From Orlando to Bangladesh, A Blood-Soaked Ramadan

Jul 2, 2016

By Maajid Nawaz

A terrorist hostage situation involving foreigners is incredibly rare, if not unprecedented, in Bangladesh. Friday night an organized attack unfolded in the capital city Dhaka, involving six gunmen and the deaths of seven or more of the twenty hostages taken.

According to families of the victims, the terrorists spared those who could recite the Quran but tortured those hostages who could not. Chillingly, by 11:00 p.m. the terrorists were said to be “done with the foreigners” in this way.

While the dead from the Istanbul attack are still being buried, ISIS has claimed responsibility for this latest atrocity in Bangladesh. As has become habit, Bangladesh’s government has cast doubt on this claim without offering another explanation.

This is no less than ISIS promised. In a statement made prior to the beginning of the month of Ramadan, ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani incited his followers across the world to take advantage of the “blessings” of attacking in this holy month. Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Turkey and of course Orlando in the U.S.

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3 comments on “From Orlando to Bangladesh, A Blood-Soaked Ramadan

  • We are almost powerless against suicide terrorists. They can attack anywhere anytime. If this keeps up, we may see more and more drastic counter measures:

    electronic noses that can detect the smell of explosives or gun powder in minute quantities.
    guards stationed in pillboxes to rapidly dispatch terrorists before they can more than a person or two.
    huge rewards for information about terrorists including witness protection for the extended family in a foreign country.
    a long distance metal detector.
    areas like airports where you must be searched to get in.

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  • This is the third or fourth article from the always-stylishly-dressed Mr. Nawaz that I have read on this website on the subject of terrorism. I am not impressed. He has said absolutely nothing controversial, once again – just some banal, objective reporting, which I can get on CBS news. I am not saying that he has done nothing constructive elsewhere; but if these article are a reflection of his approach and his efforts, then I give him the LIP award for being Luke-warm, Ineffectual and Pusillanimous.

    On the other hand, maybe he will inspire Muslims who can’t make up their minds, to get off the fence and condemn (his favorite word) ISIS. That would be good.

    Bring back Jaclyn Glenn.

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  • My comment above is a bit harsh. The article is somewhat informative, but why would a man as intelligent as Mr. Nawaz refer to Ramadan as an actual holy month and refer to Muhammad as an actual prophet? I don’t mean to pick on Mr. Nawaz; this question applies to all educated people who happened to be born into a Muslim family: why?

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