Prof. Mo Mojahedi on KPFA Cancelation

Jul 29, 2017

Dear Professor Dawkins‏:

Words cannot describe how sad and appalled I was when I heard that KPFA radio station has canceled your previously scheduled event. As a person who was born and grow up in an Islamic culture, as a person who with his own eyes has seen and with his own skin has experienced the inhumanity and cruelty of the Islamic laws, I find what KPFA has done doubly offensive, cowardly, and hurtful. Here is Richard Dawkins, an individual who has spent much of his life – at a great cost and danger to himself and his family – fighting for human rights and freedom of thought, and these know-nothing clowns at KPFA have the audacity to chide him for “abusive speech”. This must be a bad joke!

To be honest, as disgusted I am with the action of KPFA, I cannot say that I am totally surprised. Truth be told, the “Left” also has its own Donald Trumps.

Prof. Mo Mojahedi
University of Toronto, Dep. Of ECE

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