‘Christian’ Mom Hears Hip-Hop Song And Records Her Own 11-Minute Meltdown

Oct 8, 2016

By David Moye

A self-described Christian mom is hip-hopping mad after hearing a rap song on the radio that offended her ears ― and her sensibilities.

So Krystle Partido recorded an 11-minute video rant from her home in Woodward, Oklahoma, to let the world know about the evils of “Norf Norf,” a 2015 ditty recorded by Vince Staples.

The tirade can be summed up in one sentence: “I cannot believe this stuff is on the radio!” (But leaving it at that wouldn’t be any fun, would it?)

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12 comments on “‘Christian’ Mom Hears Hip-Hop Song And Records Her Own 11-Minute Meltdown

  • @OP – “I cannot believe this stuff is on the radio!”

    I can! – and therefore (having read the listings), there are certain radio channels, TV channels, and programmes, I do not watch or listen to!

    Of for course those with a propensity to be offended, who whitewash their brains with background noise, and who are too feckless to change channels or use the off-switch, there is a problem.

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  • Anyone remember Tipper Gore and the PMRC? You want to see a brilliant man speak out against censorship and literally slap the face of “the establishment”? Take a trip down memory lane and look up the battle between Frank Zappa and the US senator’s wives collusion committee.

    BTW, I used to say that rap was crap with a silent C. However, it is undeniable that is is a globally accepted, revered art form and what is being said needs to be heard, even if the music itself is not palatable to your musical tastes. There is something to be said about this voice and the message it contains and to dismiss it is myopic and provincial

    As for this idiot. Where’s the story here? A bored, white middle class, religious asshat has a problem with ________________________ and there is a story? She fails to realize that her radio has a dial on it and that the ratings and public opinion guide the content that arrives on said radio? If enough people agreed with her viewpoint, then Lucy and Ricky would still be sleeping in separate beds and Howard Stern couldn’t say “fart” on the airways. But, she is the vast vast minority and not getting her way (BTW, irony here or what?). Ignore her and get on with the business of your life.

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  • crooked

    Gotta love Zappa. I’ve been a fan since my teens but I never appreciated what a force for progress he really was until the past few years. Here’s the video of him on the show Crossfire where he holds his own against the forces of the reactionary right at that time (1986)


    In the Crossfire show the song Hot For Teacher by Van Halen is mentioned due to the song causing some ruffled feathers at the time by those of the more puritanical worldview…the video:


    Wiki explanation of the song and it’s ability to send Tipper Gore and friends into paroxysms from hearing it – and by paroxysms, I don’t mean the good kind.

    Let us all remember the prophetic good advice from Frank Zappa:

    Frank Zappa > Quotes > Quotable Quote

    “If you end up with a boring miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do your shit, then you deserve it.”

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  • Rap isn’t among my favorite music styles (nor is Techno, and there are, for me, “reputed” styles which I would not recognize as such if I heard them); but MadEnglishman#4 very likely has a point:
    “… it might better be described as street poetry. It’s clear it’s all about the lyrics and any musical accompaniment is incidental.” And no question, I very much have a tin ear for poetry, so you won’t see posts of mine on that topic.
    And I can only report at best second-hand about discussions in Germany about Rap and the odd, mostly controversial artist.
    There are certainly (guess: in Gangsta Rap?) misogynists and machos. Mommy’s boys assholes, is what I consider the latter. Stuff that the Islamist criminals could agree with. As far as I am concerned, mental diarrhea, period.
    There seem to be others that speak up about seriously dysfunctional situations messing up people’s lives, and doing such lyrics in Oxbridge English (or some simpler Westatlantic – Eastpacific? analogue) would probably be like doing old blues songs (Robert Johnson, Elmore James, …) in Shakespearean sonnet mode. Ain’t gonna work!

    And finally, as has been mentioned before, you don’t like it, what the bleep is that remote control in your hands for??? As happens ever so often with the TV programs we have here in Germany, finding something interesting for myself can be difficult. When difficult mutates to impossible, then there’s still this (still with red markings?) button with which you can turn the blasted set OFF! A function that the “smart”phone Smombies apparently also never have heard about. The constipated complainers whose zapping reflex with the remote control suddenly freezes up need to get real, and probably get a life, too. As for the Smombies, the “get-a-life” issue seems to be far more serious – some have LOST their lives here because of their zombie-stare onto their displays, leading them to walk into deadly traffic.

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  • Hi LaurieB [#9],

    Good one!

    Try this – see if you can fill in the missing word:

    When my Grandmother found out that I was playing … ? … music in one of the sporting houses in the district she told me that I had disgraced the family and forbade me to live at the house. She told me “That Devil Music” would surely bring about my downfall but I just couldn’t put it behind me.


    The missing word is: Jazz, and the speaker was: Jelly Roll Morton.

    Now, who do we think might be a major modern Jazz fanatic? How about this guy:

    I read every book there was on jazz, about the original players – King Oliver, Buddy Bolden and all those groups. At one time I was fairly well schooled in that … I could tell you who played where and when, historically, way before my time

    Can you guess?


    Clint Eastwood – Republican Politician and former best buddy of Ronald Reagan.

    People who kick up a fuss about modern social norms are just asking to ridiculed. What a load of nonsense.


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