To France From Israel: Lessons on Living With Terror

Jul 21, 2016


For many Israelis, the horrifying images of a truck plowing through crowds for more than a mile in the French resort town of Nice struck a macabrely familiar chord.

“We had tractors!” said Ami Zini, 49, who runs a boutique on the shopping street of the leafy German Colony neighborhood of Jerusalem. “One of them flipped over a bus with its bucket.”

He was referring to a 2014 attack, by a Palestinian resident of the city, that killed an Israeli pedestrian. Nice was an even more direct, if far deadlier, echo of a 2011 rampage in which an Arab-Israeli man’s truck barreled down a Tel Aviv street for a mile, killing one and wounding 17.

These followed a spate of attacks with heavy construction vehicles and cars as weapons in 2008. And since October, according to Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic security agency, at least 32 Palestinians have rammed vehicles into people at bus stops, intersections and military checkpoints.

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7 comments on “To France From Israel: Lessons on Living With Terror

  • He also suggested that the French police were complacent, referring to news reports that the driver in Nice had told officers he was delivering ice cream. “If the driver says he has ice cream, open the truck and check if he has ice cream,” Mr. Perry said.

    Any conformation of this? Seems a rather large truck to deliver ice cream.

    Regardless, I don’t think any Western democracy will ramp up security to the level seen in Israel.

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  • I don’t want to seem churlish, and life in Israel must be terrible for everyone, but don’t they understand that if they were less revanchist, less violent in their responses, more conciliatory to their neighbours, more respecting of the mutual humanity which they share with the Arabs, and above all, if they would try to recognise, understand and atone for the wrong which they did, and continue to do, to the Palestinians, perhaps over time, the unending cycle of outrage, suppression and revenge, might begin to unwind.

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  • eejit

    I don’t your comment was churlish. It seems pretty straightforward that they could have done the right thing decades ago and set up the two state solution according to the UN but they had to keep grabbing land, scuttling the negotiations, establishing illegal settlements and treating the Palestinians as less than dogs.

    Check the UN voting record on Israeli human rights violations and you’ll have the explanation of why that part of the world hates the UN and considers it to be a tool of the US as it allows zionist Israelis carte blanche to continue their atrocities. The USA blocks every measure that criticizes Israel. This is disgusting.

    Sure they have a killer security force! If someone wants to steal a whole country away from another people then I guess they’ll need a bunch of psychopaths in government and an army of young people who are indoctrinated to believe that their God wants them to murder the dirty, less than human indigenous inhabitants that are in their way. That’ll be the day that I ever admire the security of Israel. Never.

    Everything that Israel has done to the Palestinians is being used to recruit mass numbers of bitter young people to fight against the Western states that have sheltered Israel as it wreaks havoc on their fellow Muslims. Their religion lays out a well defined roadmap to how revenge should be taken. A perfect storm.

    I want to say that the behavior in the past decades of the state of Israel is NOT in the best interests of their Muslim victims and it is also NOT in the best interests of the Israeli Jews and I fear that Jews in other countries will be adversely affected too. I don’t want any of that to happen.

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  • The Israelis treat the Palestinians as if the Palestinians were ghetto Jews. Irony of ironies.

    “You know, the older you get, the more you begin to depend upon irony as the last human element you can rely on. Whatever exists will, sooner or later, be turned inside out.” —Norman Mailer

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  • No surprises that there is a change of preaching when chickens come home to roost! – Even if continuing to face in all directs at once!

    The Vatican appears to have toned down criticism of Polish politicians’ views of migrants ahead of a Papal visit.

    A Polish bishops’ spokesman had blamed “inappropriate” political discourse for creating an “artificial fear of Muslims” in the country, according to a report in La Stampa newspaper.

    But the remarks later appeared to have been removed from the Vatican website.

    Pope Francis is to speak in Krakow, a day after Islamist extremists murdered a Catholic priest in France.

    His support for migrants has put him at odds with Poland’s anti-immigrant right-wing government, which has refused to take part in an EU deal to take in refugees, citing security reasons.

    In the Vatican statement, released on 23 July, Fr Pawel Rytel-Andrianik said “great fears” existed in “ethnically homogenous” Poland, where the concept of immigration was “new, different and strange”.

    “Unfortunately these fears are fuelled by some political parties, and inappropriate statements made by politicians. There is an artificially created fear of Muslims, understandable indeed in some ways (because of terrorist attacks),” La Stampa reported him as saying in remarks that have since been removed.

    “Poland borders Germany, which has a large Muslim population, and on the border they do not run some regular checks,” he added.

    The pontiff is in Poland to attend World Youth Day, an event that is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of people.

    He has already voiced “pain and horror” at the “barbaric killing” of French priest Jacques Hamel in Normandy and is set to use his address in Krakow to condemn religious violence and the persecution of Christians while also warning Europe not to fall prey to xenophobia.

    Poland is deploying over 40,000 security personnel for the visit.

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  • @OP – To France From Israel: Lessons on Living With Terror

    Perhaps some other countries could use some lessons from Britain in capturing attackers and bringing them to trial!

    A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a US citizen was killed and five other people were injured in a knife attack in central London.

    Police believe the attack in Russell Square on Wednesday was “spontaneous”, with victims “selected at random”.

    The woman who died was thought to be in her 60s. The injured people were from Britain, America, Israel and Australia.

    Police arrested a 19-year-old Norwegian national of Somali origin. They say there is no evidence of radicalisation.

    The Met Police’s assistant commissioner for specialist operations, Mark Rowley, said the investigation was increasingly pointing to the attack being “triggered by mental health issues”.

    Armed police were called to the square shortly after 22:30 BST on Wednesday after receiving reports of a man attacking people with a knife.

    They arrived within six minutes and chased the suspect, who eyewitnesses said had blood on his hands. They said police ordered him to stand still but he kept running.

    He was then Tasered by officers.

    After receiving treatment in hospital, the arrested man, who was detained in Bedford Place, is now in police custody in south London.

    Jodie Parry, who witnessed the events unfold from her hotel window, said she saw a man running down the street.

    “I could hear the policeman screaming ‘stop, don’t move, don’t go any further, just stay where you are’, and he turned round and continued running,” she said.

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