Caught in the Pulpit, pg 143

Nov 8, 2016

“Twenty-six participants in the present study were asked what they had gained and what they lost as a result of changing their religious beliefs. These questions came toward the end of the interviews and in a few cases afterward, in writing or over the phone. Our participants responded quickly and easily to this exercise, in contrast to their demeanor at the other points during the interview process, where they struggled to articulate their thoughts or feelings. They seemed to welcome the opportunity to talk about the changes in their religious beliefs in terms of gains and losses, and they expressed themselves clearly and without reservation. Much of the discussion preceding these questions pertained to the difficulties and pain that these nonbelievers had experienced along the way. Those who were still in the clergy were still facing these issues, but their reflections on what they had gained indicated that they felt freed from pretending to themselves, even though they continued to pretend to others.”

–Linda LaScola and Daniel Dennett, Caught in the Pulpit, pg 143


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