Coming Out Atheist pgs 17-18

Aug 23, 2016

“In her interview for The Ebony Exodus Project: Why Some Black Women Are Walking Out on Religion – and Others Should Too by Candace R.M. Gorham, Mandisa says that seeing other out black atheists made it easier for her to come out more, to the point where she’s now a serious activist in the atheist movement. “If you would’ve told me a year ago,” she says, “or a month ago, that this would be the direction that I’m in now, where I would be interviewed as someone who, I guess, is viewed as key to this movement, I would’ve said you were lying. After doing some research, I see that there are other black atheists who have been out longer and have been more vocal about it than I have. So, you couldn’t have told me that I would be someone who is looked at as an inspiration in this thing… So, we’re trying to let people know that we are here and there are other black atheists, other humanists. And there are more people coming out; so, you are not alone in your thought process. There are others who struggle with the same things.””

–Greta Christina, Coming Out Atheist pgs 17-18


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  • An interesting story.

    Is it possible that atheists might turn out to be one of the most diverse group of people ever to freely find common cultural grounds in the history of our species?

    If only it were a bit easier for us to stick together…

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  • 3
    fadeordraw says:

    I actually do not think this paragraph constitutes a workable articulation. Sure the sentiment is there, maybe. But my basic comment on this RD paragraph is it ain’t up to scratch; grammatically and otherwise.

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  • I and many of my friends figured out that religion was bunk without reading a book (except the Bible!) I had first doubts in the sixth grade but clung to the beliefs until freshman year in college for fear that Hell might be real. Suddenly I realized that although I had prayed hard all my teenage years (and I prayed correctly – not for a fancy car) that there had been only dead air at the other end of the line.

    It was the total absence of the religious experience combined with hearing about an alternative explanation for life on Earth that turned me into an agnostic.

    After 9/11 I switched from agnostic to atheist, and was thrilled when the Four Horsemen (Harris, Dawkins, Hitchens and Dennett) came out with their books confirming my own views.

    I’m glad new atheists are coming out. It makes it easier for everyone, including us old workhorses.

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  • I’m glad new atheists are coming out. It makes it easier for everyone

    Did you ever – in a low moment – feel that your life would be easier if you could simply carry on believing the bunk you were taught? But, once you know it’s crap, you can’t un-know it. For a while I envied the Believers. Not any more.

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  • Fadeordraw, I agree. I’m not sure what there is to discuss. All I can say is Yay! I hope she deconverts lots of people.

    O’Hooligan – yes. Sometimes I envy the community. Usually when Im sick and wish I had some soup. But I don’t like people all up in my business, so …. no soup.

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