Did WikiLeaks Reveal I Was a Shill For Hillary Clinton?

Aug 9, 2016

By Herb Silverman

No, but it might look that way.

In a Wiki-leaked email, Democratic National Committee CFO Brad Marshall appeared to want someone to ask Bernie Sanders if he believed in God, as a way to hurt Bernie’s campaign. However, that email was written in May and I asked the question in February, before the South Carolina primary.

During the Q&A in a Sanders forum in Charleston, I commented, “I don’t think you are the only Jewish socialist in the country who believes in God, so I’m hoping you will do for atheists what Barney Frank did for LGBTs and be the first senator to acknowledge being an atheist.” Sanders paused for a moment, looking uncomfortable because of the audience’s applause, and answered, “Not gonna happen.” Sanders stressed that he was a Jew. (This is not an atheist disavowal. In fact, 52 percent of American Jews do not believe in God.)

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