2 comments on “Taking Richard’s Allusions: Poetic footnotes to Brief Candle in the Dark

  • As I age and blank on names,
    As my uncertainty on stairs
    Is more and more lightheadedness

    Of a cabin boy’s first time on the rigging,
    As the memorable bottoms out
    Into the irretrievable,

    It’s not that I can’t imagine still
    That slight untoward rupture and world-tilt
    As a wind freshened and the anchor weighed.

    from In The Attic
    by Seamus Heaney

    reminds me of Darwin (and yourself)

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    maria melo says:

    I feel incredibly lucky for listening to RD recitation of these poems that inspired him and his poem which I don´t know and I feel quite ignorant for not knowing the poem at the end of his book I didn´t buy yet. So, a brief candle in the dark is inspired in a Shakespeare poem , sorry for my ignorance.
    I feel now really inspired to buy the book to read the poem at the end. (of course, the entire book too).

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