Richard Dawkins: Evolution, Press Release

Mar 10, 2017

Contact: Gordon Ross

EvoRevo Ltd
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Press Release

Richard Dawkins announces Evolution video game

Britsoft game developer Gordie Ross plans on teaching America a lesson

Edinburgh, March 10, 2017: Richard Dawkins and EvoRevo Ltd, the video game team founded by veteran Britsoft game developer Gordie Ross, today launch their Kickstarter campaign for their new entertainment product Richard Dawkins: Evolution.

The video game is set in a solar system similar to the newly charted Trappis 1 where 7 Earth-sized planets were recently discovered by NASA. The game relies on cutting-edge cloud technology to simulate a population of hundreds of thousands of lifeforms as they evolve in wonderful ways.

Richard Dawkins said, “Evolution is happening all the time; however in most cases, the rate of change is so small that it is difficult for a human to come to terms with the length of time involved. Our goal is to strike a balance between explaining that it is a gradual process and showing it happening at a rate that is entertaining to our audience.”
Like The Oregon Trail, an entertaining yet brilliantly educational video game which blazed its own trail in the classrooms of the 1980s, Gordie Ross (the game´s creator) envisions the Richard Dawkins: Evolution video game will ultimately make its way out of the home and into the classroom alongside exciting and entertaining learning resources.

Gordie Ross said, “Ultimately we see America as the greatest challenge where roughly 40% of the population believes the Earth is less than 10 thousand years old. Using a video game, we hope to additionally talk to this different audience who generally do not read science books. It´s Richard and I´s hope to trigger a curiosity about Evolution and Science that sets a new generation on an amazing journey of discovery.”

The Kickstarter runs until the 10th of April and the minimum goal is £50K ($62.5K US dollars) to support the running of the community and game servers. Kickstarter backers will be invited to help shape the features of the game and enjoy free early access plus heavily discounted subscription rates with some rewards including unlimited lifetime access. Flexible academic licenses are available during the Kickstarter for those who wish to provide Richard Dawkins: Evolution and learning materials to whole classrooms or schools.
For more information and to back the creation of Richard Dawkins: Evolution, visit the project’s Kickstarter page:

You can also follow the progress of the funding campaign and the creation of the game on Facebook:

“I’ve read many of his (Richard Dawkins) books over the years, including The Selfish Gene and The Blind Watchmaker…. I consider him to be one of the great scientific writer/explainers of all time.” – Bill Gates

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