Judges Will Soon Decide if Christian Prayers Are Legal at a TX District’s School Board Meetings

Feb 9, 2017

By Hemant Mehta

For several years now, the Birdville Independent School District in Texas has been a place where Christianity is routinely promoted and those who challenge Christian supremacy are punished. That battle finally came to a head at a U.S. Court of Appeals yesterday, but before we get to those details, it’s important to remember how we got to that point.

It started in 2013, when Isaiah Smith began exposing all sorts of religious violations at Birdville High School.

For example, after getting bullied for being gay, Isaiah brought a Bible to school to show his classmates why the verses they cited didn’t actually condemn gay people (an argument put forth by author Matthew Vines). In the process, Smith ripped out the pages from Leviticus.

That caused Assistant Principal Glenn Serviente to pull Isaiah from class and warn him that he must not cause a “disruption” by ripping the Bible. (I guess the bullies were not seen as disruptive…?) Isaiah promised not to rip it up any more, but asked for and received permission to continue carrying that Bible with him.

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