Gay-Conversion Therapy Ban Survives as Supreme Court Rejects Appeal

May 4, 2017

By Greg Stohr

The U.S. Supreme Court let stand a California law that bans licensed therapists from working with children to change their sexual orientation from gay to straight, rejecting an appeal that said the measure violates religious rights.

The rebuff leaves intact a federal appeals court decision upholding California’s 2012 first-of-its-kind law. The measure prohibits the form of counseling known as “conversion therapy.”

The ban was challenged by three people, led by licensed therapist and minister Donald Welch, who said it interferes with their right to practice their religious beliefs.

California officials urged the Supreme Court not to hear the appeal, saying the law doesn’t restrict what religious leaders can say, except in the context of a state-licensed therapy session.

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3 comments on “Gay-Conversion Therapy Ban Survives as Supreme Court Rejects Appeal

  • Why does it seem that the primary objective of many religious people is to simply be a DICK???

    As a matter of fact, I’d argue that the same way I’ve dealt with so many assholes that i should have an honorary degree in Proctology…. most ministers are gay because of how many DICKS they’ve handled in their congregation.

    Just stop being such dicks and we can coexist. But, the trend here does not favor the dicks because more and more people are realizing just how unconstitutional the dicks demands are and the law has no choice but to side with LEGALITY AND THE CONSTITUTION. So keep trying to dick everyone around you and you will see your numbers and (GOD FORBID) your PROFITS go down the shitter.

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  • crooked

    As our shit-for-brains President lets his fundamentalist buddies have their way with the laws of this land, let’s hope that the voting public gets a good real-life view of what that really looks like. When the anti-repro rights bunch take action that becomes known by everyone, especially young women, maybe they’ll get the picture finally. Religiously brainwashed individuals can’t stop themselves from meddling in other peoples’ sex lives!!! duh!!

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