Short Answers to Your Good Questions About Black Holes

Jun 16, 2016

By Dennis Overbye

Many of you asked questions about black holes so profound and clever I couldn’t even start to answer them.

Quite a few readers wanted to know what happens at the center of a black hole. Is there a wormhole to another space and time, another universe, another big bang, other dimensions? The short honest answer is that nobody knows. We have no accepted theory of quantum gravity, and that is needed to explain what happens when gravity is very intense and the distances are very short, as in a black hole or the Big Bang. According to Albert Einstein’s classical equations of general relativity, the density of matter and energy becomes infinite under such circumstances, but the appearance of infinity in scientific calculations is usually a sign that something is being missed. That’s why the work of theorists goes on.

In the meantime you are free to imagine anything. And here are some of the great questions I was able to answer.

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  • I have a question about black holes that has been rattling around in my head.
    If black holes will break us down into individual atoms, why do we think a worm hole won’t act the same way?

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