Hundreds of faith leaders already oppose Trump’s planned ‘religious liberty’ order

May 4, 2017

By Jack Jenkins

News broke Tuesday afternoon that president Donald Trump is preparing an executive order on “religious liberty” that is expected to offer exemptions for people who claim religious objections to same-sex marriage, abortion, transgender identity, and premarital sex.

There’s just one catch: many faith leaders already oppose it.

According to POLITICO, Trump administration officials are planning to unveil the new order on Thursday to coincide with the National Day of Prayer. Details of the order are still under wraps, but the text is reportedly similar to an alleged draft leaked to The Nation on February 1. That draft purported to require government agencies to grant sweeping religious exemptions to people and organizations that reject same-sex marriage and other things on religious grounds — regardless of whether faith-fueled disagreement is “compelled by, or central to, a system of religious belief.”

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3 comments on “Hundreds of faith leaders already oppose Trump’s planned ‘religious liberty’ order

  • A red-letter day for the Trump-holsters. The GOP no-healthcare bill passes the house, and the Orange Fluff’s Executive Order is signed, effectively allowing homosexual discrimination and paving the way to ending the Johnson Amendment. Welcome to 1950, folks.

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  • Oh yes Vicki, back to the good ole days. (Only good for financially comfortable white males. Everyone else knew their place.) These Trumpsters are desperate to return to those bad ole days. I hope the gays kick his ass.

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  • Here’s what’s happening- The GOP is the party of corporations and rich white men. That won’t win you many votes so American democracy (or what little is left of it) differs from most European style democracies in that we in the US evolved to building our coalitions before we hold elections.

    Rich white men and corporations as a rule don’t care much about things like abortion, religion, homosexuality, your country of birth or whether you can carry a hand-held rocket launcher into your local McDonald’s. There are, however, a whole hot mess of people out there who slavishly value victory on these issues over their own well-being and the big-money owners of the party are more than happy to support those issues in exchange for votes and equally slavish devotion to their agendas like tax breaks for the rich, removing all sensible restrictions on business and climate denial.

    Adam Smith’s “masters of mankind” will happily concede anything no matter how vile that is not in conflict with the bottom-line to gain and keep control.

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