The Darwin Day Lecture 2016, with Jerry Coyne | Evolution and atheism: best friends forever?

Mar 4, 2016

A packed auditorium of almost 1,000 people attended the Darwin Day Lecture 2016 in London on 12 February, which was presented by Professor Jerry Coyne, author of Why Evolution is True and Faith vs Fact. The lecture explored whether comprehension of evolution was inimical to religious belief. It was chaired by British Humanist Association Patrons Professor Steve Jones and Professor Alice Roberts.

7 comments on “The Darwin Day Lecture 2016, with Jerry Coyne | Evolution and atheism: best friends forever?

  • Jerry, I don’t think the word “moron” is pc.
    In fact Moroni was or is the “god” of the mormons.
    And the followers of Moroni are referred to as,,,,,,,,,,,,,well, you know……………………

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  • I thought the same thing about the new horseman (mkoebler above)! A great talk, and he’s moving the dialogue in the correct direction. He just needs to slow down a bit and not look at his watch as often. Can’t wait to read his new book.

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  • 4
    maria melo says:

    I guess sociological problems are still the same whether it focus on “eastern” or “western” coutries (Darwin in his authobiography confessed he ´didn´t think he would be an innate good person, so he would of course value nurture). People may have great superstitions or slight superstitions, they may be more or less tolerant toward other cultures, but that´s the same basic human nature and we should really care, and care more for those who need a change. The “efficient countries” don´t show the lowest rate for racism for instance, why is that so, I wonder.
    Well, we should really care for those that need to change for better, even to invest in education (as Israel does to minimize intolerance from early age).

    Those are still sociological challenges coming from the very same human nature, and I tend not to resume it so much to “materialistic” conditions.

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  • I wondered about two related questions….. (1) what is the relationship between the empowerment of women, and the religiosity of a society ? I think there are agreed-upon ways to check for this, and see what effects micro-finance programs might have…..and (2) has any tried to show the governing bodies of highly religious countries where they fit on some of the scales he presented. One can imagine comparing religiosity to societal happiness. to GDP, to other things that describe a modern society. If I were in government of a country whose economy was based almost substantially on fossil fuel. I would be formulating a Plan B for when the oil runs out.

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