Turkish bill to clear men of child sex assault if they marry their victims

Nov 19, 2016

By AFP in Istanbul

A bill in Turkey that would overturn men’s convictions for child sex assault if they married their victim has provoked fury, with critics accusing the government of encouraging rape of minors with the proposals.

The opposition, celebrities, and even an association whose deputy chairman is the daughter of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan expressed alarm over the move.

But the government insisted the legislation was aimed at dealing with the widespread custom of child marriages and the criticism was a crude distortion of its aim.

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6 comments on “Turkish bill to clear men of child sex assault if they marry their victims

  • The best I can get out of this is that laws already exist for a pardon but it would mean an admission of guilt for those convicted. If a new law is passed then there does not have to be any admission. I am not sure what implications it would have for future cases but one minister has assured us that it has none and this crime will still be a crime. Not sure? I can’t get the thought out of my head of sharia law infecting real law

    If this is about ‘clearing the slate’, then it has some appeal as images of ignorant peasants getting duped by religion, and their customs, with a now legal wife wanting some support from a ‘wronged” husband.


    The president of Turkey is granted the right of pardon under certain circumstances defined in the constitution, article 104. According to the article, the president can “remit, on grounds of chronic illness, disability, or old age, all or part of the sentences imposed on certain individuals.” After the convict’s or his or her proxy’s application, if the Council of Forensic Medicine determines that the convict suffers from chronic illness, disability, or old age, the Ministry of Justice presents the situation to the president, and the president can choose to grant a pardon.
    Additionally, the parliament of Turkey has the power to announce general amnesty.

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  • Hi Robert [#3],

    How long before this comes to England?

    Difficult question. Some people would be tempted to argue that there is a difference between government T actively promoting a law based on one religion’s rules and government B tacitly agreeing to a religion setting up tribunals that are subservient to the courts in order to promote the use that religion’s rules.

    But if the political make-up of government B changes such that the religion and its tribunals are not questioned, and those who use its services are not advised of its subservient role, how is the reality of victims of injustice different?

    Again, some will argue: Clearly in case B it’s different, restitution remains a possibility – whereas, in case T, the rules and the law are identical.

    But I see your point. If victims of injustice are in any way isolated from wider society – by absent language skills, by social conventions in closed-minded groups, by the mischievous, etc. – their position is no different to living under government T.

    At this point we should check our own understanding: How likely is it that a closely-knit group of men would secretly conspire to ensure that victims of child sexual assault would never have their stories heard and that they would continue to be abused while the abusers’ actions would continue to be presented to the wider world as ‘caring’. Two words: Catholic Church.

    A thought just occurred to me, did you mean to ask: When will the British Government pass Sharia into law? If that’s what you meant you’re completely missing some important facts. Chief among these is that Britain is 53% atheist and that means – according to some Conservative politicians – that Blighty is a Christian Nation.

    The answer to your question is therefore: Never.


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  • Let me get this right. It’s ok to rape a minor. Marry her whether she wants to or not,tell her you divorce her 3 times. Job done!? And have 3 or 4 wives while you’re about it. Then look forward to 72 virgins when you feel like a change. And people just accept this mysogyny ?

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