Fact-checking Trump’s Paris Agreement speech

Jun 2, 2017

By Emily Holden, Dylan Brown, Benjamin Storrow and Scott Waldman

President Trump justified his decision yesterday to leave a global climate accord with debunked conservative talking points and studies funded by groups with ties to the fossil fuel industry.

He claimed the Paris Agreement would make America the laughingstock of the world, costing the country 2.7 million jobs. He said China and India could build coal plants with abandon, while the United States would be forced to shutter its own. Factories would close. Energy prices would skyrocket. Brownouts and blackouts could spread across the power grid, forcing families to go without electricity.

“In short, the agreement doesn’t eliminate coal jobs. It just transfers those jobs out of America and the United States, and ships them to foreign countries,” Trump said. “The rest of the world applauded when we signed the Paris Agreement. They went wild. They were so happy — for the simple reason that it put our country, the United States of America, which we all love, at a very, very big economic disadvantage.”

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7 comments on “Fact-checking Trump’s Paris Agreement speech

  • Damned liars!

    Alan, I know someone who said that nothing can be done now about global warming. I said not true. He kept asking for specifics but I couldn’t back it up and hung up on him. Do you think, practically and realistically speaking, that we can really prevent this trend from getting worse? How?

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  • nothing can be done now about global warming

    Bullshit. Its going to be bad but we can stop it being much, much worse. The US will get somewhat more crap. Canada will thrive, but all hot countries will suffer most horribly. The poorest in the low lying lands will get the worst of it. But all will suffer the mass migration and resultant mayhem.

    It’ll take four generations to pull this around and every last little thing we can do now will relieve some part of four generations worth of misery.

    Flummoxed as to why anyone should think a minor hell can’t, with a little extra neglect, be turned into a major hell.

    On the other side is sustainability and a remarkably more stable existence. It’d be nice to bring that forward a generation.

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  • Dan #2
    Jun 5, 2017 at 6:24 pm

    Alan, I know someone who said that nothing can be done now about global warming. I said not true. He kept asking for specifics but I couldn’t back it up and hung up on him.

    Have a look over some earlier threads on sustainable energy systems and negawatts! LED lights are a good example.

    The foreign governments and much of the corporate sector is not going to take this lying down.
    They, along with various mayors and USA states will simply by-pass Trump, and carry one developing green technologies and closing coal plants.

    Many of them have rapidly come out and said so!

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  • Those darned research organisations keep saying things Trump does not like to hear, and Trump does not “do” co-operation or use expert advice! – Quick – appoint some more stooges!


    27 February 2017 – Is there a US diplomacy vacuum at the UN in Geneva?

    “Where is the US in all this? I can’t tell you because I don’t know.” These were the words of the United Nations special envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, days before a fresh round of peace talks began.

    Now, however, the US is conspicuous by its silence, the “soft power” expected of the leader of the Western world strangely absent. In Washington, there have been no State Department briefings since the new administration took over and around the world, US embassies are empty of ambassadors.

    Of course it is not unusual for ambassadors, many of whom are political appointees, to change when a new administration takes office. Normal protocol demands that they submit formal resignation letters when a new president is elected.

    But that does not mean the resignations are immediately accepted: in fact, ambassadors are often asked to stay on in order to ensure a smooth transition and at the very least to brief their successors.

    None of this seems to have happened under President Trump: rather, dozens of diplomats were told to clear their desks and leave. In Geneva, not only are there no US ambassadors to the United Nations, there are no nominees either, meaning replacements are likely to be months away.

    The pariah president who cannot cope with the job, continues to work to make the US a pariah state!


    US warning over its UN Human Rights Council role
    The US says it is considering what part it will play on the UN’s human rights body, highlighting what it calls a “biased” stance on Israel.

    UN ambassador Nikki Haley said the US was “looking carefully” at its role on the Human Rights Council.

    She said it was “hard to accept” the fact that five resolutions had been passed against Israel, a US ally, but none had been considered on Venezuela.

    Mrs Haley is expected to address the council later on Tuesday.

    In an opinion article for the Washington Post last Friday, Mrs Haley said that the 47-member council needed to “end its practice of wrongly singling out Israel for criticism”.

    The council is able only to order investigations and record criticism of countries it judges to have violated human rights, but it acts as a crucial diplomatic tool.

    In recent months, it has issued resolutions on human rights in North Korea, Haiti and Myanmar, among other countries.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has previously called the body “an anti-Israel circus which attacks the only democracy in the Middle East and ignores the blatant violations of Iran, Syria and North Korea”.

    And in 2013, Israel ended its working relationship with the group after it decided to investigate Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

    Mrs Haley’s comments came after an opening address in Geneva by UN human rights chief Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein calling on Israel to withdraw from territories it captured in the 1967 war.

    He condemned what he called “a half-century of deep suffering under an occupation imposed by military force”.

    It looks like Trump’s newby is going to tell everyone at the UN how to do Trumpy thinking about Israel!

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  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-40274234

    Speaking to the European Parliament, Jean-Claude Juncker categorically ruled out any re-negotiation of the Paris climate agreement.

    The European Commission President said: “We have spent 20 years negotiating”, and now was the time for implementation.

    US President Trump has claimed that the accord could be amended and made more palatable to his country.

    The warming planet does not care what will please Trump’s sycophants and science illiterates.
    Fortunately many other countries, US states, and corporations, are determined to solve the problems, and dump the polluting obsolete – including the obsolete, irrelevant Trumpies who wish to opt out of the planet’s cleaner more sustainable future!

    Mr Trump announced earlier this month that the US would leave the pact.

    In his remarks to MEPs, Jean-Claude Juncker described the US decision as not just a sad event, “it is a sign of abdication from common action in dealing with the fate of our planet”.

    The US “abandonment” will not mean the end of the agreement, he said, but would make the world more united and determined to work towards the accord’s full implementation.

    He was very clear there would be no attempt to amend the agreement.

    “The European Union will not renegotiate the Paris Agreement,” Mr Juncker said.

    “The 29 articles of the agreement must be implemented and not renegotiated. Climate action does not need more distractions. We have spent 20 years negotiating. Now it is the time for action. Now it is the time for implementation.”

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  • Dan #2
    Jun 5, 2017 at 6:24 pm

    Alan, I know someone who said that nothing can be done now about global warming.
    I said not true.
    He kept asking for specifics but I couldn’t back it up and hung up on him.
    Do you think, practically and realistically speaking,
    that we can really prevent this trend from getting worse?

    Have a look a this list of methods of reducing warming and establishing sustainable living:-


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