A Letter to Richard from Korea


This lovely letter is an example of the kind of thing that makes it all worthwhile. It must have been among those handed to me at one of my book signings in Korea, and I have only just found it while unpacking. It is unsigned so I can’t thank the author personally, although I would like to and hope perhaps he or she may see this. The part in quotes is evidently a back translation, from Korean into English, of the last lines of the poem with which I concluded my memoir, Brief Candle in the Dark, the Korean edition of which has just been published.

Still time to gentle that good night.
Time to set the world alight.
Time, yet new rainbows to unweave,
Ere going on Eternity Leave.




  1. you have followers all over the globe and you are indeed a great influence on us non-believers (and will be sadly missed, when your time has come… Long may it take for that moment to come)

  2. Wow, to be the recipient of such a beautiful and thoughtful letter. To think my words and deeds might have touch so many around the globe. I don’t think my merely mortal heart and mind could handle it.

    Good thing Dawkins is not ‘merely mortal!

    (Liked the Korean translation better)

  3. O Richard, you have fill the void in my soul that Augustine says only God can fill. You have proven beyond the shadow of the doubt that God does not exist. Now you have become some sort of God for me. Thank you very much. I love you.

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