Jupiter’s secrets revealed by NASA probe

May 26, 2017

By Alexandra Witze

The sharpest look yet at Jupiter has revealed a number of surprises — including a surge of ammonia welling up from its gassy depths, a startlingly powerful magnetic field and what could be a large, but poorly defined, core.

NASA’s Juno mission began to capture these insights on 27 August last year, during the first of a series of close swoops past the planet. Preliminary results appeared on 25 May in Science and Geophysical Research Letters.

As the first spacecraft to explore Jupiter in more than a decade, Juno “is revolutionizing how we thought giant planets work”, says Scott Bolton, a planetary scientist at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas, and the mission’s principal investigator.

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  • There is a BBC article with more detail and more images – here:-


    Scientists working on the American space agency’s new Juno mission say its initial observations at Jupiter have taken their breath away.

    In particular, they have been amazed by the storms seen at the planet’s poles.

    “Think of a bunch of hurricanes, every one the size of the Earth, all packed so close together that each hurricane touches the other,” said Mike Janssen.

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