GOP bill would let churches endorse political candidates

Jul 5, 2017

By Stephen Ohelemacher

WASHINGTON (AP) — Churches should have the right to endorse political candidates and still keep their tax-free status, say House Republicans targeting a law that prohibits such outright politicking from the pulpit.

Republicans repeatedly have failed to scrap the law preventing churches and other nonprofits from backing candidates, so now they are trying to starve it. With little fanfare, a House Appropriations subcommittee added a provision that would deny money to the IRS to enforce the 63-year-old law to a bill to fund the Treasury Department, Securities and Exchange Commission and other agencies.

The subcommittee passed the bill Thursday.

Republicans say the law is enforced unevenly, leaving religious leaders uncertain about what they are allowed to say and do.

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6 comments on “GOP bill would let churches endorse political candidates

  • Dan

    Read the interview with Chomsky in today’s NY Times. It’s in the opinion section. I know you admire him as do I. Here’s the link.

    He does make me feel a little better even though he presents some depressing realities in a very blunt way. He makes some important points in this piece that we need to pay close attention to. I depend on his important analysis. Let me know what you think. I wish they’d post this linked article separately for discussion.

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  • As for religious organizations endorsement of candidates, I’m still fuming over the death with dignity ballot initiative here in the state of Massachusetts that was definitely crushed by the strong Catholic Church. They were preaching from the pulpit on this issue months before voting day. I want this issue back on the next ballot and I’m ready to volunteer every extra hour in my day to change some minds. Right to life brainwashed nitwits.

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  • Alan

    I saw that. The guru has been pronounced clinically dead. They are keeping him in a freezer currently. Drs. don’t really understand actually death..and then there’s the extreme wealth just sitting there in the background.


    Same old story told time and time again to the most gullible saps in the world. The guy isn’t dead? Just take him out of the freezer for a few days and we’ll see just how somewhat dead he actually is. Reality check right there.

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  • “Churches should have the right to endorse political candidates and
    still keep their tax-free status, say House Republicans targeting a
    law that prohibits such outright politicking from the pulpit.”

    This would be a clearly defined step towards a theocracy. Eventually only the churches could legally endorse candidates!

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  • The totally stupid launching of the Iraq War on the basis of false reports about “weapons of mass destruction”, should be a warning about electing faith-heads to power!

    In this instance – closet Catholic Blair!

    Tony Blair was not “straight with the nation” about his decisions in the run up to the Iraq War, the chairman of the inquiry into the war has told the BBC.

    Speaking for the first time since publishing his report a year ago, Sir John Chilcot discussed why he thinks the former PM made those decisions.

    He said the evidence Mr Blair gave the inquiry was “emotionally truthful” but he relied on beliefs rather than facts.

    The inquiry concluded that Mr Blair overstated the threat posed by Iraq leader Saddam Hussein and the invasion was not the “last resort” action presented to Parliament, when it backed the action, and the public.

    Asked if the former prime minister had been as straight as he could have been with the country and the inquiry, Sir John told the BBC: “Any prime minister taking a country into war has got to be straight with the nation and carry it, so far as possible, with him or her.
    I don’t believe that was the case in the Iraq instance.”

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