Coming Out Atheist, pg 43

Jan 3, 2017

“What’s more, different ways of coming out don’t just have personal impacts in people’s lives. They have political implications as well. And those will vary from person to person. Some people want their coming out to make a gentler, blending-in, “we’re just like everyone else” statement. Others want their coming out to be more radical, more confrontational, less about merging with the status quo and more about challenging it. As Alex Gabriel of the Godlessness in Theory blog said to me, “Less obvious ways to come out, including as an atheist, are worth considering. How we choose to express our non-belief affects how public life imagines us. Soap operas and primetime dramas show LGBT comings-out predominantly as tearful, fragile confessions. Many queer people’s experience is different; likewise, there are many ways to be an atheist and equally many ways to say you are.”

–Greta Christina, Coming Out Atheist , pg 43


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