UK warns gay travellers about US anti-LGBT laws

Apr 26, 2016

By BBC News

The UK government has warned gay and transgender travellers to be careful in the US due to legislation in North Carolina and Mississippi.

“The US is an extremely diverse society and attitudes toward LGBT people differ hugely across the country,” a travel advisory from the UK reads.

Newly passed laws in both states allow businesses to refuse service to LGBT people.

The advisory comes from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

In North Carolina, legislation passed by Governor Pat McCrory invalidates previously passed legislation from Charlotte, that state’s largest city, that enacted LGBT protections.

His new law states that transgender people must use public bathrooms according to the gender on their birth certificates. Mississippi’s law has a similar bathroom provision and also protects dozens of forms of businesses and services from being prosecuted by the government for refusing to serve LGBT people.

It is “both frightening and embarrassing that one of our nation’s staunchest allies has warned its citizens of the risks” of travelling to the US, said Ty Cobb of the Human Rights Campaign.

“It is now more clear than ever that these terrible measures are not only harming individuals and taking an economic toll on the states, but are also causing serious damage to our nation’s reputation, and the perceived safety of LGBT people who travel here.”

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8 comments on “UK warns gay travellers about US anti-LGBT laws

  • When a country like America is subject to travel warnings from Western allies, its probably a wake up call that somethings have gone awry. I think this is yet more evidence that America has isolated itself from the rest of the world since WW2, when it was top dog and didn’t need to listen to anyone.

    Meanwhile around the rest of the civilized world, LGBTI issues have been sorted out and found to be non issues. A compounding factor in this story is the persistence of strong christian religious dogma, which again has dissipated in the rest of the civilized world. Combine these two issues, self righteous religious people with a closed mind to LGBTI issues and science and you get uncivilized and crazy laws like this one, which pose a threat to LGBTI people who tour these states.

    A warming properly issued for all the right reasons.

    America needs to rapidly catch up with what is now the civilized baseline for free western democracies.

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  • David R Allen
    I liked your comment but I think the religious dogma is not just a compounding factor it the by far and a way the main source of the bigotry and justification for it. It’s no coincidence that these laws are being enacted in the south – home to evangelical president hopeful Ted Cruz who recently shook the hands of a man who he had watched moments earlier call for for gay people to be executed.
    Not that this is confined to evangelical christianity – you can see similar attitudes in the eastern orthodox church of Russia, much of Africa and most Islamic states. The poison that creates this mindset is as ever religion. The justification for persecution since time immemorial.

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  • “The US is an extremely diverse society….”

    What a totally weird way to excuse the knuckle-draggers causing the stupid warning in the first place!!
    Bigotry and ignorance are most definitely NOT “diversity”. Good grief, the haters are getting a pass– again!

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  • 5
    AnotherEvolvedApe says:


    I think that you are inserting a different definition of the word “diverse” used in the article. The meaning the article is using simply implies that there are a variety of views on the subject which includes those of fuckwitt bigots.

    So hopefully this doesn’t mean that the US is getting a pass. In fact, a lot of Americans are trying to fight against this insane law.

    Also, as crazy as it may be, freedom of political views and a free enough democracy allows for this kind of unfortunate outcome. 🙁

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  • The vast majority of Mississippians did not and do not support this fetid legislation (HB1523). If anyone thinks these politicians are simply “knuckle-draggers” and “fuckwitts” then they have no idea what we’re up against. Like Ted Cruz, many of them have the finest education money can buy, sociopolitical ties that give them every advantage in life, and unmatched economic resources. Their religion is a well adapted cover for ruthless self-interest.

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