Rampant religious persecution against atheists

May 5, 2016

By Robert P. George and Hannah Rosenthal

Should it be a crime to deny the existence of God?

In the Russian city of Stavropol, Viktor Krasnov, a 38-year-old man, faces trial, charged with publicly insulting Orthodox Church believers by supporting atheism in social media. For proclaiming in a heated Internet exchange “there is no God,” Krasnov was confined for a month to a local hospital for psychiatric evaluation. If convicted under Russia’s blasphemy law, enacted in 2013 and making it illegal to “insult the religious convictions or feelings of citizens,” he may spend up to a year in prison.

During the Soviet era, Russia infamously held people in psychiatric wards and put them on trial, not for denying a deity, but affirming one. Either way, such punishment violates the universal human right of freedom of religion or belief. This fundamental liberty includes the right to believe or not to believe and live one’s life accordingly.

Russia, however, is not the only country where atheists face punishment. As noted in country chapters of its Annual Report, released on Monday, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), on which we serve, has found no shortage of nations that perpetrate or permit their persecution. It is time for our country to shine a powerful spotlight on these abuses.

In February of this year, a court in Saudi Arabia sentenced a 28-year-old man to 10 years in prison, 2,000 lashes and a $5,330 fine for posting tweets favoring atheism. A Saudi court also overturned a death sentence delivered to poet and artist Ashraf Fayadh for “spreading atheism” but re-sentenced him to eight years in prison and 800 lashes. Under Saudi Interior Ministry regulations introduced in 2014, it is considered a terrorist act “to call … for atheist thought in any form.”

That same month, an Egyptian court convicted Mustafa Abdel-Nabi in absentia and handed him a three-year prison term for blasphemy for atheistic postings on his Facebook page. In 2015, a blogger from Ismailia, Sherif Gaber, was sentenced to one year of hard labor in prison for discussing his atheist views on Facebook; he is in hiding. That same year, atheist student Karim al-Banna received a three-year prison term for blasphemy because a court found his Facebook posts to “belittle the divine.” These cases are part of a recent upsurge in blasphemy charges against atheists. In addition, over the past two years, Egypt’s Ministries of Religious Endowments and Sports and Youth co-sponsored a national campaign to combat atheism among Egyptian youth.

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7 comments on “Rampant religious persecution against atheists

  • There is only one TRUE GOD ! Dionysus, Greek god of wine ! He puts Jesus’ miracle at the wedding into the lower divisions !

    But of course most religios have no sense of humour, and little sense of the joy of life. Their effing beliefs offend my intelligence, but should they be sent to jail for that ? Ex KGB man Putin shows his true colours in cosying up with the Russian Orthodox Church. But then power and the seeking of it, are nearly always accompanied by priests of one sort or another.

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  • @OP – In addition, over the past two years, Egypt’s Ministries of Religious Endowments and Sports and Youth co-sponsored a national campaign to combat atheism among Egyptian youth.

    The Spanish used to have one of those ministries which propagated their favourite inquisitorial sports of witch and heretic burning!

    Stonings are also a well known “religious sport”!

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  • Sadly, as the actual Brazilian president is undergoing an impeachment, the putative new president is choosing his ministers. The strongest candidate for the ministery of SCIENCE and TECNOLOGY is a priest of some kind who preaches criacionism. He claims that his beliefs will not interfere with the way he runs the office. Internal pressure from the scientific community is not working. May be some international complains about how stupid it is to put an acephalous fairy tails believer to control the Brazilian science budget for the next 2 years might help our politicians to “see the light”.

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  • To MRDarcy #2:

    There is only one TRUE GOD ! Dionysus, Greek god of wine !

    Right on target!! We had a group that went to a local Renaissance faire called “The Order of Dionysus” and we had a great time. We of course never believed that Dionysus was real, just a fun philosophy to follow in our faire adventures. A much better preoccupation of our time than the silly rituals of the RCC or any other religious group.

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