The Actual War on Christians

Dec 18, 2016

By Samuel Tadros

Little could dampen the enthusiasm of 13-year-old Tony Atef as he wore his soccer outfit and headed to Egypt’s most successful club, Al Ahly, to partake in the team’s junior soccer tryouts. After Tony scored two goals, a coach approached him, asking for his name to record among those accepted. But his dream of making the team died quickly, when the coach noticed the small tattoo of a cross on his wrist. Tony was quickly sent home. There would be no place for a Coptic Christian on an Egyptian soccer team.

Tony’s case soon went viral, after his brother took to social media to decry bigotry and discrimination. Embarrassed, the club invited Tony for another tryout, but it was too late. Similar stories soon emerged of other Coptic kids being rejected by other soccer teams. A newspaper pointed out that there wasn’t a single Copt among the league’s top 540 players. In fact, there had been only five Copts among the league’s players in the last few decades, and some of them spoke out about the discrimination they faced.

During Mass this past Sunday, an Islamic State suicide bomber made his way inside St. Peter and St. Paul’s Coptic Church in Cairo and detonated his bomb, leaving 25 people, mostly women, dead. The bombing, the deadliest since the 2010 New Year’s Eve bombing of the Two Saints Church in Alexandria, drew swift condemnations from governments around the world. But as much as such attacks remind the world of the plight of Copts, it is their daily encounter with discrimination and persecution that poses the greatest threat to their future.

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6 comments on “The Actual War on Christians

  • They’re all sick. All bigots and nationalists (exclusive and oppressive) are sick, and ultimately genocidal.

    Article in the Times today about a blonde-haired “Christian Nationalist” from the UK and his websites and machinations. Let’s face it; “Christian Nationalist” is a euphemism for genocidal maniac who wants to persecute and/or kill non-Christians and probably non-whites.

    Soccer coach=Nazi mentality

    Christian Nationalist=Nazi mentality

    ISIS=Nazi mentality

    (Hard right Israeli Zionists are cruel and sick too, with their occupation and settlements; let’s not forget them.)

    How many Trump supporters are Christian Nationalists? How many among his staff?

    They’re all sick: the anti-Christians who wouldn’t let the kid join the team are sick and the Christian nationalists (alt-right) over here and elsewhere are sick.

    Again, they’re all SICK– and their hate feeds off each other’s hate.

    Everything is getting worse and worse.

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  • Amazing that in spite of all our efforts, this kind of discrimination is rampant throughout the world. Maybe we humans think too much of ourselves and the tipping point to global enlightenment is actually out of reach?

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  • One of the things that has happened in the front against racism is a dilution. Dilution of racism. Or perhaps it is two things, dilution and diffusion.

    Dilution because these people are actually being discriminated against. It is actual racism. Meanwhile across the globe people think a joke (that may be unfunny) that contains any hint of a racial theme, is RACISM… “Microaggressions” (really? microaggressions????)–like a college English professor marking improper grammar as improper grammar is labeled racism (it’s his FUCKING JOB)…. Any time any conflict involving people who look different from one another occurs, the media (and yes, us liberals) are all too willing to brand it racism and use it to sell adverts and accomplish their “agenda”.

    And now we bring you the national news.... "A black man sat in the chair of a white man at a movie theater... Story at 11....."

    Forget the actual definition of racism, forget that actual racism that is hurtful and hateful is being perpetrated globally 24/7…. But, be sure to be extra extra indignant when some ______________ doesn’t hold the door for some __________________. I was brought up, socialized, and live without concern for anyone’s race. I am a melting pot idealist whose grandmother was orphaned from childbirth and was raised in a communal orphanage. As a result, I do not actually know much of my ancestry (ethnicity included) and my table is big enough to include every type and sort. I am race neutral. And, yes there is horrible racism. And there is bullshit. We’ve descended into a world where the overwhelming majority cannot tell the difference and most are paralyzed by the notion that something completely innocuous can be life destroying.

    And now we bring you the national news.... "A white man sat in the chair of a black man at a movie theater........ Story at 11......"

    And, diffusion because of the saturation from information overload due to the internet. This is simply a feature of our evolved world, but people (like me) that have lived under pre-internet conditions and now under internet conditions, have shit the bed when it comes to evolving our intake, consumption, and digestion of the news.

    In 1996 the mantra was “believe NOTHING you see in the internet”…. 20 years later and the same people are screaming that “Donald Trump ritually slaughtered 49,000 baby goats in a sacrifice to Baal in the basement of a pizza shop where Hillary Clinton was running a human trafficking ring”.

    And now we bring you the national news...... " there was this arab man...he was doing differential equations on an airplane...... Story at 11...."

    Fiddy cent,
    “All our efforts” amounts to nothing when the bullshit cannot be separated from the actual occurrence. Please do not forget that “hate crime” has become a thing and the words are NEVER EVER uttered when a police officer is executed while sitting in their car doing paperwork. But, become global headlines when a kid spray paints the side of a church (BTW, this is wrong– it is bad behavior and unacceptable and should be punished, but HATE CRIME???? )

    Tune in at 11 to see kids on bicycles with backwards hats on..... where do we draw the line?"

    We as a society need to evolve past this arbitrary system of division. If we ever do, it will be for the common good. But as long as we allow ratings, “news”, and IDIOTS to run the show, we will be perpetually chasing something that they have labeled an unattainable utopian pipe dream instead of living in relative peace.

    In world news this guy named Paul does not like Falafel have you ever heard such racism?"

    One more thing, I have noticed that friendships, communities, and neighborhoods in the REAL WORLD are actually pretty integrated places. We all actually do get along for the most part. If the dilution and diffusion could be limited and contained, the good folks of the world could focus their efforts on putting a halt to the bigots who would shit on someone for a cross tattoo. But as long as “two men walk into a bar……” is elevated to the same level of egregious as the OP story, we will never see progress.

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  • We should not forget the internal “wars between Christians” over conflicts between humanitarian caring for people’s welfare, and fundamentalist dogmas!

    A row has broken out between the Vatican and the Knights of Malta, an ancient Catholic order, after a top official was sacked over a contraception scandal.

    It followed revelations that the Knights’ charity branch had distributed thousands of condoms in Myanmar.

    The order’s grand chancellor, Albrecht von Boeselager, was suspended over the matter on 8 December.

    The Catholic Church forbids the use of artificial contraception.

    Mr Boeselager has said he did not know about the condom distribution programme, which was an anti-HIV and family planning initiative, and stopped it when he learned of its existence.

    Now the 900-year-old order is refusing to co-operate with a Vatican investigation into his sacking, and warning members that if they speak with Pope Francis’s team, they must not contradict the decision by the order to replace Mr Boeselager.

    In a statement on Tuesday, the Knights called the Pope’s review a legally “irrelevant” move aimed at limiting the order’s sovereignty.

    Pope Francis appointed a five-member commission to investigate the sacking in December, amid evidence that his own envoy to the group, conservative Cardinal Raymond Burke, helped engineer it without his blessing.

    In some ways, the condom dispute reflects the broader ideological divisions in the Roman Catholic Church that have intensified during Francis’s papacy.

    The pontiff is prone to emphasising the church’s merciful side over its more doctrinaire traditions, and this stance has sometimes grieved more hardline Catholics.

    The row also highlights internal divisions within the order, which dates back to the Crusades – and whether its members are fulfilling their vows of obedience.

    So much for Catholic “humanitarian charity”!

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  • There is more of the real “war on Christians” going on here:- and it has nothing to do with secularism:-

    Dozens of Coptic Christian families in Egypt have fled North Sinai province after a number of killings in recent weeks by suspected Islamist militants.

    Many have now taken refuge in the Evangelical Church in the Suez Canal city of Ismailiya.

    The Coptic Church has condemned the attacks, saying they were aimed at “dividing” Egyptians.

    On Sunday, Islamic State militants released a video, warning of more attacks on Egypt’s Christian minority.

    The Copts – who make up about 10% of the country’s 90 million population – have often been targeted by Islamists in recent years.

    Most of the Islamist militant attacks of recent years have been focused on the Sinai peninsula, where an IS-linked jihadist group is active, but the capital Cairo has also suffered a string of attacks in the past two years.

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