How the ‘War on Christmas’ Controversy Was Created

Dec 22, 2016

By Liam Stack

It’s that time of year again, folks. It’s time for the War on Christmas.

What is that, you may ask? The short answer: a sometimes histrionic yuletide debate over whether the United States is a country that respects Christianity.

For the longer answer, keep reading.

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11 comments on “How the ‘War on Christmas’ Controversy Was Created

  • Shit,
    I tried to post a funny picture with zero success.

    The war on Christmas is a contrived martyr syndrome subplot cooked up by people who need to be persecuted so that they can say how bad they have it. It is the very real equivalent to saying you are starving with a loaf of bread under each arm. It is shameful.

    THEN….. You get to see this:

    And realize that a natural consequence of this martyr complex is people who passive-aggressively actually sabotage some feature of the holiday. Of course it is some tiny commercial piece of shit and the “real christians” are then free to lose their minds. It is a total symbioses and all are happy to play their roles.

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  • Thank you Alan4,
    To all:
    Enjoy your time with your family and i hope that the season sees you in good health and good spirits.

    I get to celebrate a week off from teaching and I’ve got big plans to read a book for leisure (I have to read so much of my students stuff that a leisure read has me salivating).

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  • Have a superb solstice, splendid Saturnalia, wonderful winter break, and a traditional Viking yummy Yuletide dinner – with a terrific tree, plenty of beer, and a nice reindeer roasting over an open fire!

    Hmm. I’m thinking I have just the couple for our Saturnalia guests. Trump should be invited for dinner?

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  • Merry Holidays, And today I am thankful none of your countries have to deal with what’s coming for us, and the fact that Trump probably won’t fire a nuclear weapon at the US. (I hope).
    Oh yea, the Yule log……..where’s my old dog?

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  • Crooked, the link was incredible. That’s enough to get the fundies going. Soon there will be some child molestation crap started in some basement somewhere.
    I saw two mittens.

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  • Alf1200,
    I got a chuckle out of the picture, but i am certain you are correct, there will be backlash. However, unlike Starbucks (which is easy to “boycott” because of high prices) McDonalds will not suffer one lost customer because they sell cheap garbage food to people who want nothing more than cheap garbage food!!!


    I am totally open for suggestions, but am definitely going to read “20th Century Ghosts” by Joe Hill. I read his book “Horns” in one day and enjoyed the dark fiction. I crave fiction, i guess because I read so much non-fiction at work.

    I typically head down to our school’s library and have a conversation with our librarian. She is simply awesome and has done a few really great things in our school. First, her recommendations are always enjoyable. Second, and truly cool…. She read a book that I was ebullient about. She did not like it and told me that she thought it bordered pornography (It was a Chuck Palahniuk novel — he’s got a crazy crazy brain and mad skills)…

    Anyway, we discussed the book and I made my case — his writing is not for everyone, but I love his works. When the next book order came in and she had purchased his entire catalog. I wish there were more of her!

    I’d love a recommendation from you (and/or many of the people here) and will do my best to read what you select.

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  • Christmas

    Why I do not like Christmas

    Starting each October, Christians bombard us non-stop with Christian myths. They quote the bible in sonorous tones as if it were the definitive word of the creator of the universe.

    Hoary, kitschy, schmaltzy Christmas pop songs play over and over on the radio and in shopping malls.

    Christian-tinged stories that I have heard scores of times are dredged up to play on the radio as a special treat.

    Advertisers convince people to buy gifts for strangers or near strangers. People nearly have nervous breakdowns and go into debt to do this.

    Parents go to elaborate lengths to lie to their children about Jesus and Santa Claus.

    For three months each year, Christians sweep people who belong to every other religion (and atheists) off the stage while Christians strut about pretending they are the only people on earth.

    Drunk drivers.

    Why I like Christmas

    There is a greater proportion of classical music available the radio (and live). I still love Handel’s Oratorio, even though I have heard it many times, and even though it is dripping with Christian propaganda.

    Christmas dinner has eggnog, turkey, peas, Yummy High Cholesterol Squash Casserole and flaming plum pudding.

    There is nothing to do on Christmas afternoon. It is the only time of year you are not expected to accomplish something.

    My Requests

    In Canada, we have freedom of religion. Surely that includes freedom from religion. The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) is a state corporation. It should not be promoting any particular religion. I ask them to limit their Christian propaganda, music and stories to two days a year. Even that much is violating the constitution.

    Shopkeepers have every right to air whatever music they please, but I think they should wake up to the fact that fewer and fewer of their customers are Christians who like gag-inducing Christian music, and air seasonal non-Christian music instead.

    Radio stations and shopkeepers should vow to play each Christmas song no more than once per season.

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