Fox News Segment on White House Bible Study Foiled by Atheist Armed with Facts

Aug 7, 2017

By Hemant Mehta

With White House staffers and Cabinet officials participating in weekly Bible studiesrun by a man who doesn’t think mothers belong in Congress — and nothing else whatsoever about the President to talk about — Fox & Friends brought on Freedom From Religion Foundation attorney Andrew Seidel yesterday to discuss the infusion of Christianity in the government.

Unfortunately for the host and the other guest, Andrew actually knew what he was talking about.

He brought up two main criticisms of the Bible study: (1) We don’t know if it’s legal. There may be coercion of staffers. There may be taxpayer-funded resources being used at these meetings. We just don’t know enough. But FFRF has filed a request for information. (2) It sends the wrong message. What you do in private is your business, but the government is suggesting there’s value to gain from reading the Bible. And that, Andrew noted, could be a problem:

… It can’t be considered proper or in keeping with American values for government officials to get together on taxpayer time to study a book that condones slavery and the subjugation of women and the eternal torture and torment of people who don’t believe like you. So even if it doesn’t violate the Constitution directly, it certainly violates that core principle of American government, the separation of state and church.

Even the host muttered an audible “Wow” to all that.

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One comment on “Fox News Segment on White House Bible Study Foiled by Atheist Armed with Facts”

  • Watching the video, it was amusing to listen to the pathetically repeated “religious counterpoint” view of Jay Strac, who pretended to not understand why the “mean” atheist was so “upset” by the bible-“study” events at the White House… the hypocrisy of these people is staggering.

    How about using their own cheap tactics against them?

    For example, why doesn’t prez Trump put together a red team (atheists) vs. blue team (Strac & friends) public debate on the appropriateness/constitutionality-ness of a christian-only holy text “study” at the White House?

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