Meanwhile, in Outer Space

Jul 21, 2016

By Adrienne LaFrance

If humans paused to marvel at each of the technological miracles that shape our understanding of the universe in 2016, we would be in a constant state of stupefied wonder.

Instead, most of us are able to go about our lives accepting but perhaps not dwelling on the fact that, for example, a bunch of intelligent mammals on a watery planet recently sent a spacecraft hundreds of millions of miles into the blackness of the outer solar system and captured 1,300 photographs of Jupiter and its moons. (And that’s not even the most impressive thing about the Juno mission.)

On Monday, NASA announced it had made all of these photographs available for anyone to download.

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3 comments on “Meanwhile, in Outer Space

  • Meanwhile, in Outer Space.

    I always find the term “outer-space” dubious!

    The “Outer Solar System” is a much better description!

    The “Jovian System” is more specific to the 4 giant planets – 2 gas-giants and 2 ice-giants.

    Jupiter and its diverse resonant moons is almost like a mini-solar system.

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  • the motion of Nature’s harmony (video)

    Wow, how cool is this, made from Juno’s stills; nothing against Vangelis, but I would use ‘Gayane Suite – Adagio’.

    @ #1

    Maybe she’s thinking of a line from ‘The Right Stuff’ – well, if it’s been it outer space!

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  • @OP – Meanwhile, in Outer Space.

    outer space
    First Known Use of outer space – 1879

    Definition of outer space for Students

    the region beyond earth’s atmosphere and especially beyond the solar system

    In scientific terms this definition is so vague as to to be useless and confusing!

    Earth’s atmosphere simply thins as it goes out in the magnetosphere, while the Solar atmosphere goes all the way out to the Heliopause.

    Interplanetary space? inter stellar space, inter-galactic space?

    The term “outer space” is simply from very dated science-fiction, and from those whose understanding of astronomy is sooo out of date!

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