This Thanksgiving, Be Thankful for Science

Nov 23, 2016

By Michael Roston

Look, we’re not saying you can’t talk about politics at the Thanksgiving dinner table. But it’s been quite a November so far, following a seemingly never-ending campaign, and the anxiety in the air is thicker than your mom’s gravy. Some people are sitting out Thanksgiving with their loved ones altogether. Others are preparing themselves for acts of civil disagreement.

We think there’s a better way. So we’re offering a selection of some of our favorite science and health stories from 2016 that should bring together your Trump-loving uncle and your Hillary-hailing cousin for a thought-provoking, scream-free conversation. They’ll go great with white meat, dark meat or even a tofurkey.

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4 comments on “This Thanksgiving, Be Thankful for Science

  • It’s Thanksgiving here in the US of A.

    Bah HUMBUG!

    For those of us who deeply resent the fact that a day has come up on the calendar where we are obligated to participate in the mass slaughter of millions of turkeys and then drop everything to be with family members who may or may not be tea-party Trump loving Republicans, for our annual you need to thank God for all of your blessings, here’s something by Dan Dennett that makes all of this seem a little bit better.

    Thank goodness for Dennett and for every other person in this world who is motivated by ethics and tries to be a better person every day. For those of us who have no imaginary friend in the sky, instead of groveling to the celestial dictator, please try to help someone in need. I want our community to hijack this “holiday” for the purpose of actually accomplishing something good instead of useless pleading to that jackass slacker in the sky who never gets anything done at all and is obviously asleep at the wheel.

    Dear God, Wake up! Look at the mess we’re in! Do something dammit! That’s my prayer for 2016.

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  • I think we should just be ourselves. Above all, no science stories. Not this year; that’s part of the problem; we, as an adaptive species, are inclined to think that everything is normal, as one historian said. No. Trump appears quite incompetent and the new Congress will get rid of one piece of progressive and much needed legislation after another, starting on Day 1. I do NOT trust him with the nuclear codes, as he is an inept ignoramus, out of his depths and surrounded by the lunatic fringe of the Republican Right.

    He met with a general, and asked him what he thought of water-boarding. The general told him – and perhaps you heard about this on the news – “I never found it to be helpful.” That idiot Trump said “Oh. I’m surprised. I never would have thought that.” Maybe if he had simply inquired instead of pandering to his bloodthirsty base, he would have. He has also opted not to take part in security updates. I can’t say I blame him: boring stuff.

    As Michael Moore said, it is still legally possible to stop him from becoming president. We must pursue those avenues that are still available to us.

    “We think there is a better way.” Do you? Well I don’t. Hillary hailing and Trump loving? You’re part of the problem, Michael Roston. That’s right: you! That’s a false and misleading equivalent! You appear feckless and unencumbered.—The survival of the species and the quality and condition of American life doesn’t quite interest you, does it?

    Take your turkey leg and throw it in your Uncle’s face, if he dares defend these monsters – or get up and leave.

    (And may I just add that I too am not uncritical of the pervasive indifference to the suffering created by the perennial mass slaughter of turkeys.)

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