Scientists Just Say No to ‘Chemtrails’ Conspiracy Theory

Aug 16, 2016

By Henry Fountain

Conspiracy theories can be stubborn, particularly in the echo chamber of the internet.

One persistent belief in some quarters is that the government — or business, perhaps — is deploying a fleet of jet aircraft to spray chemicals into the sky to control the population, food supply or other things.

As evidence, they point to what they call “chemtrails,” which are more commonly known as contrails, or condensation trails, produced at high altitudes as water vapor in jet engine exhaust condenses and freezes.

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5 comments on “Scientists Just Say No to ‘Chemtrails’ Conspiracy Theory

  • Whenever I hear the chemtrails claim I ask “Has anyone ever sampled the air to see just that they are putting into the air.” There is stunned silence. They would far sooner speculate than risk discovering “steam” or “silver iodide”.

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  • You don’t see many aircraft – on a percentage basis – that are equipped with mechanisms that can dispense either solid or liquid material. So it should be relatively easy to monitor those that do, and where those aircraft go. Alternatively, perhaps the material is dissolved in jet fuel, and dispersed as part of normal jet engine combustion. Perhaps we can find a jet engine showing signs of having ingested some dissolved whatever they claim is being spread. I would imagine there would be unusual wear and tear. Sooner or later there must have been an accident where the whatever was spilled on the ground. No ? How about invoices from suppliers of the whatever, to airlines or aircraft fueling companies ? Anyone can come up with a conspiracy idea. But this one sounds like no one thought through the questions that immediately arise.

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  • @quarecuss

    Exactly. The chemtrail folks are right to be suspicious, or at least they almost got it right, but then got it oh so wrong. Plain and simple, it’s the CO2 emissions that are doing far more harm than any of the imagined secret ingredients.

    Then again. Imagine, in the “Flyover States”, people on the ground disconnected completely from those who pass overhead, speculate on what it all means….. A kind of cargo-cult in reverse, showering not riches but poisons from above….

    I think Gore Vidal wrote a novel about poisoning everyone from a globe-trotting plane.

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