Church of England demands ban on conversion therapy

Jul 11, 2017

By Harriet Sherwood

The Church of England has called on the government to ban conversion therapy and has condemned the practice, which aims to change sexual orientation, as unethical and potentially harmful.

At the end of an emotional debate in which two members of the C of E synod described their experiences as spiritual abuse, the church’s governing body overwhelmingly backed a motion saying the practice had “no place in the modern world”.

Conversion therapy is usually described as an attempt to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Some churches in the C of E and other denominations have encouraged LGBT members to take part in prayer sessions and other activities to rid them of their “sin”.

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2 comments on “Church of England demands ban on conversion therapy

  • @OP link – Proposing the motion, Jayne Ozanne –
    who underwent conversion therapy resulting in two breakdowns and two spells in hospital –
    said conversion therapy was “abuse from which vulnerable adults need protecting”.

    It was “discredited by the government, the NHS, the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the Royal College of General Practitioners and many other senior health care bodies,” she said.

    Quoting from a statement issued earlier this year by the UK Council for Psychotherapy and other bodies,
    she said: “Exclusion, stigma and prejudice may precipitate mental health issues for any person subjected to these abuses.”

    Ozanne quoted an online survey
    she recently conducted in the LGBTI community,
    in which just under 40% of her 553 respondents
    said they had undergone some form of conversion therapy.

    More than two-thirds said they had chosen to do so because they believed their sexual orientation to be “sinful”.
    Just under three-quarters were under the age of 20 when they began conversion therapy.

    This illustrates the stupidity of seeking answers to real life problems by the use of “faith-thinking” and ancient myths.
    It also illustrates the false confidence instilled in faith-believers by dogmatic indoctrination, inspiring them to inflict their ignorance and destructive misconceptions, on other people!

    However the C of E position on LGBTI is NOT a whole hearted acceptance of the expert recommendations, but is their own fudged version (as with theistic evolution) compromising this, by the inclusion of dogma and bigoted opinion mixed with the expert view!

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