ISIS Seems to Tailor Attacks for Different Audiences

Jul 5, 2016

By Rukmini Callimachi

The first to be killed was a jogger, gunned down last September during his daily run in the leafy diplomatic quarter of Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka. He was identified as a 50-year-old Italian aid worker, and the police say the men who murdered him had been given instructions to kill a white foreigner at random.

In October, a Japanese man was killed. In November, gunmen riding a motorcycle pulled alongside a Catholic priest in northern Bangladesh and opened fire, wounding him.

For the Islamic State terrorist group, which broadly advised operatives it sent to Europe to kill “anyone and everyone,” the group’s tactics in Bangladesh have seemed more controlled. In the past nine months, it has claimed 19 attacks in the South Asian country, nearly all of them targeted assassinations singling out religious minorities and foreigners. They included hacking to death a Hindu man, stabbing to death a Shiite preacher, murdering a Muslim villager who had been accused of converting to Christianity and sending suicide bombers into Shiite mosques.

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12 comments on “ISIS Seems to Tailor Attacks for Different Audiences

  • The ISIS-inspired attackers themselves claim to murder defenseless persons in the name of their religion. They shout “God is great!” as they detonate suicide bombs. They shame their religion by their pointless cruelty. Many supporters of religion—including but not limited to Islam—attempt to claim all the good works associated with their practice, but illogically deny any evil these ideas cause. Belief evidently breeds denial and self-deception; criticism of such thinking is not the result of a phobia.

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  • It matters nothing what names these ‘extremist’ groups go by. They sprout and multiply ad nauseam but the ONE thing they have in common [that is not to be mentioned] is the ideology of Islam as defined in Koran, ahadith and Sunnah of the Prophet. Mass murder follows the example of ‘Al Insan al Kamil’– The origin of this concept is derived from the Quran and Hadith. As mentioned in Ibn Arabi’s Fusus Al-Hikam, “Muhammad’s wisdom is uniqueness (fardiya) because he is the most perfect existent creature of this human species.
    HOW can such pearls of wisdom ‘sent down’ to Muhammad via the angel Jibreel/ Gabriel as “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them” or “The unbelievers are the worst of peoples in the eyes of Allah” be justified by other more conciliatory verses??

    Nothing has changed in 14 centuries of Islamic thought. Nor can it.

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  • “Please all you ISLAMOPHOBES, these attacks [like the 28,766 documented ones since 911] have NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM!”


    You make a good point.Kings College, London, records every jihadist outrage and recorded 554 in November 2014 alone. How do we stop these atrocities which mostly kill innocent muslims?

    We had a similar Sunni/Shia confrontation with civil wars in Europe between catholics and protestants but now most of western europeans have NO POSITION wrt god. Only one in sixty Brits goes to church.

    How do you rid a person of the barbed Abramic hook? Submission/Islam.

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  • That’s the 1.6 Billion dollar question, David. The WWW has opened Islam to scrutiny somewhat similarly to Gutenberg’s printing press when Christianity was wrenched from the Latin-speaking priesthood BUT the koran being understandable in Arabic, spoken by only 10% of Muslims is a harder nut to crack. Ignorance and gullibility are the foundations of the Religion of Peace so the chances of mass conversion of Pakistani, Afghan and African peasants is negligible. Education will take centuries to get to such people.
    I believe the imams and mullahs must be attacked and discredited as a start but to do this Western liberal/progressive pandering and lies must also be exposed. Obama and his cohorts all over the ‘civilised’ world are as guilty as Taliban, Daesh, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and all the other idiot regimes.

    Islam needs a MASSIVE wake-up call. Maybe just like Imperial Japan had…

    PS- years ago we had on this site a lady Islamic sympathiser who informed me there was no such thing as ‘taqiyya’. I hope she has educated herself about Islam. She no longer comments here…

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  • Olgun #7
    Jul 7, 2016 at 3:47 am

    Chilcot report says Blaire went to war on conviction not malice!

    That’s diplomatic language for; “Blair went to war on delusion and wish-thinking!
    Egotism, assumption and pandering to (God told me to do it) Bush, seem to have also played a large part.

    This is just making an evidence based statement on what many of us already knew while the hard evidence remained hidden.

    Ironically, not only was (no longer in the closet Catholic) Blair a UN middle east “Peace Envoy”, but from his generated £biilions, he has set up a “faith foundation” posing as an “expert” on the deleterious effects of religious thinking!!!!
    We provide practical support to counter religious conflict and extremism in order to promote open-minded and stable societies.

    Another one who talks the talk while in self-delusion, but fails abysmally at walking the walk!

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  • Olgun #7
    Jul 7, 2016 at 3:47 am

    Chilcot report says Blaire went to war on conviction not malice!

    I think this latest news confirms his delusional thinking!
    He cannot even accept the nature of the disaster he and Bush created, with the benefit of hindsight!

    Tony Blair says the world would be “in a worse position” had he not taken the decision to invade Iraq.

    The former PM said despite the “terrible consequences”, removing Saddam Hussein “moved with the grain” of what was to come in the region.

    He also said it would be “far better” for him to have challenged the intelligence reports he received.

    The official inquiry into the 2003 war made a number of criticisms of Mr Blair’s government.

    Sir John Chilcot’s report, published on Wednesday, said it overstated the threat posed by Saddam Hussein, sent ill-prepared troops into battle and had “wholly inadequate” plans for the aftermath.

    It is likely that Blair’s personal finances would be in a worse position if he had not taken the decision to invade Iraq, but that is not quite the same as looking at the interests of the millions of people whose lives have been torn apart!

    If historians report on recent events, are they politicians?

    Reputable historians usually try to find objective evidence!
    Politicians and journalists – not so much!

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  • Only a politician without a scintilla of knowledge about history could have made such a blinder of a mistake; but it takes two ignoramuses in tandem to pull off something this monumentally stupid.

    And to make things worse, they were both surrounded by experts in the fields deblomacy, history, military strategy, and law, both national and international, all of whose advice they appear to have wilfully ignored.

    Essentially, Parliament was bypassed at the time of the invasion of Iraq, and it has just been bypassed again with the EU referendum; the only thing of any value that could come out of this is the lesson to never, ever, bypass Parliament again; to do so could well result in dictatorship.

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  • ISIS Seems to Tailor Attacks for Different Audiences.

    True; viruses mutate to survive; and they will do so if the immune system of their host has become weakened by abuse or neglect.

    The adage ‘Use it or lose it’ applies across the board, from genetic to national constitutions.

    The price of maintaining the strength of both is ‘Constant vigilance’; although the lazy option, sometimes, cliches are shorthand for the truth.

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