Coming Out Atheist, pg 56

Dec 5, 2016

“When you come out as an atheist, you’ll probably be in for a round of Atheism 101 – Myths and Facts. Maybe more than one round. Even the most supportive believers often have misunderstandings about us. And the more people you come out to, the more mythbusting you’ll have ahead of you. So do some homework first. Get familiar with the common myths about atheists – that we don’t have any morality, that we left religion because we’re angry at God, that there are no atheists in foxholes, etc. And be prepared to counter them. (Several atheists have written pieces debunking the myths about us: Amanda Marcotte, Sam Harris, and Austin Cline have particularly good ones, and I’m fond of my own as well.)”

–Greta Christina, Coming Out Atheist, pg 56


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  • As most of my family rarely if ever attend church I never had to come out as an atheist in any big way, it was just generally assumed and little importance was attached to it anyway. I have however had a few mini incidences when I have declared my lack of religion.
    My favourite such occasion was walking down the corridor of the school where I worked at the time. A small group of girls all about 5 or 6 years old were walking in front of me and they were enthusiastically asking each other what religion they were. The girls all declared that they were Muslims then one turned around and spotting me asked if I was also a Muslim.
    I told them that I wasn’t so she asked if I was a Christian. I said that I wasn’t that either. I don’t usually discuss my lack of faith with the children I work with but this time in answer to their puzzled expressions I told them that I didn’t really have a religion.
    She thought about this for a moment then smiled “Ah… you’re a teacher then.” she said satisfied that the mystery was solved and skipped off to the playground.
    If only rest of the world was as accepting of differences as these little girls.

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