Life Driven Purpose, pg 33

Sep 20, 2016

“I never preached about homosexuality during my entire ministry. We were all sinners, I believed, so why single out any group? But now, suddenly, it did matter. I had something important to say, and it wasn’t about insulting the “holiness” of a god by “choosing” a lifestyle that is forbidden by the bible. I was about offending humanity. God may be a delusion but the intolerance and harm that comes from faith is real. Religious discrimination is something actually worth preaching against and the lack of fairness is a noble problem to tackle. Fighting prejudice is one way to have a purpose-filled life. ”

–Dan Barker, Life Driven Purpose, pg 33


One comment on “Life Driven Purpose, pg 33”

  • It seems that now, in America at least, discrimination is the top talk. On one end you have the religious “leaders” screaming about homosexuality being wrong and on the other end you have the same leaders screaming about racial prejudice and how the justice system needs to be fixed. It seems like, since religion has taken a nose dive in recent years because of people actually opening their eyes for themselves, they are implementing some sort of agenda to further divide our people to somehow show them that their “God” has the answers to fix everything. I don’t discriminate against those who believe but, in my mind, it’s the equivalent of having someone show you how an engine of an automobile works and you argue that it works off of magic.

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