Life Driven Purpose, pg 47

Oct 24, 2016

“Do you want a purpose-filled life? Then find a problem to solve. Usually you don’t need to find a problem. If finds you. Perhaps your siblings or parent dies of a horrible illness, and you dedicate the rest of your life to fighting a disease. Maybe you see your gay friends bullied at school and you get angry enough to fight bigotry. Or maybe you are gay yourself and won’t settle for being treated as a second-class citizen.

Perhaps you possess a driving thirst for knowledge, or a heightened sense of wonder and awe at the unsolved mysteries of science, or a natural outrage against violence. Identify something you hate and work against it. Hunger, thirst, unsafe drinking water, natural disasters, inequality, oppression, unfairness, voter suppression, predation, disease, invasions, aggression, racism, sexism, spousal abuse, the abuse of children (sometimes by clergy), crime, cruelty to animals, homelessness, pollution, environmental degradation, species decimation, political corruption, corporate greed, unsafe working conditions, exploitation, overpopulation, theocratic persecution – these are all worth fighting.”

–Dan Barker, Life Driven Purpose, pg 47


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  • I have so often seen the self-gratification in many theists’ eyes when they ask me, “And what meaning does your life have?” To them I usually respond in one of two ways, depending on how the preceding conversation has played out.

    “My life holds to me the purpose I assign it.”
    “My life’s purpose is to ensure that people like you get the chance to decide what purpose you wish your life to have, rather than having some master – much like those who owned slaves only two centuries past – decide your life for you.”

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  • And what meaning does your life have?

    There is hardly anything more meaningful than realizing how stupid (and potentially pernicious) it is to uncritically hold onto dogma.

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