Saudi Arabia sentences a man to 10 years in prison and 2,000 lashes for expressing his atheism on Twitter

Mar 1, 2016

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By Ashley Cowburn

A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced a man to 10 years in prison and 2,000 lashes for expressing his atheism in hundreds of social media posts.

The report carried in Al-Watan says the 28-year-old man admitted to being an atheist and refused to repent, saying that what he wrote reflected his own beliefs and that he had the right to express them. The report did not name the man.

It added that ‘religious police’ in charge of monitoring social networks found more than 600 tweets denying the existence of God, ridiculing the Quranic verses, accusing all prophets of lies and saying their teaching fuelled hostilities. The court also fined him 20,000 riyals – or, just short of £4,000.

In 2014 the oil-rich kingdom, under the late Saudi King Abdullah, introduced a series of new laws which defined atheists as terrorists, according to a report released from Human Rights Watch.

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10 comments on “Saudi Arabia sentences a man to 10 years in prison and 2,000 lashes for expressing his atheism on Twitter

  • What a quaint little country, if it was not for their oil they wold be ignored.
    unfortunately, the west, by supporting the Saudi regime, also indirectly supports the abhorrent wahabbism it exports to the world.

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  • 3
    NearlyNakedApe says:

    Another good reason for Apple refusing to write software to break the encryption of Iphones… Just imagine how many people would be jailed, tortured and executed in Saudi Arabia if the Saudi government got their hands on that software. With all the money and influence they have in the US, it would only be a matter of time before they did.

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  • 4
    breezing says:

    Its about time for the western people and all Arab people to stand and raise the voice in the face of their Governments to shut the embassies of the Al Saud terrorist regime. Until this happens, we are all to be blamed for helping this family continue with their atrocities and spreading the terror globally.

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  • Meanwhile – there are the usual benefits of the “religion of peace” elsewhere!

    Moscow child beheading: Uzbek nanny says ‘ordered by Allah’

    .A nanny in Russia accused of murdering and then decapitating a little girl in her care has said that “Allah ordered” her to carry out the act.

    Gulchekhra Bobokulova, a 38-year-old mother of three, spoke to reporters on her way into a Moscow court.

    Bobokulova, a Muslim and a citizen of Uzbekistan, also replied “yes” when asked if she accepted her guilt.

    CCTV appeared to show her, dressed in a hijab, walking near a metro station with a head in her hands.

    Russian media reported that she pulled the head out of a bag and began screaming that she would blow herself up after a police officer asked to see her identity documents.

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  • For those wondering about the funding of terrorism:
    Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden left a personal fortune of around $29m (£21m) after his death in a raid in 2011, his will shows.

    Of course compared to the rest of his family this is tiny!
    The bin Laden family (Arabic: بن لادن‎, bin Lādin), also spelled bin Ladin, is a wealthy family intimately connected with the innermost circles of the Saudi royal family. The family was thrown into the media spotlight through the activities of one of its members, Osama bin Laden, the former head of Al Qaeda, the terrorist group responsible for the September 11, 2001 terror attacks on US government and commercial buildings. The financial interests of the bin Laden family are represented by the Saudi Binladin Group, a global oil and equity management conglomerate grossing US$2 billion annually, and the largest construction firm in the world, with offices in London, Dubai, and Geneva.

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  • The brutality is not confined within its own borders!

    The UN human rights chief has accused the Saudi-led coalition of causing twice as many civilian casualties as all the other forces fighting in Yemen.

    Zeid Raad Al Hussein condemned “the repeated failure” of the coalition to prevent repeated deadly incidents.

    He said air strikes had caused almost the coalition’s civilian casualties.

    More than 6,000 people, about half of them civilians, have been killed since Saudi Arabia launched a multi-national campaign against rebels in March 2015.

    Saudi Arabia has denied causing large-scale civilian deaths, saying it is making every effort to avoid hitting civilian targets.

    Mr Hussein’s comments come three days after some 106 civilians were killed in what medics and witnesses said was an air strike on a market in Mastaba, north-west Yemen, in one of the deadliest incidents of the war.

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