Health Under Trump

Nov 13, 2016

By James Hamblin

Protesters flooded Manhattan’s public spaces the last two nights, shouting and brandishing signs that read like a disenfranchisement mixtape, from “black lives matter” to “not my president” to “I’m just sad.”

The crowd ranged from abject to furious. But the very act of protesting meant they weren’t hopeless. The worst thing that can happen to a human body, individually or collectively, is a failure of hope.

President Obama reminded us as much on Wednesday, speaking from the White House lawn. “I think of this as a relay race,” he said in his staid way, even as he prepares to pass the baton to a man who spent years claiming that our first black president was lying about being born in the United States. A man who spent much of his own campaign inciting people to despise the most significant legislation achieved by this president—the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)—as “totally awful” and “the absolute worst.”

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