What Can Be Gleaned From Trump’s Allegations of Wiretapping

Mar 6, 2017

By Charlie Savage

President Trump’s claim on Twitter early Saturday that he had “just found out” that “President Obama was tapping my phones in October,” an accusation for which he offered no evidence, has set off another spasm surrounding his young administration. On Sunday, Mr. Trump’s spokesman said the administration was asking Congress to investigate the president’s allegation.

There is ample reason for caution because Mr. Trump has a history of making attention-grabbing and politically explosive claims that have no basis in fact. As things stand, a plausible explanation is that Mr. Trump was merely riffing off a March 3 article on the alt-right website Breitbart.com. It laid out a theory circulating in some conservative circles that President Barack Obama sought to sabotage Mr. Trump through surveillance.

The episode has heightened interest in several related surveillance issues.

Can a president order the wiretapping of an American?

Not legally. There are two lawful ways that allow government officials to target people in the United States for surveillance and to collect the contents of their phone calls and emails: criminal wiretaps, called “Title III” warrants, and national security wiretaps, called Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, orders. Both types of wiretapping are ordered by federal judges, after applications from the Justice Department.

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  • @OP – Can a president order the wiretapping of an American?

    Not legally. There are two lawful ways that allow government officials to target people in the United States for surveillance and to collect the contents of their phone calls and emails: criminal wiretaps, called “Title III” warrants, and national security wiretaps, called Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, orders. Both types of wiretapping are ordered by federal judges, after applications from the Justice Department.

    Trump does not bother understanding administrative procedures, so that is a probable explanation why what looks like made up fiction is so transparent implausible!

    There is ample reason for caution because Mr. Trump has a history of making attention-grabbing and politically explosive claims that have no basis in fact. As things stand, a plausible explanation is that Mr. Trump was merely riffing off a March 3 article on the alt-right website Breitbart.com.

    In ridiculous claims such as global warming being a “Chinese conspiracy”, Trump seems to use gutter-press tabloid rag-class media like Breitbart and Fox, as information sources!
    Most of his team are deniers of science or scientific evidence-based methodology – which would imply a lack of competence at researching or checking information!

    These wild claims about wire-tapping seem to follow the usual pattern of some wild assertion being made by Trump, followed by some vague revamping of it as spin by his propagandist team, further followed by calls for the matter to be formally investigated as a further unevidenced assertion that there is actually something of substance to be investigated!
    The matter is then “generously dropped” or quietly abandoned as any competent investigation (while providing lots of opportunities for repeated assertions) is like to conclude there is not supporting evidence!

    Trump’s cheerleaders happily swallow these devious insinuations, but more and more people are wising up to this formula for the deceptive propagation of “alternative facts”, and demanding proper evidence before taking seriously anything Trump’s team says !


    Comey Asks Justice Dept. to Reject Trump’s Wiretapping Claim

    WASHINGTON — The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, asked the Justice Department this weekend to publicly reject President Trump’s assertion that President Barack Obama ordered the tapping of Mr. Trump’s phones, senior American officials said on Sunday.
    Mr. Comey has argued that the highly charged claim is false and must be corrected, they said, but the department has not released any such statement.

    Mr. Comey, who made the request on Saturday after Mr. Trump leveled his allegation on Twitter, has been working to get the Justice Department to knock down the claim because it falsely insinuates that the F.B.I. broke the law, the officials said.

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  • The ‘chances’ of Obama, or any president of the USA tapping phones…….almost definately!!!!!

    Case of the boy crying wolf and losing credibility I think.

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  • When actual witnesses or professional administrators are asked for information – unlike Trump’s bunch, they give coherent answers!


    Mr Trump made the claims in a series of tweets but offered no evidence.

    **James Clapper, the US intelligence chief during the campaign, has flatly denied Trump Tower was wire-tapped.

    Mr Obama’s spokesman, Kevin Lewis, had earlier said that the former president had never “ordered surveillance of any US citizen”.**

    Mr Trump, who has been facing intense scrutiny over alleged Russian interference in support of his presidential bid, made the wire-tapping allegation in tweets written from his weekend home in Florida early on Saturday.

    His claims sparked Republican and Democrat politicians alike to demand details to back them up. Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio was the latest, saying on Sunday that “the White House will have to answer as to exactly what he was referring to”.

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  • “They are going to investigate Russian connections!!
    Quick more smoke and mirrors”!!!!


    The president cannot order a Fisa warrant

    Officials at the justice department must seek permission from the Fisa court

    Some Democrats feel Mr Trump’s latest tweets are an attempt to focus attention away from the Russian affair.

    House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said:
    “The Deflector-in-Chief is at it again

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  • Ahhhh, the republican”comfort zone”…. when cornered, holler “Obama” and assign blame for something to him. Great strategy.

    Let’s try it out at my place of work. Bus is late to pick up the kids? OBAMA caused traffic.

    Kids did poorly on a test? OBAMA has bad education policies?





    It’s an extraordinarily strange obsession, no?

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  • crookedshoes #6
    Mar 7, 2017 at 8:42 am

    Like labelling on most quack products, Trump’s information claims to be from Breitbart, but it is pretty obvious, that it comes from Dumb-Bart, under the Breitbart homeopathic label – with the usual homeopathic dilution level of any factual content!! 🙂 🙂

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  • It seems there are also serious conflict of interest and constitutional law issues for which Trump urgently needs a diversionary smoke screen!


    China has granted preliminary approval for 38 new Trump trademarks, paving the way for President Donald Trump and his family to develop a host of branded businesses from hotels to insurance to bodyguard and escort services, public documents show.

    Trump’s lawyers in China applied for the marks in April 2016, as Trump railed against China at campaign rallies, accusing it of currency manipulation and stealing US jobs.
    Critics maintain that Trump’s swelling portfolio of China trademarks raises serious conflict-of-interest questions.

    China’s Trademark Office published the provisional approvals on February 27 and Monday.

    If no one objects, they will be formally registered after 90 days. All but three are in the president’s own name. China already registered one trademark to the president, for Trump-branded construction services, on February 14.

    If Trump receives any special treatment in securing trademark rights, it would violate the US Constitution, which bans public servants from accepting anything of value from foreign governments unless approved by Congress, ethics lawyers from across the political spectrum say.
    Concerns about potential conflicts of interest are particularly sharp in China, where the courts and bureaucracy are designed to reflect the will of the ruling Communist Party.

    Dan Plane, a director at Simone IP Services, a Hong Kong intellectual-property consultancy, said he had never seen so many applications approved so quickly.
    “For all these marks to sail through so quickly and cleanly, with no similar marks, no identical marks, no issues with specifications — boy, it’s weird,” he said.

    The trademarks are for businesses including branded spas, massage parlors, golf clubs, hotels, insurance, finance and real-estate companies, retail shops, restaurants, bars, and private bodyguard and escort services.

    I wonder what all those terribly holy fundamentalist Christians who voted for him, think of these apparent constitutional violations and business interests!

    I also wonder if the FBI and CIA were taking any interest in these business activities?

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  • So here is a REAL ISSUE requiring investigation!


    China has given US President Donald Trump the chance to expand his brand, after approving dozens of applications to register the Trump trademark.

    Many of the requests, for industries from hotels to security, were made during the US election campaign.

    President Trump, who already owns about 70 trademarks in China, has pledged not to strike new foreign business deals while in office.

    Critics have warned the approvals could breach the US Constitution.

    The Associated Press reported that 38 trademark requests had been provisionally given the go ahead.

    The approvals still need to be rubber-stamped. If no one objects to them, they will be formally registered in 90 days.

    Shortly before his inauguration, Mr Trump signed over his business interests to his sons – though critics said this did not go far enough.

    When news of the trademark applications emerged earlier this year, experts from across the US political spectrum said granting them could be considered an “emolument” – the term for a fee, salary or profit provided by a foreign government.

    These are outlawed by the Constitution.

    Barack Obama’s former ethics lawyer Norman Eisen said there was a risk of a conflict of interest.

    “The concern of the constitution is that flows of benefit to presidents from foreign sovereigns will distort their judgment, and trademarks are certainly capable of that,” he said in January.

    Meanwhile Richard Painter, a former chief ethics lawyer to President George W. Bush, said the volume of new approvals raised questions about whether Beijing was being favourable to the US President.

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  • So if I understand it correctly, the CIA is spying on the FBI and The NSA, among everyone else including GCHQ, and they and everyone else are also spying on the CIA ? Meanwhile in the world of the great unwashed, they are all spying on us, now via our ‘smart’ TVs and phones ! In Washington the new Gunslinger in Chief ties his hoss to the White House gates and saunters into the building to pick a fight. Head and table meet, ouch !

    Can’t wait for the next John Le Carre novel !

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  • It looks like senators are seeking official written answers in place of the innuendo and ducking and dodging by the Trump team!


    Two US senators have written to law enforcement to inquire if there is any evidence to support President Donald Trump’s claim that he was wiretapped.

    Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat, and Republican Lindsey Graham sent the letter to the FBI on Wednesday.

    They requested “any warrant applications and court orders… related to wiretaps of President Trump, the Trump campaign, or Trump Tower”.

    Mr Trump tweeted the unsubstantiated claim over the weekend.

    “Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory,” he posted in a series of tweets on Saturday morning.

    Despite repeated requests, the White House has not supplied any evidence for the claim.

    It has called on Congress to look into the allegation as part of an ongoing investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 US election.

    Mr Graham and Mr Whitehouse, two senior members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, also addressed Wednesday’s letter to the Department of Justice.

    “Congress must get to the bottom of President Trump’s recent allegation that President Obama wiretapped President Trump’s phones during the 2016 election,” they wrote.

    An earlier report stated that “Trump has not asked FBI about wiretapping claims”, so having failed to seek proper information, there appears to be good reason why he has been unable to produce evidence to support his claims!

    The former president {Obama} reportedly “rolled his eyes” after learning of Mr Trump’s allegations, a source close to him told NBC News.

    Mr Obama reportedly thinks his successor’s unfounded claims “undermine the integrity of the office”, according to the source.

    But he is “much more concerned” about his successor’s actions on health insurance, understaffing the government, rolling back regulations and allowing mentally unstable people to buy guns with no scrutiny, the source added.

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  • It is becoming increasingly obvious that this presidency is being run for personal profit!


    Ivanka Trump’s brand is booming, says the fashion firm, as one estimate says sales have jumped five-fold.

    Abigail Klem, president of the US first daughter’s eponymous clothing line, says it has seen “some of the best performing weeks” in its history.

    The reported sales surge comes amid an ongoing boycott targeting business interests of the fashion entrepreneur’s father, President Donald Trump.

    Last month several retailers dropped Ms Trump’s label, citing falling sales.

    In an interview with fashion magazine Refinery29, Ms Klem declined to cite specific sales figures, but research by a market analytics firm seems to support the claim.


    President Donald Trump’s senior aide Kellyanne Conway is under fire for promoting Ivanka Trump’s products live on air from the White House press briefing room.

    Her comments followed a tweet by the president which criticised retailer Nordstrom for dropping the US first daughter’s clothing line.

    With declining sales picking up despite protest boycott, following an illegal advert from the White House, promoting her clothing business, prosecutions for corruption, must be overdue!

    No wonder Trump keeps trying to generate smokescreens of confusion!

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  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39262158

    Unsubstantiated claims by US President Donald Trump that he was wiretapped by Barack Obama were not meant literally,
    the White House press secretary says.

    Ah! As with earlier Trump campaign unevidenced assertions, when lies are called out, they suddenly become “metaphorical” and not “literal”!

    Sean Spicer said Mr Trump had broadly meant “surveillance and other activities” when he made the allegation in a tweet earlier this month.

    He also suggested the president was not accusing his predecessor specifically.

    Those delusional “reinterpretation blinkers” and double-talk, can work wonders on the self-deluding faithful followers of posturing pseudo-heroes!

    Meanwhile, the justice department has asked for more time to provide information about the allegations.

    More time need to rummage around – trying to find or concoct something while the sheeples forget the original text!!!?

    A congressional committee had set a Monday deadline for the department to provide any evidence of President Trump’s claims
    but a spokeswoman said it needed “additional time…
    to determine what if any responsive documents may exist”.

    Fancy expecting Trump and Co. to look at evidence up-front BEFORE making public statements!?
    Next people will be expecting them to use reason and evidence to give honest answers – Clearly a bridge too far for Trumpery!

    The House Intelligence Committee said it would give the department until 20 March to comply with its request.

    So let’s see what they come up with? – Any bets against a withdrawal of lies and an apology from this lot!!?

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  • I’m beginning to wonder if Trump is just off his meds…

    Incidentally. Watched the Al Jazeera documentary the Occupation of the American Mind. Its online. I thoroughly recommend it as a chilling example of a vested interest hijacking the national narrative of this or that contentious issue. Whilst it could itself have benefited from a little more balance, its presented facts speak for themselves.

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  • If only there were meds that could actually fix what ails Trump. Even a meds cocktail…but no. Instead, let’s take the red pill and hand it out freely to others.

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  • Phil #15

    Whilst it could itself have benefited from a little more balance

    They were doing so well. Still, pays to keep on your toes when listening to the news anywhere.

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  • @OP – What Can Be Gleaned From Trump’s Allegations of Wiretapping

    I think we can conclude that Trump makes knee-jerk wild allegations without any basis or substance, has his minions fumble around trying to make them sound credible, fails to withdraw or correct the false claims, makes no apologies for his false sensationalist allegations, and is simply a blustering liar with no integrity!


    US President Donald Trump has stood by his unsubstantiated claim that Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower last year.

    He told Fox News a “wiretap covers a lot of different things” and hinted more could emerge in the coming weeks.

    Mr Obama has denied the charge and former spy chiefs and several lawmakers have said they have seen no evidence.

    The latest senior figure to cast doubt on the allegation was the Republican chairman of the House intelligence committee.

    Devin Nunes said on Wednesday he doesn’t believe “there was an actual tap of Trump Tower”.

    Earlier this month, Mr Trump tweeted that President Obama had wiretapped his phones during the presidential campaign.

    In a series of tweets, he accused his predecessor directly, asking: “Is it legal for a sitting President to be ‘wire tapping’ a race for president?”

    Talking to Fox News in an interview that was broadcast in full on Wednesday night, the president made his first comments about the wiretap accusation he made two weeks ago.

    He said: “Wiretap covers a lot of different things. I think you’re going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks.”

    Despite repeated requests from reporters, the White House has not provided any evidence to support the president’s claim.

    White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has said Mr Trump “used the word ‘wiretap’ in quotes to mean broadly surveillance and other activities”.

    And he was not accusing Mr Obama personally, Mr Spicer said.

    Mr Trump asked Congress to examine the allegation as part of an investigation into alleged Russian meddling in last year’s election.

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  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39297439

    Senate intelligence panel rejects Trump wiretap claim

    There are “no indications” that Trump Tower was under surveillance by the US government before or after the election, a Senate committee has said.

    The statement from Republican Senator Richard Burr, Senate Intelligence Committee chairman, dismissed Donald Trump’s claim his phones were tapped.

    Mr Trump had accused his predecessor Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during the presidential race.

    But White House spokesman Sean Spicer said Mr Trump maintains his claims.

    “He stands by it,” Mr Spicer said at a daily news briefing on Thursday.

    The press secretary also refused to accept the Senate Intelligence Committee report, saying “they’re not findings”.

    Mr Burr joins a cadre of Republican lawmakers who have rejected the allegation.

    “Based on the information available to us, we see no indications that Trump Tower was the subject of surveillance by any element of the United States government either before or after Election Day 2016” Mr Burr said in a joint statement with Senator Mark Warner, the committee’s vice-chairman.

    Earlier on Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan also said “no such wiretap existed”.

    Republican chairman of the House intelligence committee Devin Nunes said on Wednesday he doesn’t believe “there was an actual tap of Trump Tower”.

    But that has not deterred Mr Trump, who on Wednesday told Fox News a “wiretap covers a lot of different things”.

    He also hinted that more details about the alleged surveillance could be revealed in the coming weeks.

    “Wiretap covers a lot of different things. I think you’re going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks,” he said in an interview broadcast on Wednesday night.

    No evidence of wiretapping, according to:

    former President Barack Obama
    FBI Director James Comey
    ex-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper
    ex-CIA Director John Brennan
    Republican chairman of House intelligence committee, Devin Nunes
    Republican John McCain,
    who chairs Senate Committee on Armed Services
    House Speaker Paul Ryan
    Former White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough

    The White House has yet to provide any evidence of the president’s claims, and instead has asked Congress to examine the allegation as part of a wider investigation into alleged Russian interference in last year’s election.

    That Russian interference issue just won’t stay hidden behind Trump’s bluster and distractions, despite his denials!
    Unsurprisingly Russia also denies the Yahoo hack involvement – after the US charges two FSB officers over a ‘state-sponsored’ cyber attack!

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  • I see that Trump’s clown-squad and Faux’s fake news service, are trying to do more damage covering-up for their buffoon’s blunders!


    GCHQ dismisses ‘utterly ridiculous’ claim it helped wiretap Trump

    British intelligence officials have denied an allegation that the UK helped former president Barack Obama “wiretap” Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

    The claim was repeated by the White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, on Thursday and dismissed as “utterly ridiculous” by a GCHQ spokesperson.

    The spokesperson added in a statement: “Recent allegations made by media commentator judge Andrew Napolitano about GCHQ being asked to conduct ‘wiretapping’ against the then president-elect are nonsense. They are utterly ridiculous and should be ignored.”

    This week, Napolitano, Fox News judicial analyst, claimed during an interview on the network that three intelligence sources confirmed to him that the Obama administration used GCHQ to spy on Trump so that there would be “no American fingerprints on this”.

    Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, quoted Napolitano’s allegation in an effort to validate Trump’s unfounded claim that Obama tapped his phones last year.

    British and American intelligence agencies cooperate closely. Along with their counterparts from Australia, New Zealand and Canada, they are members of the Five Eyes, which all work together on intelligence.

    According to documents released by the whistleblower Edward Snowden, British officials allowed their US counterparts to store and analyse British citizens’ internet and email records. And Snowden also revealed that America’s National Security Agency paid £100m to GCHQ in secret.

    Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal Democrats – the junior partner in the last British coalition government – said Trump was “compromising the vital UK-US security relationship to try to cover his own embarrassment”.

    Trump started the political firestorm in a series of tweets in early March, when he accused Obama of tapping his phones and called his predecessor a “bad (or sick) guy”. US officials called the allegation groundless.

    “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory.
    Nothing found.
    This is McCarthyism!” Trump tweeted on 4 March.

    The president finds himself increasingly alone in his defence of his wiretapping claims. On Thursday, the Republican and Democratic leaders of the Senate intelligence committee joined their counterparts on the House intelligence committee in the conclusion that they had seen no evidence to support the president’s accusation.

    During the briefing, Spicer said Trump “stands by it” and emphasised, as he has attempted to do in recent days, that the president was referring broadly to wiretapping as a range of surveillance-related activities. Trump made a similar argument in a Wednesday night interview on Fox News, telling the interview host, Tucker Carlson, that the word wiretap “covers surveillance and many other things”.

    He also told Carlson that the administration would submit evidence of his claim to the House intelligence panel “very soon”, adding: “You’re going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks.”

    In the same interview, he wrongly cited a New York Times report in January about intercepted communications and financial records concerning Trump associates and Russian officials as supporting his claim.
    Asked why he had not relied on US intelligence for a claim with extraordinary legal implications,

    Trump offered a quixotic reply:
    “Because I don’t want to do anything that’s going to violate any strength of an agency.”

    GCHQ usually declines to comment on any sort of speculation, for security reasons, but it seems that Trump’s buffoonery is so grossly unprofessional, so potentially damaging to intelligence gathering, and so damaging to UK-US intelligence co-operation, that a denial is required!

    There seems to be no limit to the unprofessional conduct and stupidity of this confrontation-seeking, bull-in-a-china-shop administration!

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  • I see that the White House has now said it won’t repeat this nonsense about GCHQ, but in Trump fashion, has not withdrawn the allegations or apologised!

    Trump just uncritically parrots any speculative false nonsense made up by Dimbart or Faux, which appeals to his cognitive biases!
    Apparently he has no objective critical thinking skills whatsoever, and has no concept of leaders representing organisations, thinking about consequences that require them to make honest responsible statements, rather than recklessly blabbering speculative gossip!

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  • I wonder what serious world leaders like Angela Merkel can possibly make of Trump. I mean we must know they all think he’s bat shit crazy. He’s now just told her that they share getting wiretapped in common after everyone and his dog has refuted that this ever happened to him.

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  • Arkrid

    they share getting wiretapped in common

    Did you see the look she gave him when he said that?

    Translation of the look: Bizarre mental case.

    Come to think of it, that’s the same look she gave Bush when he mauled her at that state dinner years ago.

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  • Arkrid Sandwich #23
    Mar 17, 2017 at 3:51 pm

    He’s now just told her that they share getting wiretapped in common after everyone and his dog has refuted that this ever happened to him.

    Perhaps he has been up to so many shady deals and activities, that he is obsessed with the possibility that someone is going to produce an audio or video record of what he has secretly been up to!

    Of course it does seem likely that Angela Merkel’s phone was actually tapped!


    Germany’s federal prosecutor has defied public expectations by opening an investigation into the alleged tapping of Angela Merkel’s mobile phone by the US’s National Security Agency (NSA).

    Federal prosecutor Harald Range announced on Wednesday: “I informed parliament’s legal affairs committee that I have started a preliminary investigation over tapping of a mobile phone of the chancellor.”

    Merkel had complained to Barack Obama in person about the alleged tapping of her phone last October, but the federal court’s investigation, which will be against unnamed persons, would constitute the first formal response to the affair. The German government has reportedly announced its support for the investigation.

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  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-39310075

    Donald Trump has said he did not “make an opinion” over claims the UK’s GCHQ spy agency carried out wiretapping on him during the US election campaign.

    Speaking at a press conference in Washington, Mr Trump said the White House had quoted a legal commentator who appeared on US TV channel Fox News.

    GCHQ rejected allegations made by White House press secretary Sean Spicer, that it spied on Mr Trump, as “nonsense”.

    Mr Trump was asked by a German reporter after the president’s meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel about British involvement in the wiretapping claims, which the White House has provided no evidence for.

    “We said nothing, all we did was quote a certain very talented legal mind who was the one responsible for saying that on TV,” said President Trump.

    “I didn’t make opinion on it, that was statement made by a very talented lawyer on Fox [News]”, he added, saying that reporters “shouldn’t be talking to me, you should be talking to Fox”.

    Is he really so dim that that he does not understand that lending White House “authority” to unevidenced “Fox-gossip”, is irresponsible and unprofessional, or is he just being dishonest once more?

    Heaping praise on the clown who made the unevidenced allegations, and seeking to dodge responsiblity for his staff, rather than offering an apology for the loud-mouthed empty headed White House press secretary Sean Spicer repeating them, illustrates his lack of any integrity or leadership competence!

    The allegations of GCHQ involvement were initially made by former judge Andrew Napolitano on US TV channel Fox News.

    He said “intelligence sources” had said “President Obama went outside the chain of command”.

    Mr Napolitano added: “[Mr Obama] didn’t use the NSA, he didn’t use the CIA, he didn’t use the FBI and he didn’t use the Department of Justice, he used GCHQ.

    “What the heck is GCHQ?
    That’s the initials for the British spying agency.”

    The claim was later repeated by White House press secretary Mr Spicer but dismissed by GCHQ as “utterly ridiculous”.

    Former foreign secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind said US promises not to repeat the allegation were inadequate.

    “That’s not the same as saying it was rubbish in the first place,”
    he told the BBC.

    Mr Trump and his allies have yet to prove that his phone was tapped by Mr Obama during the presidential race.

    A Senate committee on Thursday concluded that there were “no indications” Trump Tower was under surveillance by the US government before or after the election.

    One would have thought that Andrew Napolitano should have been hauled before investigators or a Senate committee, and required to name his sources or with draw his comments!

    Once again the sheer amateurish incompetence of Trump’s administration and leadership, is on display to the world!

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  • LaurieB #24
    Mar 17, 2017 at 4:56 pm


    they share getting wiretapped in common

    Did you see the look she gave him when he said that?

    Translation of the look: Bizarre mental case.

    Come to think of it, that’s the same look she gave Bush when he mauled her at that state dinner years ago.

    Priceless wasn’t it? The clip is on CNN. It must be awful for leaders like her having to even be in the same room as him because the needs of diplomacy require it when they know full well he’s a mental case who turns everything he touches to shit. I couldn’t do it. When I despise someone I can’t even look at them never mind speak to them or interact with them. I clearly do not have diplomatic genes in me. If I were the British PM I’d go on tv and tell the world that Trump is deranged and we’ll think about talking to the USA again in four years time when they have a sane person in the White House. Until then they can fuck off. He doesn’t come over here and we don’t visit there.

    Very slightly edited by moderator

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  • May seems to actually like him. Merkel doesn’t. Speaking of body language, the dignified Japanese Prime Minister looked very uncomfortable after Trump shook his hand extremely vigorously for about 45 seconds, at least.

    I don’t think it’s about Trump being mentally ill or stupid. He may be both of those things; I’m quite sure he has a personality disorder, or two or three; he might even be psychotic; but I strongly suspect that the tweets, the unfounded claims, the bizarre behavior, is, to a large extent, strategic. It is, I think, designed (permitted, encouraged) by that self-proclaimed revolutionary Bannon – and other tacticians who are skilled in the art of propaganda and manipulation – to desensitize the public, to divert, to confuse – and to please their infernal base. Diversion, as you know, has been a tactic employed by our previous neoconservative administrations for years.

    Fake News. It started out as real fake (really fake) news from Russia and now it’s fake real (really real) news. Who knows the difference? Some of us do, and some of us don’t, and many of us don’t care. Who wants to work that hard?

    Trump’s tweet about Obama is absolutely an impeachable offense; but everyone’s just saying: that’s just Trump being Trump. That is where the strategy comes in. That is the desired effect: confusion, distraction and desensitization, as I said before.

    Moynihan wrote an article called “defining decency down” in 1982, I think. Here’s a phrase from an article about that article; it’s referring to something else, and far more trivial, but the words apply:

    “In those innocent days of not so long ago, this was considered flagrantly shameless behavior, the kind of moral breakdown that Sen. Daniel Moynihan denounced when he wrote his famous article. . .”

    Some of this is not by design. The press conference, for example, was Trump just being himself. But he was given the go-ahead, I’m sure. . . I wonder when and where all this will end.

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  • Arkrid Sandwich #27
    Mar 18, 2017 at 4:56 am

    Priceless wasn’t it? The clip is on CNN. It must be awful for leaders like her having to even be in the same room as him because the needs of diplomacy require it when they know full well he’s a mental case who turns everything he touches to shit.

    I only saw bits of the Trump-Merkel press interviews, but what was patently obvious, was that Trump does not even understand the normal definitions of the words he uses!
    He invents his own twisted meanings and then abuses critics who actually understand the meanings of those terms, and the subjects of which he is profoundly ignorant, but he is totally confident in his “superior” understanding!

    With his threats of tariffs on imports and Trump’s decision not to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) plus his jepodising of the 23-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) , his denial of being an “isolationist” was comical, along with his claims to believe in (America first?) “free-trade”, which he said had to be (US deficit reducing tariffs) creating “fair trade”. – Pure Trumponomics!!!
    He clearly has NO IDEA what free-trade, OR fair-trade are!


    “Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers – especially in the South.

    Fair Trade organisations have a clear commitment to Fair Trade as the principal core of their mission.
    They, backed by consumers, are engaged actively in supporting producers, awareness raising and in campaigning for changes in the rules and practice of conventional international trade.” They can be recognised by the WFTO logo.

    Fair Trade is more than just trading:

    It proves that greater justice in world trade is possible.

    It highlights the need for change in the rules and practice of
    conventional trade and shows how a successful business
    can also put people first.

    It is a tangible contribution to the fight against
    poverty, climate change and economic crisis.

    It is clear that Trump’s definition of “fair-trade” is – Trump and fat-cat American pals first, – sod everyone and everything else!

    If I were the British PM I’d go on tv and tell the world that Trump is a deranged cunt and we’ll think about talking to the USA again in four years time when they have a sane person in the White House.

    Unfortunately Teresa May is leading the charge of the barmy brexiteers, who desperately want those (from whom they have hidden the expected consequences of brexit), to believe she can negotiate vast numbers of “wonderful superior trade agreements” with countries outside Europe!

    Trump makes a Europhobic ideologist’s dream fantasist supporter, with a large US economy and blabbering praise of those who tell him what he likes to hear. He is also looking for credibility as an international negotiator, as a media image, but combined with loony policies which don’t actually work in the real world, and his zero diplomatic skills!

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  • Arkrid Sandwich #27
    Mar 18, 2017 at 4:56 am

    It must be awful for leaders like her having to even be in the same room as him because the needs of diplomacy require it when they know full well he’s a mental case who turns everything he touches to shit.

    His other comical but threatening claim, was the urgent need for the US to increase “defence” spending at the expense of other services, in a competitive world where the US is falling behind (allegedly)!


    Ooooh! and that “terribly massive military build-up in North Korea” which seems hard to find in world rankings – although South Korea features! !

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  • Sorry, Arkrid – it was only meant to be a temporary setting-aside until we had had chance to edit out the one word that really triggers us every time. Then we got distracted and forgot! Will do it now and restore!

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  • A4d

    Trump’s claim that the US is in dire need of increased military build up fits in perfectly with his base. They are fear based operators who fear the furiners that are beating down the doors so they can come swarming in.

    The North Korea “threat” is getting serious airtime here (US) right now. I suspect that the military hawks can’t wait for an opportunity to bomb the shit out of them. It’s one thing to eliminate the odious fearless leader there but what happens after that? Typical of that crowd to strike first and think later.

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  • LaurieB #34
    Mar 18, 2017 at 10:58 am

    The North Korea “threat” is getting serious airtime here (US) right now. I suspect that the military hawks can’t wait for an opportunity to bomb the shit out of them.

    This is supposed to encourage them to give up their weapons of retaliation while forces build up on their borders?

    I think we know how that worked out for Saddam Hussein and Iraq!


    China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi has urged the US to remain “cool-headed” over North Korean tensions.

    The situation was at a “crossroads”, but must not be allowed to develop into a conflict, he said after hosting US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

    Mr Tillerson spoke of “dangerous levels” of tension, a day after suggesting the US might launch a pre-emptive strike against North Korea.

    North Korea is working to develop nuclear missiles that can reach the US.

    Last week, it launched four ballistic missiles – defying United Nations resolutions.

    Mr Tillerson is in Beijing in the final leg of his East Asia tour, which has been dominated by anxieties over North Korea.

    In South Korea on Friday, he said a US military response would be on the table if North Korea threatened South Korea or US forces.

    Mr Wang defended the Chinese position, saying all parties were duty-bound to implement UN sanctions against Pyongyang, but also to seek dialogue and diplomatic solutions.

    “We hope that all parties, including our friends from the United States, could size up the situation in a cool-headed and comprehensive fashion and arrive at a wise decision,” Mr Wang said.

    The US has deployed its Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense system (Thaad) in South Korea in a move it says is designed to protect against threats from North Korea.

    But China has claimed the system goes “far beyond” the defence needs of the Korean peninsula.

    Mr Tillerson, a former oil executive with no prior diplomatic experience, will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday.

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  • “We hope that all parties, including our friends from the United States, could size up the situation in a cool-headed and comprehensive fashion and arrive at a wise decision,” Mr Wang said.

    Oh christ, that’s it, we’re screwed then.

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  • Further to #29

    @#29 – With his threats of tariffs on imports and Trump’s decision not to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) plus his jepodising of the 23-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) , his denial of being an “isolationist” was comical, along with his claims to believe in (America first?) “free-trade”, which he said had to be (US deficit reducing tariffs) creating “fair trade”. – Pure Trumponomics!!!
    He clearly has NO IDEA what free-trade, OR fair-trade are!


    Finance ministers from world’s biggest economies have dropped an anti-protectionist commitment after opposition from the US.

    G20 ministers left the two-day meeting without renewing their long-standing pledge to bolster free trade.

    Last year, the group of the world’s 20 largest economies vowed to “resist all forms of protectionism”.

    But since then, President Donald Trump has taken office, and is aggressively pursuing an “America First” policy.

    His policies includes penalties for companies which manufacture their products abroad.

    Speaking after the meeting ended, US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said he would not read too much into his country’s desire to change the language behind the comminique, as “what was as in the past” releases was “not relevant”.

    Mr Mnuchin added he had been “very clear that we do believe in free trade but we believe in balanced trade”.

    So Trump’s claim that “America-first free trade” is “fair-trade” now is being presented as “free-trade” but America-first “balanced trade”!

    No wonder Trump needs to recruit YEC fundamentalists and AGW deniers, who can talk the compartmentalised, self-contradictory, Trump-speak, double-talk, with a straight face!

    The communique, which was published at the end of the meeting in Baden-Baden with the agreement of all attending delegates, also failed to include a vow on climate change.

    Mr Trump has already promised to slash environmental funding.

    The exclusion of the two issues in the communique was disappointing,
    French Finance Minister Michel Sapin said.

    “I regret that our discussions today were unable to reach a satisfying conclusion on two absolutely essential priorities that our world and which France would have liked to see the G20 continue to take firm and concerted action on.”

    But two days later, the communique approved by all the assembled finance ministers was published without a commitment to bolster free trade and dropped a pledge to “resist all forms of protectionism” from the previous year’s document.

    German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble said the meeting had reached an impasse when it came to the issue, and added that his counterparts could not “force partners” – read the United States – “to go along with wording with which they don’t agree”.

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  • Mr Comey and the FBI it seems, will follow the facts wherever they lead, where as Trump and Co. will make up their own “alternative facts” and shout them out over the media and Twitter, before the investigations have collected all the evidence and reached conclusions!


    FBI director James Comey has confirmed for the first time that the FBI is investigating alleged Russian government interference in the 2016 election.

    That includes possible links between individuals in the Trump campaign and the Russian government and whether there was co-ordination between the Trump campaign and Russia, he said.

    The FBI would also assess whether crimes were committed, he said.

    Mr Trump has denied any collusion.

    “There is no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion and there is no evidence of a Trump-Russia scandal,” a senior White House official said in a statement.

    Russia has always denied attempting to influence the US presidential election.

    The FBI director was speaking at a rare open hearing of the congressional intelligence committee, which is also investigating possible links between the Trump campaign and Russia.

    Mr Comey said the investigation was “very complex” and said he could not give the committee details that were not already publicly known.

    He also said he could not give a timetable for its completion.

    “We will follow the facts wherever they lead,” he said.

    Also testifying before the committee is National Security Agency (NSA) chief Admiral Mike Rogers.

    He said the NSA stood by an intelligence community report published in January, which said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered a campaign to harm the campaign of Mr Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton.

    What FBI Director James Comey didn’t say during intelligence hearings today on possible Russian meddling in the 2016 US election was as important as what he did say.

    Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, who had ties to pro-Russian Ukrainian politicians? No comment.
    Long-time Trump adviser Roger Stone, who reportedly had communications with individuals who hacked the Democratic National Committee emails? No comment.
    Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who was forced to resign after leaked evidence surfaced that he had communicated with a Russian ambassador about US sanctions? No comment.

    “I don’t want to answer any questions about a US person,” Mr Comey said.

    All of this is evidence that the investigation isn’t just ongoing, it’s substantive and far-reaching.

    However, Adam Schiff, the committee’s top Democrat, said the material he had seen offers circumstantial evidence that US citizens collaborated with Russians to influence the vote.

    If the Trump campaign was found to have colluded with Russia it would be “the most shocking betrayal of democracy in history”, Mr Schifff told the committee.

    Which campaign members have been accused of deception?

    Two senior officials in the Trump administration have been caught up in the allegations – former national security adviser Michael Flynn, and Attorney-General Jeff Sessions.

    Mr Flynn was fired last month after he misled the White House about his conversations with the Russian ambassador before he was appointed national security adviser.

    He allegedly discussed US sanctions with ambassador Sergei Kislyak. It is illegal for private citizens to conduct US diplomacy.

    Meanwhile, Mr Sessions was accused by Democrats of lying under oath during his confirmation hearing in January.

    He said he had “no communications with the Russians”, but it later emerged that he had met Mr Kislyak during the campaign.

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  • Comey said that he is not aware of any evidence to support the claim of wiretapping. That doublespeaking schmuck Spicer then told reporters that the FBI doesn’t have any facts “yet.” That’s true. But it’s also a lie.

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  • Dan #40
    Mar 20, 2017 at 3:24 pm

    Comey said that he is not aware of any evidence to support the claim of wiretapping.

    It has been clearly explained why individuals – not even presidents can act unilaterally to have agencies conduct those sorts of activities. Trump is still digging himself into a hole, and hoping to bluster his way out of it!

    That doublespeaking schmuck Spicer then told reporters that the FBI doesn’t have any facts “yet.”

    Actually they do have some facts, which is why Michael Flynn was sacked, and why Jeff Sessions stood aside!

    Perhaps Spicer is asserting his wish-thinking HOPING that they don’t have any facts, and HOPING that no more facts will turn up during the investigations!

    I think many of the reporters have got the measure of these clowns, and report their lies to expose them as liars!

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  • It seems that the evidence of the extent of the “Russian problem” and Trump’s “deal-makers”, just won’t go away, – and keep surfacing despite all the Trump efforts at sidetracking distractions!


    Further allegations have been made in Ukraine about secret funds said to have been paid to Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

    Lawmaker Serhiy Leshchenko said he had evidence that Mr Manafort had tried to hide a payment of $750,000 (£600,800) from a pro-Russian party in 2009.

    Mr Manafort was an adviser to Ukraine’s pro-Russian ex-President Viktor Yanukovych.

    He denies receiving payments, and his spokesman called the claim “baseless”.

    What are the basis of the latest claims?

    Mr Leshchenko said the documents were signed by Mr Manafort and were found in his former office in Ukraine by its new tenant, along with other papers.

    The documents showed a $750,000 payment for 501 computers to a company called David Manafort, from a Belize-registered offshore company, through a bank in Kyrgyzstan.

    Mr Leshchenko alleges the invoice was cover for payments made to Mr Manafort for work he did for the pro-Russian Party of the Regions, which backed Mr Yanukovych.

    “This is quite a typical scheme to hide the nature of money using jurisdictions like Kyrgyzstan, because it’s in the middle of nowhere (and) it’s almost impossible to investigate there,” he said.

    “I think it was an international fraud scheme and my sources in the Party of Regions say Kyrgyzstan was regularly used as a jurisdiction for money-laundering.”

    What is Mr Manafort’s response?

    It is important to note that the documents have not been independently verified.

    Mr Manafort’s spokesman Jason Maloni said the documents could be forged, suggesting the letterhead and signature did not match, tthe Washington Post quotes him as saying.

    He described the allegations as “baseless”, saying they should be “summarily dismissed”.

    How is Paul Manafort connected to the US president?

    Mr Manafort joined the Trump campaign in March 2016, and helped to secure the president’s nomination for the race.
    He was promoted to campaign chairperson in June.

    But he was forced out in August 2016, when reports emerged that the Ukrainian government had uncovered ledgers pledging more than $12m (£9.2m) in undisclosed cash payments for his work with Mr Yanukovych.

    He was replaced by the combination of Stephen Bannon and Kellyanne Conway – both now senior White House staff.

    The BBC’s Jane O’Brien said at the time that Mr Manafort had been removed mainly due to the campaign’s poor performance, rather than the “distraction” of the Ukraine allegations.

    He is now under scrutiny for possible contacts with Russia during the US presidential campaign.

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  • There is more coming out about Manafort, who seems to have been involved internationally with various dubious business activities.
    Given Trump’s apparent lack of any comprehension of the need to address conflicts of interest, it perhaps unsurprising that he became part of the motley crew claimed to be “the best team ever”!


    US President Donald Trump’s one-time campaign chairman secretly worked for a Russian billionaire to assist President Vladimir Putin, the Associated Press (AP) news agency reports.

    Paul Manafort is said to have proposed a strategy to nullify anti-Russian opposition across former Soviet republics a decade ago.

    AP says documents and interviews support its claims about Mr Manafort.

    Mr Manafort has insisted that he never worked for Russian interests.

    He worked as Mr Trump’s unpaid campaign chairman from March until August last year, including the period during which the flamboyant New York billionaire clinched the Republican nomination.

    He resigned after AP revealed that he had co-ordinated a secret Washington lobbying operation on behalf of Ukraine’s ruling pro-Russian political party until 2014.

    Newly obtained business records link Mr Manafort more directly to Mr Putin’s interests in the region, AP says.

    It comes as Trump campaign advisers are the subject of an FBI investigation and two congressional inquiries.

    Investigators are reviewing whether the Trump campaign and its associates co-ordinated with Moscow to interfere in the 2016 presidential election campaign to damage Mr Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, a stern critic of Mr Putin.

    Mr Manafort is said to have pitched the plans to aluminium magnate Oleg Deripaska, a close ally of President Putin.

    In a confidential strategy plan in 2005, AP reports, Mr Manafort proposed to influence politics, business dealings and news coverage in the US, Europe and the ex-Soviet republics to advance the interests of the Putin government.

    At this time, US-Russia relations were deteriorating.

    “We are now of the belief that this model can greatly benefit the Putin government if employed at the correct levels with the appropriate commitment to success,” Mr Manafort is said to have written, adding that it would be offering “a great service that can refocus, both internally and externally, the policies of the Putin government”.

    Mr Manafort signed a $10m-a-year contract beginning in 2006, AP reports. How much work he did under this contract was unclear.

    Mr Manafort and Mr Deripaska reportedly maintained a business relationship until at least 2009.

    When Donald Trump picked Paul Manafort to be his campaign chair last March, the political operative was a relatively minor player in Washington, consigned to working for deep-pocketed foreign benefactors. That those benefactors have turned out to include Russian oligarchs and Ukrainian politicians with ties to Vladimir Putin is sure to cause growing concern in the Trump White House.

    Now it appears increasingly likely that Mr Manafort is one of the “individuals associated with the Trump campaign”, in Director James Comey’s words, at the heart of an ongoing FBI investigation.

    Mr Manafort could face legal consequences if the FBI concludes that he did not properly disclose his work for foreign leaders. That would at the very least prove embarrassing for Mr Trump, given the power he delegated to Mr Manafort last summer.

    If it turns out that Mr Manafort’s contacts with foreign interests continued during his time at the top of the Trump campaign, the situation for the White House could go from embarrassing to full-blown scandal.

    In a statement to AP, Mr Manafort confirmed that he had worked for Mr Deripaska in several countries but insisted the work was being unfairly cast as “inappropriate or nefarious” as part of a “smear campaign”.

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  • No wonder Spicer LIED and said that Manafort was only with Trump for a short time and was a minor player. He was with him considerably longer than Spicer said. (Thou doth protest too much.) And he was intimately involved with everything, was in charge of everything, was a key figure, the key figure in the Trump campaign – for months! That guy Spicer irritates the hell out of me, lying all the time. I’ve never seen anything like it, although other press secretaries (like the one that worked for Bush Jr and now works for Fox) have been pretty awful too, but not nearly as bad. And there’s never been anyone as ubiquitous in American political life, that I can recall, who is at the same as overtly sinister and shameless as Ms. Conway. If she were defending a criminal in court that’s one thing.— But she’s defending our….I hate to say it….our …er, president.

    Trump is a liar, liar, liar! And his healthcare plan sucks, and everything about this two-bit, uncouth con artist sucks. But the Republicans like him because he’s against everything good and for everything bad – like the unfettered “free” market, deregulation, denying science vis-à-vis the environment, religious freedom, military spending (for profit), more wars, privatization, voter suppression, the primacy of corporate profits, etc.


    In the five-hour hearing, not one Republican asked a question to elicit information about what Trump or his associates might have done. Instead, they hurled every imaginable defense—and attack—at the FBI’s investigation. While the Democrats acted like prosecutors, the committee’s Republicans became defense attorneys for Trump, Michael Flynn, the GOP, and Russia

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  • Perhaps the Republican allegations accusing others of lying, spreading false news, and fraud, stem from their own cynical and hypocritical attitude to opportunism and dishonesty!


    The former Colorado Republican party chairman, who once said only Democrats commit voter fraud, has appeared in court accused of the same offence.

    Steven Curtis, 57, allegedly posted his ex-wife’s absentee ballot for last year’s presidential election after it had been sent to his house.

    Mr Curtis, who served as party chairman from 1997-99, faces up to three years in jail if convicted.

    His ex-wife, who left him after nine months, said she is furious.

    The accused, a radio host, has railed against alleged voter fraud on his show, Wake Up With Steve Curtis.

    He told listeners about five months ago: “It seems to be, and correct me if I’m wrong here, but virtually every case of voter fraud I can remember in my lifetime was committed by Democrats.”

    His ex-wife, Kelly Curtis, told KDVR-TV, a Fox affiliate: “I was livid over the whole situation, definitely.”

    She only discovered her ballot had been used when she called election authorities to inquire about how she can vote, considering that she was registered in Colorado but had just moved to South Carolina.

    An election worker told her she had already voted.

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  • CNN is now reporting there is actual evidence of Trump campaign collusion with the Russians to release material damaging to Hillary.


    The White House denials are getting more and more insane. Spicer trying to claim Paul Manafort played very little part in the campaign despite being its manager for 6 months and that in any case no one knew anything about his alleged dealings with Russians. Conway’s hysterical shrieking last year that Hillary even allegedly just being under investigation made her unfit for the White House looks pretty ludicrous now that Trump actually is under investigation and is clearly as guilty as sin.

    Hopefully very soon Trump’s on camera plea to the Russians to release Hillary’s emails if they can get them is going to come back to haunt him but he always was too stupid to keep his big mouth shut.

    Some astonishing speculations are now being made. Perhaps Trump could try issuing a presidential pardon to everyone in his campaign in advance of any charges for anything that might possibly be contained in any of those potential charges. In fact the law is unclear on whether he could actually pardon himself as it doesn’t seem to be explicitly prohibited. I have no doubt he’ll do whatever it takes to try and keep himself out of prison because as a sociopath he has no morals, no guilt, no remorse, no normal human emotions. However his presidency will be utterly bankrupt almost regardless of outcome. Pence must be trying to hide the biggest boner in vice presidential history. He’s almost clean in all this, he’s staying as far under the radar as humanly possible and he could very well have come from nowhere to the presidency in a year’s time if all goes his way.

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  • This would seem to make a strong case for an independent investigation led by a judge!


    The chairman of the House intelligence committee has apologised for not informing Democratic colleagues before going public with allegations about surveillance of Donald Trump’s team.

    Devin Nunes apologised privately and vowed to work with them on the issue, a committee aide said.

    Democrats were furious that Mr Nunes went straight to the White House.

    They questioned whether the panel’s inquiry into Russia’s alleged role in the election can proceed objectively.

    On Wednesday, Mr Nunes said he had been passed information showing that the post-election communications of President Donald Trump’s team had been swept up in an “incidental collection” by intelligence agencies.

    The California Republican stressed the allegation did not back Mr Trump’s claim that former President Barack Obama ordered Trump Tower wiretapped before last November’s vote.

    However, when Mr Trump was asked if he now felt vindicated for his accusations against his predecessor, he answered: “I somewhat do. I very much appreciated the fact that they found what they found.”

    The US intelligence agencies regularly, and legally, monitor foreigners, and the communication of Americans is often incidentally collected. They are not usually named but can be if the context of the intelligence requires it.

    Mr Nunes said the material he had seen “bothered” him and that the unmasking of individuals, and the content of some of the material gathered, was “inappropriate”.

    Of his decision to go public and brief Mr Trump, Mr Nunes said: “It was a judgment call on my part.

    “Sometimes you make the right decision, sometimes you make the wrong decision.”

    A Republican intelligence committee aide told Reuters: “He apologised to the minority on the committee for going public and to the [White House] with his announcement before sharing the information with the minority. He pledged to work with them on this issue.”

    Mr Nunes had also stressed that the information in the intercepts he had seen was not linked to an FBI investigation into alleged links between the Trump team and Russian officials during the election campaign.

    However, Democrats said Mr Nunes’ actions could scupper the House panel’s investigation.

    Democrat Jackie Speier, who serves on the committee, said: “I think over the next few days we are going to assess whether or not we feel confident that [Mr Nunes] can continue in that role.”

    Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the panel, said: “A credible investigation cannot be conducted this way.”

    Mr Nunes has refused to reveal who passed him the information.

    When asked whether it was the White House itself, he said he was “not going to ever reveal sources”.

    White House press secretary Sean Spicer said: “I don’t know why he would come up to the president to brief him on something we had briefed him on.”

    Mr Nunes’ disclosure came two days after FBI Director James Comey confirmed the organisation was investigating alleged links between the Trump team and Russian officials.

    Mr Schiff on Wednesday told MSNBC he believed there was evidence “that is not circumstantial and is very much worthy of an investigation” about the links.

    Chairs of investigating committees, really should know the protocols of who should be consulted and informed first, and how to guard against confidential material leaking back to those being investigated!

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  • Nunes’ behaviour has been a disgrace but then so was Comey’s announcing Hillary was being investigated just before the election and nearly every Republican in the House Intelligence committee is trying to deflect attention onto the source of leaks rather than the content of them. There is precious little honesty in Republican ranks and partisanship trumps (sic) everything else. Spicer sickens me as does Conway of course. Vile people both.

    Trump’s approval rating down to 37% now but he still gives an interview with Time braying how brilliant he is. That his “intuition” is always right which is why he doesn’t need actual facts and in any case “I’m the president and you aren’t”.

    I don’t think there can be many people left in the country who don’t now realise how devastating the new healthcare bill is going to be for them and that Trump lied about everything he ever said about it. The backlash is going to be epic. It’s basically a trillion dollar tax cut for the mega rich paid for out of taking healthcare away from the poor. Couched in weasel words about “giving people more choice” the only choices most people are going to have are do I go bankrupt paying hospital bills or do I just die and at least pass on what savings I have left to my kids.

    The Koch brothers have made it clear they’ll withhold financial support from any republican who dares not to vote for this huge tax cut coming their way. It truly is a country of deplorables.

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  • Beautiful. You’re good, Arkrid.

    But it remains to be seen just how “many” Republican voters realize how bad the health care bill is. In places like Kentucky and other poor red states they are kept in the dark, exploited. I am not sure how that works, but it has worked, and still is, working. If they can be reached, as Sanders said, and are able to, at long last, gain some critical distance and realize how self defeating their perennial loyalty, as it were, to the Republican party is, it would be a major breakthrough. I don’t think it’s even loyalty. They are being kept down, kept in the dark, being deceived. But healthcare just might be the one thing that’ll rouse them – and it already has to some extent – and awaken then from their slumber. With the help of much needed political opposition and intervention in these states, a bona fide political revolution might be in the making.

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  • Dan #49
    Mar 24, 2017 at 3:05 am

    But healthcare just might be the one thing that’ll rouse them – and it already has to some extent – and awaken then from their slumber.


    Key elements of the new bill:
    Cuts the Medicaid programme for low earners
    Provides tax credits to help people pay medical bills, but reduced compared to Obamacare
    Ends penalties on those who do not buy health coverage
    Allows insurers to raise premiums for older people
    Blocks federal payments to women’s healthcare provider Planned Parenthood for a year

    There is also a graph on the link showing predicted effects!

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  • Sick and disgusting!


    JAISAL NOOR: Uncertainty looms over House Republican efforts to hold a Thursday evening vote on their Obamacare rollback bill. With the final tally expected to be extremely close. The billionaire right-wing Koch brothers have promised millions to Republicans to oppose the bill, which faces opposition from the right-wing freedom caucus, who want even deeper cuts to public services and Obamacare subsidies. . .

    WILLIAM BARBER: The Trump-Ryan take care away death bill is being pushed through Congress. It is an unmerciful act of meanness.

    JAISAL NOOR: The bill was updated overnight to appease the far right of the Republican Party, which included taking away essential healthcare benefits. Meanwhile a New Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday, found Americans opposed this measure by a three to one margin. Meanwhile the non-partisan Center for Budget Priorities says the updates make a bad bill even worse. It would leave many people with pre-existing conditions unable to find the coverage they needed at any price, and could weaken the ACA’s core protections even for people with coverage from large employers, just as the previous versions would have done.

    Total cost increases would be larger for people who have lower incomes, or older, or live in high-cost states. In 15 states, many who are solidly Republican and went to Trump, average costs increases would be even more. They would exceed $4,000. Yet the Trump Administration continues to lobby for the bill.

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  • The Republicans opposed it last night because it doesn’t cut enough! Can you believe that? Whether it passes or not the proposed plan is dreadful.

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  • Breaking news a few minutes ago. Massive fail for Trump as his pathetic healthcare bill fails to get enough votes to pass in the House and the vote gets pulled.


    Yet another dismal failure for someone who’s screwed up everything he’s ever touched. Loser, so sad.

    This is big though. The public will now see that even Republican congressionals don’t support or believe Trump as he continues to just stream out lies every time he opens his mouth. He promised multiple times on the campaign trail that he would replace Obamacare with something “so great” that would cover everyone in the country, absolutely not take coverage away from a single person no matter how un-republican that might sound, and at “much” lower cost. Then he comes out with this turd that raises costs on everyone except the rich and projects to take coverage away from 24 million people.

    Even his most die hard supporters are going to struggle to rationalise this into their delusional mind state.

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  • The irony is his uber Confirmation Biased supporters probably think it’s the democrats who sunk this, not the republicans that he couldn’t turn. And they have already set up Ryan as the real “loser” behind the scenes. Drumpf won’t care as much because he doesn’t like Ryan and is having this set up as Ryan’s failure, not his. But yes, the little victories add up. And this is a big ‘little victory’.

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  • The self proclaimed “master deal maker”, is going to have to learn the first rule of political negotiations!

    “No co-operation without consultation”! – . . . and I mean REAL consultation! – Not a contemptuous “take it or leave it” – and rubber-stamp this because I say so! !

    I looks like the people of the USA are going to keep ObamaCare – at least for the present, because Trump and the hard right both through their toys out of the pram rather than compromise!

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  • I wonder where this leaves Trump’s relations with the hard right!


    . . . . . then on Thursday that he would abandon healthcare reform if they did not pass his bill – leaving them stuck with Obamacare for good.

    At one point he singled out Congressman Mark Meadows, leader of the recalcitrant group of libertarian-leaning conservative congressmen known as the Freedom Caucus, telling him: “I’m going to come after you, but I know I won’t have to, because I know you’ll vote Yes.”

    Press Secretary Sean Spicer would later say that Mr Trump meant that as a joke, but in politics a joke is often a threat delivered with a smile.
    Mr Meadows, by the way, is still a solid No.

    As usual Trump makes silly threatening claims – followed by Spicer pretending they are metaphors or jokes, while the sheeples can choose which version they want to believe, . . . and maybe the person threatened is not sure either, so Trump and Co. can later shuffle and play it either way according to circumstances!

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  • Steven007 #56
    Mar 24, 2017 at 4:36 pm

    The irony is his uber Confirmation Biased supporters probably think it’s the democrats who sunk this, not the republicans that he couldn’t turn. And they have already set up Ryan as the real “loser” behind the scenes.

    That might have been possible at one stage but not now that Trump has spent several days openly trying to force the NO voters to change their minds. Now he owns this and he’s put his self proclaimed reputation as a “great businessman and deal maker” firmly on the line and lost bigly. Here’s the astonishing bit, to me at least though. What Trump has been doing is threatening everyone that if they don’t vote yes he’ll walk away and leave them stuck with Obamacare. This is the negotiating equivalent of saying if you don’t swallow this turd sandwich I’m trying to shove down your throat I’ll make you eat the pizza you already have forever. Well no shit Sherlock but the people actually like the sound of the pizza they already have. This should not come as a surprise to anyone sane. But of course Trump isn’t sane.

    If Trump had kept his mouth shut he could walk this back or point it at Ryan but his ego won’t ever let him keep his mouth shut. He thought he could bully everyone and he’s just found out they aren’t afraid of him. He thought he could lie compulsively forever but he’s been finding out you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. There’s a limit to how many promises you can break before even the most rabid supporters become disenchanted.

    He promised to make America safe. The irony there of course is it already was but it’s a lot less safe now. It’s safe primarily because of its geography (very hard to invade), its security services, its allies and the small matter of having the biggest most expensive military on the planet to defend it. Well so far Trump has pissed off every ally the USA ever had. He slammed the phone down on the Australian PM, claimed the Brits wiretapped him, refused to shake hands with Merkel on camera, said the Mexicans would pay for his bullshit wall and he’d levy import duties on them. He’s insulted, demeaned and abused his own security services calling them Nazis at one point and boasting about himself in front of the wall of the fallen. He’s also seriously offended those who could actually be potential enemies by saying he might come back for their oil and trying to ban travel for people from only muslim countries. At least even Trump can’t affect the USA’s envious geography but he’s fucked up everything else.

    He promised to make Mexico pay for a wall – Fail!
    He promised to ban muslims – Fail! Twice!
    He promised to give everyone healthcare – Lie!
    He promised to repeal Obamacare – Fail!

    Those of us who’ve ever tried to debate a religious fundie know how pointless that is. They are conditioned, brainwashed basically, to reject anything that contradicts their delusion system or is spoken by “the enemy” – the non religious. Well the same applies to rabid Republican voters and Trump supporters. Nothing a Dem can ever say is going to shift them in the slightest. But they can’t ignore when other Republicans also reject Trump. All of Trump’s fails up until now have been blameable on someone else but this one on healthcare is a tipping point. I’m dying to see the next approval ratings which must surely plummet even lower now.

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  • Republican congressionals don’t support or believe Trump.

    I’m glad the bill didn’t pass, but the reason why the Republicans didn’t support it is because they want deeper cuts! And they are being bribed by the Koch brothers. A few of them might have been worried about getting voted out of office too; but it’s definitely both.

    In any case, it’s a victory for our side. The bill was too “left wing” for some Republicans and too “right wing” (unfair) for their constituents. Ha ha ha!

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  • I’m wondering if we’re now hearing the final death rattle of the Republican party. They have to go right back to the 80s and Reagan to talk about anything they can actually be proud of and since then it’s gone downhill bigly. Bush II was an unmittigated disaster with an illegal war in his first term and the collapse of the entire economy and banking system in his second. How they got back into power after eight such great years under Obama is still a matter of profound disbelief for most of us but if they were ever going to elect someone to destroy any future chances of governing then it has to be Trump. A malignant narcissist, pathological liar and rabid sociopath, maybe even full blown psychopath, he’s turned everything he promised into shit within 2 months. That takes some doing. But partisanship trumps everything else so they stuck to this turd throughout the campaign, crowed about his victory, lied for him, made excuses for him, tried to deflect everything he screwed up onto someone else but that can only last for so long. Apparently “so long” is 62 days.

    It’s already impossible to continue claiming that anything he ever said on the campaign trail was true and the press has gradually turned from using words like “untrue” and “unproven” to “lies” and “liar”. The word “insane” is getting more and more use as are “delusional”, “narcissist” and “sociopath”.

    They key point is he isn’t getting take down by Democrats, he’s being destroyed by his own incompetence and mendacity and also mainly by other Republicans including those who actually voted for him. Hundreds of thousands of them constantly calling for town hall meetings with their representatives in both red states and blue, telling them to “do your job” and don’t even think about touching our Obamacare unless you can actually deliver something better, cheaper and that covers even more people.

    The people have spoken and even Republican congressmen can’t ignore the people for ever. When the choice becomes either continue to support the insane orange person or actually retain a chance of getting re-elected it’s a salutory lesson in democracy.

    It’s very probable that 50 million of the 60 million who voted for Trump would still have voted Republican if the candidate had been a rotting corpse or a rabid dog. That’s how partisan Republican politics is since it became “religiously weaponised” in the 1980s. There’s precious little difference between a religious fundamentalist and a Republican fundamentalist. Nothing matters so much as the prospect of losing ones faith. Not policies, not candidates, not campaign promises – simply the impossibility of ever accepting that one could ever vote for the other side. So they forgave his lies, said that god can use bad men to do good work, called it “locker room talk”, tried to pretend they took him seriously but not literally. Just 62 days has proved that everything he said was actually “literally” untrue though. Every word was a lie. The sane amongst us always knew that. But both love and faith are blind apparently and there are none so blind as those with good eyes who just refuse to see.

    It’s not just the lies, the contempt, the childish squabbles with long time allies as he brings crashing down every allegiance built up over decades and centuries. It’s treason by the looks of things. Colluding with an enemy state to influence an election and then putting those who helped him collude into positions of power like Sessions. His arrogance is so total he even called on Russia to help him win on camera thinking that laws which apply to everyone else can’t possibly apply to someone, in his own delusional mind, as godlike as himself.

    So maybe those 50 million will still continue not to see but the other 10 million can’t ignore what’s happening every day in front of them. The 50 million are also mainly old and gradually dying out. Just 4 more years will see a lot of them into the ground and the young who have watched this horror show unfold and will be voting for decades to come will not soon forget it. How can any of those ever trust a Republican again?

    The Founding Fathers tried to implement a system where the cream would rise to the top. Unfortunately in a mega-rich donor monetarised campaign system and a religiously weaponised political party it’s the shit that floats to the surface of the cess pool and Trump was the biggest, most buoyant turd in that pool. He bobbed up to the top of the filth and still they wouldn’t see. Now they are starting to have to.

    I hope Trump ends his days in a deep dark hole without windows or a ray of sunlight or the sight of the open air but I suspect he’ll wriggle out of everything or flee to Russia if it comes to that. If he destroys the Republican party in the process though then I’ll consider it a decent deal.

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  • President Trump announced Friday morning the granting of a permit for construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, calling it “the first of many infrastructure projects” that he would approve in order to put more Americans to work. -Washington Post


    We’re going to become extinct. What is with these assholes!!?? This is an impeachable offense. He’s denying science and threatening our very survival as a species. Dirty Canadian oil. Tar sand. More fossil fuel burning. Goddammit!

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  • Arkrid

    They have to go right back to the 80s and Reagan to talk about anything they can actually be proud of

    And even then it marked the start of the Grand Theft Public when the increased value generated by workers through efficiencies were no longer shared with them by their bosses. Since 1980 American productivity has nearly doubled, yet buying power rather flat-topped. In Low Equality USA the US worker works harder than most to feed their bosses, thanks to Reaganomics. They work for 1790 hours a year. High Equality Germany does it with 1371 hours.

    Eisenhower was pretty decent. Teddy Roosevelt?

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  • Teddy Roosevelt went after the monopolies, the “robber barons”. He was a man of superior intellect, also a naturalist and truly pro-worker. They have no right to claim Teddy Roosevelt or Lincoln as their own as they would both be despised by the Republicans today.

    (Teddy Roosevelt’s grandson Willie lived down the road from us. He looked a lot like his grandfather. We had a country house in Massachusetts a while back. Willie lost his sons – one after the other. A lot of tragedy.)

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  • Yep, Dan.

    There are some people, two in that family, that can stand an intimate examination like Ken Burns’ fabulous documentary series, The Roosevelts. The warts and human failings and muddle only make their actual achievements the more admirable.

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  • Arkrid Sandwich #61
    Mar 24, 2017 at 8:09 pm

    It’s already impossible to continue claiming that anything he ever said on the campaign trail was true and the press has gradually turned from using words like “untrue” and “unproven” to “lies” and “liar”. The word “insane” is getting more and more use as are “delusional”, “narcissist” and “sociopath”.

    That’s the thing about pseudoscience and lying propaganda – when attempts are made to apply it in the real world, it falls apart!

    The mainstream media are getting the measure of Trump, Kellyanne CONway, and Spicer, – and listing Pinocchio awards for their claims!

    Obamacare has the benefit of being up and running, so regardless of any lies put about by Trumpies, or the hard right, the people are going to know and discuss in families, which of their friends and relatives are going to lose their healthcare, suffer exclusions for existing maladies, or face increased costs under the repeal proposals!

    An arrest for failures of disclosure during security checks, spying, treason, or corruption, would cap it!

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  • It looks like Trump plans to move on to making the tax system more inequitable after his pathetic attempts to claim Obamacare is a “disaster” in need of repeal!


    US President Donald Trump has blamed Democrats for the failure of his healthcare bill.

    Both houses of Congress are controlled by Mr Trump’s Republican party but the bill was withdrawn on Friday because it could not get the votes required.

    Speaking to the Washington Post, Mr Trump said “We couldn’t get one Democratic vote, and we were a little bit shy… so we pulled it.”

    The last-minute retraction is seen as a huge blow to the president.

    Repealing and replacing the healthcare programme known as Obamacare was one of his major election pledges.

    House Speaker Paul Ryan said he and Mr Trump agreed to withdraw the vote, after it became apparent it would not get the minimum of 215 Republican votes needed.

    Republicans have a majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

    However, multiple reports suggested that between 28 and 35 Republicans were opposed to President Trump’s draft American Health Care Act (AHCA).

    Some were said to be unhappy that the bill cut health coverage too severely, while others felt the changes did not go far enough.

    The bill also appeared unpopular with the public – in one recent poll, just 17% approved of it.

    The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated the AHCA would reduce the deficit by $336bn between 2017 and 2026.

    However, the number of Americans without health insurance would stand at 52 million by the same time – an extra 24 million compared with Obamacare.

    Speaking after the withdrawal, Mr Trump repeatedly said Obamacare would “explode”.

    How disastrous is this for Trump? Analysis by Anthony Zurcher, North America reporter

    How bad was Friday’s defeat of the American Health Care Act in the House of Representatives? Bad. Very bad.

    The AHCA was the first major piece of legislation pushed by the White House and the Republican-controlled Congress, a key political test early in the president’s term, when he should be at the height of his power and party cohesion at its strongest.

    In spite of all of this, Mr Trump, Mr Ryan and the Republicans running Washington could not get the job done.

    For Republicans Friday wasn’t just bad. It was a disaster.

    President Trump said the Republicans would probably focus on tax reform for now.

    “We have to let Obamacare go its own way for a little while,” he told reporters at the Oval Office, adding that if the Democrats were “civilised and came together”, the two parties could work out a “great healthcare bill”.

    He seems to have missed the point that the civilised DEMOCRATS actually already have quite a good healthcare bill – and it looks like remaining in place for the present, despite Trump’s lies and attacks on it!

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  • The feedback is that it seems to be a coding issue, Phil, not a hack. It’s been passed to the relevant people to deal with, but in the meantime, doesn’t seem to be anything to worry about.

    The mods

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  • A fascinating insight into just how badly Trump and Bannon messed up the healthcare vote.


    Nothing that should really surprise us of course. Trump was reported as neither knowing nor caring much about the subject matter at hand but we have long known he doesn’t have the intellect or attention span for details so no great shock. The actual details of the bill he dismissed as “forget about the little shit”. Bannon lost his temper and yelled at people to do what he ordered them to upon which they essentially told him to fuck off.

    Trump clearly had no interest in the fact that the healthcare plan broke every campaign promise he ever made about it in terms of costs and coverage but why would anyone think a raging sociopath would ever have any concerns about what he’d once promised? Certainly not those of us who have saying as much for a year now.

    We are however getting a very complete picture of what Trump likes to do. He likes photo ops of himself signing stuff and he doesn’t care what the stuff is or who it hurts as long as it makes him look presidential. He likes winning things and again he doesn’t care what the things are or what he promised they would be as long as he wins them. That’s essentially it. Oh, and he likes playing golf and holding rallies for his fawning sycophants rather than actually working.

    I have no doubt you could randomly pick anyone off the street who had at least a basic human conscience and wasn’t completely retarded and they would do a much better job as president than Trump. It is simply not possible to imagine anyone being worse at this than a pathological liar without normal human emotions. One of my favourite films is “Dave” starring Kevin Kline and Sigorney Weaver. A presidential look alike, Dave, who works in an employment agency gets drafted in to stand in as president when the real president wants to get away from the limelight to cheat on his wife with his bit on the side. However the real president, who is hated by everybody, has a stroke and Dave has to stay in the White House where he does a much better job, fixes all the stuff the real president has screwed up and also falls in love with his wife.

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  • @ 73

    “Trump clearly had no interest in the fact that the healthcare plan broke every campaign promise he ever made about it in terms of costs and coverage but why would anyone think a raging sociopath would ever have any concerns about what he’d once promised?”

    I just saw a panel discussion with a bunch of Republican Congressmen. They’re all pretty much as bad as Trump, just not as reckless and crazy. They kept saying that Obamacare is a disaster (!) and that we need something more affordable. They all struck me as sociopaths.

    They lie shamelessly, and have (almost) zero humanity or empathy. What they want is a free market. That is their God. But insurance companies are in the business of profit, private profit – and very little else. The Republicans know that. They know it all too well.

    They care more about corporate profits, and preserving the wealth of the wealthy and their own wealth and their own jobs, than the survival of the species or the well-being of their fellow citizens.

    Needless to say, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd acted like a weasel. He did not challenge them on anything.

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  • I see that Trump continues with nepotism and attempts to run the USA some sort of family rogue property development business!!

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-38565939 10 January 2017
    Democrats have called for US President-elect Donald Trump’s naming of his son-in-law as a top adviser to be reviewed over concerns of nepotism and conflict of interest.

    A group wants the Justice Department and Office of Government Ethics to scrutinise “legal issues” related to the appointment of Jared Kushner, 36.

    His lawyer says the post does not breach anti-nepotism laws.

    Mr Kushner is married to Mr Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

    The millionaire will step down as boss of his family’s real estate business and publisher of the New York Observer newspaper in order to comply with ethics laws, his lawyer Jamie Gorelick said.

    The influential Trump adviser will also divest “substantial assets”, she said.

    Mr Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th US president on 20 January.

    Several of his cabinet picks have business interests that will be scrutinised at confirmation hearings taking place this week.

    Mr Trump’s selection for attorney general, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, is the first to face Senate confirmation hearings on Tuesday. He was turned down for a federal judgeship in 1986 because of alleged racist remarks.

    Unlike cabinet positions, advisers are considered part of White House staff and do not require approval from Congress.

    Softly-spoken and usually camera-shy, Mr Kushner is a vastly wealthy property developer and publisher who played an influential role in Mr Trump’s presidential campaign and has been included in key meetings with foreign leaders during the transition period.

    An Orthodox Jew whose grandparents were Holocaust survivors, he was raised in Livingston, New Jersey, and went on to study sociology at Harvard.

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  • I see Trump is also claiming he is going to make alliances with some “moderate” Democrats, if the majority of Republicans won’t rubber-stamp his edicts and badly drafted bills!

    With Bannon left out, this could be a sign of the organ-grinder changing the monkey – in the hope of better audience appreciation!


    Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner to lead US federal overhaul

    President Donald Trump is expected to unveil a new unit aimed at overhauling the US federal bureaucracy, and headed by his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

    The Washington Post, which has reported the move, describes the Office of Innovation as a “Swat team” of former private-sector executives.

    It will have sweeping powers to reform government procedures, the report says.

    Mr Kushner told the newspaper that the “government should be run like a great American company”.

    “Our hope is that we can achieve successes and efficiencies for our customers, who are the citizens,” he added.

    Technology and data are expected to be a key area, with Apple CEO Tim Cooke and Microsoft founder Bill Gates said to be working with the White House.

    In a statement to the Washington Post, President Trump said the new unit would fulfil key campaign promises.

    “Government stagnation has hindered our ability to properly function, often creating widespread congestion and leading to cost overruns and delays,” Mr Trump said.

    He said the new office would allow him to apply his “ahead of schedule, under budget mentality” to his government.

    Rather like Trump’s immigration ban and healthcare “reforms”!!!!!! –
    “Ahead of schedule, under consulted, under advised, and under-planned mentality”!!!

    Mr Kushner, 36, is a property investor and media executive who is married to Mr Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

    He already advises the president on foreign relations, and is said to have been influential in helping President Trump choose staff for his campaign and in government.

    With those “skills” at selecting staff and advisors, What could possibly go wrong!!!!! 🙂

    Top White House strategist Steve Bannon is expected to have no formal role within the new group.

    Mr Bannon’s previous calls for the “deconstruction of the administrative state” drew considerable attention.

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  • When a bunch of us were discussing US politics during the election, I (uncharacteristically) played the “optimist”. I condemned the protesters and marches (I still am not crazy about the protest paradigm as I think it is too disorganized to drive home a message — I agree with the message, not the delivery of it). I also noted that now there are daily protests about minor details of minor details…..We are “all protested out, and the message has suffered mass dilution as a result of the overplaying of the protests. Again, opinion.

    I later apologized when i realized that Trump is/was posing an imminent threat to the world. I still think he is dangerous. I still think he is a bigoted bully. I was clearly wrong about a few things. However, I hope that I was correct about one thing. He cannot coexist with any one/ anything / any entity at all. This is the first step in his ruin. (Perhaps there have been other “first steps” that have occurred; but this one is the beginning of his end). he will get nothing done. Just like his campaign, all bluster and bullshit. Absolutely ZERO meat.

    He is devolving and will end up in the toilet where shit belongs.

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  • crookedshoes #79
    Mar 27, 2017 at 8:42 am

    I later apologized when i realized that Trump is/was posing an imminent threat to the world. I still think he is dangerous. I still think he is a bigoted bully. I was clearly wrong about a few things.

    You need to remember that some of us have the great advantage of living outside the bubble of the US media, so are not deluged with the cascades of disinformation you have to put up with – or with the opinionated people around you have been misled by it!

    However, I hope that I was correct about one thing. He cannot coexist with any one/ anything / any entity at all. This is the first step in his ruin.

    He his like his UK pal Farage (who now works for Faux News).
    Like Trump – when their ONLY UKIP member of parliament recently resigned from their party, and said he would now be an independent MP, after “parting amicably” – Farage just had to launch a personal attack on him -as “not a true UKipper”!
    When irrational ideological rebels – are united only in their cause of attacking the establishment to gain power, their usual next move is to attack each other while maintaining their intransigent, inflexible, uncompromising, positions!

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  • https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/mar/26/donald-trump-healthcare-blame-freedom-caucus-democrats

    Debate also continued about whether Trump or members of his administration had orchestrated an unusual attack on Ryan on Saturday, despite professions of unity from both the White House and the House speaker’s camp. Trump and Ryan spoke by phone for an hour on Saturday.

    In the morning, the president used Twitter to tell the public to watch a show on Fox News at 9pm, Judge Jeanine.

    The former judge, prosecutor, district attorney and Republican political candidate from New York Jeanine Ferris Pirro then opened her show by saying: “Paul Ryan needs to step down as speaker of the House … He failed to deliver the votes.”

    Trump’s senior adviser, Steve Bannon, is a former publisher of the hard-right website Breitbart, which has been harshly critical of Ryan.

    Mick Mulvaney, formerly a member of the Freedom Caucus and now Trump’s director of the Office of Management and Budget, denied any move against the speaker.

    “Never once have I seen him blame Paul Ryan,” Mulvaney said on NBC’s Meet the Press. “The people who are to blame are the people who would not vote yes.”Speaking on CNN’s State of the Union about whether Trump had a motive to attack Ryan indirectly by flagging up the Fox News show, New York Republican Lee Zeldin, who supported the GOP healthcare bill, said he believed the president “wouldn’t know that’s what was going to be said”.

    About Ryan, he added: “I think he should stay as speaker.”

    The leader of the Freedom Caucus, Mark Meadows of North Carolina, said on ABC’s This Week healthcare reform was not dead, despite the failure of Ryan’s American Health Care Act (AHCA) and the president’s indications that he is ready to move on to tax reform.

    “It’s like saying that Tom Brady lost at halftime,” Meadows said, in reference to the New England Patriots’ astonishing Super Bowl comeback win against the Atlanta Falcons in February.

    “I still believe that there is a good chance, if moderates and conservatives can come together, that we repeal and replace Obamacare, bring premiums down, cover more people.”

    Presumably there is also ” a good chance” that pigs will fly”, that this muppet is utterly clueless, or he is simply being dishonest in the hope that wish-thinkers will believe him!

    Asked about rumors that he himself could replace Ryan as speaker, and if he supported Ryan, Meadows dodged both questions.

    The US system seems to be radically different to the UK Speaker of the House of Commons, who gives impartial rulings on procedures and ensures an orderly debate.

    Wikipedia Speaker_of_the_United_States_House_of_Representatives
    The Speaker in the United States, by tradition, is the head of the majority party in the House of Representatives, outranking the Majority Leader. However, despite having the right to vote, the Speaker usually does not participate in debate and rarely votes.

    I would see some difficulty in the conflicts arising in trying to chair a meeting, while at the same time carrying out a leadership role for one of the parties participating in the debate! – In the UK system the party “whips” and not the speaker, are responsible for getting support from their party’s elected representatives.

    The US system sounds like a judge trying to be the prosecutor as well as the judge!


    What Is the Role of the Speaker of the House?

    The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, commonly referred to as the Speaker of the House (or simply, the Speaker), serves as the presiding officer of the U.S. House of Representatives. The Speaker fulfills several roles, including representing constituents as a Member of Congress, acting as administrative head of the House, and serving as leader of the majority political party in the House.

    This looks like another US system in need of reform!

    Interestingly – If Trump and Pence went down the pan is a sea of chaos!

    The Speaker is second in the U.S. presidential line of succession after the vice president, but no Speaker has ever acted as president.

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  • Alan4,
    I strongly believe that these animals will turn to cannibalism and devour each other. I think it has already started to occur. I sincerely hope I am correct, but at the same time, I cringe when I think of Mike pence ‘stepping in”. he is scary. I think mostly because he actually can get things moving. I disagree with him philosophically and think he’s bad for the country.

    Trump will not get the needle to move much more than he already has. I mean, yes, there has been considerable concern over his appointees and I am not really happy about his getting to nominate a supreme court justice. But I think he has run his course and the extent of his impact has been curtailed.

    I fear that he will now start an infantile tantrum that leads to his removal from office. Then frat boy Pence has a chance at galvanizing the republican house and senate and even getting a foot in the door for re-election. I am not at all ok with that. Trump, however, is well on the way to being a punchline. He will be remembered as a joke; an amateur who con jobbed his way to election then impeachment, and hopefully, jail.

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  • Trump, however, is well on the way to being a punchline. He will be
    remembered as a joke; an amateur who con jobbed his way to election
    then impeachment, and hopefully, jail.

    Crooked, from your mouth to dog’s ears…

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  • crookedshoes #82
    Mar 27, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    Trump will not get the needle to move much more than he already has.
    I mean, yes, there has been considerable concern over his appointees
    and I am not really happy about his getting to nominate a supreme court justice.
    But I think he has run his course and the extent of his impact has been curtailed.

    I fear that he will now start an infantile tantrum that leads to his removal from office.

    Trump and has appointees are rank amateurs, who show no indication of having any idea how to consult, use expertise, or operate administrative systems.

    I think this quote I posted @#78 spells out on e of the major problems! I think it was about 17 days Trump and Co spent on the repeal of Obamacare (despite the Republicans having the objective of repealing it for 7years!).

    If we look at the weeks or months of time other presidents ( Bush, Obama etc.) have taken to debate and get their legislation approved, this is a ridiculously short time, probably made more difficult by using a White House team with no experience and no idea!
    He belatedly discovered that “Healthcare services are complex”!

    He is probably going to gradually discover that tax affairs and other issues on his “instant ideological answers list”, are also “complex”!

    @#78 – He said the new office would allow him to apply his “ahead of schedule, under budget mentality” to his government.

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  • crookedshoes #82
    Mar 27, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    Trump, however, is well on the way to being a punchline. He will be remembered as a joke; an amateur who con jobbed his way to election then impeachment, and hopefully, jail.

    We had a look at this video earlier on RDFS. – if you missed it – it’s well worth a look!
    The comedians are already on the job!


    Dutch TV trolls Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ speech in ‘welcome’ video

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  • Well at least the site is back up again finally. What it made me realise though is just how fast things keep exploding in Trumpland when you have to wait even a day to talk about them. The pace and scale of the unfolding catastrophe is so immense it’s hard to get ones head round. In fact I think it’s like some major personal catastrophes like the loss of a loved one, divorce, serious illness where the brain simply refuses to accept this can be true to try and protect you somewhat from the full impact. After months and months of the Trump team and Trump himself denying there was EVER any contact with Russians and Trump just tweeting “Russia story is a hoax” the list of those who had contacts is so far up to Flynn, Manafort, Roger Stone, Sessions, Carter Page and now Trump’s own son in law Jared Kushner who met with a state controlled bank used by Putin to launder money which is also on a sanctions list. It’s crazy time.

    But trying to concentrate on any one bit of all this is hard because there’s so much happening. The Nunes thing alone is potentially as big a scandal as most that have ever happened in American politics but that’s barely a blip on the graph with so much else to see. Nunes has changed his story so many times now about what info he got about Trump, who he got it from and why he went and briefed Trump instead of his own committee it simply couldn’t look any more suspicious.

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  • Former CIA acting director John Mclaughlin said last night while discussing Nunes that “our oversight system has essentially broken down, which is a very serious thing […] especially since they’re overseeing the secret activities of the United States…”

    That is what Trump wants; no oversight. He is a corrupt oligarch, the worst of the worst – and Ryan and all the rest are cannibals, as crookedshoes said. But they might devour what’s left of our democracy before they devour themselves.

    Trump will not get the needle to move much more than he already has.


    Although precise numbers are difficult to obtain, there seems little question that the number of civilians being killed by the U.S. in Iraq and Syria — already quite high under Obama — has increased precipitously during the first two months of the Trump administration.

    Trump has failed at much and will continue to fail; but he will continue to do great harm too, and has already done more damage than we know; he often distracts us and we (Americans in general) like to be distracted. The media, for example, has not covered certain things like Trump’s “war on terror”. They are more interested in having their stupid panels and guest commentators like Tom Brokaw – who strikes me as an all-too-typical commentator in that he doesn’t appear to have any strong feelings about anything, as far as I can see. I do like Dan Rather, however. (By the way, I am appalled at the number of commercials there are now on MSNBC. It has never been this bad.)

    And this (from USA Today):

    WASHINGTON — The turmoil surrounding the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russia’s interference with the 2016 election deepened Tuesday, with the disclosure that former acting Attorney General Sally Yates was warned last week that her testimony could contain privileged communications involving the White House that might be barred

    Ultimately, Yates’ scheduled Tuesday appearance was canceled by House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes.

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  • Dan #87
    Mar 29, 2017 at 7:12 am

    Trump has already done more damage than we know,

    I think what we can be fairly sure of is that at least Obama would have carefully studied every proposal his generals brought to him and agonised about the potential civilian casualties. Trump doesn’t have the intellect, the attention span or the morals to know or care one way or the other. He doesn’t do “details” and he doesn’t do “ethics” being a sociopath. Just bomb the shit out of them. We’ll never know how many dubious attacks he’s green lighted without the tiniest concern about who might get killed because all of that will stay secret. I’m sure that what we do see about his failures and catastrophic decisions is just the tip of the iceberg.

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  • Dan and Arkrid

    I’m wondering why in the hell there hasn’t been an independent investigation set up yet. What’s the hold up? Is it that the Republicans control the initiative for that? Can’t the Dems do that by themselves? I admit to ignorance on this procedure.

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  • Laurie (89) and Arkrid

    “Is it that the Republicans control the initiative for that?”

    That is a good question, and I am as ignorant about that procedure as you are. It’s a bit comical, I must say: why would the Republicans, who have a vested interested in preventing exposure, be the ones expected to initiate an investigation whose very purpose is exposure of the misdeeds of the party that they represent?

    It’s like being a detective and hiring that same detective (oneself, that is) to investigate one’s own crimes!

    I’ll look it up. (Oh good, it’s only 8:20; I though it was after 9:OO. Maddow’s on later.)

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  • As I understand it an independent congressional investigation needs to be funded from the budget with an appropriations Bill so like any other Bill this needs to pass in both Houses and also be signed by the President. Even if there were sufficient bipartisan support for this Trump could just veto it. So clearly this is not going to happen when Trump himself is a target of such an investigation.

    It’s actually extraordinarily difficult to hold a sitting president to account which is why Trump is just flaunting normal rules about conflicts of business interests, releasing tax returns etc.

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  • Thanks Arkrid. Guess I won’t hold my breath waiting for an independent investigation any more. Now hope for the Senate intel committee and if that fails, all we have left is the press.

    Wouldn’t it be really weird if the Freedom Caucus, aka The Tea Party, were to be the ones to take Trump down?

    If this were a novel I’d be cursing the author for lazy implausibility right now.

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  • I have to say I’m wondering if Trump staying in office for the full four years might not be the worst thing in the world. He’s already blown up his chances of achieving much. He’s mad tweeting about the Freedom Caucus as much as Democrats, his popularity polls are tanking, collusion with Russia investigations give the Dems brilliant armoury to oppose everything he does and to say that everything he wants to do, like Gorsuch, have to be put on hold for now.

    On the other hand if he resigns or gets impeached then Pence gets to be Prez and he’s clearly just as bat shit crazy but in other ways. Now we find out he won’t eat alone with any women or even go somewhere alcohol is served unless his wife is there. He must be a barrel of laughs down the pub of an evening. He’s clearly not electable in his own right in 2020 but if gets to be Prez before then he might be even worse than Trump. He won’t tweet insane stuff, he might unite the far right of the Repubs with the centre somewhat more and he’ll want to do crazy stuff on legislation about religion, gays, abortion, education.

    It may be that Trump’s utter ineptitude is the best thing about him for us sane people. In four years time he’ll have destroyed the credibility of Republicans so completely they might never get into office again. His supporters are seeing how badly they were lied to although you had to be pretty stupid not to see it all coming from day one on the campaign trail. He’s united the Dems more than anything for decades. It might be best to think about him like a dose of medicine. It tastes really bad for a bit on the way down but if it cures the problem for the longer term then just hold your nose while you swallow and grin and bear it.

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  • As I said weeks ago here, I believe the Repubs can’t wait to get rid of pesky Trump and clear the way for Saint Pence to move up to the next level. If/when this happens then the religious moderates in America will really get their wake up call when the agenda of the Christian fundamentalists comes to fruition. With Pence at the helm, reproductive rights will be under full attack. After years of warning by everyone under the secular umbrella here, and years of being brushed off as alarmist, our moderates are in for a nasty surprise. I’m not looking for credit here for myself or the secular community necessarily because when they go after Roe v Wade and start closing down clinics like Planned Parenthood, the damage could be long lasting and the women who need help the most will be facing a lifetime of consequences that can’t be undone.

    After generations of progress for women, Pence and his deluded cronies could set the clock back for us by a century.

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  • …brushed off as alarmist…

    Yes, Laurie, your “pessimism” was just foresight, clear thinking.

    They are already going after Planned Parenthood. They aren’t forcibly shutting down clinics; but they are aiming to defund it, to salvage at least that part of their wonderful wealthcare bill. That runt Ryan is leading the crusade.

    Anne Richards was on O’Donnell’s show the other night. She seemed determined and disheartened – at the same time. It was sad. Too bad she has to deal with all this crap.

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  • “The militarized police and ICE were trained by Israeli military police who raid Palestinian families in the middle of the night and drag people off to one of their gruesome prisons. (Without charges.)”

    There are no words to describe this other than: this is fascism. I’d like everyone to consider reading this article. It was sent to me and I am sending it to you.


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  • And then read “On the Run” Alice Goffman to see how communities have been effectively targeted by an insanely and religiously punitive nation, happy at the show-boating of zero tolerance, with not the least understanding of how it manufactures the very problem it seeks to fix.

    The police have been given every encouragement…

    Even now the guilty politicians, once riding a populist wave, and now regretting their earlier choices, make little active complaint at the continuance of this except to express that regret.

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  • Phil
    On the Run is has been on my Amazon wish for far too long. I just ordered a used copy for $2.50. Also, the other book recommended by you that has been on the wish list is Another Day in the Death of America. There’s a copy sitting there in the public library across the street from my house. It’s a dreary snow storm day here and I can’t think of a better thing to do that trot on over there and get that book. By the time On the Run gets here I’ll be done with Another Day.

    So what are you reading now?

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  • Tried to finish Sapiens but got too annoyed by the excess of opinion and the lack of scholarship, though my son points to a good Harari Harris chat on Sam’s website.

    Susan Greenfield “A Day in the Life of the Brain.” Maybe good. Good so far.

    More Tove Jansson short stories. I think these are sort of inverted ghost stories, stories seemingly written by a ghost of everyday life for the living. There is such a lightness of touch, such an age of wisdom….

    Having taken the kids and their partners to see the (fantastic) play “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time”, I intend to re-read the novel. A perfect early teen novel, in a sense with some of the distance of a Tove Jansson story. A narrator of scrupulous integrity because of an emotional disconnect, yet deeply moving because….intellect (!) and not visceral engagement, is to the fore.

    Oh…”The Invention of Nature” Andrea Wulf about Humboldt

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  • Interesting!

    I felt the same way about Sapiens! After a snarky comment (I can’t remember what it was) I tossed that book into the corner. I had just finished reading Neanderthal Man by Svante Paabo and that was a tough act to follow. Sapiens for as far as I got into it didn’t hold up to that. Paabo supplied just the right combination of science and professional gossip that hooked me page by page. He’s a real character. I am far behind on Sam’s website offerings. Must catch up.

    I’ve also read Curious Incident for my fiction book group but it was too long ago to discuss. Liked it at the time.

    I’m half way through The Illustrated Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time by Dava Sobel and Andrewes. This book has shown me immediately how little I know about the establishment of the lines of longitude and what a struggle it was to navigate without them. I really had no idea as to the amount of guesswork that had to be done just to arrive even close to one’s destination.
    I just read about the catastrophic wreck of four warships near the Scilly Isles in 1707 due to fog and a position calculation error. Almost two thousand dead. Now reading about Harrison in the 1730s as he invents a sea worthy clock, with a very minimal education. These types astound me.

    Also I’m a few pages into Evolution’s Empress: Darwinian Perspectives on the Nature of Women . This a collection of essays that attempt to bridge the gap between Evo theory and feminism. This should be interesting. We’ll see.

    I now have Another Day in… here and I’ll start it tonight. I’ll read it this weekend and then circle back to Longitude after that. Empress needs slower meticulous attention.

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  • Longitude is excellent (I have two copies for some reason.) Sobel’s Galileo’s Daughter is a really interesting bit of historical research by her. A lot of great social history and period detail.

    200 metres to the east of me as I type is a green laser in the sky. It marks the zero meridian and it comes from the building that houses the Harrison timepieces. They are well worth a visit as is the rest of the Royal Greenwich Observatory. The first two timepieces, glorious substantial machines, the third an exquisite jewel of miniaturisation.

    Evolutions Empress sounds interesting. Keep us posted.

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  • Laurie,

    Galileo’s Daughter has won awards and received much acclaim. Did you know it received the much coveted “Darling” award? Yes.

    Mozart’s Sister was a runner up a few years back, but lost to Darwin’s Niece, the inspiration for Evolution’s Empress, by the way. (J. S. Mills’ Wife came in third. (Einstein’s Granddaughter wasn’t nominated; this created a brouhaha.)

    (April Fools’!)

    Probably an arctic teeming with green vegetation – along with more flooding and droughts – in twenty years time. And dead coral reefs in ten years. That and other horrors is what we can “glean” from anything having to do with the criminals we have in power now.

    Best, D

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  • Greeting all, my first time, I just signed into to comment or ask a question of Dan w/ the guitar who posted a truth-out link but then in another post didn’t want to miss Maddow? First before I forget let me say what brought me here. I saw a comment about ICE and others trained by Israeli companies or police or military? Well I wanted to make sure and point out to you as this topic seemed to others. I can direct you to a list of what are called “JTTF Sheriffs” who are generally ex-military and who go to train in certain countries overseas but they are also trained in some very, very dark the tactics, methods and ways to dominate and take control of an entire county.

    Please all visit George Webb’s Youtube site and watch of few of his current story-boarded briefs that he uses to direct his volunteer researchers; he does 2 or 3 a day, none more than 8-12 minutes. Everything is open sourced and available to examine to substantiate any claims he comes-up with or even sets of clues that the researchers are looking for things that would “close the deal” on any particular thread. Webb is ex-FBI who was burned for standing-up for a Muslim kid who was set-up and framed as the “Portland Christmas Bomber” by Andrew McCabe. It is a strange but incredible method of investigation and research and as well, presentation. If you go back to Day 53 which is episode #1 after it was taken down and binge watch it is like scripting-out Lionsgate thrillers which it is because millions of dollars are laundered through those films — and then end-up showing up in places in Webb’s research. George’s twitter handle is @GeorgWebb and it is an interesting read as well.

    Another must I suggest is Thomas Wictor’s Twitter feed and blog and book site because of the questions about Nunes and Schiff and who is lying and knew what when; Wictor often does 12-15 tweet threads that explain the days or weeks events by telling you the planted media lies and what IC and congress are lying about and I know what this can get complicated and hard to follow — and it is even harder to follow if you do not realize that Trump is playing a character in the tradition of the African American folklore Trickster and all this craziness is part of a plan worked-on for years and he is aiming to do what Jack Kennedy could not. So of course he is lying and obfuscating and deceiving and distracting on purpose and is fully aware it is driving people crazy and making things very confusing because at the same time you have the different branches of the IC going to the big 4 msm nyt, wapol, cnn, msnbc and all telling them different things.

    Most of the lies they tell msm are political and designed to steer narrative but since Trump took office many of them are canary traps and Flynn and Trump used this old spy craft to perfection and cleared the entire 7th floor at State of all the career warmongers. You will not here that from Maddow or if you do it will have a made-up reason that somehow blames Trump but if you read this very well written explanation of how Flynn and Trump cleaned house you’ll see the world from a different view. Not to make this too much more complicated but the Russian Maypole is really a tar baby and the big 4 and DNC are about to get it in a bear hug. As well, Bernie Sanders is in on it with Trump and they will be the last two standing after the two parties implode. Enjoy!

    Flynn’s Canary Traps http://tinyurl.com/zynwehe
    Bonus! RFK Jr on DJ Trump http://tinyurl.com/jk2ydu2

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  • Wow, I cannot even believe how ill-informed and illogical the opinions on this page are. I’m awestruck! And making fun of conservative outlets with no more of an informed opinion than the sites their jeering, if not less? Too funny! And what’s amazing is that most of you believe in government integrity to such a blind extent that I had to look at the address bar and make sure I was on a skeptics’ page and not a Pat Robertson site; seriously, I did! I guess over the years I have forgotten what it is like to live off Company owned media. It looks like level of intelligence has little to do with level of information consumption and vetting in this case and so critical thinking based on fairy tales is not worth pondering. Good luck with that ya’ll! Seriously, I thought I was on some redneck cracker site! Hard to see some of you even being able to follow and appreciate Dawkins. I’m out. Peace!

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  • @Mark Ayre

    Okay Mark you’ve made a bold assertion. And I haven’t read this whole thread so I may in fact possibly agree that the comments to which you refer are illogical. However, while being happy to write a paragraph comparing the collective as a bunch of religious thinkers, you have not given one specific example. Why is that?

    Which comment/s is/are apparently so illogical your mind is blown? It’s just good manners if you are going throw about accusations and insults that you should address the comment or comments specifically. So if your intellect is so lofty and your freedom from being wooed is so powerful how about you share your superior perception with us?

    What comments, specifically what is illogical? If you want to get insulting I believe we all could handle that but unless you are going to back up your statements then you are just throwing about insults and then running away before anyone can respond.

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  • @ Mark Ayre

    “And making fun of conservative outlets with no more of an informed opinion than the sites their jeering, if not less?”

    “. . . I had to look at the address bar and make sure I was on a skeptics’ page and not a Pat Robertson site.”

    Well at least we agree that being compared to a Pat Robertson site and to (most) conservative outlets is not high praise!

    It really does behoove you, Mr. Ayre, to take the advice of “Reckless Monkey” and provide as much specificity as you can. Maybe we’ll both get something out of it. Your comment is not helpful to anyone. And we should try to help each other.

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  • Mark,

    Did you think your first post got deleted by the mods? Then get pissed off and wrote the second?

    If so that all makes sense. It can be very irritating when a post gets deferred like that.

    It happens automatically when a post contains two or more hyperlinks. Its is set aside for a moderator to check if it is spam. When cleared (often hours later) it is put in its original posting time slot.

    Perhaps this automatic setting aside could be flagged by a temporary explanation standing in for the comment?

    Maybe the mods could propose this to the powers that be? They have to suffer our frustrations….

    Oh, welcome.

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  • Mark,

    Multiple links always get delayed. Comments with more than one link won’t get posted until the next day in most cases.

    I don’t care who trains who, by the way. The tactics employed by the Israeli military / govt., and the tactics I read about in the article appall me – and presumably many others, period. And I like Maddow. —So what? What bothers me about MSNBC is the constraints they are under; every other add is for gas and oil. So obviously they won’t be delving too much into the critical issues of the environment and the pharmaceutical industry. That is a big problem. Apart from that….

    I skimmed through your first comment. Trump and Sanders are not colluding with each other about anything; they are diametrically opposed to each other, politically. However, the Russians, according to a news report, did do a lot of hacking when Sanders was running, and viewers who were interested in Sanders’ would visit Sanders-related sites/articles and then be presented with a number of false articles from Russia: anti-Hillary propaganda.—So in that sense they may have appeared united – in their opposition to Hillary.

    Re your 12 second clip of RFK Jr saying that “Trump can be anything he wants, the greatest president even…”: that’s just a fatuous comment, meaningless.

    (Hey, Phil. What’s up?)

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  • Well Mark,

    I woke up this morning and found your previous post. I have had a quick look at the site you have linked to too and at risk of going down a rabbit hole here I have a comment and a couple of questions.

    Comment: George Webb needs to focus on driving rather than doing vodcasts while driving. Still this does not make anything he has to say illogical or wrong just hard to watch a guy doing something as distracting as looking away from the road to look at the camera. It all sounds like conspiracy theories which are built on conspiracy theories but I’m glad the guy has such a great mental grasp that he can hold it all in his mind and record a vodcast without running over some poor school kid crossing the road (at least so far).

    Question: Are you suggesting that Trumps buffoonery is some sort of sting operation designed to weed out leaks in the intelligence services? Let’s be clear, this is the Trump that declared “I love Wikileaks”


    Is this not a massive double standard?

    Here is a man happy to use emails hacked by Russian intelligence agencies and leaked to Wikileaks to further his campaign, but now is so incensed by the illegality of leaker’s that he is setting up a sting operation to uncover people leaking information about the Russian Hacking and possible collusion with the Trump campaign (which if true would be sailing fairly close to treason) to catch out the nasty leakers (who are leaking information about the attempted interference with the election) for the good of the USA. Or was he planning this all along? Is what is being proposed here that before Trump was elected he used Russian leaked emails to put himself in position that if/when he was elected he deliberately put about evidence that he was in fact colluding with Russia in his election so that he could uncover leaker’s in the White house revealing his collusion with Russia? This is the Russia he bent over backwards to support during the run up to the election? Just so we’re clear.

    Was his boasting about sexually assaulting women also part of this cunning plan? Was his narcissistic ranting endlessly about the turnout at his inauguration also a subtle and nuanced diversion to make those nasty leaking liberals in the White house feel safe. Were his ludicrous pronouncements about health care “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated” also part of his cunning plan to make the left feel safe to leak documents?

    I suspect the evidence would suggest that far from being a canary trap the birds feet are more likely nailed to the perch “…It’s pining for the fjords…”.

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  • Hi Dan,

    Stupid busy with work atm and two timing at Patheos because I need to develop my ideas prior to starting a book on memes as a scientific discipline. So need new suckers to try my stuff out on…. The biggest problem is to refresh all my research.

    Hope you’re good….and getting actively political?

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  • Reckless

    That’s right. That can’t all be by design. Ha-ha. On the contrary, what you see is what you get: an incompetent, lying, amoral scumbag-landlord trying to distract, and to cover his greedy little narcissistic, reactionary ass – by focusing on leaks. Typical sociopath.

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  • Mark Ayre #105
    Apr 2, 2017 at 1:43 am

    As well, Bernie Sanders is in on it with Trump and they will be the last two standing after the two parties implode.

    That sounds like a very creative conspiracy theorist story!

    Perhaps Alex Salmond was also “in on it” and “colluding with Trump”! 🙂

    Some detailed quotes from reputable news agencies could give a more realistic picture!

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  • For Dan,

    Mr. T is an aristocrat supported by a faction in the US Establishment that is small, so he struggles to be effective. Where his faction finds support he is doing incalculable damage as he is wholly unqualified. Only the super-rich in the US Establishment and Russian Establishment are winners, the rest of us 7 billion people on Earth are losers. His voters, and their children, will be the biggest losers. They will lose big – and in ways they do not understand, because there is no effective political opposition to the Establishment in the US. The World is a more dangerous place.

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  • Phil

    Against Empathy – noted.

    I’m half way through Another Day in the Death of America. Sobering. Heart breaking. I like his writing very much. I wish the author, Gary Younge, would write another book in a similar format but present the lives of a number of heroin overdose victims, all of whom have died on the same day. I think I’ll email him.

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  • LaurieB #119
    Apr 6, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    Bannon is clinging on to power by his fingernails.

    The next one of this blundering bunch is in a mess!


    Nunes steps down from US election Russian hacking probe

    The head of a key US congressional investigation into alleged Russian hacking has temporarily stepped down amid an ethics inquiry into him.

    House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes is now himself under investigation by the House Ethics Committee.

    The panel is looking into claims that the Republican disclosed classified intelligence.

    Mr Nunes called the charges “entirely false” and “politically motivated”.

    He said his decision to step aside came after “several left-wing activist groups have filed accusations against me with the Office of Congressional Ethics”.

    Mr Nunes added he would continue to fulfil his other responsibilities as chairman, requesting to speak to the ethics panel “in order to expedite the dismissal of these false claims”.

    Democrats have criticised Mr Nunes for his handling of the inquiry, which is also looking at possible links between the Trump campaign and Moscow.

    The House Ethics Committee said in a statement on Thursday: “The Committee is aware of public allegations that Representative Devin Nunes may have made unauthorised disclosures of classified information, in violation of House rules, laws, regulations, or other standards of conduct.”

    Watchdog groups Democracy 21 and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington had asked the House ethics panel to investigate Mr Nunes.

    His political foes have accused him of helping the White House to divert attention from several investigations into links between the Trump team and Russian officials.

    Mr Nunes has acknowledged making an after-dark trip to the White House grounds last month that even the congressman’s own aides were apparently unaware of.

    The next day at a hastily arranged news conference he announced he had learned that post-election communications of Mr Trump’s team had been monitored by US intelligence agencies as they snooped on foreign officials.

    He expressed alarm that information about the then-incoming president’s aides had been swept up in US intelligence reports.

    Mr Nunes’ Democratic colleagues on the panel were furious that he had not shared such information with them before going public.

    It is of course gross professional misconduct for investigators to disclose the confidential information from the on-going investigation, to suspects in the case!

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  • Also:-


    It’s never a good sign when the investigator becomes a bigger story than the investigation.

    Such was the case with Congressman Devin Nunes, with his shifting explanations for where and how he acquired sensitive intelligence documents, his decision to keep details from his fellow intelligence committee members, his apparent behind-the-scenes co-ordination with White House sources and his penchant for dramatic press conferences.

    All this made him a liability for Republican congressional leadership and the White House. Now he is, at least temporarily, out of the picture.

    He may blame an ethics complaint filed by “leftwing activist groups” for forcing the move, but there’s little doubt that many Republicans are breathing a sigh of relief.
    Mr Nunes, at times, seemed out of his depth on the big political stage.

    The committee’s investigations effectively had been ground to a halt by partisan bickering, and this move is a first step toward rebooting the efforts.

    It may be too late, however, as the concurrent Senate intelligence committee investigation has launched more smoothly and with a greater show of bipartisan co-operation.

    Members of the House of Representatives often complain of being viewed as the “baby brother” to the upper chamber. The dual Russia probes haven’t done much to dispel that notion.

    Texas Representative Mike Conaway will take over that inquiry with the help of fellow Republicans Trey Gowdy and Tom Rooney.

    “We’re going to proceed with the investigation and follow every lead to its logical conclusion,” Mr Conaway said on Thursday.

    It is unclear whether Mr Nunes’ departure will end the partisan bickering that has brought the committee’s investigation to a virtual halt.

    But a separate Senate Intelligence Committee probe into Russia’s alleged role in the US election appeared to be moving forward, conducting its first round of hearings on the issue last week.

    Meanwhile, the FBI also recently acknowledged it is running its own probe into claims of Kremlin political meddling.

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  • Alan4discussion #120
    Apr 6, 2017 at 6:53 pm

    It is of course gross professional misconduct for investigators to disclose the confidential information from the on-going investigation, to suspects in the case!

    All the world’s a stage and all of Trumps men and women are merely hopeless idiots in an international shitshow.

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  • LaurieB #119
    Apr 6, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    Bannon is clinging on to power by his fingernails. The knives are out.


    President Donald Trump has removed his senior strategist Steve Bannon from the US National Security Council (NSC).

    Another day, another bit of palace intrigue in the White House.
    After a week in which presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner’s power seemed to grow exponentially, another longtime Trump insider, Steve Bannon, has had his wings clipped.

    The White House attempted to brush off news that the senior political adviser is no long a principal on the National Security Council, but the on-background administration explanations ring hollow.

    Was Mr Bannon really just there to “de-operationalise” the council after the Obama years or, even more improbably, keep an eye on former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn? In January, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer vigorously asserted that Mr Bannon’s presence on the council was nothing out of the ordinary.

    Washington foreign policy insiders are probably relieved by this development, as they largely considered Mr Bannon a reckless and inexperienced provocateur.
    They may believe that international affairs “grown-ups” are finally in control.

    Although his national security influence may have been curtailed, Mr Bannon will continue to cast a long shadow in this administration. He occupies prime White House real estate, reportedly maintains his top security clearance and, most importantly, almost certainly still has the president’s ear on political matters.

    The White House did not announce Wednesday’s presidential executive order detailing the shake-up – it only came to light in a regulatory filing.

    The reshuffle also restores the director of national intelligence, CIA director and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to full participation on the NSC’s inner circle, its principals committee.

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  • Dan,

    What a title!

    Got your attention. Now, will you judge a book by its cover? I think its safe to…

    Against choosing the most effectively whimpering, big-eyed underdog over the most deserving.

    Or will you stop at the two word title?

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  • LaurieB #119
    Apr 6, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    Bannon is clinging on to power by his fingernails. The knives are out.


    President Donald Trump’s deputy national security adviser, KT McFarland, has been asked to step down after just three months, US media say.

    Ms McFarland, an ex-Fox News analyst, has been offered the role of ambassador to Singapore instead, Bloomberg and Reuters report.

    It comes days after Mr Trump removed his senior strategist Steve Bannon from the National Security Council (NSC).

    The NSC advises the president on national security and foreign affairs.

    Mr Bannon’s appointment in January raised fears that the circle of top advisers was being politicised.

    Analysts say the latest moves show Mr Trump’s new national security adviser, Lt Gen HR McMaster, reshaping the NSC team appointed by his predecessor.

    The previous national security adviser, Lt Gen Michael Flynn, was fired after just three weeks and three days in the job, after it emerged he had misled the vice-president over his conversations with Russia’s ambassador to the US.

    Another one of the “best team ever”, out!

    Ms McFarland, an ex-Fox News analyst, has been offered the role of ambassador to Singapore instead, Bloomberg and Reuters report.

    I can’t say that being a Faux News Analyst is much of a qualification for being a security advisor – or an ambassador, –
    but then Trump thought the chief Europhobe ranter, Farage – who also shows zero diplomatic skills, would make a good ambassador!! 🙂

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  • It seems that investigations are now producing evidence.


    Spanish police have arrested a Russian programmer for alleged involvement in “hacking” the US election, Spanish press reports have said.

    Pyotr Levashov, arrested on 7 April in Barcelona, has now been remanded in custody.

    A “legal source” also told the AFP news agency that Mr Levashov was the subject of an extradition request by the US.

    The request is due to be examined by Spain’s national criminal court, the agency added.

    El Confidencial, a Spanish news website, has said that Mr Levashov’s arrest warrant was issued by US authorities over suspected “hacking” that helped Donald Trump’s campaign.

    Mr Levashov’s wife Maria also told Russian broadcaster RT that the arrest was made in connection with such allegations.

    Several cybersecurity experts, including Brian Krebs, have also linked Mr Levashov to a Russian spam kingpin, who uses the alias Peter Severa.

    A US intelligence report released in January alleged that Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to help Mr Trump to victory.

    Mr Trump later commented that the outcome of the election had not been affected.

    The report said that Russia’s objectives were to “undermine public faith” in the US democratic process and “denigrate” Mr Trump’s Democrat rival Hillary Clinton.

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  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39610443

    Trump tax march: Thousands urge president to release finances

    Protests have been taking place in more than 150 locations across the United States to call on President Donald Trump to release his tax returns.

    His critics want to know who he has been dealing with and if there are any conflicts of interest.

    At least 21 people were arrested in Berkeley, California, in clashes between Trump opponents and supporters.

    There is no law requiring presidents to release their tax returns, but Mr Trump has found himself under public pressure and some information from a 2005 tax return was leaked to the media last month.

    The protests were timed to coincide with the traditional mid-April deadline for Americans to file their tax returns.

    “I think it is critical we know about his investments, his donations and any entanglements he has,” said one protester, Chuck Wash, at a march in Washington DC.

    The idea for the themed march came from law professor Jennifer Taub, who was angered when presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway said President Trump would not be releasing his tax returns because “people don’t care”.

    Behind the facade of bluff, bluster, and “alternative facts”, the people really need to know what vested interests are influencing Trump’s decisions, and what conflicts of interest he, his family, and his associates have!
    The ethics committee also needs to know!

    Ms Taub said the march had broader aims than just wanting to see the president’s paperwork.

    “This is also about having a tax system that is fair,” she said. “Both in terms of making sure everyone pays their fair share and also in taking public resources – our taxes – and spending them on things that make everyone flourish.”

    She said less should be spent on wars, and more should go to public service television and the Meals on Wheels programme, which Mr Trump has made funding cuts to in the first months of his presidency.

    Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a Democrat from California, was also at the march in Washington DC.

    She said the Trump administration has a “huge” transparency problem.

    “He [Trump] talked about draining the swamp and making everything transparent. He lied again,” said Ms Waters.

    She also criticised Friday’s announcement that President Donald Trump will not release the logs of those who visit the White House.

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  • Gimme Some Truth – John Lennon

    Well here is some truth. It is not pleasant.

    “It’s a shame speeches like this are rarely heard and by so few. Every American should be forced to watch this so they’ll know what they’re in store for and who exactly is to blame for their potential future suffering!” —A commenter named Sharon


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  • I really think that this speech is the most important speech since Dr. King’s speech about Vietnam at Riverside church, on April 4, 1967. I hope someone will consider viewing this.

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  • Thank you for watching and the comment.

    (Lennon. Yeah, I’ve heard that; that’s a bit disturbing – but he liked to play around with words; maybe he like to play around with political theories too. Who knows what was going on in his head? And still a great musician, vocalist, songwriter, man.)

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  • Perhaps one of the “Draining the swamp” issues, which Trump wanted to stay hidden while his gullible parrots chanted!


    Venezuela state oil company gave cash to Trump inauguration

    Venezuela has donated $500,000 to US President Donald Trump’s inauguration, newly released records show.

    Citgo Petroleum, a US-based subsidiary of the Venezuelan state-owned oil company, is named in papers filed with the Federal Election Commission.

    The revelation comes as the Venezuelan economy appears to be crippled by food shortages, violent crime and inflation.

    Two people were shot in protests on Wednesday as tens of thousands took to the streets to demand new elections

    Other major corporations named in the documents include Pepsi and Walmart, which gave $250,000 and $150,000 respectively, while owners of NFL teams or their companies gave more than $5m.

    Casino owner and billionaire Sheldon Adelson also gave $5m.

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  • @#137 – Venezuela has donated $500,000 to US President Donald Trump’s inauguration, newly released records show.

    Citgo Petroleum, a US-based subsidiary of the Venezuelan state-owned oil company, is named in papers filed with the Federal Election Commission.

    The revelation comes as the Venezuelan economy appears to be crippled by food shortages, violent crime and inflation.

    Maybe the Venezuelans who donated money the country really could not spare, to Trump’s inauguration, “are really good nice people”, so perhaps he can just say they are deal-makers, and turn a blind eye to this “Venezuela(n elite) first” decision to seize property! 🙂


    General Motors has said its Venezuelan car plant has been seized by the government as political tension rises in the country.

    Long-standing divisions in Venezuela have been brought to the fore by a deepening economic crisis.

    GM said its Venezolana plant in the city of Valencia had been “unexpectedly taken by the public authorities”.

    The US car giant said it would “take all legal actions” to defend its interests.

    It said other assets, including vehicles, had been taken from the plant in the industrial hub of Valencia, which is one of country’s largest cities.

    The car firm added that the seizure would cause irreparable damage to the company, its 2,678 workers, its 79 dealers and to its suppliers.

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  • I wonder if this will now go to the courts, as the Whitehouse appears to be covering up Trump’s reckless negligence!


    White House blocks Flynn document request

    The White House has informed a US congressional committee that it will not comply with a request to release documents related to a former aide.

    It rebuffed a request by the House Oversight Committee, which is probing payments received by former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

    The committee chairman said Mr Flynn failed to comply with the law in not disclosing the payments.

    He quit his job in February after misleading the White House.

    Mr Flynn failed to disclose conversations with the Russian ambassador to Vice-President Mike Pence.

    His links to Russia are being scrutinised by the FBI and two congressional committees, as part of wider investigations into claims Moscow sought to help Donald Trump win the US presidential election.

    The committee was seeking Mr Flynn’s application for security clearance, and the White House referred the request to the Defence Department.

    White House legislative affairs director Marc Short also said in a letter on 19 April that he would be “unable to accommodate” the request because it relates to Mr Flynn’s actions before joining the White House.

    Mr Flynn wants immunity to testify on alleged Russian election meddling, his lawyer says.

    He is now accused of not disclosing payments he received for speeches and lobbying in Russia and Turkey.

    Massive vetting breakdown – Anthony Zurcher, BBC News, Washington

    The legal noose appears to be tightening around Michael Flynn’s neck.

    While he was forced to resign as Donald Trump’s national security adviser because of political concerns – what the White House said was a lack of honesty with Mr Pence and other administration officials – he’s now being accused of disclosure violations that could carry criminal charges.

    While this is obviously concerning to Mr Flynn, it’s also a significant embarrassment for the White House, as these revelations represent a massive breakdown in the vetting process for its high-ranking officials.

    The position of national security adviser is extremely sensitive – effectively the president’s eyes and ears within the defence and intelligence communities – and the person who fills the role should be free from any possible foreign entanglements or possible ethical conflicts.

    The contours of Mr Flynn’s Russian connections were firmly in view as he emerged as a contender for a White House job and yet, it appears, the president and his team either pressed on without delving deeper into the matter or – perhaps more concerning – allowed the former general to come on board in spite of everything they may have known.

    Such actions border on gross negligence.

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  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39847417

    Barack Obama warned newly elected President Donald Trump against hiring Michael Flynn as national security adviser, US media report.

    Mr Obama warned his successor less than 48 hours after the November election during a conversation in the Oval Office, former Obama officials said.

    Mr Flynn’s contacts with a Russian ambassador are expected to come up in a Senate hearing on Monday.

    He was fired as national security adviser for concealing these contacts.

    Mr Flynn, a retired army lieutenant-general, misled the Trump administration about discussing US sanctions against Russia with the country’s ambassador, Sergei Kislyak, before the inauguration.
    He was fired in February.

    The Obama administration fired Mr Flynn from his role as the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014, mostly due to mismanagement and temperament issues.

    Mr Obama’s warning came before concerns emerged about Mr Flynn’s contacts with the Russian ambassador, a former Obama official told NBC News.

    The Democratic president reportedly thought Mr Flynn was not suited for such a high-level position.

    While the White House has refused to release documents (see #139) it seems various witnesses are going to testify to the senate investigators!

    The revelation comes the same day former acting Attorney General Sally Yates is expected to testify for the first time in public before a Senate panel about Mr Flynn’s contacts with Mr Kislyak.

    His links to Russia are being scrutinised by the FBI and the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, as part of wider investigations into claims Moscow sought to tip the election in favour of Mr Trump, and into contacts between Russia and members of the president’s campaign team.

    Ms Yates, a 27-year Justice Department prosecutor, was fired in January by Mr Trump for refusing to uphold the administration’s travel ban.

    Yep! As a legal professional, she was fired for advising the ban was illegal, – prior to various judges ruling it illegal and blocking it!

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  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39879749

    A US Senate panel investigating Russian interference in last year’s election has issued a rare formal demand for documents from President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser.

    Michael Flynn has failed to voluntarily co-operate with the investigation, the Senate Intelligence Committee says.

    He was forced to resign in February after failing to disclose the content of his talks with Russian diplomats.

    The Senate Intelligence Committee said it issued a subpoena after Mr Flynn rejected its request on 28 April to submit documents relevant to the investigation.

    Mr Flynn, a retired army lieutenant-general, misled the White House about discussing US sanctions against Russia with the country’s envoy, Sergei Kislyak, before Donald Trump’s inauguration in January.

    His links to Russia are being scrutinised by the FBI and the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, as part of wider investigations into claims Moscow sought to tip the election in favour of Mr Trump, and into contacts between Russia and members of the president’s campaign team.

    The rare use of a subpoena by senators makes it clear that the committee is forging ahead with its investigation into the alleged Trump-Russia links, the BBC’s Laura Bicker in Washington says.

    Clearly the Senate is not going to let Flynn fob them off with non-co-operation!

    Meanwhile, the fallout continues over the firing of the FBI director.

    The White House maintained that James Comey was removed on Tuesday for his handling of the inquiry over Hillary Clinton’s emails.

    But senior Democrats said they believed he had recently asked the justice department for more resources for his Trump-Russia investigation.

    Reaction to Mr Comey’s firing continued on Wednesday, with a White House spokeswoman saying that President Trump had been considering sacking the FBI director since he was elected.

    But critics accuse the Republican president of firing the nation’s top law enforcement official because he was leading the Russian inquiry.

    The White House has rejected calls to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate allegations the Trump campaign colluded with the Kremlin over last year’s election.

    The Senate Intelligence Committee invited Mr Comey to testify next week.

    In a farewell letter to staff, Mr Comey said he would not “spend time on the decision or the way it was executed”.

    “I have long believed that a President can fire an FBI Director for any reason, or for no reason at all,” he wrote.

    “It is very hard to leave a group of people who are committed only to doing the right thing,” he added.

    “My hope is that you will continue to live our values and the mission of protecting the American people and upholding the Constitution.”

    On Wednesday, Democratic senator Dianne Feinstein said she “understood” that Mr Comey had asked Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein – who wrote the memo on which President Trump says the sacking decision was based – for more resources for the FBI investigation.

    Another Democratic Senator, Richard Durbin, told US media be believed the reports to be true, although Justice department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores rejected them as “totally false”.

    Either way, Republicans and Democrats vowed the House and Senate Intelligence Committees’ investigations into the Russia claims would continue.

    Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said if Mr Trump believed replacing Mr Comey would halt the inquiries “he made a big mistake”.

    Some of the media are drawing parallels between Trump’s dismissing Comey, and Nixson’s attempts to obstruct the Watergate investigations!

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  • It looks like senior FBI leaders are not intimidated by sackings, and still have not mastered Trump’s required assimilation of “alternative facts”, so the Russia investigations will be on-going!


    The FBI investigation into alleged links between Russia and the Donald Trump election team will carry on unimpeded by the sacking of its head, James Comey, his successor has said.

    Acting Director Andrew McCabe told a Senate committee his boss’s dismissal had not affected the work of the FBI.

    He also said Mr Comey had “broad support” within the agency, which contradicted White House officials.

    They contend Mr Comey was fired because the FBI had lost confidence in him.

    The White House says his competence had come into question over the way he handled the case of Democratic Party election candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails.

    But critics accuse Mr Trump of sacking him for leading the Russia investigation.

    “Director Comey enjoyed broad support within the FBI and still does to this day,” Mr McCabe told the panel on Thursday.

    “I can confidently tell you that **the vast majority of employees enjoyed a deep and positive connection to Director Comey.”

    He also called the Russia inquiry a “highly significant investigation”, countering the White House depiction of it as “probably one of the smallest things” that the FBI has “got going on their plate”.

    Mr McCabe also vowed not to update the White House on the status of the investigation and to notify the Senate panel of any attempt to interfere with the inquiry.

    There are reports the ex-FBI boss had asked for more resources to conduct the probe and Democrats in the US Senate have formally requested details from the Justice Department on any additional funding he requested.

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  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39886496

    US President Donald Trump has insisted he is not under investigation, as he dismissed the FBI director he fired as a “showboat” and “grandstander”.

    Mr Trump also told NBC News it was his decision alone to sack James Comey.

    The president also appeared to undercut the initial White House explanation that he fired Mr Comey on the recommendation of top justice officials.

    “I was going to fire regardless of recommendation.”

    @#142 previous BBC link – “Director Comey enjoyed broad support within the FBI and still does to this day,” Mr McCabe told the panel on Thursday.

    “I can confidently tell you that the vast majority of employees enjoyed a deep and positive connection to Director Comey.”

    He also called the Russia inquiry a “highly significant investigation”, countering the White House depiction of it as “probably one of the smallest things” that the FBI has “got going on their plate”.

    Mr McCabe also vowed not to update the White House on the status of the investigation and to notify the Senate panel of any attempt to interfere with the inquiry.

    Mr Comey was leading an inquiry into alleged Russian meddling in the US election and possible collusion between Trump campaign officials and Moscow.

    Mr Trump has dismissed the probe as a “charade”, a claim directly contradicted by Mr Comey’s successor.

    Republican committee chairman Richard Burr asked Mr McCabe if he had ever heard Mr Comey tell Mr Trump the president was not the subject of investigation.

    Mr McCabe said he could not comment on an ongoing inquiry.

    Much of the the information from the FBI conflicts with the stories from the White House – where the White House also seems to have its own conflicts in the versions it is making public! !

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  • There is also this aspect!


    At the centre of the storm – Rod Rosenstein

    52-year-old Harvard graduate confirmed by US Senate as Deputy Attorney General on 25 April

    Overseeing federal investigation of alleged Russian interference in November’s elections, after Attorney General Jeff Sessions, recused himself over meetings with Moscow’s envoy in Washington

    Wrote memo detailing “serious mistakes” by Mr Comey, but did not expressly call for his removal

    Threatened to resign after White House cast him as the prime mover in the firing, according to an anonymous source quoted by the Washington Post

    Mr Trump also told NBC News it was his decision alone to sack James Comey.

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