has truly made a difference in my life. ?????”
-Leah H.

“Have a very happy celebration of living three quarters of a century! You have help me become comfortable in my disbelief of myths and superstition. With the more knowledge I gain, I am able to stand strong in what I see to be the truth. So an very happy birthday Dr. Richard Dawkins and a very sincere thank you.”
-Timothy I.

“Happy 75th Birthday Richard… 🙂 🙂 :)”
-Victoria H.

“You turned my attention away from tribal stories and onto the beauty of science in all is complex simplicity. Thank you professor, and happy birthday.”
-Kris G.

“Happy birthday Richard from the Andes!”
-César C. V.

“Happy birthday and many more – thank you for efforts to educate an often ungrateful populace.”
-Paul W.

“Happy birthday God of Atheism. To the most highly evolved man of mankind!”
-Rohini M.

“Have a great birthday Richard! I look forward to many more birthdays for you and hopefully you will keep contributing to science and reason and to bring that light to the world, happy birthday surrounded of friends and family!!! ???? ”
-Virginia H. V.

“Happy birthday, professor Dawkins! Продолжайте в том же духе. Вы человек который изменил мою жизнь, мои взгляды. И за это я бесконечно благодарен.” (translation: Continue in the same spirit. You are a man who changed my life, my views. And for that I am eternally grateful.)
-Talgarbek O.

“Happy birthday Richard Dawkins! You’ve had a enormous impact on my career as a student! I wish you all the best!”
-Sean M.

“Best wishes to you and hopes for many more years of health and happiness.”
-Shelley K.

“Dear Richard, Hope you have a wonderful day. Happy Birth Day!”
-Akmal K.

“Dear Richard Dawkins, I wish you a very happy birthday. People of the world owe to great scientists like you, you have made our lives in this planet more amazing. Thank you.”
-Ching Z.

“Happy birthday Professor Dawkins! You are a massive inspiration to me, right up there with Rachel Carson and sir Alfred Russel Wallace. You have lived an extraordinary life, and the thought of attaining such a rich understanding of the natural world as you have, helps me through the self doubts of my university studies. Best wishes from Western Australia. Lindsay.”
-Lindsay R. J. S.

“Happy birthday good Sir. You have changed my life forever by opening my eyes to the true beauty of the natural world.”
-Aaron C.

“Happy birthday and thank you for the freedom to think!”
-Paul A.

“Happy birthday great scientists!”
-Kavindu H.

“Happy Birthday, professor Dawkins! With love,”
-Li Z.

“Keep up the good work and stay healthy!”
-Monte H.

“Happy Birthday from Transylvania Professor!”
-Gyorgy M.

“Thank you for your tireless crusade for science in all your videos and writings.”
-Tom A.

“Best Wishes on your birthday, Prof. Dawkins. Your work has had a profound influence on my life. Beautiful and Liberating. Thank you!”
-Fourie E.

“Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy a wonderful day of reflection on all of your many accomplishments, memories, and knowing that you have enlightened so many (well, and perhaps enraged a few too!). I escaped a high-functioning zionistic militant / fundamentalist religious cult in Missouri, USA that my parents forced me / our family into when I was 9 (would you believe my mother is in public education and father is a GS-14 in the OPM for the federal government?) I left in 2012 the year I turned 26 and I’m now an adamant atheist, a champion to those I’ve helped escape from the cult, and my life has more meaning and success than EVER. Thank you for your research, your wonderfully enlightening books, your stand for reason and so much more! I’m a huge fan and hope to meet you and thank you in person someday! Happy Birthday!!!!”
-Claire R.

“Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have a great day! I want to thank you for enlightening my life with evolution. I understood a little bit of evolution before I read your books, but I gained a new appreciation for life after reading your explanations of evolution.”
-Harneet D.

“Wish you best, that all you wisdom light us forever to make earth better place to live.”
-Juan C.

“Happy Birthday to you, Prof. Dawkins! I want to thank you sincerely. For all that you give to the public. I admire you very much. Both professionally and personally. You are my intellectual hero. On many days I watch lectures of you and I read your books again and again. It makes me so happy and gives me so much. Unfortunately I do not have the best health. But if I am thinking about the universe and especially evolution, when I read about the river of DNA, the flows through the generations and branches to form our temporary bodies, the throwaway vehicles, then it inspires me with awe. Thanks to science. You once said that some people perceive your worldview as bleak and cold. But I feel it exciting and thrilling. It’s the truth. And the real truth is so much more poetic than any myth. Prof. Dawkins. You have opened our eyes for the truth and the true magic of the universe. Best regards.”
-David S.

“Professor Dawkins! Happy birthday and thank you for your mind and your life’s journey. We are in debt. Have a heck of party! =)”
-Luis C.

“Your exploration, enthusiasm, and love of the natural world are an inspiration to me. Have a wonderful birthday and know that I will not be the only one toasting to your good health and happiness around the world!”
-Jack L.

“You’re beating and proving Darwin one day at a time, thank you for opening my eyes.”
-Christian L.

“Happy Birthday Richard!”
-Rudi S.

“Happy Birthday, Richard! Thank you for being a voice of reason in the world.”
-Julie D.

“All my live, I thought I was to dump for becoming a science person. And I discovered your works, which gave me courage to try my true passion, science. Next year, I will begin my studying in neuroscience. Although I don’t know if I am capable to become a competent neuroscientist, I am certain that I’m going to stay a sceptic and well meaning person (with a genuine passion to science!). I can’t help but think that it’s thanks to you in a way if was able to be so comfortable with my love for science, and for that, I wish you un joyeux anniversaire mr. Richard Dawkins! J’espère vous voir vivre un autre 75 ans!” (translation: Happy Birthday mr. Richard Dawkins! Hope to see you live another 75 years!)
-William F.

“Happy birthday mr. Dawkins. Thank you for all your work and I wish you a lot of energy and a good health.”
-Ewa K.

“Happy Solar Circuit. Thank you for all you have done. It has open the door for expression and honesty for so many. Many that do not even know you have. I still watch you Christmas Lectures regularly. A beautiful mind giving a beautiful contribution. Thanks and adoration.”
-Stuart P.

“Happy Birthday Richard. I thank you for your inspiration. I have learnt so much from your books and lectures on youtube. It has enabled me, for the first time in my life, to be comfortable with myself and what I believe. Keep up the good work.”
-Pauline R.

“Hope you are have a great birthday Richard and hoping that you are feeling better. Waiting to see you here in Auckland and have a laugh at the things religious people say.”
-Javier E.

“Professor Dawkins, Best wishes for your 75th birthday! Here in Thailand thanks and presents are offered to ones parents on birthdays – this seems eminently more appropriate than receiving presents…May I take this chance to offer you my thanks for the books you have written. Those I have read have had a positive impact on me and the vacuous space between my ears! Those I have yet to read are queued up, and will undoubtedly contribute more understanding of the wondrous world we live in. Thank you, and best wishes.”
-Simon B.

“Happy birthday!”
-Dmitry B.

“Richard (I assume this familiarity is appropriate, as it was the prompting), you are an inspiration. Your passion for what is real on both the physical and spiritual realms has helped me be more honest with myself and my family (just kidding, the spiritual realm doesn’t exist). But your pursuit of science has changed my life, as well as everyone else’s. And your autobiography is definitely one of the cutest and most charming things I’ve ever experienced. I hope for this landmark birthday you get an utterly wonderful dinner, some time with Juliet and get to do something new. Happy Birthday!”
-Sarah T.

“Buon Compleanno, Joyeux Anniversaire, Happy Birthday from someone who will be always grateful to you for showing him how to reason. With my best wishes for a full recovery, Mazal Tov!”
-Peter G.

“Your great work on enlightening the public on science is an achievement few could equal. You have popularized Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution, and thereby raised the consciousness and rationality of the common people to a higher level. Please continue your good work for many many years to come so that more and more people can benefit from your knowledge and wisdom. Happy Birthday to you. May good health and happiness be with you always.”
-Lye Huat T.

“Happy birthday Richard-you need ten more of those to catch up with me, get lots of rest my dear fellow, the world needs you to see it through to the next century clear of the ignorance and superstition that still defines today’s humanity. I thank you so much for all your books, all your struggles on our behalf-what a task you have taken upon yourself-what a great, courageous, amazing human being you are. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more to come.”
-George M.

“As a feminist (and the daughter of a celebrated Australian one) I am pleased to learn that you have made another successful trip around Sol. I hope there are quite a few more to come. I have you to thank for the realization (after reading “The God Delusion”) that I had actually been an atheist for several years. As a result of your call to action there are probably quite a few online theists who wish I’d never read your book, but fortunately quite a few other people who are very glad that I did. Be assured that your words have borne fruit in all kinds of places that you may never get to hear about.”
-Rosemary L. W.

“Happy Birthday to you! I hope you realize the difference that you have made in so many lives…many such as my own. Your outspoken rejection of religion has emboldened many other free thinkers. And I must say that I immensely enjoyed “the Greatest Show on Earth”. It’s not the only book I’ve read of yours, but it’s quite surely my favorite.”
-Ulla H.

“Hey there… Very very happy bday to u sir! You are just awesome and very ideal and inspirational for everyone… Again happy birthday!”
-Soham K.

“Happy 75th.I hope you are feeling better.very best wishes.”
-William I.

“Thank you for being a fighter for reason over superstition for so many years! I hope this birthday is the best yet. Best wishes.”
-Micah A.

“I attended a brunch in Toronto where you spoke with Prof Krauss. Although I was too shy to approach and talk to you, I will never forget how you directed a warm smile at me. You are a beacon of light in a world darkened by irrational close-mindedness. I hope the day will come when every hotel room will have a pocket edition of the God Delusion in a drawer. Have a wonderful birthday Richard.”
-Emanuel K.

“Dear and beloved Professor Dawkins, I am utterly delighted by this opportunity to personally send you a birthday message and though I wish I could type one for hours, I will try to keep it brief. You inspired me and helped me to understand a lot about the earth and the species that inhabit it, you helped me understand my self as a human being, and you helped me see through the narrow minded ideologies of different fictions and religions trying to explain our existence. I read ‘The God Delusion’ when I was only 15 and I was completely taken by it as I had just become an atheist at that age and was eager to educate myself further. I marvel at your advancements in the field of evolutionary biology and thank you for all that you have done in the name of science and the betterment of our species. I wish you a very happy birthday, and great health in the years to come! Much love,”
-M. A.

“Happy birthday , may all good people have long n fruitful life.”
-Gita S.

“I’m not exactly an Atheist, and I don’t think I will ever be. I’m neither a Theist nor an Agnostic either. My only definition of “God” is the non-personal beauty in existence itself — and that is perhaps because I’m a struggling artist and poet with a penchant for writing love poems to life and the physical world. I used to disagree with you on some things before due to lack of nuance, but I cannot ignore the obvious influence you have had in my life — such as holding Reason not as an identity but a process that is honed and refined, and the appreciation for science even though I’m not a scientist myself. I was never interested in biology, until began to read your work, and to this date The Selfish Gene has been one of my most favorite books, one that has defined how I see the world around me. Evolution was good and all before, but you actually made the subject far cooler for me, and one that I continue to study today just out of interest. Thank you for being an inspiration in my life. Happy three-quarters of a century, man! Here’s to one more. :)”
-Tushant M.

“Happy Birthday to a wonderful man. Who showed me the Magic of Reality.”
-Jim D.

“happy birthday to you richard!”
-Salim K.

“Dear Mr. Dawkins, the Selfish Gene is one of my favorite books – it completely changed the way I perceived the natural world. You are a force for good in this world! I wish you a Happy Birthday for today and many years to come.”
-Filippo S.

“Happy Birthday, Professor Dawkins. You are a wonderful public educator and you have inspired many to think, which I greatly appreciate! Hope your special day is full of sunshine and butterflies and filled with golden memories. May your brief candle burn for 75 years more. Your voice of reason will last longer than all of us through your great books and videos. Hooray for that!”
-Jean R.

“Happy Birthday to an inspirational voice for science and reason. The person who made the theory of evolution easily to understand. Thank you.”
-Mikey G.

“You really are a great scientist and an advocate of freedom from religion. Thank you and happy birthday.”
-Jeffrey N.

“Your books and talks have improved my understanding of the world and my life in general. Thank you, happy birthday, and I truly hope you have many many more ahead of you.”
-Bobby C.

“Happy Birthday Richard! Thank you for standing up for the science of evolution on planet earth – huge respect to you, very best wishes.”
-Robert R.

“A great thankfulness for what you did for us in last 75. Many more glorious years to come :)”
-Rajesh B.

“Dearest Richard Dawkins! A very very happy birthday to you! As I am writing you this message right now there is a happy tear all around my eyes. I don’t understand really how to thank you for what you are doing for us. You are trying to give a massive favor to humanity, and all your funs are grateful for that I am sure. Off course it is hard that everyone would not understand such a gift you are willing to give them, but, there are many many people who appreciate it from bottom of their hearts. As an ex-muslim, I understand how much your efforts are precious and how much you love humanity and you care about it. Stay strong, we love you for who you are and what you do! Once again, a very happy birthday, Sir Richard Dawkins.”
-Majid S.

“You will live beyond 100s of years – in the minds and deeds of your followers like me. Wishing you a healthy and active life. I owe you a lot. Good luck. And Best Wishes.”
-Milind H.

“Have a happy birthday Richard”
-Deborah M.

“Happy Birthday Prof. Dawkins! You are one of my greatest heroes and I hope you have a smashing day with those you love. Keep on fighting religious influence for all of our sakes – but hopefully you can have a nice break on your birthday!”
-Jamie S.

“You are my hero. Happy birthday.”
-Daniel L.

“Happy birthday Richard, and thank you for the enlightenment.”
-Frank D.

“I wish you a very nice birthday and a lot of health and good years to come. Thank you ever so much for all your work!”
-David K.

“Happy birthday, Richard. Thanks for making our world a smarter place. Hope you are in good health.”
-Peter R. A.

“Happy Birthday Professor Dawkins! I find your passion for truth and your strive against nonsense and superstition very inspiring. Keep passionate and carry on!”
-Heiko E.

“Happy 75th birthday. Thank you for all your hard work and being there to educate those that are willing to listen. Your books, articles and debates have inspired me to look closer and question. Have a great day and enjoy life.”
-Arnar K.

“Happy birthday! All my best heartfelt wishes to favorite author! I’ve met 1st mention about your books 20 years ago at some computer magazine – double anniversary 🙂 You was like light in the darkness sometimes. Great-great thanks and Happy birthday!”
-Ksenia A.

“Happy Birthday ? Richard , love you. Hope you are getting better. Have a lovely day xxx”
-Denise S.

“Dear Richard, Happy birthday and congratulations to your 75th anniversary. Me any my family wish you love and all the best for your future. Thank you for all the work you have done and will do in the future with your team. In this world, in which man’s behavior is all too often frightening me and making me sad and doubtful about the future, you and your foundation are one of the bright candles, that help me calm down and get back to hope and courage again. I hope you can imagine how valuable and important your work is. I thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart. Yours, Pascal.”
-Pascal H.

“Happy birthday professor Dawkins 🙂 I just wanted to say that you have opened my mind to the endless possibilities of the world. It’s beauty, wonders and what we can achieve as a people. I will never be able to thank you enough for what you have done for me but thank you sir. You are one of the worlds greatest rarities :)”
-Lísa Á.

“Very happy birthday Richard. Live long love your work.”
-Rosemary H.

“”Thank you for choosing Air Life. You’ve been a valuable passenger for 75 years and for that we are very grateful, and happy to announce that tomorrow begins a new 356 day trip through our solar system. We hope you will continue to enjoy the ride as much as we have enjoyed your company along the way”. Happy birthday Richard and thank you for all your important and challenging work. // Fredrik, Stockholm.”
-Fredrik R.

“Dear Professor Dawkins, From your books I learn reason, logic, skepticism and I am able to educate my children the same. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you good health and happiness always. Happy Birthday to you.”
-Jin C.

“Happy 75th birthday Richard Dawkins.”
-Salin P.

“Happy birthday, sir! Thank you so much for enriching our lives! We love you!”
-Dragos B.

“Dear Prof Richard. I wish you the best since you have been the best in inspiring scientific knowledge to the world. I personally am a Mathematical Physicist and I have learned about evolution by reading your great and magnificent books. You are my favorite scientist. I wish you have a life full of happiness, health and keep us inspired by teaching us more about the beauty of life, from the only truth of all; science.”
-Manuel G.

“Dear Richard, It was watching “The Enemies of Reason” on Norwegian national TV that sparked my interest in your work, and that opened a whole new, interesting world to me, and other interesting people like Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and more. Thank you for all your great work, and I hope you will have a great celebration. Best regards, Jens, Norway.”
-Jens Erik P.

“Hope you have a Happy and Healthy Birthday, and many more to come! The world is a far better place with you in it!”
-Lois D.

“Dear Richard Dawkins, When I was 14 years old, there wasn’t a single subject that interested me. Then I heard of you for the first time. That is when I read The Magic of Reality, and it changed me. It is when I learned that science is actually very, very cool. So I chose the path of science and just last year, I started my maths study. Even though I had a religious upbringing, I have doubted religion ever since I was 10. It just didn’t really seem logical. When my classmates heard I was an atheist, they started throwing questions at me that I couldn’t answer such as: “How did the world just suddenly come to be then?”, and “How do you explain that there is good in the world?”. Ever since then, I have had a bit of a hard time deciding whether I want to be an atheist or not. That’s when I read The God Delusion, and it changed me. I now know why I doubted religion, and I can finally answer those questions. I started watching debates you were in, and every time I watched you stand your ground in the name of reason, I grew more confident. I am now atheist and proud. So, Richard Dawkins, you changed me from a person who didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life and didn’t dare say he was an atheist, to someone who loves what he does and uses reason to guide him. I just thought you should know that. Thank you, for changing my life, all the way across the North Sea. I’d like to wish you a very happy birthday!”
-Reinder M.

“Dear Richard, I’m so happy to know that you exist. There should be more people of your kind is the only way we achieve an alteration on the planet. Best wishes for your birthday.”
-Walter L.

“Richard, I wish you the grandest birthday today and hope it is filled with utmost peace, joy, and laughter. You have been an incredibly influential force in not just my life, but the lives of countless other as well. Your incredible contributions to humanity during your illustrious career and life have earned you a prominent place in history; your words, messages, ideas, books, and organizations are the key to your immortality. You have significantly influenced the culture and zeitgeist of many generations, and continue to have an impact on young millennials such as myself. You have lived a life of noble causes as an educator, philanthropist, thinker, communicator, and scientist. Thank you for everything, Richard. I sincerely hope that you have a wonderful day, and that you receive the greatest gift of all – time with, and love from those who mean the most to you. Please enjoy this day and bask in the love you will undoubtedly receive from your family, friends, fans, and supporters. Be well, Richard, and happy 75th birthday!”
-Chad M.

“Professor Dawkins, I have flown to New York and London to hear you speak a few times. I don’t know how you keep going and going — writing and speaking, learning and teaching — … but please do not stop. Happy 75th birthday. I hope we all get to wish you a happy 100th as well.”
-Jesús R.

“Happy Birthday, Richard!”
-Tim B.

“HaPpy Birthday! Lots of good humor, creativity and even more passion for learning!”
-Wanda B.

“Best wishes for your birthday Richard, I saw you when you were last in Melbourne in November 2014 hope your feeling better soon.”

“Dear mr. Dawkins, I wish you a happy birthday and good health for many years to come. I love watching your public appearances and debates with religious fanatics. Always a pleasure seeing them get angry when confronted with so many facts proving they are wrong. Have a nice day sir. Best regards, Willem, the Netherlands.”
-Willem H.

“Happy Birthday Prof. Dawkins!!!Cannot tell you how much we appreciate all your hard work to keep this world simply sane.So much more to be done and we need you here for many many years to come because you do make a difference!Best wishes from your Polish fan?”
-Monika S.

“Congratulations on everything you achieved! You are a great example to all of us!”
-Jochem H.

“Happy birhday!!”
-Agne D.

“You changed my life by turning me from a devout Christian to an atheist 5 years ago. Thank you so much for opening my eyes. Happy 75th birthday, Richard!”
-Wilking L.

“Happy birthday, Dr Dawkins. Reading your books has meant a lot to me and inspired me to get back to school. All the best.”
-Harald K.

“Thank you for opening the doors that gave us permission to say what was already in our minds. With your courage we were able to speak out.”
-Jill Q.

“Dr. Dawkins, you single handedly managed to pull me out of the darkness and introduced me to the world of enlightenment. You will continue to be an inspiration for generations to come. Happy 75th Birthday!!”
-Saif K.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done to promote science as a means of learning who we are, where we’ve come from, how we can realize our wildest dreams and the beauty of it all. Enjoy those bubbles with family and friends, life starts at 75 🙂 if so, at 69 does that make me a distant twinkle in my parents eyes?”
-Roger S.

“You are such an important voice in a confused world, and you made me proud to be an atheist. Happy birthday!”
-Inger E.

“Sehr geehrter Herr Professor Dawkins, meine allerherzlichsten Glückwünsche zum Geburtstag! Ich wünsche Ihnen vor allem Gesundheit, weiterhin Freude am Leben und alles Gute! ❤ Sie haben das Leben so vieler Menschen bereichert, indem Sie sie von den Fesseln der Religion befreit haben. Nie war das so wichtig wie gerade in diesen Zeiten! Verleben Sie einen schönen Tag im Kreise Ihrer Lieben! Hoffentlich twittern Sie bald auch wieder mehr. Ohne Sie ist Twitter nicht mehr das, was es mal war.. ? Herzliche Grüße Ihre Dörte.”
(translation: Dear Professor Dawkins, My heartiest congratulations on your Birthday! I wish you especially health, that you still enjoy life and all the best! ❤ You have enriched the lives of so many people, by freeing them from the shackles of religion. Never was it as important as in these times especially! Spend a nice day with your loved ones! Hopefully you tweet more again soon. Without You Twitter is no longer what it used to be .. ? Best regards, your Dorte)
-Dörte F.

“Dear Richard, Happy 75th Birthday. Wish you happiness and good health. May you, and all the rest of us, live to see a more rational and humane world!”
-Mojgan M.

“Congratulation on reaching 75 years with so many enemies (not me). With so many valuing BS over truth I guess it’s not surprising. Since leaving my faith based life you have taught me the value of the questions and truth. From someone who likes you! Trevor.”
-Trevor P.

“Happy Birthday, Richard, and here’s wishing you more birthdays in the years to come.”
-Arturo T.

“Dear Prof Dawkins. Best of Birthday wishes to you and thank you so much for your amazing and enlightening work. Brought up to fear ” life after death”, listening to your debates and reading your books has been truly liberating. Kindest regards.”
-Patricia S.

“Dear Mr. Dawkins, Happy Birthday to one of the most important , influential men of our times. You have done so much for all of us and humankind. We love you and wish you all the best of health. My dream is to see you in Person , one day. I´m from the Philippines now living in Germany…your Book “the God Delusion” changed my life and way of thinking. It gave me strength and inspiration. I would like to pass it on. Happy Birthday Richard!!!”
-Joel O.

“Happy Birthday Richard. You have been, and remain, an inspiration. Thank you for your dedication to reason and science.”
-Neil S.

“Wishing a very Happy Birthday to one of the most towering figure in the scientific and rational world! The other day I found out that Christopher Hitchens expired a few years back, which makes me all the more wish a long and healthy life ahead for you sir! We need you, especially in times like these. We need your voice and your inspiration. You work is immeasurably important. Wishing you a peaceful and joyful year ahead! :)”
-Nimish S.

“Happy Birthday dear Richard!! May you live rich and prosperous 🙂 There is no god. Only human strength and insanity. Fight for reason and common sense!!”
-Tommy S.

“Dear Richard, thank you so much for never stop fighting about your convictions and standing up for an atheist point of view day by day it’s so inspiring!”
-Irina S.

“Hi Richard 🙂 Happy birthday! I wish you all the best in the world. You have always been a great inspiration to me. Hugs from Italy,”
-Ruben P.

“Happy Birthday Richard! Best wishes for a wonderful day and for many many more to come!”
-Alan L.

“Wish you a very happy birthday. Your work will always inspire and educate.”
-Abhihek K.

“Dear Mr. Dawkins, you are an inspiration to the people all around the world. We are all just a human living our daily lives, trying to make them matter. And still, in my life that is so far from yours, you are person that I appreciate and who is giving me sense of power to see world and to be voice who will say “that is wrong, and that is right”. And it is not because you are popular scientist, it is because you give voice to the reason and moral. In this type of world where there is so much hypocrisy and mind manipulation, I am so thankful knowing that there are minds like you. You are giving the world so much, and all I can say is thank you for that. And I truly mean it, thank you so much. I wish you all the best. Love, Jelena.”
-Jelena R.

“Keep up the good work, one day everyone will think like you do!”
-Gail K.

“Happy Birthday Professor Dawkins. Have a great day and thank you for the inspirational work.”
-Stuart H.

“Dear Richard, I know it will be something that you already heard, but you can count me as one of the persons whose life you changed thanks to The God Delusion. It was the first time it made me think about why we needed to believe in something and, even if it intrigued me at first, I could see it was written not from the point of someone who wants to make me agree with them, but from the perspective or showing, as objective as possible, what the reality is. After this, I read The Selfish Gene and I honestly think it also made me better in my work, by focusing my perspective on the evolutionary point of view (I work as a psychologist and in Romania we are only in the beginning of developing the cognitive sciences). So, thank you for all and thank you in the name of all my friends who know about your work; I wish to have you here for as long as possible, so take care and follow the doctors advice :). Happy birthday and all the best!”
-Andrada V.

“Dear Richard, Wishing you a wonderful birthday and many happy returns. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the work you do to eliminate unreasonable beliefs. It irks me every time when I see how deluded some people can be when they reject all evidence for evolution. So your work is very much appreciated! Best wishes.”
-Liane K.

“Dear Mr Dawkins, Happy Birthday! Wishing many happy returns, good health, joy, love, luck! Your work is very important to our society and to me personally.
Thank you!”
-Kalinka D.

“Happy Birthday, you devilish Beast! Thank you for all you work on educating the world on the benefits of investigative journalism and debate. We hope to keep your legacy running.”
-Beau F.

“Happy birthday Dr Thank you for the life you devoted to Reason and Science.”
-Mohamed A.

“It was such a shame to hear about your illness that prevented you from coming to Wellington! Nevertheless, I hope you’re feeling better now and I wish you all the best for your birthday and the years to come. Your work truly makes society better and inspires many.”
-Chris S.

“Hey Mr Dawkins, many happy returns and thank you so much for sharing so many years of clear thought and erudite conversation. Your rational voice has been a great pleasure and comfort to me. Missed you in Australia. (I had tickets but alas, that darn stroke). Hope you can make it over here another time. Look after yourself…what the world needs now is love AND Richard Dawkins!”
-Jane B.

“Dear Mr. Dawkins, happy birthday, many many happy returns. You changed my life. Love, Aleksandra.”
-Aleksandra D.

“Keep up the god work and a Happy Birthday to you!”
-Ingemar N.

“I wish u all the success in your endeavors to educate the ignorant? Happy birthday to you thank u so much.”
-Harry S.

“I wish you a scienceful and peaceful life. Please live as long as possible. Better be try cryogenics or head transplant etc. We love you. Me, my wife and our three children.”
-Alper E.

“Hippt birthday Richard!” (translation: Hip Birthday Richard!)
-Leif L.

“Warmest Birthday greetings. The future of humanity rests with you and people like you!”
-Philip W.

“Thanks, for your relentless struggle to make the world see that evolution is simply true and has nothing to do with religion. Happy birthday and may you have many more healthy years before you!”
-Dirk T.

“Happy Birthday. You are my Idol.”
-Peter H.

“Happy Birthday Richard! I hope you have a great day! ‘God Bless You!’ :P”
-Storm A.

“Happy Birthday, Hope your recovery is going well. All the best.”
-Cameron L.

“Happy birthday sir. Wish you live long.”
-Kamran B.

“Happy Birthday Richard Dawkins! Seeing you in The Unbelievers helped make me the person I am today and I thank you. Keep being one of the greatest minds our world has known!”
-Kenneth D.

“Happy birthday young man I hope you are making a swift recovery. Keep shinning your light on the path of life.”
-Neville S.

“Happy birthday Richard! Thank you very much for all the contributions you’ve been doing for the humankind!”
-Delonei P.

“Happy Birthday.”
-Džemil M.

“Happy birthday, Prof. Dawkins! Your books are an inspiration to many, including me. Wish you many more years of happy, healthy and inspirational living!”
-Seetha S.

“Richard, You are a great man and a great scientist – but arguably more important than the two of these you are a great model. In a world full of ignorance, you stand in the heated spotlight arguing for reason, logic and science. The world truly needs more people like you. Happy Birthday! Kindest regards,”
-Daniel V.

“Happy bday ur one of my idols ?”
-Anthony H.

“Wishing you many many happy returns of the day!”
-K. Mohan G.

“Happy Birthday Mr Dawkins. I hope you continue to have man more and keep enlightening us.”
-Annabelle S.

“Hello Richard, I deeply wish you a very-very Happy Birthday and I hope you live well for many more years! I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart not only for making me find my way through Atheism, but also for helping me become a better person. Your book “The God Delusion” and many documentaries that you’ve presented have been very helpful to me. Whenever I’m told that my beliefs and arguments are wrong, I re-read a couple of chapters so that I see Richard Dawkins agrees with me. It is not a common thing for a 17-year-old from (deeply Orthodox) Greece to find out people like you. Fanatic (or mildly fanatic, I prefer) Religion here doesn’t allow openminded scientists to be known. I’ve been very lucky to have listened to one of your lectures at such a young age. Since then I’ve been learning things about you and other intellectuals in my way of making myself a better, a moral, a more openminded person. Once again, I wish you live well, with the ones you love, for many years and I really hope to see any new works from you (books etc.). Thank you for existing.”
-Stavros S.

“Happy Birthday Richard, best wishes and thanks for a lifetime of incisiveness.”
-Alan M.

“Happy birthday!!! Suport!!!” (translation: Support).
-Hristifor N.

“Happy Birthday! I’m sending you my best wishes from Belarus! Please go on doing what you do – the world needs you very much! Thank you for what you have already done – it’s priceless! And be happy, because your smile is very charming!”
-Olga Z.

“Happy Birthday SIR Richard Dawkins, I hope you all the happiness in the world. I wish to meet you one day, YOU’RE MY PERFECT EXAMPLE!”
-Hammadi A.

“Happy birthday! Live long Richard Dawkins!! I am grateful for having chance to read your books. Thank you so much for your priceless work!”
-Tamona J.

“Feliz Aniversário! Happy Birthday! Vida Longa e Próspera! Live long and prosper! From Brazil to you.”
-Evans F.

“Happy birthday Richard! Having recently read Brief Candle in the Dark, I must say that your life so far seems to have been nothing short of remarkable. On your birthday I’d like to wish you many more equally remarkable years.”
-Frank C.

“Happy Birthday. Wish you many happy returns of the day.”
-Parthasarathy T. N.

“I wish you many more years to enjoy this life and more years for you to teach a love of Science and Reason to the people of this world.”
-Alex W.

“Feliz Aniversário, senhor Dawkins! Obrigado por sua contribuição para nosso aprendizado.” (translation: Happy Birthday, Mr. Dawkins! Thank you for your contribution to our learning.)
-Marciano I.

“Happy birthday and thank you for what you do!”
-Jason C.

“Dear Richard, Thank you for the crucial role your way of reasoning and thinking has played and is still playing in my conversations with my son. When he was 9 years old he started showing an interest in religion and he also started to think critically. I gave him The Magic of Reality in English when he was 13 years old (we are Dutch). Together, we read your most of your books, watch debates you are in, reflect on what you write and say and help each other to dare to speak up about our atheism. Something that still causes tension in both of us, me being 48 and him being 18 now. Your book The God Delusion is probably the best book I have ever read and it has an profound impact on the way I live my life now. I wish you many many years in good health and a lovely birthday!”
-Gwenda S. B.

“Happy Birthday Professor Inspiration. Get well soon.”
-Gill H.

“Congratulations! Hope your have a great day! Greets from the Netherlands.”
-Bart T.

“Happy birthday, Richard. I’ve been watching many of your debates recently, and I’d like to thank you for what you’ve done. Without questioning our beliefs, we will never make any progress. Sometimes all it takes is someone like you to come along and lay down an argument, and a person will start questioning their fundamental beliefs. I’ve also just bought your book ‘The Blind Watchmaker’ and am very much looking forward to reading it. Also, sorry to hear about your mini stroke. I hope you have many healthy, enjoyable years ahead and you keep doing what you love.”
-Jehan K.

“Happy Birthday thanks for being a great inspiration.”
-Mark B.

“Happy 75th Birthday, Richard! Be well and thank you for giving me a place to hang my hat i.e. evolutionary biology.”
-Judy W.

“Happy Birthday Richard. Thank you for all the hard work that you have done advancing science and reason over many years.”
-John David H.

“The biggest happy birthday to you Richard. I hope you will have a great day! And thank you so very much for all your hard, great and important work you do. Best of luck! :-)”
-Patrik E.

“Thank you for inflaming my mind! Happy Birthday Richard!”
-Mateusz B.

“I wish you a very happy birthday and in Spanish… Espero que seas feliz el día de tu cumpleaños, ojalá hubiese más gente como tú en España, Europa y el mundo.” (translation: I hope you’re happy on your birthday, I wish there were more people like you in Spain, Europe and the world.)
-Daniel D.

“This 81 year-old has pleasure in wishing you a happy 75th birthday, along with many happy returns. From Michael.”
-Michael A.

“I love catching up with your posts as well as Daniel & Sam. The greatest compliment …you inspire me and make me think. Happy birthday Richard and thank you!”
-Brian H.

“Happy birthday Richard!!!”
-Ferry K.

“Happy birthday! Thank you for being so brave and for inspiring us!”
-Iris R.

“Happy Birthday! Here’s to many more years of opening hearts and minds!”
-Eric M.

“Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day, followed by a wonderful year!”
-Lynne J.

“So you’re another year older! I was 11 when my father introduced me to your writings. After two decades I have yet to discover another who can write scientific prose as adeptly as yourself. Your work is still a point of discussion between my dad and I, as it was all those years ago. Happy birthday from a father’s daughter. 🙂 ”
-Anoosh L.

“Happy bday mr. Dawkings, Thank you for your dedication and patience, helping people see the light is no easy task, one can feel the passion when you talk, not only when exhorting people to use their brains, but when talking about zoology which makes anyone long for a teacher like you. I wish you many more years and that the foundation gets stronger everyday. Sending you a huge kiss and hug from the end of the world. I truly hope to have the honor to see one of your talks someday :-*)”
-Pablo S.

“Dear Richard Dawkins, Happy birthday! You are one of my heroes. During my times of confusion and dilemma, your books have guided me to the light. I cannot thank you enough for the contribution you made, not just to the advancement of human knowledge, but to my personal life. You are amazing.”
-Ana A.

“I am so grateful that out of the infinite possibilities of people that could have been you, that you were born seventy-five years ago. I am also very thankful that you’ve reached such a milestone, and been able to contribute so much to the world. You have helped me find meaning and depth in the universe after believing there was none without a God. You are amazing, you have touched so many lives, and may you continue to do so for years to come!”
-Nicole C.

“Happy Birthday Mr. Dawkins! A big thank you for making me Fall in love with Science and biology. Hope you have a nice day, Johannes from Germany.”
-Johannes B.

“Happy Birthday Professor Dawkins! You are truly an inspiration for me! Reading your works made me appreciate life as, truly, the greatest show on Earth!”
-Erlah Shermaine R.

“Thank you sir for being voice of reason in the ocean of confusion, many happy returns.”
-Arup R. C.

“Happy Birthday M. Dawkins 🙂 beautiful mind you are.”
-Youssef A.

“Happy Birthday Sir.”
-Azfar S.

“Hello Professor Dawkins, I’m a 21 Years old French Psychology student, and just wanted to wish you a great birthday! I discovered your works some years ago, and must say that you and other persons, Carl Sagan, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Lawrence Krauss and Christopher Hitchens just to name a few, helped me to shape my way of thinking and of reasoning. But most of all you showed me that in our “mundane world”, there is true beauty that we can observe through science and reason. Thank you for everything you did, I wish you well!”
-Nicolas H.

“Happy Birthday Mr Dawkins!! Thank-you for all you do to bring reason back into this world. Many, many happy returns!”
-Kathy J.

“Happy 75th birthday! I admire your contribution to the scientific society!”
-Clas N.

“Dear Mr. Dawkins, I quickly but all the more sincerely wanted to wish You a very happy and hopefully still bettering birthday. For the future much love, authenticity and well-meaning interest in You as the beautiful individual that You are. I wish You ongoing wonder and excitement about the world and what it has to offer us. May You never loose the ability to look at it with the eyes of a child, to experience it with the readiness of an animal, and may You never sacrifice Your humility. There are people who do not like You. But there’s also a whole bunch of people who truly loves and appreciates You. I wish You all the best, Sir :)”
-Nadine H.

“All the best”
-Gorazd S.

“happy birthday”
-Chris F.

“Professor Dawkins, Thank you for the many wonderful gifts you have given to us and to future generations. The greatest of these, I think, is your tireless work in keeping the Earth spinning in the right direction, as it were, and humanity moving forward. For the record, you accomplish this not stridently, but with grace, wit, and charm. Happy Birthday!”
-Paul S.

“You are kind and courageous. Happy Birthday.”
-Dale L.

“Thanks for helping illuminate the clear path. It was much needed. Now the dialog is open. Onwards Richard!”
-Pablo T.

“Dear Richard, Happy birthday ! I want you to know you have a big supporter here in Denmark. Your work is – in my humble opinion – some of the most important work you could possible take upon yourself. That is also why I am gladly supporting your foundation – as the only foundation I have ever supported. I hope you have a fantastic day, and that you’ll stay in good health in the years to come. We need people like you in this World – to make it a better place. All the best.”
-Jonas B.

“Happy birthday. Wish have better year than ever.”
-Serdar S.

“Thanks to your writings I found my real self. My best wishes!”
-Andrea V.

“Have a wonderful birthday, Richard! Thank you for all of the knowledge and for the support you given to those of us who have finally crawled out from under the horrors of religious belief systems. You say the things I am too scared to say out loud and I appreciate that immensely. I hope you are taking time for yourself and enjoy your birthday! Love, Athena.”
-Athena O.

“A very happy birthday! May it evolve into a beautiful celebration of a life lived beyond selfishness!”
-Lars Løbner H.

“Happy Birthday Richard! Hope you’ll have a great day!”
-Erik W.

“Best wishes on your 75th, Richard. Your relentlessness and bravery in the face of pernicious SJWs, PC authoritarians and Islamists is an inspiration to us all. You’re the reason why I no longer stay silent on these issues. You, and you alone. Your influence cannot be discarded no matter how many hit pieces Salon wants to write about you. Keep it up!”
-Richard Dawkins Number One Fan

“Happy Birthday from me and my husband Joel here in Norway!”
-Aina Z.

“Stroke one up for another year with us. Humor! I’m not your greatest fan but dam I respect you and the life you have lead. Not a day goes by I don’t miss Hitchens,you both with your words opened up new realms of thinking for me and my children. When the time comes and you draw your terminal breath your final thought will not be of the rest of us,but know you will always be in are thoughts for the great work you have done and we shall carry on your work, always!”
-Gareth T.

“Happy birthday! Thanks for your mind blowing books.”
-Ivan C.

“A very happy birthday to the man who inspired us to make use of jelly in our heads rationally and in the way it meant to be. Keep it up.”
-Mahender K.

“It is the progress of science, not the grace of a god, that has made 75 into the new 55. Enjoy the next twenty years!”
-Michael B.

“Happy 75th, I hope you are doing well. May you have many more; the world desperately needs people like you.”
-Alfred J.

“Happy Birthday, Mr. Dawkings! Please receive a warm hug from Chile!”
-Rodrigo G.

“Sir, Happy 75th birthday,your contributions to science and skepticism communities are invaluable.”
-Amod K.

“Happy birthday Dr. Dawkins! You do exemplary work. You, Harris, Hitchens, and Dennett have given us nonbelievers a stronger voice and solid ground to stand on. I can’t thank you enough for being such an inspiration to us all. Keep fighting the good fight and one day mankind will be driven by wisdom and reason as opposed to superstition and tribalism. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.”
-Jay P.

“Happy 75th birthday Richard. Hope it’s a great day!”
-Fernanda H.

“Happy Birthday to one of the most influential and powerful minds on Earth and my personal hero :). Wishing You good health and looking forward to more from You: more books and more inspiring passionate discussions and interviews. :)”
-Piotr W.

“Thank you for advocating for reason, science and evidence. Best wishes to you in this new year of life. You are an amazing scientist, thinker, writer and person. Happy Birthday, Professor Dawkins!”
-Eduardo C.

“Happy Birthday, and I wish you many more to come.”
-Cory B.

“Through your books and debates you have opened my eyes to the powers of skepticism. It goes without saying I wouldn’t be the happy person I am today without your works, thank you and happy birthday.”
-Darryl M.

“Wishing you a day that is as special in every way as you are. Thank you for all your hard work! Happy Birthday.”
-Cinzia & Marco C.

“Through your books, lectures and Foundation(s), you have literally changed lives. My own life has been clearer and happier since reading your books: they taught me not to simply accept reality but to embrace it with an open heart. Happy birthday.”
-Richard B.

“Happy Birthday Richard! Here’s to a modern beacon of reason and intellectual gymnastics. Like for thousands of others, your work has been an eye-opener for me. Salud (cheers!) desde México!”
-Jose M.

“Dr. Dawkins, You have inspired me to embrace my inner scientist and question everything. Because of you, I am going to university here in the states to study physics. Thank you for everything you have done and have an amazing birthday.”
-Derek V.

“Wishing you long life Richard! For us– I’m being selfish. Thanx for all the amazing enlightenment you’ve spread over all these years. Personally grateful.”
-Ashwini K.

“Hope you have a great Birthday Richard!”
-George M.

“Happy Birthday Professor Dawkins! Several years ago my son asked me why lightning was so loud. I explained to him how lightning worked. Since then he has wanted to know how a lot of the world around us works. A few years ago I purchased him the Oxford Illustrated Science Encyclopedia. The same one that you were the consultant editor for. He has read the book from cover to cover. Now he is reading The Magic of Reality. My son is a normal young man who likes to play in the sun, run around with his friends, and play video games. He sometimes resists doing his homework, but does well in school. He has encountered people that discourage questions and yet he is still asking them. His scientific curiosity is alive and well in this world of ours. I hope that when you ever feel down, that you will think of this message and realize that you reached us. Respectfully and thankfully, Howard & Peter.”
-Howard W.

“Many many happy returns of the day. you are inspiration to many all over the world. I wish you continue your journey for ever.”
-Kiran B.

“Happy birthday Richard, 75 years is quite a milestone. I wish you a quick and complete recovery from your stroke. May I suggest that you look into the benefits of a low carb high fat diet? Lots of info on web site”
-Brian M.

“Happy birthday sir!”
-Najme W.

-Sunny P.

“加油~我们支持你~” (translation: Fight on~ We support you~)
-Qui X.

“Happy birthday Dr. Dawkins. Thank you for bringing color to my once black-and-white universe!”
-Fabian B.

“Happy Birthday , Mr. Dawkins ! I hope that you are feeling better , sir. : ^ ) ”
-Hilton H.

“All the best and have a Wonderful BD, you don’t know me but you changed my life for the better. Best Wishes.”

“Feliz cumpleaños !!!”
-Narcedalia L.

“Happy birthday! Thank you for all the good you do for humanity.”
-Colin R.

“I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.”
-Paulo Ricardo G.

“Have a very fabulous birthday, Mr. Dawkins!!”
-Michelene S.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICHARD DAWKINS! Thank you for being an indomitable champion of reason, science and skepticism. Our world is better because of your life. I hope this day and the year to come is a happy one for you. Three cheers!”
-Marianne B.

“Merry and Wishing the candle Centenary”
-Mohamed A.

“Happy birthday mate. You’re an absolutely fantastic human being and we should all be grateful for you fighting against the sickening religions in this world and the ideas that come with them. I have, and will pray for you (get it? haha). Yours sincerely, Leo.”
-Leo H.

“Have a great birthday. May you convert a believer today.”
-Roger G.

“Have a nice day…always! How wonderful it is that we can analyze or reason out anything and be given a solution, hence established it as a fact through careful and thorough scientific process.”
-Caesar M.

“The big version of Ancestor’s Tale is the most wonderful book I own, and I’ve enjoyed many of your books over the years. Thank you for your books on evolution and your books against religion. My aunt worked in a lab and being sent to Baptist Sunday school broke the religion spell. Wish I’d known you were born on Nairobi before visiting there! I’m going to make sure our kids are raised up right. Thanks for blazing the trail and giving us the resources for a science-positive skeptical household. Please keep adding to your legacy, and have the best of birthdays! Three cheers for you!”
-Ritchie A.

“Hey Mr. Dawkins! 🙂 Happy birthday to you! I hope you are well. I’m reading your book God Delusion. I’m on some 48 %. You are so good in explaining, but you already know that. You have such a great humor. But you already know that. Please, eat well, rest and stay in form. There are many lectures and tours in front of you. Spread reason and kick asses. 🙂 P.S. You are very handsome on photo “examining a cricket”.”
-Vesna M.

“Dear Richard Dawkins, I would like to wish you a very happy birthday. I also want to thank you for being an advocate for science and reason. Your books pulled me out of the swamp of ignorance I was drowning in. Thanks to your writings, the magic of reality was revealed to me, which is far more fascinating than the magic of mythology. You have rescued me from my delusions, and you showed me the greatest show on earth. I wish you all the best, and may you always be a strong force for science and reason.”
-Jamal A.

“Happy Birthday Richard Dawkins! Since I discover you work in the scientific world, my horizon changed. You are an inspiration to me and a big part of bringing me out the atheist closet. I am a freer person for it. I wish you all the best and many, many years from now, to continue your work on promoting free thinking and bringing science where should be in our society.”
-Mihaela O.

“Wishing you a wonderful birthday. Thank you for helping bring knowledge, wisdom, and common sense, back to the masses. You truly are an amazing person. Happy birthday Mr. Dawkins.”
-Shane S.

“Happy birthday SR. Hope you are satisfied with all you teach us, thanks.”
-Julio R.

“Richard, I wish you nothing but the best, strong health, happiness, and most importantly to keep your strength in pursuing the truth, education, and reason. You are the very best of what humanity can have to survive in the nearest future, your work should be taught on all universities. Stay awesome! Sincerely, your fan from Czech Republic, Radim.”
-Radim Z.

“Iranian youth people wish you best.”
-Basir H.

“Keep up The good work. You are more needed then ever! ”
-Mikael A.

“Happy birthday Richard, please get well soon, with love and respect, Pat.”
-Patrick C.

“Dear Richard, I wish you a very Happy 75th Birthday and a very long and healthy life! The world does really need people like you for a ray of reason over the dark obscurantism perpetrated by superstition and religion. I wish you a full and speedy recovery as well and I’m looking forward to attending another lecture of yours. Your Italian tie-painter, Leonardo :)”
-Leonardo B.

“Dear Dr Dawkins, Despite being agnostic I extremely value and respect your work and hope you will keep contributing to humanity the way you have been doing all this time. Hearing of your recent illness I felt very sorry that had happened, but I sincerely hope you will be back on your feet very soon to inspire and expand awareness of science and critical thinking, which I believe is the only legitimate way of fighting for true freedom of thought and indeed life.
I wish you a very happy birthday, many more discoveries about our Nature and Universe, because discovery is the greatest feeling of joy and awe, the greatest reward any person can receive. All the best,”
-Nenad D.

“A big thank you for the tireless efforts you put into enlightening our age and day! A very happy birthday, I would very much like to pat your back heartily, and give you all the best of my family and friends, all of whom you mean quite a lot to!”
-Max W.

“Before congratulate Professor Richard Dawkins , I would like to thank you for the lessons you have given to many readers , including myself. Every step I take on the road of militant atheism , I walk in the company of science , yours books and critical thinking ; keeping the hope that one day our humanity can understand that the meaning of life itself does not take refuge in god, but in the pleasure and fortune to live it. Again, thank you very much and happy birthday!”
-Mateo G.

“Happy 75th birthday Richard! You are a HUGE inspiration for me and I wish you the best, you old dinosaur! hehe j/k
p.s. Please don’t die anytime soon the world NEEDS you!”
-Andrew G.

“Happy birthday, live long.”
-Ivan S.

“Happy birthday Dr. Dawkins! I hope you live a long healthy life. We need more people like yourself to help battle the problematic and destruction of our society.”
-Shayan M.

“Hi Richard. Hope you have a wonderful 75th birthday. You have turned my life around with your books! I now know what to say to people who think there is a God!! xx”

“happy birthday from Istanbul! yes, there are many people who love you here..:) and I can’t tell you how happy I was,the day I discovered you(like 10 years ago), and you’ve been my north star ever since..whenever times are rough here, I watch your video (bought 4-5 of your books, too)”
-Bema K.

“Thank you Richard for helping us to make a better and more free world . Congratulations with your birthday. Many happy returns of the day!”
-Amaat S.

“Happy birthday!! Ever since Clyde Peeling lent me the selfish gene in the 90s Ie been a big fan. I love all your debates, and all your books. Keep up the good work, and maybe someday reason will be the norm, instead of all these religitards running governments. Thanks again, and happy brithday.”
-Michael F.

“Meus parabéns, o senhor despertou a consciência em muitas pessoas sobre a verdade e o absurdo que é o criacionismo. É irônico saber que o senhor Nasceu um dia antes da Pascoa kk, engraçado, é bom que o senhor antecipa essa data pagã. Um abraço do Brasil e por favor ajude o Brasil a acordar sobre a verdade.” (translation: Congratulations, you have awakened consciousness in many people about the truth and the absurdity of creationism. It is ironic to know that the Lord was born the day before Easter kk, funny, it’s good that you anticipate this pagan date. A hug from Brazil and please help Brazil agree on the truth.)
-Vitor B.

“Dear professor Richard Dawkins, I’m astonished by how young you continue to look even though we now you are 75 , this birthday message is to celebrate 75 years of one of the most beautiful minds in the whole universe, thanks to you, trough your books, my life has changed and I truly hope you continue to live at least other 75 years so that you can change many more lives, I sincerely wish one of this days I could meet you personally, also I want you to know that I’m going to try to expand your legacy in Mexico, because it is one of the most beautiful ones, one of truth and progress, something my country needs so desperately, with this said I have no other desire, but to wish you a very happy birthday and a prosperous long life.”
-Alejandro G.

Professor Dawkins, Hope your having a great time with people you love, and I also hope you fully recovered health. Happy Birthday and thanks for everything you have given to humanity.
-Roberto C.

“Thank you for your dedication for the cause.”
Mark G.

“”Happy birthday!”
-Bengt K.

“Deseo enviarte mis mejores deseos por tu larga vida y felicidad!!! My very best wishes for a long and happy life!!!”
-Mauricio R.

“Happy birthday, you wonderful man! Three quarters of a century old! I hope you’re feeling better. Here’s a birthday joke for ya: What’s the difference between a cat and a comma? One has claws at the end of its paws, the other has a pause at the end of its clause. Can’t wait to read your new book.”
-Denver G

“Its 26/march . Its birthday of new thing its birth of Enlightened Mind . Today in every year is born of new science . Every year and every day and every moment and you prof. Dawkins in million Is better and healthier and happier . I apologize if my tongue can not describe what is in my heart, for you, O prof. Dawkins coolest man in the universe and are worth more than this speech. Accept my Greetings ❤?”
-Nawras I.

“Happy birthday from occupied Palestine.”
-Faris A.

“Wishing you a very happy 75th birthday, Prof. Dawkins! I am a big fan of your way of thinking and admire your soft spoken nature while being firm in your belief.”
-Tushar T.

“Happy birthday professor and thank you for what you did and keep doing it. For you have been a great inspiration for me to leave islam which by doing so my life changed for best and I’m doing my best to free more people from the most harmful illusion among religions which is islam in one of the most religious countries.. Iraq. But I’ve managed to convince dozen of people and I wont stop until the truth triumph. Iraq is terrifying example of what religion can destroy and how can it affects even the simplest things in our lives. Sorry for the long letter and my best wishes for you.”
-Said M.

“Happy birthday darling ??? please, take good care of yourself. World needs you ?✌??? With love,”
-Inna A.

“hi Mr dawkins my name is darsan i am from Kurdistan and i have seen most of your debates and most of your interviews and i read most of your books and i love them and i think you are one of the best writers and minds of this century and i love your cause and it was by you and your friends that i got to become an atheist and it was because of that i got to question my religion which was islam i am currently 20 years old and i would like you to know that you opened my eyes and i am really grateful for all your work and i hope that continue doing what you are doing and happy birthday and i wish i could been able to see you in person and i heard you were sick i hope you are all well now and if you are i wish from all my heart that you get better because you are my savior :D. and this was darsan from Iraqi Kurdistan who has nothing but love for you and goodbye.”
-Darsan M.

“I am very grateful for all Your work that You did for past years, and i really hope it will last for a long time. Some day maybe i will be able to meet You in person. Have a wonderful birthday, i hope Your heart is better now. Stay awesome mr. Dawkins. Much love from Poland.”
-Kevin B.

“Happy birthday Richard, you’re a true great in the modern scientific community. I can’t help but think the amount of good your books have done in spreading truth and reason throughout the world. I think it goes without saying you contributed in making the world a more honest, logical and humane place to live in, and I’m certain your life’s work will have lasting legacies. I wish you a speedy recovery.”
-Joe F.

“Muchas muchas felicidades.”
-Claudia C.

“To my favorite author, happy birthday Richard!”
-Dominic G.

“Happy Birthday Professor Dawkins! Thank you for spreading reason based on evidence!”
-Warren E.

“Happy Birthday, Professor Dawkins! I wish you to enjoy a splendid health so that you can make us happy with new books and public appearances! I hope you have many more moments full of joy! You are my inspiration and you opened my eyes on so many beautiful things in nature. You are great!”
-Nikolay S.

“Happy Birthday Dr. Dawkins! I hope you enjoy a lot this great day with his family and friends . I wish you the best of success in your life and especially a lot of happiness. I want to thank you for having been a fundamental part of my life , as you strengthened my doubts about theology and provoked to do aside the absurd beliefs and I fully become what I already considered myself an atheist in private. I also want to thank you for being such an inspiration to me as you were one of the leading scientists who provoked a reaction in me to devote my life to science . Now I know I’m on the right path, the path of reason and truth. Again, congratulations! I send warm greetings from Mexico.”
-Ariel B.

“May your candle burn bright and long ….”
-Pol-Henry B.

“Thank you very much. You are such an inspiration to me. Best wishes from Spain and happy birthday!”
-Raquel M.

“Dear Professor Dawkins, your valuable life has enlightened our world. We always owe you a great deal. Please live long. Happy happy birthday.”

“Hello Richard, My very best wishes on your 75th birthday. You are indeed an inspiration to millions of rational thinkers and rational minded individuals. I never cease to be amazed by all the good work you and your organization are doing in this area. Today I never walk past a JW kiosk without taking the time to educate their representatives on the realities of the world around them and the scientific rigor that has disproven religious dogma and their baseless beliefs. I plan to undertake this task in more earnest once I retire from engineering in a couple of years. All the best, Richard.”
-Richard M.

“Happy Birthday, Professor Dawkins! Thank you so much for making the world a brighter place to be in!”
-Joe C.

“Happy Birthday Richard.”
-Roberta B.

“Wish you all the best, and hope to see more updated ideas and wisdom in the near future. Also wishing for your health to be much better. Take care always Sir.”
-Jefferson F.

“Have a great and very happy birthday Mr. Dawkins; you have been an inspiration, a bright light of practical scientific thinking that had shed light all over the world. It would be an honor to shake your hand.”
-James B.

“I’m glad to be acknowledged with some of Your ideas and Your point of view, which for me, sometimes, gives a reason to live. Thank You and may You live long enough, to see world a better place!”
-Rasa G.

“Richard, I hope you have a lovely birthday and that you are recovering well. Thank you for all that you are doing to educate about reason and science. Best regards, Phil”
-Phil W.

“Happy birthday Richard! Wish you more wonderful years to come! Always know that you are loved!”
-Eli L.

“I wish you not only a very Happy Birthday but many, many more years of giving people enjoyment, inspiration and a window to the wonders of life.”
-Barbara B.

“Happy Birthday Richard ! I wish you all the best and Thank You ! Thank you for making me and lots of other people open minded.Thank you for all the scientific contribution you made to the world. You have inspired millions of people with your books and your speeches.Thank you for being here for us, Happy Birthday.”
-Tolga G.

“Happy birthday Richard! Hope you have an awesome day!”
-Lars G.

“Happy birthday Richard Dawkins !”
-Adnan K.

“Happy birthday from an adoring and grateful fan. Your words have changed the way I look at this amazing world. You have helped me appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the greatest show on earth.”
-David K.

“All the best!!!”
-Douglas C.

“Have a good 75th Richard. Keep up the fight for reason and education. The world desperately needs it.”
-Bill L.

“Professor, five years ago you widened my eyes open, and everything I am learning now, reading about, could be traced back to your videos and books, which continue to inspire me. I really can not thank you enough.”

“Live long and prosper, Dr. Dawkins – and please write more books! :D”
-Darcy V.

“Thank you for being a shining light of reason and compassion in a rough world. Happy Birthday!”
-Annie W.

“Happy 75th Birthday to a man who has taught me so much through your writings on biology, evolution and atheism, especially to let me know it was ok to leave the Christian mythology behind.”
-John K.

“Happy Birthday. Hope you are feeling great and that you have a good coming year.”
-Bonnie J.

“Happy birthday Richard! My family and I love you very very much. At the age of 13, I visited University of Miami and heard your speech. Although I don’t recall much of what you spoke about, as I grow, I realize more and more about the universe and how Hitchens was right; religion does poison everything! Sometimes I even quote you when speaking to my peers, saying “I don’t despise religious people, I despise what they stand for.” I wish you a very happy birthday and send lots of love, Florencia.
(p.s. today is the first day of your 75th trip around the sun) :)”
-Florencia C. F.

“Harpy Birthday ?????????”
-Carsten L.

“The most exciting evening of my life was seeing you in person during your recent Seattle book tour. You were so witty, humble, kind, noble and gracious. Reading “The God Delusion” liberated my mind and was a big part of what gave me the courage and inspiration to free myself from the oppressive shackles of religious superstition. Thank you for being such an admirable educator of scientific truth and proponent of intellectual honesty. Have a most magnificent 75th Birthday celebrating with those you love most.”
-Beth A.

“Have a beautiful birthday!”
-Zig-Zak Z.

“Thank you Professor for the great work that you do. I wish you good health. Happy birthday!!!”
-Will T.

“Dear Richard, I wish you very happy birthday. You are very special person for thousands of people and I am lucky to be among them. You are the person whose books (The Blind Watchmaker was the first one I read from you few years ago) and personality have enormously changed both my perception of the World and my life. Thanks to you I have found my way into the world of evolutionary biology and science in general. It was the first time in my life that I found something what is absolutely worth spending precious time of life on and what fills me with endless enthusiasm about nature. That is something for which I can not thank you enough in a lifetime. Thank you very much. I heartily wish you all the best,”
-Jan K.

“Happy birthday Richard. Hope to see you soon in Argentina!”
-Ines N.

“Happy Birthday Richard, keep spreading the freedom to choose. Human and reason’s potential outweighs the existence of evil which will only exist for a short time, but reason go on forever above the death that we see in the world today.”
-Ana I.

“Happy birthday, Mr. Dawkins!”
-Bhisma A.

“Happy birthday, Mr Richard Dawkins! Thanks for your great help in my way to find myself.”
-Darek O.

“Happy Birthday Sir ! All the best wishes with sincere gratitude.”
-Kazi H.

“Happy Birthday!”
-Asma S.

“Wishing you a very Happy Birthday & many more in the future Richard.”
-Sara B.

“Wish you well and happy birthday, we met in Chicago 2 years ago.”
-Zuhair A.

“Happy Birthday. I very much enjoy your books, and have a huge laugh at your portrayal of your hate mail! Great admiration. Have had a fun time ‘arguing’ with JW’s at the front door using arguments from the God Delusion, LOL.”
-Charndra P.

“Happy birthday Richard. You have a lot of work ahead of you. Please keep going.”
-Chris M.

“Dear Professor Dawkins, the knowledge you share have changed my life. I have been pentecostal fundamentalist for 15 years, but now I am completely recovered from religion, and I enjoy life as never before. Thank you, and happy birthday!”
-Ruslan B.

“You are one of my personal heroes; you have done, are doing, so much good in the world to fight ignorant religious foolishness. I hope we are winning the battle. Sometimes it looks bleak, people are so dumb. Please live to 100 to keep promoting, teaching, the truth.”
-Randi S.

“Happy birthday Richard I hope you are feeling better☺”
-John K.

“Happy Birthday Richard! Enjoy the day.”
-Ron J.

“3/4 of the way there! Well done Richard ☺ I hope that you are feeling better and look forward to hearing more inspiring words for many years to come.”
-Joe H.

“Complete recovery! We want you at the Reason Rally.”
-John W.

“I wish you a very happy birthday and a long and healthy life. Thank you for writing The Selfish Gene. It has influenced me more than any other book that I have read, including other books of yours. That book alone will undoubtedly help many humans, present and future, to better understand the world we live in. The world is a better place because of you.”
-Dave J.

“Thank you for bringing the light of truth to this world by 75 years. May you will always be surrounded by those who bring joy and meaning to your life. Have a happy birthday! I send you a hug and my most sincere respect. Thank you!”
-Uzziel L.

“Happy Birthday! While I have never met you, I love you and thank you so much for all the ways you have influenced my life. Hugs!”
-Linda S.

“Richard Dawkins, you’ve single-handedly changed my life and have helped me see the beautiful world we live in totally new light. I really mean it. I’m an aspiring scientist and I consider your work on evolutionary biology as breathtaking, refreshing, and awe-inspiring. I dream to someday contribute the same level of scientific work you have done in all of your years science. And recently, I applied to become an intern at your foundation over the summer in the effort to help you and your colleagues improve scientific literacy and secularism. I hope you have a fantastic 75th birthday, Richard! You’re a huge role model to my life and oh how I hope to have the opportunity to meet you one day! Enjoy your special day!”
-Yonel A.

“Happy Birthday Richard! Thank you for being such an inspiration to millions of people all over the world.”
-Alan T.

“Richard, I wish you a very happy .75 centennial. Your books are amazing, and your eternal optimism is inspiring. Keep up the good fight, in both the fight for secularism and your fight to recover to what, fortunately, seems to be a temporary setback at worst. You are a really great person, and I wish you nothing but the best.

“Happy 75th turns to the Sun ! Gracias por inspirarme y educarme para decirle al mundo que dios es un fraude . :)” (translation: Thank you for inspiring and educating me to tell the world that God is a fraud. 🙂 )
-Sergio C. M.

“Happy Birthday, Professor Dawkins. Your Brief Candle in the Dark is becoming an everlasting torch for humanity. Continue your recovery.”
-Jorge B.

“Dear Richard Dawkins, wishing you all the best on your birthday. Kind Regards.”
-Vida A.

“Happy Birthday Richard, you are an inspiration as a brilliant and beautiful science writer and as a fighter against religious cant and for truth! Many Happy Returns!!”
-Rob B.

“Your words are forever inspiring, validating & truthful – Thank you! Wishing You A Happy Born Day! Sapere Aude.”
-Lauren T.

“Thank you for many great years of contributions to our humanity…wishing many great years to come…Long live our teacher.”
-Shahin N.

“Dear Richard, wish you a great Birth Day and years of Happy and healthy life with your loved ones… you are one of the rare true heroes of the modern era…”
-Pouyan R.

“Happy birthday professor Dawkins ! Big admirer of your work!! Lately been hearing about your ill health and doctors asking you take rest staying away from controversy, which you said you couldn’t (that was funny by the way) but as you are one of the really few people who has I would say really understood life , is curious about it and the universe and escaped the social social practices and illusions of it, you should slow down from the brave act of indulging in people’s half-witted delusions( and worrying about other petty things) . You have done a lot and just to give your health the first priority (you know there is no heaven! :p). Be rest assured your cause won’t end and would do my best to do what’s important for our species. Enjoy you day!! And all days lying after!!”
-Mohak P.

“Hola Richard, Feliz cumpleaños a su persona, gracias por aportar su conocimiento a la ciencia, gracias por enseñarnos a interpretar y valorar la vida de una manera más objetiva. saludos desde Ecuador.” (translation: Hi Richard, Happy Birthday to you, thanks for contributing your knowledge to science, thanks for teaching us to interpret and appreciate life in a more objective way. Greetings from Ecuador.)
-Robby D.

“Imagine all the people who have won the insurmountable lottery of being born and wasted it on a insurmountable chance there’s something better after death. No wonder there is suffering… Thanks to you, who’s shoulders I stand on. I don’t have to live such a life.. Happy Birthday Richard!”
-Douglas D.

“Keep educating the unwilling to learn, even through osmosis some of the material will get through.”
-David H.

“Happy Birthday Mr Richard Dawkins. I wish you all the happiness and good health to you and your family. I’m a 30 yr old businessman, husband to a lovely wife and a two year old gem of a son. With just 1 lctr u change my life. Thank you.”
-Razin S.

“Congrats prof. Dawkins!”
-Erkki K.

“Dear Richard, thank you for the major role you and your work have played in freeing my mind and spirit of dogma and superstition. Growing up in a religious family, being steeped in Christian guilt, and living in the very heart of the Bible Belt, it has been your words that have not only made me feel at peace with myself, but also regularly provide a much needed dose of rationality to my daily life. I am just one whose life you have changed. But there are many like me, and we are a growing group if fans, friends, and extended family. Warmest wishes to you on you birthday, sir. It is my hope we will all have many more opportunities to do so. With much gratitude, Happy Birthday!!”
-Tom D.

“Dear Richard — hope your birthday was enjoyable and spent with those who love you! All the best for a speedy and complete recovery.”
-Ross T.

“Because you appreciate poetry and the pitcher plant. I wrote this during first year biology. Raised atheist, and owing a great childhood to countless happy reading hours because of you , Tim White, and Stephan J. Gould. Happy Birthday, Richard ?? DANCE OF THE PITCHER PLANT by Riste:

Like a field of lutes,
Strings quivering under
The pitcher plant –
A curvaceous beauty
In vitreous virgin dress
Awakens to the dance.

Swollen belly undulates
To the drone of suitors;
A feathered petal open
To a well of whispered promises
As the sitar plays
The Shiva. Shivaree.”
-Riste E.

“I’m high school student who wish to study evolutionary biology and sociobiology, and interestingly readimg your books. Thank you to you and your academical life. I look forward to your good activities in biology and atheism. Happy birthday, Professor Richard Dawins.”
-Jae-jun S.

“Dear Sir, Understanding evolution was not easy for me when I was doing my Bachelors degree in Science. During my Masters, when I was still struggling with the Evolutionary biology course, one of my professors gave me a book and said, “Read this and I hope you will be able to understand the essence of evolution”. The name of the book was ‘The blind watchmaker’. That was the beginning of a wonderful journey which has led me to join an evolutionary biology research group for my Ph.D. ‘The selfish gene’ and ”The greatest show on Earth’ has become faithful companions during this journey along with many others. Thank you so much for inspiring me to undergo this rational and logical journey. Last but not the least, wish you a very happy birthday! I am looking forward to hear you live and meet you at ISBE 2016 in Exeter.”
-Anindita B.

“Thank you, Richard, for talking like you do. I think you are the most pleasurable person to listen to in the world, not just by the sheer amount of the facts that you speak but also by your beautiful way of putting your words. Thank you again!!”
-Teijo F.

“All the best. Admire your work.”
-Bill J.

“Happy 75th Birthday, Richard! You are my hero and I want you to know that you have brought to my life and to countless other lives a better understanding of the natural world. Reason and science give us a path to knowledge. You have inspired generations of people to build a worldview upon the stability of information which has been evaluated empirically. You have championed a high standard of morality based upon compassion for others because they are people. You are so brilliant and amazing!!! Happy Birthday!!!”
-Hailey P.

“Happy Birthday from Sweden Richard! Hope your hearth feels better!”
-Mattias L.

“Thank you for the “God Delusion” and all your efforts to support reason and science. Happy Birthday and all the best, health and luck for the many years to come.”
-Paul B.

“Thanks sir, I only knew “that I could not follow/believe,that there was a better way” in the last year because of you and your books. Happy Birthday Sir and thank you once again.”
-Pukhraj S.

“Happy birthday dear Sir Richard! Hope for you happy life, full of success. We are waiting for your new book to read.”
-Mohammad Naseem S.

“Dear mister Dawkins, I wish you happy birthday. With you as an inspiration we can really hope in REASON-able future. 🙂 Keep up the great service you are doing for humanity. Thank you!
PS: In today’s world it is difficult to fight those battles, because many people are too emotional about religion topic and it is even more difficult to reason with unreasonable person. You, on the other side somehow manage not to “lose it” even when facing religious leaders of some sort and listening to their poor arguments, if we can call it like that. I am very lucky to live in Czech Republic where everybody doesn’t care. So we have high amount of atheists, therefore I don’t feel like the world is filled so much with religious people. Yet even on college I experienced many young people from religious families carry on christian way of life even though they don’t really believe. Those I personally consider the worst because of the wrong image they are making in public. Many of them are very talented scientist, public views them as Christians but in private discussion about religion, one would realize they are in fact atheists or at least agnostics. How do you proceed with such people?
PS2: I realize that this should have been a birthday message to you, but during writing I realized how much I would like to catch a glimpse of discussion with you and I had to wrote this PS. Just for the chance you would reply to me. I don’t really have role-model, but when I decide to grow up, I would definitely be like you.
PS3: There is an awful number of sentences beginning with “I” in this letter. Please excuse this for it is more of a language related problem than ego related one. I hope. 😀 Happy Birthday! You are already immortal.”
-Tomas J.

“A simple ‘happy birthday’ – and may reason prevail.”
-Christopher J.

“Happy late birthday Prof Dawkins. Please get well & stay well.”
-Tim N.

“Happy birthday, and help more people start thinking!”
-Basil K.

“I wish you happy retirement.”
-Fouad H.

“Happy Birthday Professor Dawkins! Your books have been and remain important to me as they have been to so many others – it allows one to free their mind. We have been enjoying the audio versions lately – what a treat to hear your words in your voice! Thank you for all your work and do get well soon – you’ve more work to do, sir! – dc”
-Daniel C.

“Best wishes and look forward to seeing you back on the road again doing what you do best, advocating for reason and critical thinking.”
-John M.

“Happy birthday and a speedy recovery Mr Dawkins! You have been an inspiration to me! I hope you go on liberating the minds of the religious and continue to enlighten the scientific world!”
-Ti C.

“Thank you (from Finland) :-)”
-Klaus C.

“Thank you for your lifetime activity devoted to honest Science work but specially for opening the eyes and releasing so many as myself out of the ideological evil disease of Religion and Superstition.”
-Wilhelm G.

“Dear Clinton Richard Dawkins, Happy birthday to you! I wish you a healthy life with lots of rivals, because without them your life will be just so ordinary! And when discussing with them you show how intelligent you are! I wish you happiness and inner calm in your mind! I love you and adore you despite of the fact, that you are not popular here. With best wishes and sorry for wishing you a happy birthday late, Tsotne from republic of Georgia.”
-Tsotne D.

“Have a GREAT birthday!!! Thanks for all the excellent books you have published!”
-Karl P.

“It was nice meeting you in St. Petersburg, FL, Have a great Birthday!”
-John H.

“Your books changed my life, you are a great man. Happy Birthday Professor Dawkins!”
-Michael B.

“Happy birthday, Dawk! This year your incredible speeches and particularly the God Delusion helped me abandon my religion and now fight against it as an atheist. Thank you for helping me come to reason. Keep up the good work!”
-Will F.

“Happy birthday professor. Your existence has benefitted human kind. Thank you for your relentless effort in the spreading of science and education.
Wish you all the best and a speedy recover so we can catch you back in Australia.”
-Erfan S.

“Happy birthday you brilliant minded man.”
-Catherine W.

“I wish you all the best. You are a much needed sun for all of us. Get well soon! Much love! Safak.”
-Safak G.

“Have the happiest of birthdays. Thank you so much for your rainbow unweaving; it is crucial work, and you do it with wonderful grace and wit.”
-Sam W.

“Happy Birthday, Richard. Thank you for years of fighting the good fight!”
-Tracey H.

“Mr. Dawkins, thank you for the endless hours you spend in the fight against ignorance. While I have pretty-much always been a “non-believer”, your words have so often helped me and cleared a way for me to find a better understanding to my questions. THANK YOU AND HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. (Belated birthday wish)”
-Stephen J.

“Richard Happy Birthday!! You are an inspiration to me. I am no longer a closet atheist.”
-Joe H.

“Your efforts have changed my lives and all those around me. You have made us very fulfilling atheists indeed. I have even vowed to spend my life joining your mission to enlighten others to lead a secular life. Your existence is a real gift to mankind. Happy birthday! Hope you are going to have many more.”
-Willson L.

“Happy Birthday, Richard! I saw you once in a United Airlines Red Carpet Club in San Francisco. I wanted to approach you, and say, “Thank You” for what you do. But, I didn’t want to interrupt you and the time you were sharing with a colleague. Now, enjoy some cake!”
-Roger H.

“Wishing you the best for this and the coming years. You are an inspiration for many, including myself. The quest for reason in this world is never ending, and your clear mindedness helps us all. Best wishes always.”
-Claudio R.

“Dear Dr. Dawkins, congratulations for the decades you are expending arguing in favor of reason. People like you are indispensable. Thanks.”
-Lucio F.

“Happy B’Day Richard. You & Your documentaries are responsible for me to bring up my daughter, very secular & understanding of science. Who can defend herself in what she beliefs in, with reasoning and standing up for it at the age of 7. This world needs you more than ever now. Keep going.”
-Manoj M.

“Thank you for your rich contributions to society. I wish that you may find a deeper part of yourself from where you can enrich us even further.”
-Brendan H.

“Happy Birthday, Thanks for all the years of great work and wonderful books.”
-Igeaux B.

“Best wishes from… an organist in catholic church;-). which is rather an atheist… who just like playing organ and is obligated to listen every day catholic “teaching”…:-). Happy Birthday Professor! Your “The God delusion” was very good to read when the priest preached:-)))”
-Piotr K.

“Sir, Wishing you a happy 75th from Baltimore, Maryland.”
-John N.

“Thank you for all you’ve done for atheists.”
-Lisabeth D.

“Happy Birthday and MANY, MANY happy returns. You have been a great influence in my life and the lives of countless others. A greater liberator than Bolivar or Napoleon.”
-Daniel K.

“Wonderful birthday!”
-Antonio G.

“Dear Richard Dawkins! Sorry that I write with delay. Happy Birthday! I sincerely wish you good health, long life and less conscious of ignorance on your way! Thank you for your brilliant work, for your bright mind and your love for the truth.”
-Stanislav K.

“Obrigado, Prof. Richard Dawkins, pela seu magnífico trabalho em prol do conhecimento científico e sobretudo apontando os seus magníficos resultados sobre as trevas do misticismo e das religiões. Que o senhor viva com saúde mais muitos anos para nos brindar com a sua sabedoria. Feliz 75 anos.” (translation:
Thank you, Prof. Richard Dawkins , for your magnificent work in favor of scientific knowledge and above all pointing your magnificent results over the darkness of mysticism and religion . That you live with health over many years to reward us with their wisdom . Happy 75 years.)
-José F.

“Very best wishes to you Professor Dawkins, and many more to come! In gratitude for your guidance, and brave moral message. It is much appreciated by one who was thoroughly brainwashed as a child. Congratulations to you. I hope you, your family and friends had an enjoyable day together.”
-John C.

“Mr. Richard Dawkins. I wish you a happy birthday and a speedy recovery. Greetings from Poland.”
-Marcin P.

“Richard, best wishes for the big 75. Could you do me a favor? Once you are back on your feet at full strength, could you debate the douchebag Ravi Zacharias and throw him to the mat? Cheers!”
-Timothy A.

“Sorry for being late. Hope you’re good, thank you very much for your book. I still have some to read, and that’s great. Best happy birthday wishes Mr. Dawkins!”

“Sorry I’m a day late. Hope your birthday was filled with love and laughter. I wish you a speedy and full recovery, and many more years of happiness. It would be impossible to overestimate how important your work is to the progress of humanity.”
-Gail H.

“Happy Birthday Richard.Your contribution to human understanding of life is outstanding. You are a true inspiration for challenging dogmatic ideas.”
-Allen D.

“Happy birthday, Richard.”
-Marcelo C.

“Happy Birthday Old Man”
-Michael L.

“Get well soon Richard – I won’t pray for you OR sacrifice any goats you’ll be most pleased to hear! L.O.L!”
-Paul B.

“Happy Birthday to my favorite atheist. You are a National Treasure!”
-Ellie I.

“I want to live as long as you can brother, keep going! My neighbor, Dan, PhD, runs 50mi/wk. I run 25mi/wk. Doctor, please walk or run! Evolution happens…”
-Ted H.

“Happy birthday Prof. Dawkins, hoping you have a great day and are recovering well. You are an inspiration to critical and logical thinkers the world over.”
-David H.

“Thank you for shining your light through the cracks of ignorance.”
-Siebert K.

“Professor Dawkins – You’ve been a hero to me ever since reading The God Delusion. You opened my eyes to the possibility of life without religion and started my 25 year journey leading to my renunciation of religion. Happy 75th birthday and warmest wishes for many more. Also, sincere wishes for a full recovery from your recent stroke.”
-Gary D.

“Happy Birthday ? ? ? Professor Dawkins. You are an inspiration for me, your thoughts and science divulged activities gave me more tools for critical thinking and aspiring more scientific knowledge for social regards. My honest admiration for your work and your front discussion of religious backwardness, and forward atheism is intriguing, specially for the society grounds which Latin American countries has so many negatives odds to face, your work is a candle in the dark (redrawing Carl Sagan title) . Thank you for everything so far. Get your full recovery and stay with us, as your cells considered. ☺ ”
-Narciso N.

“Happy Birthday Richard! Best wishes to you and a sincere “Thank You!!! for helping me to see the truth through your books”!”
-Marshall S.

“Richard, I was introduced to your books via chance meeting and conversation at a pub in California, and my life is so much richer now that it would have been; especially knowing how life actually works. I have joined the cause since then, and have spread the word as much as possible, and often to the point of putting people off. But, that’s the sacrifice we make to fight the ignorance in the world…we must put ourselves out there, and you have been that guiding light. Get well please….do whatever it takes, and more, because the world needs you to stick around a lot longer. I have been active in the San Diego Humanists, Harvard Humanists, and Boston Atheists, and a regular pain in the ass to all things religious whenever I can. I strive and preach reason & science daily. My most sincere thank you….all the best,”
-Dan L.

“happy birthday sir”
-Hydar A.

“Many many returns of the day , the world expects more from you.”
-Arun A.

“Very best wishes, Richard, and hope that you are continuing to make a good recovery.”
-Jeremy C.

“Dear Richard, I am fortunate enough to share the epoch with you. Your books and talks answered most of the questions I have been asking myself since childhood. Thank you for what you are doing for humanity. Happy Birthday and many happy returns of the day!”
-Anil N.

“75 earth years still being a fart in the cosmological wind, I’d say you’ve done a great job making an impact – at least on me! Happy birthday!”
-Dan L.

“Happy Birthday dear Mr. Richard … I’m a big fan of you and read every book of yours I can get my hands on … Hope you will have a great day … Enjoy your birthday and I hope you’ll have many more to come.”
-Jurgen D.

“Happy Birthday and thank you for spreading wisdom of clear evidence-based thought. As a non-practicing Christian (pretending to be a Muslim) growing up in Karachi going to church because it was my English mother’s social anchor, I remember sitting in this grand Protestant church at age 7 or 8 wondering what if this was all bullshit. I continued to think that throughout my life and The God Delusion was the definitive proof I always needed. I’m converting people out of ignorance at every opportunity since. Thank you again and here’s wishing you an awesome 75th birthday.”
-Yousuf M.

“Dear Mr. Dawkins, you have opened a rational window on reality for so many people, gave us vistas of insight and beauty, encouraged us to think critically … many thanks and many more years!”
-Jan T.

“Thank you (from Finland) :-)”
-Klaus C.

“DEAR DR. DAWKINS! First of all please accept my best wishes for your birthday, I really wish you all the best! I am very sorry to hear about your illness and my heart goes out to you, wishing you a speedy recovery. Just don’t give up – at the end everything will be all right, I am sure of it. As it happens, I’m writing this letter to you in time, when lots of people in the world are celebrating Easter. My family is not religious, I was brought up an atheist and since I started following your work and lectures, I became even bigger one. It is not a coincidence that yesterday my husband and I watched “The Unbelievers” and although I try to respect people believes (even if delusional…..), there is one question, that you once asked and is frequently going through my mind: But where is the argument? In one of your talks that I watched you were talking about Islamic religion and with your sharp intelligent English humor you asked: “Come on! I mean, how can you possibly believe that??” Although that always brings a smile to my face, it is a bitter smile. My husband once said that ignorance is the source of evil in the world, and he was very, very right. That pretty much sums it up, why we try to live up to your standards, constantly questioning, seeking for answers and scientific proofs and knowledge in all fields of life, not just in matters of religion, and why we try to use sense in our everyday lives. I am sure, that you know, that this is hard on many occasions, but it is crucial and that is why I believe that I can survive all the atrocities of a lifetime. Pardon my French, but I am sick of all the bullshit I come across just being alive. For me you are one of the greatest scientists alive, I deeply admire your work, your intelligence and your teaching. As a person you are highly moral and worthy of deep respect and I am grateful that I can follow your work via modern means of technology, unfortunately many people can’t. And I finally know the answer to the famous question: if I were to invite one great and famous person to dinner it would be you! With Dr. Lawrence Krauss pouring us wine and joining for dessert…..Live long and prosper! Sincerely, Sabina from Ljubljana, Slovenia.”
-Sabina H.

“Dear Mr. Dawkins, Hopefully you have had a very happy Birthday and have an even better year in good health and “high spirits”coming your way. I sincerely hope your recovery is going well and that you soon, again, will be able to share some enlightened ideas in public, helping the world to get rid of it’s demons and irrationality. Kind regards,”
-Ron P.

“Best wishes x”
-Jeff F.

“Happy birthday, sir. thank you for opening eyes and minds. keep leading the good fight!”
-Joe C.

“Happy Birthday Richard. May there be many more of them. Thanks for your contributions in explaining our existence and wonder of science. In my country it is an uphill battle being a atheist and trying to get people to think with open minds. Happy Birthday again and hope your health has improved after set back.. ”
-Bertie V.

“Happy Birthday! I wish you many more and thank you for all you do to advance a secular society. I am 70, an atheist since my teens, but it is only in recent years that I have become more open and intellectually interested in being godless. Much of that is because of you after I learned about you from your afterword in “A Universe From Nothing”. Many thanks and best wishes.”
-Paul C.

“Hope you are making a full recovery. As a huge supporter of your work, I had been very much looking forward to your appearance in Heidelberg. I hope you will be able to come at a later date. Wishing you above all health and vitality on your birthday.”
-Simon P.

“Professor Dawkins, I’m a couple of days late, but I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and a speedy recovery. I must also take the time to thank you for your life’s work; you singlehandedly made a former religious fanatic who was obsessed with eternal punishment see the light, and as a result my quality of life has exponentially improved. Thank you a thousand times.”
-Abe T.

“Happy Birthday to one of earth’s great minds. A scientific hero who has done incredible work to advance our world and the human race! Happy birthday, Dr. Dawkins!”
-Steven P.

“Many many happy returns of the day.”
-Ayyagari V.

“Happy birthday Richard!”
-Stephen C.

“Dear Richard,
I am glad that you exist
Because I’m an atheist.
Without you I would feel lonely
On a planet of believers only.
Your cause fights hard to gain fame
Because this world is rather insane.
If it wasn’t for your kind
Humanity would remain blind.

As an agnostic I argued on your page
Concern troll number one that ever held stage.
But the spaghetti monster taught me reason
With flying tee kettles a whole season.
Your monster could well be on natures list
But by the creators definition God cannot exist.
I am closer to the self created than any man
As the materialist monist I am.
So I use my connection to the fabric
To send you good vibes with this tactic.

May your life last longer
For reason to grow stronger.

And I wish you happiness in those years.”
-Hanna E.

“Happy Birthday! You have changed my outlook on the world. Thank you.”
-Rick B.

“Happy belated birthday Mr. Dawkins. I have been fascinated with your strength of standing up for your views and the harm that can come from religion. I’m not an atheist, but have my own religion/theory. I’m not scared of being right or wrong, because it doesn’t really matter. I just want you to know that I support secularism for the benefit of all. The truth is the truth so I focus and pray to the Universal Truth, and I’m sure if the concept of truth had consciousness like a human, he/she/it would love you. Happy birthday, thank-you for being brave and standing tall in a world that is frightened that secular people have the power to drill through thick self ego’s to install new software. It is not easy to understand those who close their eyes and put fingers in their ears to avoid brainwashing by the other side. Science as well as thought is best left to be evolutionarily fluid in my opinion.”
-Holly T.

49 comments on “Richard’s 75th birthday messages

  • Happy birthday Richard, my best wishes. I have to admit that I owe my very early interest in science to Carl Sagan, but you sir; are one of the major reasons I decided to become a Biologist. Thank you for that.

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  • 4
    therealclimber says:

    Happy birthday! I learned about you on reddit. I’ve always been an atheist but it was you that inspired me to speak out against the harm that religion can do and to join the movement to bring our society to a higher standard of reason and understanding. Thank you!

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  • 8
    David Schuy says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Professor Dawkins! And may you have many more!
    I want to thank you sincerely. For all that you give to the public.
    I admire you very much. Both professionally and personally. You are my intellectual hero. On many days I watch lectures of you and I read your books again and again. It makes me so happy and gives me so much. Your books are the best that I know. Unfortunately I do not have the best health.
    But if I am thinking about the universe and especially evolution, when I read about the river of DNA, that flows through the generations and branches to form our temporary bodies, the throwaway vehicles, then it inspires me with awe. Thanks to science.
    You once said that some people perceive your worldview as bleak and cold. But I find it exciting and thrilling. It’s the truth. And the real truth is so much more poetic than any myth or religious story.
    Professor Dawkins. You have opened our eyes for the truth and the true beauty, elegance and magic of the universe.

    Best regards
    David Schuy

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  • A very happy birthday, Professor Dawkins! Thank you so very much for being such a wonderful champion of reason and enlightenment for so many years. Have a smashing birthday, full of good cheer and wish fulfilment! Most of all, hope your recovery takes you back to full good health very soon!

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  • prof dawkins , it is your birthday today, and I just want to tell you how special you are for me. i live in iran with people with superstitious beliefs and your books and idea change my life . thank you and happy birthday

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  • Happy birthday, Richard. I hope you are feeling much better and are still enjoying all the books and videos you don’t normally have time for. We miss you and want you back fighting fit very soon.

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  • Hi!

    Well I have an hour to go before this message is sent too late, as it were. (Never too late to wish someone well.)

    Don’t know if you remember but I sent you a message in April 2015 about how I discovered you while I was assisting in my dying father’s care You replied to that message, and I cherish the reply. My opinion of you has not changed. You are a very valuable man. a great communicator, a splendid writer, a man of wit, compassion, a truly wonderful man. I wish I could say it better but I am a bit under the weather right now. I hope you are doing well.

    Allow me to recommend a novel that I think you would enjoy: Before Adam (1906-7), by the extraordinary Jack London. “Tormented by a succession of dreams , a young American boy is faced with the strange truth that his consciousness has become intertwined with that of Big Tooth, his Mid-Pleistocene ancestor.”

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  • Happy Birthday Dear Richard,

    Thank you for being there, for schedding some light on the shadows of most people’s understanding boundaries and for your enormous talent of explaining difficult subjects so that they no longer remain difficult! Live many more years in good health!

    So sorry for being late with birthday wishes for you. But yesterday I jumped the border with Oman and went up the Hajar mountains to search for fossilized remnants of marine life with my 5 and 7 y.o. children somewhere like 1800metres above the sea level. We found some amazing fossils and children were thrilled to play archeologists. The only reason I mention this is because you are the one very big reason why I treat my children to this kind of fun. Thank you for this. And hopefully in some twenty-thirty years they will be able to say thank to you too.
    Lots of love from Emirates, professor Dawkins!

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  • Happy birthday dear Richard,

    Thank you for everything! You changed my life and showed me the Importance of reason! You are such an inspiration.
    I hope you are feeling better and I am looking forward hearing you speak at the reason rally this year!

    Lots of love from Norway

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  • Sorry for being a little late, but it is better than never.
    Have a very happy and wonderful birthday, Dr. Dawkins. You have been an inspiration to many, including myself. The quest for reason in this world is never ending, and having you around is great. Hope you have many more years, for the enlightenment of all. Best regards.

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  • 26
    aroundtown says:

    The old saying is applicable here, better late than never. Still want to wish you a happy birthday Richard and wish you the best. Take care

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  • I hope I see you hit 100. Of course, that may be a bit selfish because that would mean I make it to 94 which, given my lifestyle, would be a real stretch.

    Enjoy your day- there’s no overestimating what your talks and writings have meant to me.

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  • 35
    rcrothert says:

    Happy Birthday from Woodville, OH! I hope you have a great day! Thanks for teaching us to shine light of science in the dark of unreason. Your work is inspiring! Cheers!

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  • Happy Birthday Professor Dawkins! And may you have many many many more birthday to come!
    May you stay young and healthy for the world!!

    I doubt you’re going to read this but nevertheless, I want to thank you for everything you’ve done, you made a difference to countless of people including myself! I live in a country where fundamentalism is thick, country where reasons and freedom of voice being suppressed and your works just like an oasis in the desert.

    Love from Indonesia…

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  • Happy birthday professor Dawkins.

    I enjoy reading your articles and books, as well as watching your documentaries and debates.
    You have influenced my way of thinking about the Natural world. Yesterday, I read an article you wrote by the title of Intelligent Aliens. The analogy of the engineers waste basket, brought a smile to my face, because it painted a clear visual of how evolution works.

    Thank you for your great contributions and dedication to the discovery and spread of truth. Much love.
    – Alexi

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