Secular Coalition for America and Clinton Foundation

Aug 28, 2016

By Herb Silverman

The mission of the Secular Coalition for America, of which I’m founder and president, is to increase the visibility of and respect for nontheistic viewpoints, and to protect and strengthen the secular character of our government. To help fulfill our mission, we have an excellent staff, including lobbyists in Washington. We hope to form 50 state secular coalitions and promote our secular positions widely. As with all non-profits (and non-prophets), the Secular Coalition relies on generous donations from those who support our mission.

Does the Secular Coalition turn down contributions? Yes, but hardly ever. If someone should offer the Secular Coalition money to feed starving children or to end the war on drugs, we would agree with the sentiment and suggest the donor contribute instead to one of our excellent member organizations that focuses on those issues. As president of a relatively small but growing organization, I worry about mission creep.

Now if Pat Robertson or a Saudi sheik offered to donate a million dollars to the Secular Coalition, I would happily accept as long as we could use the money to promote our mission (no such donations, yet). Donald Trump, if you are listening, we would like a major contribution so we, too, can help build a wall that will make America great again—Thomas Jefferson’s wall to separate church and state.

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