Trump VP Choice Mike Pence Doesn’t Agree With Science

Jul 15, 2016

By Rebecca Boyle

Mike Pence, the putative next vice president of the United States, does not believe in evolution, thinks smoking doesn’t kill, would like creationism taught in public schools, and doesn’t think scientists agree climate change is happening.

We’ll learn a lot more about Donald Trump’s newly minted running mate in the coming days, but the Indiana governor is already on record as sharing some of the most easily refuted claims of the GOP’s anti-science wing. Some of his more remarkable lines come from a 2009 interview with Chris Matthews, the bombastic host of “Hardball.” Others are taken from previous statements made during his campaigns for Congress, or other interviews he’s done over the years.

Here’s a selection.

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28 comments on “Trump VP Choice Mike Pence Doesn’t Agree With Science

  • PENCE: Science is an exploration of demonstrable fact, isn‘t it?

    No, it isn’t. Facts are useful but are not explanations of anything. We don’t explore facts ( whatever that means ) we explain facts by using the scientific method. They can’t even get the simplest basic right!

    Mike Pence, the putative next vice president of the United States

    The supposed next VP? Hardly! That’s one long supposition.

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  • I think this is a prime example of political deviousness; I think he’s just vote trawling with an extremely wide net.

    If I’m right, such conduct contains a high degree of contempt for the electorate.

    But that’s been Trump’s tactic all along; he’s taken a leaf out of the televangelist’s book.

    “Never Give a Sucker an Even Break!”. Or, “There’s one Born Every Minute!”.

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  • PENCE: Science is an exploration of demonstrable fact, isn‘t it?

    While the conclusions drawn from evaluating “facts” are theory, it is worth pointing out that much information which is denied by Republicans, is in the form of measured objective observations, which are essentially beyond doubt.

    ie. the greenhouse effect is physics, vast volumes of icecaps are melting, genes mutate, temperature rises are measured, C+O2 = CO2, etc.

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  • Gov. Pence’s 2015 ‘fixed’ memo.

    Replace “What is best for Indiana?” with what is best for the u.s.? (should it come to that), what would we get? D’oh.

    I have felt the prayers

    More like, Pence got a gander of the survey that suggested some businesses and events would not visit Indianapolis.

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  • @ eejit (#8)…

    “Putative is not a synonym for potential.”

    No, the OP is much more presumptuous than that! See definition:

    generally considered or reputed to be.

    “the putative father of a boy of two”

    synonyms: supposed, assumed, presumed;

    In someone’s mind, he’s already won the election.

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  • @Stafford Gordon #4

    Actually, it’s pretty standard practice to try to pick a running mate who will draw a perceived voting bloc; I can’t think of one candidate in my adult life who hasn’t.

    Trump’s choice is unique in that it seems to have been made with the purpose of repelling large swathes of voters. For some reason, I just can’t get this picture out of my head:

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  • Pence believes that religious superstition trumps anti-discrimination law.

    There is no more baseless excuse for behaving badly than religion. There is no reason whatsoever to support that excuse.

    At least when people discriminate against immigrants or Muslims they can make a practical case for it.

    The bright side is the Trump ticket is designed to appeal only to bigots and will turn others off.

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  • It seems to me that the science deniers, especially those in the GOP and Teavangelicals, are quite happy to accept the fruits of science, – as and when it suits them. Quantum theory is just a theory, but for all that, their bloody mobile phones and computers work !

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  • Putative was a terrible word to use. We must take punitive measures. (Kidding.) In the mean time, Rebecca, use a dictionary if you’re not sure what a word means.

    I am sick of people and the pundits on TV saying that Hillary can’t be trusted! That started with Whitewater which was BS. So was Benghazi, and so was the email thing. She’s not a hundred percent honest but who is? Every word that comes out of Trump’s mouth is a lie. And Pence is clearly a bad man.

    Hillary on her worst day is a hundred times better than those sick idiots. She doesn’t deny that climate change is man made. That’s an important difference, wouldn’t you say? And it’s honest! She is not against abolishing medicare and social security. She is not against unions and collective bargaining. She is pro-choice. The list goes on.

    If trump wins I might move to London and maybe move in with Phil Rimmer or OHooligan. (I will pay handsomely. Do you have an extra room, guys?) Or maybe Australia.

    Trump is a man truly to be feared. This is a frightening time.

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  • Dan, I am on SS and have been disabled for fifteen years. I am also a minority and a Veteran.
    I am worried I may spend my last days looking for another country to live in. Is half of my country nuts?

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  • Alf,

    I understand exactly how you feel.

    Yes, there is pervasive ignorance and pathology and hate out there; but there are a lot of decent, virtuous and enlightened people too in this country. I really don’t think Trump will win. It’s certainly possible, but unlikely.

    I am quite sure they’d like to get rid of SS and Medicare but that is not likely to happen, even if they got in.

    It wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t admit that I am still deeply worried – in spite of my strong hunch that Trump will get trounced. (But one never knows; as Lincoln should have said, you can fool too many of the people too much of the time.)

    Recently, on the True Meaning of BS thread, I posted something from the Sanders campaign. It includes a long list of David Koch’s platform in 1980. He and his brother have not changed. As you probably know, the ministerial Koch brothers, along with others, have considerable influence; they practically own the Republican party.


    Try not to worry too much. (Easier said than done; I know.)

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  • “They are benign. They are not dangerous. This is a great country. It’s all bluster. Hillary is the establishment candidate, can’t be trusted…blah blah blah.”

    —Typical Hitler supporter in the late 20s and 30s.

    The call for Law and order is the absolute mark of incipient fascism. He is a free market capitalist and the most crazy candidate ever. This could be disastrous in so many ways. 2008 style financial collapse will happen again. We will lose will our assets and our kids will be taught creationism in their classes (mandatory). Riots, civil uprising and martial law=law and order=authoritarianism and loss of right of assembly and liberty, free press, free scholarship. Plus erosion of the separation of church and state. Increased surveillance, newly appointed judges, anti-abortion laws. In fifty years or less we will have the lung capacity of emphysema patients. This is all likely to happen.

    Again, how dangerous is Trump? Isn’t the call for law and order the absolute mark of totalitarian regimes who want to silence dissent and the language of the unheard? Hasn’t history shown this?

    He and Mike Pence do not believe in evolution! They would like creationism taught in public schools, and don’t think scientists agree climate change is happening.

    This is all on the record. Erosion of separation of church and state, free market fundamentalism…

    This ticket will destroy our economy and our country.

    Hillary has to come through! End of story.

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  • Isn’t the call for law and order the absolute mark of totalitarian
    regimes who want to silence dissent and the language of the unheard?

    I was just re-reading parts of Gore Vidal’s Imperial America. Interestingly in the beginning he writes that according to the polls in 1972 the second principle concern of the American people (after the Vietnam War) was the breakdown of “law and order”. He then noted that to die hard conservatives “law and order” is usually a code phrase meaning “get the blacks”. Forty plus years later you could add in “get the Muslims” now too I suppose. How things change and sometimes stay the same.

    Interestingly Vidal also once noted that declaring a “war on terrorism” is a nonsensical notion much like declaring a war on dandruff. His rationale was that resisting terrorism is the norm for any government, a response best accomplished by international police and intelligence services. He further declared that the word “war” was used because only in wartime can the executive gain maximum power over the American people by replacing the checks and balances of the Constitution with an emergency apparatus such as the Bush creation, Homeland Security.

    I think if people get out there and vote, it’s a victory for Hillary. The Electoral College should help here because I have a feeling the popular vote will be embarrassingly close, but she should largely own the electoral rich outline of this country.

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  • Steven!

    Thanks for the comment. It’s nice to hear someone quoting Vidal. He’s not quoted enough.

    You sound like a fine man. Gives me hope. (Maudlin?)

    P.S. I am so glad it was just the cat. (Bartonella henselae)

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  • He’s not quoted enough.

    I agree. And even though he and Hitch did not see eye to eye near the end, it’s clear that they were far more alike than not. It would certainly be interesting to hear what they both had to say about this circus. And re: the cat – thanks, me too.

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  • I can hear Vidal with that great voice of his saying: and now we have Donald Trump. The Republican party is showing its true colors at last. They are not even pretending to be a political party anymore. It is, as my friend Noam Chomsky said, a radical insurgency. Yes, we are in great peril…

    “Half of the American people have never read a newspaper. Half never voted for President. One hopes it is the same half.” —Gore Vidal

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