‘Nones’ want to join Evangelicals with seat at Trump’s table

Aug 8, 2017

By Shannon Levitt

There’s been a plethora of stories of late outlining how conservative Evangelical Christians have been very pleased with their relationship to President Donald Trump, and how well he has been serving their agenda.

Now, another significant and fast-growing religious constituency in America is clamoring for some of his attention: “Nones,” meaning Americans with no religious affiliation, who are now more than twenty percent of the country’s 245 million adults.

As for the Evangelicals, it’s easy to see why, despite Trump’s dwindling approval ratings overall, they remain fairly solidly in his camp.

Almost immediately upon entering office he reinstated the ‘Mexico City Policy,’ which bans using U.S. foreign aid for abortion-related activities, pleasing both Evangelicals and Catholics. Next came an executive order on religious liberty, telling the IRS to weaken enforcement of the Johnson Amendment which prohibits tax-exempt charitable organizations from political speech.

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3 comments on “‘Nones’ want to join Evangelicals with seat at Trump’s table

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    They are ringing their bells, soon they will be ringing their hands

    Sir Robert Walpole, British PM , commenting on the celebrations at the outbreak of the War of Jenkins’ Ear (1739), which he had done his utmost to avoid, unlike President Trump.

    If people have any sense they will avoid him like the plague.

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  • It’s an unreasonable request- He only listens to his base and I’m pretty sure he didn’t ride into the White House on the strength of the Nones’ Trump for Prexy vote.

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