Unorthodox Doc Stanislaw Burzynski Faces $360,000 Fine and Probation

Feb 21, 2017

By Craig Malisow

The Texas Medical Board’s legal staff on Wednesday issued a proposed order that would place controversial cancer doctor Stanislaw Burzynski on probation and force him to pay $360,000 in penalties and more than $20,000 in restitution for violating standards of care in his treatment of patients between 2009 and 2013.

The proposed order, which will be voted on March 3, claims that Burzynski aided and abetted the unlicensed practice of medicine; failed to obtain informed consent; and failed to maintain adequate patient records. It also alleges that Burzynski also failed to disclose his ownership interest in the pharmacy located inside his clinic’s building.

But the proposal also notes that there was “insufficient evidence that any of [Burzynski’s] patients suffered actual harm to their health,” and that, “for almost 40 years, [Burzynski] has devoted himself to treating terminally ill cancer” with some unconventional methods that “have become more accepted and mainstream.” (Unfortunately, the proposal doesn’t state what those methods are.)

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