Largest ever dinosaur may have been as long as 7 elephants

Aug 9, 2017

By New Scientist staff and Press Association

Fossilised bones from six dinosaurs may have belonged to the biggest animal ever to have walked the Earth.

The fossils, which include vertebrae and rib bones, are from six young adult dinosaurs, and were all found in the same Patagonian quarry in Argentina. The species, named Patagotitan mayorum, is thought to have weighed around 62 tonnes and measured more than 35 metres from nose to tail.

If you’re struggling to picture that, it’s about seven elephants, or more than two buses, or half the width of a football pitch, or somewhere between a standard swimming pool and an Olympic pool. That’s longer than Brachiosaurus was, and blue whales are today – both these species reach a maximum of about 30 metres.

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