Atheist Student Murdered by Islamists in Bangladesh, Center for Inquiry Demands Action

Apr 7, 2016

Photo credit: AP

By Center for Inquiry

The Center for Inquiry is saddened and outraged to learn that a university student in Bangladesh has been killed in an attack by suspected Islamic extremists. Najimuddin Samad, a 28-year-old law student at Jagannath University, was hacked to death and shot by several assailants as he was returning home from classes last night. CFI, which has been working to rescue secularists in Bangladesh who have been targeted for killing, demanded that the Bangladeshi government take affirmative steps to protect its people and their right to criticize Islam.

It has been reported that the killers chanted “Allahu Akbar” as they hacked Samad with machetes. CFI can confirm that Samad was an atheist, as well as an activist who advocated for secularism and criticized radical Islam. This is the first such attack of 2016, following a spasm of murders in 2015 that began with Bangladeshi-American secular activist Avijit Roy, a friend and ally of the Center for Inquiry in the fight to defend free expression around the world, and which has also impacted Hindu, Christian, and Shia minorities.

“It is both heartbreaking and maddening to think that this bright and passionate young student, with his whole life ahead of him, was so brutally and callously murdered, almost certainly by Islamic extremists, all because he spoke out for secularism and reason. All of us at the Center for Inquiry extend our deepest condolences to his friends and family,” said Michael De Dora, CFI’s director of public policy and main representative to the United Nations.

Samad had been organizing campaigns for secularism on Facebook, and a day before the murder, Samad posted about his concerns over the “deterioration of law and order” in the country, calling it a “public disgrace.”

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2 comments on “Atheist Student Murdered by Islamists in Bangladesh, Center for Inquiry Demands Action

  • The Bangladesh government must publicly and forcefully defend the universal human rights to freedom of religion, belief, and expression, fully investigate and prosecute these crimes, and show that attacks on individuals based on their beliefs or expressions will not be tolerated.”

    It is good of the CFI to put the pressure on these people but until there is change there will be no change. A government that is a theocracy, de facto or de jure, will do little to upset their power base, insane religious dogmatists. Until there is that change for the freedoms mentioned above these murders will continue not only unabated but secretly ( or not so secretly ) applauded.

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  • 2
    bonnie2 says:

    Is there a ribbon or symbol to show support / solidarity? In the interim, a virtual black ribbon I wear.

    Interesting to see the demonstrators, and televised no less. I suppose this re-opens a can of worms (connected to comments on other threads). I.e., latte sipping non-believers vs. “mad as hell not going to take this”.

    At fevered pitch critical mass of the whole mess, which will come last, the chicken or the egg.

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