What Would It Mean for France to Accommodate Muslims?

Sep 30, 2016

By David Frum

It is only by the greatest good luck that we are not this month mourning dozens of victims of mass-casualty terrorism in New York, New Jersey, and Minnesota. There was no Chelsea massacre in September 2016, no St. Cloud slaughter, to join the sad toll: Orlando, June 2016; San Bernardino, December 2015; Chattanooga, July 2015; Boston, April 2013; Fort Hood, November 2009.

Perhaps because they failed to generate fear and sorrow, the Chelsea attempt and the St. Cloud attack succeeded in generating lively controversy. Chelsea, St. Cloud, Orlando, San Bernardino, Chattanooga, Fort Hood—they seem to form a pattern, but do they? And if so, a pattern of what?

That question became instantly controversial on the night of September 17. Politicians tussled over whether to call the attacks “terrorism,” and if terrorism, of what kind.

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One comment on “What Would It Mean for France to Accommodate Muslims?”

  • France had quite a lot of experience ruling its North African colonies, and like Gaddafi, Assad, the Egyptian army, and Saddam, used fairly repressive measures to keep the fanatics under control!

    Perhaps the accommodationists could learn something from this!

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