Malaysian Police Official: Atheists Have To Stop Causing Anxiety Among Muslims

Aug 18, 2017

By Hemant Mehta

Earlier this month, a picture of an Atheist Republic gathering in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia went viral, leading to a government crackdown. This is a nation that, in theory, celebrates the freedom of religion, but those rules don’t apply to Muslims who leave their faith — and certainly not to Muslims who become atheists. Government officials wanted to know if there were any ex-Muslims in that picture because they could be fined or prosecuted.

Shahidan Kassim, a minister in President Najib Razak‘s Cabinet, even said on camera that atheists in the country must be “hunted down,” because their lack of religion amounted to illegal thought crimes.

Now the Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar has weighed in with even more idiotic advice. He just issued a warning… to atheists.

Stop hurting the feelings of Muslims.

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6 comments on “Malaysian Police Official: Atheists Have To Stop Causing Anxiety Among Muslims

  • @OP – Malaysian Police Official:
    Atheists Have To Stop Causing Anxiety Among Muslims

    Or more precisely: – Atheists Have To Stop Causing Anxiety Among Muslim GOD-DELUSIONS – according to Malaysian Police Official’s GOD-DELUSION!

    People existing without being under the control of a god-delusion!! Horrors! 🙂
    Next atheists will be scaring god-delusions into apoplectic fits, at the thought of their host humans expelling them into oblivion and living without them!!!

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  • I know this is just the way of the world sadly, but still never cease to be perplexed by adults, ostensibly educated adults, make comments like “atheists need to stop making muslims anxious.” Yikes, because their faith is weak or they cannot prevail in the marketplace of ideas. Of course it is, but are these government officials so lacking in self-awareness that they make these comments publicly?

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  • @Huckleberry,

    but still never cease to be perplexed by adults, ostensibly educated adults, make comments like “atheists need to stop making muslims anxious.”

    I would be more comforted if I thought this was just happening among the deluded religious but there are plenty of examples of this on the regressive left as well. Religion provides us with this dangerous version where people are arrested, jailed, beaten or even killed, but I’m not so sure the west hasn’t given up on the market place of ideas. We need a another Renaissance.


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  • Ha! The most anxious of moslems are probably those with the least faith, they really know it’s just a few thousand year old con trick.
    Most likely these government officials themselves.

    It’s only going to get worse for them, eventually a tipping point will be reached and suddenly followers will be leaving in droves.

    The more government has to enforce belief, the less anyone will belive anymore.
    The whole point of faith is it just happens you can’t make someone have faith just by threats, even if they pretend they do.

    This whole story shows religion on the back foot and to me is good news. The only negative is the fact so many theocracies are so desperate to cling to power in the way they do, that many people are hurt by their actions.

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  • Some of those poor anxious Muslim clerics are so upset in some countries, that they are fighting “the evils of women being liberated by divorce” and arranged marriages of incompatible people breaking up!

    Chechnya’s authoritarian leader Ramzan Kadyrov is spearheading a campaign to reunite divorced couples, involving Muslim clerics who preach Sharia law.

    A commission appointed by Mr Kadyrov claims to have reunited 948 couples in six weeks. He has espoused conservative Islam in the Russian Caucasus republic.

    But some ex-wives have complained of unfair pressure to reunite. One woman called the initiative “violent”.

    An official said a man could have two wives if that benefited the children.

    Rasul Uspanov, secretary of the Chechen “headquarters for harmonising marital and family relations”, said there were cases where, after divorce, the children were living with their father, who had remarried.

    “After our commission’s work, he got his first wife back, and now lives with two wives, because under Islam a man can have four wives,” he said.

    Men under those circumstances “understand that it’s better for the birth mother to live with her children, instead of watching from the sidelines and suffering”, he said.

    But a woman called Bariyat, quoted by BBC Russian, said she had been divorced for 12 years and “if the commission approaches me I’ll refuse”.

    “It’s violence against people,” said Bariyat, who lives in the capital Grozny. “If a couple got divorced, most likely it was a definite decision.” She noted that sometimes in Chechnya, couples got married without knowing each other, but on the basis of recommendations.

    “They got married but were incompatible – so why force them into it?” she said.

    Another Grozny resident, called Zarema, was quoted as saying the pressure came directly from Ramzan Kadyrov.

    “If you refuse, it means you are going against not only religion and customs, but also against his will. It is clear that, when you are pressed from all sides, you have to agree.”

    When he announced the initiative in July, Mr Kadyrov said children from broken homes were more likely to be recruited by extremists.

    “The clergy, heads of villages and districts, police chiefs must find out why people have got divorced. We must read them [religious] lessons, teach, help, work on this question,” he said.

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